Female Lead, Please Let Go of the White Moonlight – Chapter 8

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80’s Happiness (8)

   Dinner wasn’t cooked at the educated youth camp. First, there were many people who were to be invited to the dinner. Even if some of the educated youths didn’t mind the noise, the others would. Secondly, it was too inconvenient.

  In the end, the house they chose to use was a little short, monkey-like gangster. The young man was nicknamed Monkey by Lin Xia and her gang because he looked like a monkey.

  Monkey’s mother died early, and his father died when he was a teenager, so he was the only one left in the family. Thus, it was convenient to gather there for dinner.

  Monkey enthusiastically invited Lin Xia and Ye Sangsang in. His face was excited, but his eyes were uneasy. Although they didn’t dare covet Ye Sangsang because of Lin Xia, Ye Sangsang was really good-looking that even if he couldn’t covet it, she was satisfying to the eyes.

  Such a dazzling beauty chose to cook in his own home. He looked at her face and pondered what she thought and how she felt. But while Monkey was excited, he was worried that Ye Sangsang thought his house was too shabby. Fortunately, after careful observation, he didn’t find out the answer.

  The fire on the kitchen stove was lit beforehand, and all the kitchen utensils were wiped clean. It looked like it was cleaned before she came.

  It seems that attaching importance to this thank-you dinner also represented the importance that she attached to her. Ye Sangsang was inevitably happy, and smiled and nodded at them in a friendly manner at the people waiting for them in the yard. In exchange for the warm welcome and fun from these people, Lin Xia was afraid that Ye Sangsang wouldn’t like it and would be angry. After seeing that the smile on her face didn’t change, she immediately became relieved.

  However, in order to prevent these people from going too far, Lin Xia yelled and got agitated towards them. Those people rushed to play cards while Lin Xia followed Ye Sangsang into the kitchen. When everyone saw her behavior, they immediately started to make trouble.

  ”Sister Lin, what are you doing following her in?”

  ”That’s right, boss, do you know how to cook? Don’t disturb our educated youth Ye inside, or you’ll get in her way ah!”

  Lin Xia glared at these pushy little friends: “Go go go. Dare to say one more nonsense, believe it or not, I’ll give you something to eat.”

  ”Awoo, boss, you’re so cruel ah!”

  She said that so no one would dare to make fun of her anymore. Although they didn’t expect much from Ye Sangsang’s cooking, Ye Sangsang looked so beautiful and tender. She didn’t look like the other girls in the village who had been around the kitchen since they were children. So, it’s normal if she can’t cook, but none of them would give her a hard time.

  Lin Xia rolled her eyes and followed Ye Sangsang’s butt with some bags. Then she slammed the kitchen door shut and blocked those gazes from outside.

  After doing this, she suddenly realized that she was the only one in the kitchen with Ye Sangsang. They were alone together!!  

  This was a completely different feeling from being alone together outside. The kitchen was small, and they would touch each other when they moved around.

  Lin Xia inevitably recalled the scene when she applied medicine to Ye Sangsang’s ankle that day. She couldn’t help but feel a little hot, and the tips of her ears also turned a little red.

  Lin Xia gave a light cough and said nervously, “They’re just like that, you don’t mind, do you?”

  “I don’t mind. They’re really nice.” Ye Sangsang didn’t wear colored lenses like the other villagers did.1Basically, colored lenses is prejudice towards someone

  Although they were ruffians, they were willing to help her pull the weeds, which meant they weren’t bad people. Otherwise, even Lin Xia, the big sister, would have a difficult time commanding them.

  Lin Xia looked at Ye Sangsang’s smile. She only felt that her watery and glittering starry eyes were warm, and her heart softened. She felt that Ye Sangsang was the best girl she had ever seen.

  Ye Sangsang didn’t have time to care about Lin Xia’s thoughts. She turned her head and took out a large basin. She scooped out several scoops of water from the basin and washed the chicken she bought.

  She planned to make mushroom hotpot soup. First, it was still autumn, and this dish was healthy. Second, there were many people who were invited to dinner this time, and they might all have different tastes, which isn’t easy to coordinate. She would make some dip in a while, so people could eat spicy food if they liked spicy food. And if they don’t like spicy foods, they don’t have to use the dip.

  Moreover, hotpot was easy to make. There were many kinds of vegetables and meat, so it wasn’t a rigid dish.  

  Monkey’s house had a large aluminum pot that was prepared beforehand. When Ye Sangsang scooped up some water and was washing the chickens, Lin Xia stood aside expectantly and asked, “What can I do?”

  Just now, she heard Lin Xia’s friends say that Lin Xia didn’t know how to cook. Ye Sangsang didn’t plan to trouble her, but Lin Xia’s eyes stared at her brightly, like a little puppy. Ye Sangsang was certain that if she said no, Ye Sangsang’s eyes would definitely see her moistened and aggrieved eyes.

  “Wash all the mushrooms you bought for me.” Ye Sangsang found the easiest job for Lin Xia.

  Lin Xia giggled ‘hehe’, and immediately happily scooped up the water to wash the mushrooms. Ye Sangsang looked at her busy back with a smile in her dark, bright starry eyes.

  When she threw the chicken into the boiling water to remove the blood, Lin Xia already washed all the mushrooms. Ye Sangsang threw the washed ingredients into the large aluminum pot filled with water. After about five minutes, she added in medlar, jujube, ginger slices, shrimp, and other ingredients. Finally, she cut the green onions.

  While waiting for the water to boil, Lin Xia and Ye Sangsang began to prepare the vegetables and meat for the hotpot.2For people who have never had hotpot, basically they made the base soup. Now they are making the fresh ingredients on the side. Usually you leave these raw on a plate and ppl will pick what they want in their soup.

  She cut the beef into thin slices, as thin as cicada wings, then layered and shaped it into a beautiful flower. It was beautiful beyond measure.

  The fish she bought were the ones without small bones. Those were made into fish balls while the leftover beef was made into beef balls.

  During this period, the soup in the large aluminum pot boiled over the high fire. It bubbled blisters and had a faint golden yellow color gleam on the surface. The clear water gradually turned white because it absorbed the nutrients from the ingredients. The soup had a rich aroma that overflowed the kitchen.

  Ye Sangsang changed the high heat to medium heat and simmered it. The white soup, similar to noodle soup, turned milky white as it simmered, which looked delicious.

  Such a strong aroma wafted out from the cracks of the kitchen door and window. A group of people playing cards in the yard couldn’t help but stop playing and run to the kitchen door one after another. They sat outside the kitchen door with their stomachs rumbling.

  ”Boss, educated youth Ye, it smells delicious, okay?”

  ”Educated youth Ye’s cooking is so good. We’re all drooling.”

  This was no exaggeration. If it weren’t for Lin Xia in the kitchen, a powerful deterrent, they would definitely break in.

  Ye Sangsang said that it wasn’t ready, and there were cries of ghouls outside. If it was said that Ye Sangsang had a warm welcome because of her beautiful appearance, now it really was because of her cooking. Because their tastebuds were teased, this group of people didn’t want to play cards anymore. Instead, they looked at the kitchen eagerly one by one. Their drool almost accumulated into three thousand feet.

  After the dish was almost done, Ye Sangsang put in more mushrooms into the large aluminum pot and continued cooking. This time, the mushrooms were cooked in high heat, then the heat was turned down to low. After more than 20 minutes, the hotpot soup base will absorb the fresh savory flavor, making the soup more fragrant.

  At this time, the hotpot soup was completely done. Ye Sangsang asked Lin Xia to take it out and put it on the stove in the yard. As soon as the others saw it, they immediately started to cry and picked out meat, vegetables, and other ingredients to eat in their hotpot.

  Under Ye Sangsang’s instructions, these people cooked their meat first. Instead of rushing to eat, she continued to cook the dipping sauce in the kitchen.

  In the yard, someone couldn’t help but move their chopsticks to pick up a slice of beef. The taste was delicious, and their whole mind flew. The food was too hot, so their tongues became numb, and their tears fell from the taste. The first one who ate like this was laughed at by others, but the one who was laughed at didn’t care.

  The taste was so good, but the people with specific palates thought it was too light. At this time, Ye Sangsang brought and served the dipping sauces. There were all kinds of spicy, salty, and other kinds of sauces that satisfied everyone’s taste.

  A group of people ate nonstop, and their mouths kept complimenting the beauty Ye Sangsang’s cooking like honey, her cooking was incomparable.

  At first, Ye Sangsang could accept the praises calmly. But the praises started to overwhelm her, and her face was gradually flushed from embarrassment.

  Lin Xia was jealous that these people were eating the food cooked by her beloved. She was also proud that Ye Sangsang was being praised by so many people.

  A group of people ate and drank, and the atmosphere was great. Lin Xia soon started to drink with them. Although she was a woman, she was straightforward and heroic, plus she was in a good mood. After a while, she got drunk.

  It was getting darker and darker, so Monkey took out two candles from the house and lit them. At this time, the village didn’t have electricity, so candles were a rare thing. Generally, people would have bathed and slept at this point. Thus, they would never waste candles unless there was something important.

  The drunk Lin Xia turned her head and looked at the smiling Ye Sangsang under the light. The dark yellow light made her indifferent facial lines incomparably soft. The smile on her fair face made her bright black eyes sparkle like a jewel, which was extremely attractive.

  Ye Sangsang couldn’t ignore Lin Xia’s scorching gaze. In the lively atmosphere, she turned her head and looked over. Maybe she was drunk. Lin Xia’s dark and energetic eyes were stained with a layer of mist. And with the light, her eyes were a little glazed.

  Because of the spicy dip she was eating, her sexy lips looked even more attractive. She smiled at her with her lips hooked upward. Looking at her from under the light, she nailed the style of the unruly and wanton older sister, which was very seductive.

  Suddenly, the drunk Lin Xia leaped towards her. In her slight shock, the other person bowed her head and kissed her lips.

  Ye Sangsang’s lips were warm and soft, sweet and pleasant. Just like a small hook, Lin Xia was unable to resist. She couldn’t help but want to deepen the kiss. Her heartbeat was so fast that it jumped out of her throat. But her action was too green, like a bandit crossing the border. Her lips were bitten until it became swollen and painful, and her tongue tingled from numbness.

  The other people who were eating suddenly caught sight of the live kiss and stopped eating. Their eyes stared at the two people, whistling, hooting, hollering, and tapping their chopsticks against the table, shouting Lin Xia’s mightiness.

  The noisy laughter pulled Ye Sangsang’s mind back. She was being watched in full view of the crowd, which made her face red. She reached out and pushed the woman in anger.

  Although she pushed the person away smoothly, the other person was drunk. Her dark and shiny eyes looked like a wolf who was disturbed while eating. She glared at Ye Sangsang with dissatisfaction and fierceness. Her eyebrows knitted up, and she warned, “Don’t move!”

Author’s Notes:

Haha, our Xia Xia is drunk and crazy, hehe

Novi’s Notes: Working diligently on my yuri~ My depression and anxiety has subsided and now I will work on what I can.

I “owe” 3 chapters of backlog but I’ll go ahead and do 4 to “catch up”. I just finished two yuri novels: <<Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself>> and <<Facing You>>. My next main yuri project is <<Willingly Baited>>. WAHAHHA, my ongoing project shrank from 8 to 6 now.

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