Female Lead, Please Let Go of the White Moonlight – Chapter 9

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80’s Happiness (9)

   After speaking, she lowered her head and kissed her again. The strong alcohol scent enveloped her. The people around them laughed even harder, and Ye Sangsang almost died from anger.

  This woman deserves to be beaten!

  She tried her best to struggle and push her away. Ye Sangsang was very fierce. She reached out and directly pinched Lin Xia’s waist and twisted it hard.

  ”Hiss——” The pain made Lin Xia sober instantly. She looked at the familiar enlarged face and the red, swollen lips. Her alcohol-dazed brain finally began to work.

  Lin Xia was dumbfounded, “I…”

  Under the burning candle, the soft little face was stained by the warm yellow light and blushed red like a tomato. Her dark and clear eyes shone like two fires because of anger.

  It’s over, she actually forced a kiss!!

  Lin Xia turned pale as if struck by thunder. She listened to the loud hollering, and her whole body was about to explode. She yelled at those people who were still hooting and making trouble, “Fuck off, get out of here! Scram! Otherwise I won’t be polite!”

  These people still wanted to watch the show and were reluctant to go. They looked at Lin Xia’s gloomy face and knew she was really angry. So, they immediately calmed down and pushed and shoved their way out of the yard.1Yo, does this mean Monkey got kicked out of his own yard/house too? LOL

  After everyone left, the yard immediately quieted down, but this made Lin Xia even more uncomfortable. She felt that the air in the yard was too heavy to breathe.

  Lin Xia looked at Ye Sangsang cautiously and apologized, “I…I…It wasn’t intentional…”

  After that, she suddenly felt that these words felt a bit familiar, as if this scene had a tint of déjà vu.

  Ye Sangsang wasn’t really angry. It was just a kiss. Also, she happened to have a good impression of Lin Xia. It wasn’t that she couldn’t afford to kiss her. She was just annoyed at being seen by others.

  Lin Xia saw that Ye Sangsang didn’t say a word and felt her heart jumped in fright, “Don’t be angry. I was drunk, you can retaliate.”

  Ye Sangsang’s lips slightly curled, and she looked at her with a smile, “Then, say, how should I retaliate?”

  Lin Xia thought about it very seriously, but the alcohol still numbed her brain. She said in a daze, “Why don’t you return the favor personally?”2Since Lin Xia kissed her, she should kiss her as retaliation lol

  Ye Sangsang: “…”

  Hehe, getting drunk and getting bolder!!

  Lin Xia also realized that this suggestion was like a slap to the face. She wanted to explain herself, but she was tongue-tied and couldn’t say anything. She could only sweat anxiously and let it drip from her forehead.

  Ye Sangsang saw that she didn’t say anything after one, two, three minutes, and became a little worried. Can’t this fool say that she’ll be responsible for her? Does she really have to bring this up herself? 

  Ye Sangsang was a little depressed but was unreconciled to mention it. So, she turned around and walked away. She wanted to be cold towards this stupid piece of wood. Let her reflect on it!

  Lin Xia watched Ye Sangsang walk away without saying a word. She was worried and had cold sweat. She felt that Ye Sangsang was really angry. Would they part ways like this?

  Lin Xia wanted to reach out and grab Ye Sangsang, but she just did something wrong and didn’t dare. She was afraid that Ye Sangsang would become angrier. So, she could only follow Ye Sangsang like a big pitiful dog that was hurt.

  In the night, the two walked one after another on the way back to the educated youth camp. Their footsteps sounded very clearly in the quiet village. Their footsteps overlapped as though there were only one person.

  Lin Xia looked at Ye Sangsang’s back. She wanted to rush up and speak to her several times but didn’t dare. Before she could muster up the courage, they arrived at the educated youth camp. Lin Xia silently watched Ye Sangsang walk straight in and close the door.

  Lin Xia stood at the gate dejectedly. The moonlight made her shadow elongated and thin. From a distance, it looked lonely and desolate.

  However, that night, Lin Xia had a dream about Ye Sangsang. In the dream, Ye Sangsang was lying on the bed with her long black hair scattered on the snow-white pillow. The thin quilt was tossed to the side. She was wearing a loose nightgown with her collar exposed, revealing a large amount of snow-white skin. The slender jade-like legs were slightly spread. Her calves were thin and fair, while her crystal-clear jade-like feet were delicate and small. The warm yellow candlelight illuminated her body, emitting a glittering luster.

  Lin Xia couldn’t help but rush forward. But probably because she didn’t control her strength, she almost woke her up. Her thick and curly eyelashes trembled slightly as if she was about to wake up. Lin Xia suddenly held her breath with her heart at her throat and watched quietly anxiously.

  Fortunately, she didn’t wake up. After a few minutes, she fell into a deep sleep again. Lin Xia’s eyes drifted down like a hand stroking her from her smooth forehead, the picturesque brows and eyes, to the delicate high bridge nose, then to her pink and tender lips that were slightly open. 

  She breathed shallowly and evenly, spraying a warm fragrant breath. Lin Xia seemed to be in a daze as her head inched closer and kissed her on the lips that she yearned for so long.

  Just when they touched, she saw a pair of dark bright starry eyes suddenly opened in surprise.

  ”Hu—” Lin Xia suddenly sat up from the bed, leaning against the cold wall panting. Her heart beat violently, and she almost couldn’t breathe.

  She couldn’t help but stretched out her trembling cold hand and inch under the quilt and into her pants. Between her legs, she felt that it was a little wet.

  Cao—3Popular internet slang which means being very angry but helpless.

  Lin Xia’s face was red from her neck all the way to her ears, and her body became stiff like stone. She dreamt about Ye Sangsang and even got wet down there.

  Just, just kill me!


  At breakfast, Lin Xia was very silent. For the first time, Mother Lin saw her usual energetic daughter slumped, like a wounded wolf cub.

  Mother Lin tried to comfort her but suddenly recalled something very important. She said solemnly, “You’re no longer young anymore. Mom has been looking for a suitable partner for you these days. Other people have also introduced some suitable candidates. Would you like to go have a look in a while?”

  Lin Xia tightly pursed her lips, furrowed her brows, and her dark sharp eyes were displeased, “Mom, I don’t want to be married yet.”

  Mother Lin glared, “Don’t want to marry, don’t even see how old you are. If you delay it, you won’t be able to find anyone good. Besides, I didn’t say to marry now. I just want you to go have a look and think about it. Then, we can talk about it.” 

  Lin Xia’s face was taut and cold. Mother Lin wanted to say that regardless of the outcome, but Lin Xia wasn’t being cooperative. Mother Lin was about to explode on her. But under the safety of Lin Xia’s third sister-in-law, she controlled herself and instead taught her a lesson with a stern face.

  Lin Xia said impatiently with a dull stuffy voice, “Just leave this matter alone. I have someone in my heart.”

  Mother Lin gave her a sideways glance, “You run out and play all day. Don’t think that I don’t know that you’re giving me a vague answer!”

  Lin Xia became silent.

  Lin Xia’s third sister-in-law tentatively asked, “Do you have someone you like?”

  Mother Lin was surprised when she saw that Lin Xia didn’t refute. She happily said, “You tell Mom who you like. Mom will find someone to talk to.”

  Lin Xia dully said, “I’m not worthy of them.”

  Lin Xia’s third sister-in-law was a little surprised. Lin Xia had always high self-esteem but just revealed she had an inferiority complex. This contrast really was amazing.

  Mother Lin didn’t believe it and retorted in discontent, “Our family is very good in Qingshui Village. Regardless of your looks and background, how are you not worthy? Tell Mom, Mom will tell you.”

  Lin Xia was unable to hold back and said Ye Sangsang’s name.

  Mother Lin and Lin Xia’s third sister-in-law were astonished. They thought that Lin Xia liked a young man, not a woman, let alone an educated youth.

  In fact, most people from the village didn’t like to deal with the educated youths. These people held themselves in high esteem, which made them feel snubbed despite treating them warmly. Secondly, the country may call these people to return to the city one day, although it was unlikely. Third, these people were all alone, and their parents were far away. So, they had no financial assistance. 

  Ye Sangsang’s name was well-known in the whole village. Mother Lin and Lin Xia’s third sister-in-law had seen her several times. She was beautiful and indifferent. Her back was straight, and held her chin high, like a white swan.

  Such a girl must have her sights on elites. Even if she was her mother, Mother Lin didn’t dare say her daughter was worthy of her. Her daughter is a woman, and she doesn’t have the gender advantage. Even though their family conditions were good, they weren’t elites.

  Mother Lin held back and swallowed her words, then said, “You shouldn’t look at others anymore.”

  Obviously, she plainly said she wasn’t worthy of others. Although Lin Xi thought so in her heart, she wasn’t reconciled of being looked down upon others.

  Lin Xia said firmly, “Just her, I want to marry her.”

  Mother Lin’s mouth twitched, “That goal seems to be a little big.”

  Lin Xia faintly glanced at her mother and her third sister-in-law who agreed with her, and sadly said, “Am I that unbearable?”

  They didn’t speak, but their eyes revealed their inner thoughts.

  Lin Xia was hurt to the point of being nearly angry. She remembered that Ye Sangsang asked her to marry her a few days ago. Humph, it was that woman who asked to marry her first!!

  Initially, Lin Xia didn’t have self-confidence, but she was despised by her relatives. She was very unwilling, and she didn’t know where her confidence came from. She swore word by word, “Humph, I don’t believe that I won’t be able to marry her!”

  Mother Lin looked at her self-confident daughter with the eyes of a fool. She didn’t mean to attack her.

  ”You wait.” Lin Xia angrily snorted twice, turned around, and left the house aggressively. She headed to the educated youth camp, but her courage dissipated by the time she got to her door.

  She stood at the gate a little dispirited and hesitant. She remembered what she just said in her mind and wanted to slap herself.

  Where on earth did she have the courage to say that ah!

  Lin Xia couldn’t help but squat on the ground holding her hair, yelling ‘ahhhhh’ internally.

  ”What are you doing here?”

  Just when Lin Xia’s heart broke down and was full of regrets, she suddenly heard the door opened followed by a familiar cold voice.

  Lin Xia suddenly released her hand and stood up, looking at Ye Sangsang at a loss and stuttered, “I…I…”

  Ye Sangsang rolled her eyes internally. Is Lin Xia stuttering as soon as she sees her? She said, “What are you doing here?”

  Lin Xia thought of the purpose of her visit. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and shouted, “I…I…I like you and want to marry you. Would you like to?”

  She thought she said it loudly, but in fact, not even mosquitos could hear it. Luckily, Ye Sangsang had good hearing.

  Ye Sangsang stared at Lin Xia dumbfounded. Her words were similar to a flood. How could someone go one night and suddenly stick out their head from their snail’s shell?

  Lin Xia opened her eyes and looked at Ye Sangsang, who was shocked and silent. She had cold sweat and was worried that she would refuse. So, she was like a gossipy grandma who boasted,4So, usually your grandma will boast about their own grandchildren to others…but in this case she’s both the grandma and grandchild LOL “Although I’m a woman, I’m not shorter than the average man, and I’m stronger than the average man. I’m a good farmer and am hardworking. I can help you with the housework, so you won’t be busy. If you marry me, I promise to be good to you.”

Author’s Notes:

Haha, our child Xia Xia finally confessed.

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