Lovable Beauty – Chapter 10

TL Note: Demoting this project to tier 4 – tongfang. Tongfang are those low-born concubines that somehow enter the harem but isn’t loved. This series has very very little readers and takes a lot of time to release one chapter. I can’t commit to 1 chapter a week any longer due to no popularity. I’ll still be doing releases but it won’t be as frequent.

Update 4/19/2020: Series now dropped, I lost interest and it takes me too long to try and translate..I was working on Ch.11 but every time I started, all motivation becomes air. It’s bad, this series is too hard for me to translate with my abilities in a reasonable timeliness.

Translated by Novice Translations

Sounds Beautiful, Happy or Upset (Replace)

  Xiao Yuan’s carriage was very spacious. He can lay down comfortably with his legs bent. There were narrow couches on both sides, which was more than enough space for two people to sit side by side. So, after the three brother and sisters entered the carriage, he still sat in the middle of the main seat. He had no intentions to be polite.

  Xie Lanyin and her sister sat on the right side, Jiang Huaizhou sat on the other side while Ge Jin stayed outside.

  Jiang Huaizhou looked at his little biaomei who had bowed in grievance. He felt that it was both funny and regretful. He said to Xiao Yuan: “This mei makes a fuss about nothing, let this gongzi ridicule her.”

  Xiao Yuan’s lips were slightly raised, and his eyes conveniently turned to the little girl.

  Xie Lanyin lowered her head slightly and her red lips were slightly pursed. Because of her ugliness, her white face was like a peach blossom blown red by the warm wind, it was beautiful and moving, and her long eyelashes were fluttering. She thought about flying a knife to her biaoge’s eye secretly. It’s a pity for Xiao Yuan to think that she would be angry with her biaoge who laughed at her just now, but she was afraid of the vivid appearance that he would have and endured it in her heart.

  He likes to listen to her.

  Since he was born, he liked to listen to sounds. His wet nurse said that every time he cried, she would hum a song and he would stop. It was very easy to coax him. Later, his wet nurse died of illness and he was moved into the third eastern building and lived together with the other princes. The yard was small, so it was inconvenient for the entertainers to play instruments or sing songs. So, he found a black-naped oriole bird and listened to it sing for a peace of mind. Outside the palace, he was escorted by the guard and dismissed people to walk alone. He passed by the famous Yuefang and went in to listen. Maybe he was used to the birds singing naturally and flexibly. When he listened to those tunes played and sung by those people, Xiao Yuan thought it was not as comfortable as a bird singing, so he stopped listening to the instruments once the entertainers were done.

  However, he didn’t expect to rise in Mt. Hua from overhearing that voice by chance. It was the sound of nature and excessively pompous. If it had to be described, Xiao Yuan felt that her voice was like her beauty, pleasant, regardless of whether she sounded angry or happy. It wasn’t like the palace maid who would sulk and bickered with Xiao Yuan who disliked her noise. When she got angry and complained, he felt it was pleasant to hear. When she didn’t speak, she would act coquettishly to spare no effort to be well-behaved. He closed his eyes in pleasure and felt like he could fall asleep.

  It’s a pity that he wants to listen, but the girl doesn’t speak.

  He saw that it was red on the middle of her forehead and her tearful eyes appeared in his mind. He knew that she had pain, Xiao Yuan paused, next to him was a red sandalwood cabinet and he opened the middle drawer and took out a blue tinted porcelain bottle and handed it to Jiang Huaizhou. “This is jade lotus cream, it can reduce swelling and pain, your mei is injured because of me. This bottle of jade lotus cream, treat it as an apology gift, third gongzi please accept it.”

  They listened to his words, this precious secret medicine made by Ge Jin should be regarded as a reward.

  He behaved courteously and didn’t give things directly to his biaomei. Jiang Huaizhou felt good and was worried about his biaomei’s discomfort. He didn’t refuse and solemnly thanked him, then handed the porcelain bottle to Xie Lanqiao. “First, help her apply some on, so as not to delay. If gu mu sees this, she most likely will be punished.”

  Xie Lanqiao took the bottle with a smile, she first thanked Xiao Yuan, then turned around.

  First, Xie Lanyin’s forehead really hurt. Secondly, she was afraid of traces left behind to be discovered by her mother, so she turned to her jiejie and faced the man in the main position. Jiejie applied the medicine on her, it was clear and cool, and there was a light and elegant lotus fragrance. Xie Lanyin liked it and couldn’t help but quietly observe the person.

  He wore light gray silk robes without any fancy embroidery, but the material was smooth and bright, which gave it an ethereal feeling. Ordinary rich people wouldn’t be able to afford it, and then matched with the top-grade lanolin jade on his waist, it was enough to judge his origins.

  Just when she was about to take back her sight, the man’s hand suddenly fell on the jade pendant on his waist. His fingers were white and lustrous, comparable to the quality of jade and more pleasing to the eyes than a woman’s hand. Xie Lanyin was stunned and couldn’t help but look up.

  Xiao Yuan was very sensitive. When he looked at her doubtfully, he saw her eyes panicked.

  He looked at the little girl’s lips pursed nervously, Xiao Yuan can somewhat guess and asked, “Is the girl’s pain relieved?”

  There were countless women who have snuck peeks at him. He didn’t care about one more woman, but he wanted to hear her speak.

  Xie Lanyin was caught peeking and was very uncomfortable. She only looked out of curiosity. She didn’t want to be misunderstood…

  Just after thinking about it, Xie Lanyin was relieved and quickly put away her thoughts. She faced his black boots and said: “It’s no longer painful. In fact, I didn’t see clearly when I hit my head. Gongzi doesn’t have to blame yourself.”

  When he was rude to her big biaoge, she was disgusted. Now, people were very polite. Xie Lanyin was also very reasonable and didn’t want to lose his politeness.

  Xiao Yuan nodded and looked at the black-naped oriole bird, and explained to Jiang Huaizhou, “Yuan loves the bird and likes to take it with him. He didn’t want to surprise your mei.”  

  “Gongzi is too elegant.” Jiang Huaizhou smiled and praised, he looked up at the birdcage for a while, then boasted sincerely: “The black-naped oriole is almost completely black. Gongzi is full of gold, which is really rare. No wonder its voice is not comparable to that of an ordinary black-naped oriole. It’s crisp, clear and pleasant.”

  Xiao Yuan rarely smiled. His eyes wandered towards the little girl secretly. His bird was not as half as good as her. Unfortunately, she was an official girl. If she had no father or mother, or had low status, he could buy her and ask her to wait on his side.

  “Gongzi, it’s East Street ahead. I’ll take you to Mingyue Building first, and then send third gongzi’s group back to the fu?” Outside the car, Lu Jun stared at Ge Jin who winked at him and asked in a loud voice.

  Jiang Huaizhou looked at Xiao Yuan with surprise. “Yuan gongzi is going to Mingyue Building?”

  Xiao Yuan was now very surprised. “Could it be that third gongzi…”

  Jiang Huaizhou was overjoyed and warmly invited him. “It’s better to meet each other by chance. Since we are all going to Mingyue Building, let’s go today, okay. It’s to express gratitude to Yuan gongzi for the ride.” He had intended to ask the other party to go to the restaurant to thank him at the time of separation. He asked the person and didn’t consent with his biaomeis, but now they knew the other’s residence, it would be rude to re-navigate. His biaomeis were dressed in men’s clothing and wouldn’t have to worry about needless gossip.

  Xiao Yuan said a few modest words. Jiang Huaizhou invited him three more times and then he agreed.

  Xie Lanyin didn’t have any opinions on the matter. Her mind was focus on her forehead. After a quarter of an hour or so, the carriage stopped in front of the Mingyue Building. Jiang Huaizhou got off first. Xiao Yuan signaled to the second daughter to exit next. Xie Lanqiao was just about to get up, but Xie Lanyin secretly grabbed her jiejie’s sleeve and whispered to Xiao Yuan: “Yuan gongzi, please go first, okay. I want to have a few words with my jiejie, we will be quick.”

  The little face was red.

  Xiao Yuan nodded, didn’t asked and got off the carriage.

  When the curtain fell, Xie Lanyin touched her forehead quickly to make sure it wasn’t swollen. She whispered to her jiejie, “Is it red or not?”

  If it was red, how could she go out and meet people? Just now, she wanted to ask but there were outsiders, so she couldn’t ask.

  “No, not at all.” Xie Lanqiao looked at her meimei funny. “Come on, let’s not make others wait.”

  Her appearance wasn’t damaged, so Xie Lanyin’s heart relaxed. When she turned around, she couldn’t help but raise her hand to tease the bird in the cage. This oriole was really beautiful and Xie Lanyin wanted to buy one for herself.  

  She was full of love. The oriole wasn’t used to being close to strangers. It fluttered its wings against the cage and called out twice in warning.

  Xie Lanyin was startled and felt inexplicably guilty, she glanced at the angry bird and dismissed the thought of buying a bird. She picked up the curtain and went out with a serious look as if the bird’s call was unrelated to her.

  Ge Jin bowed his head to conceal his smile. The master’s bird had a very big temper. Apart from the master, it will occasionally be two-faced. When others tease the oriole, it’s like being a mute. Only when strangers are near, it will make an alert call. The Xie family’s second girl, Xie Lanqiao was very heroic. She didn’t seem like the type to tease a bird, it must be her meimei. She was able to pretend well.

  Ge Jin looked quietly at his master.

  Xiao Yuan calmly said: “You go pick up the bird cage.” Since she likes the oriole, she should be able to tease it and he can listen to her.

  Ge Jin grinned and went into the carriage neatly. He knew that the master had some thoughts on the Xie family’s fifth girl. Look, now he began to please them. He used to keep the birdcage in the carriage when he went out. Now, he guessed that the fifth girl liked it and then asked him to take it with them. Wasn’t this to please the beauty?

  “That’s the person the master likes. You wait and serve.” When he took the birdcage, Ge Jin whispered to it. At the age of fifteen, the emperor had sent a maid. He was antisocial and didn’t like many people around him. He didn’t ask for anyone to be arranged by the emperor and empress. This fifth girl was the first person to move wangye, so he couldn’t offend her.

  The oriole turned its little eyes and he didn’t know if it understood.

  Jiang Huaizhou had already reserved an elegant room yesterday and now he went upstairs directly with his assistant.  

  On the square table, Jiang Huaizhou asked Xiao Yuan to sit on the east side, while he sat in the seat of honor. Xie Lanqiao didn’t want her meimei to be too close to the man. She took the initiative to sit on the other side of Xiao Yuan, so Xie Lanyin sat opposite to Xiao Yuan.

  From the lesson of peeking in the carriage and being caught by others, Xie Lanyin didn’t look at anything while eating. She listened to her biaoge’s conversation with him. Only when the oriole behind Xiao Yuan called, she looked up curiously.

  “If girl likes it, she can lean forward to see it, you don’t have to be polite.” Xiao Yuan was generous while resting after dinner.

  Xie Lanyin looked at her biaoge. She saw that he encouraged her, then she quietly thanked Xiao Yuan and went around the table to tease the bird.  

  “Yuan gongzi, do you want to listen to music or stories?” Jiang Huaizhou withdrew his sight and asked Xiao Yuan.

  Xiao Yuan smiled, “All right.”

  “Then tell a story, okay. The oriole’s voice is so pleasant, what other music is there to listen to, ah.” Xie Lanyin cut in and said prudently. After the meal, she wasn’t so uncomfortable towards Xiao Yuan.

  Jiang Huaizhou revealed a helpless expression towards Xiao Yuan and ordered the waiter outside the door. “Please, let Mr. Hua lao1Lao – it’s a prefix used before the surname of a person; in this cause to indicate familiarity and to refer to him as experienced/older. come over, it’s said that he is the best.”  

  The man immediately went to ask, and soon led in a black robed old man who looked to be over fifty.

  “I don’t know what third gongzi would like to listen to?” They were all acquaintances, and Mr. Hu lao smiled and asked Jiang Huaizhou.

  “What new stories do you have?” Jiang Huaizhou pointed to the little biaomei in front of the birdcage. “They are young and like to listen to interesting things.”

  Mr. Hu lao resided in Minyue Building in the city for a long time and was very familiar with the city’s news. He guessed that the two strangers in the room were the Jiang family’s cousins. He nodded, “Yes, it’s about the deep love between Qin wang dian xia2Dian xia – Your Majesty (honorifics); His or Her Highness and Qin wangfei. What does the third gongzi think?”

  Just after Qin wang arrived, everyone in the city was very curious about the affairs of noble people. The little girls love to listen, and it wasn’t a secret. The noble people shouldn’t mind if they hear about it. Besides, they were all acquaintances, and no one will bring this kind of after dinner conversation to wangye.

  Before Jiang Huaizhou spoke, Xie Lanyin became interested. She went back to her seat from the birdcage and excitedly said: “Good, just say it.”

  Xiao Yuan looked at her from the opposite seat and had no objection.

Author’s Notes:

Oriole: I’ve heard people raised a dog to pick up a girl. I didn’t expect for this bird to be reduced to a tool to coax people!  

Qin Wangye: Since you know, work hard.

Oriole: Chirp, chirp, chirp…

Xie Lanyin: En, it’s very nice, ah, the pigeon soup in Mingyue Building tastes good.

Qin Wangye looked at his own beloved bird.

The oriole fell headlong against the cage.

  1. Lao – it’s a prefix used before the surname of a person; in this cause to indicate familiarity and to refer to him as experienced/older.
  2. Dian xia – Your Majesty (honorifics); His or Her Highness

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