Lovable Beauty – Chapter 7

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Karma, Mother’s Debt, Daughter’s Repayment

  A “divorce”, Xie Yao’s words were strangled in her throat, she was suddenly speechless and incredulously stared at the opposing Fang Ze.

  This was her husband. At the Lantern Festival eight years ago, he held a lantern and smiled at her. She fell in love at first sight with him. Her mother didn’t think Feng Ze’s official position was high enough and wasn’t willing to allow her to marry him. After marriage, the couple were glued together. She came to Shanxi with him when he had been promoted. She was happy, then his charming cousin came to join him. She was so distressed from being wronged, but she didn’t want to leave him. Today, Du Yinger harmed her while she was with child. The doctor said that she may not be able to have children in the future. Her husband didn’t punish Du Yinger, but he even wants to take her in?  

  How could Xie Yao agree? Her husband can take anyone, but not this Du Yinger!

  She only threatened him by using their relationship as husband and wife of 7 years to let him know her determination, but he calmly agreed?

  ”Say it again!”

  Xie Yao clutched the mattress sheet tightly. She hurt badly but didn’t care. She just wants to hear him take back his words.

  She doesn’t believe that her husband really doesn’t want her!

  Fang Ze looked at his pale wife with her disorderly hair spread on the bed, but his eyes were full of impatience.  

  He married Xie Yao to borrow her Xie’s family power and his heart was moved by her beauty. Unexpectedly, before marriage, Xie Yao was charming and beautiful. After marriage, she became this person and a control freak. When the imperial court promoted him, she advised him even more than his mother to send more gifts. As if he couldn’t rise to office without her being wronged. When he was promoted to Prefecture magistrate by his own ability, Xie Yao wasn’t smart. She would make trouble when he went out for social activities. He wasn’t allowed to take in concubines, and she didn’t give birth to a son.

  Fang Ze was tired of her. Now that he climbed the high branch of the Shen family, he doesn’t have to worry about the Xie family any longer. Before, Xie Yao planned to give birth to the baby and pretended that she had achieved a difficult birth.1 Difficult birth (fig) – difficult to achieve. She also explained to the Xie family, but now she lost her child. He doesn’t need to worry about her face anymore and came up with this method.

  “You wanted a divorce, I promised you, what are you not satisfied with?” Fang Ze went to the window and saw the two little girls in the yard turning to leave. He smiled silently and said outside, “Lanqiao, Lanyin, come in. Just now, your aunt wants to divorce me. Since you heard that, testify and explain on my behalf to sister-in-law once you’ve returned to Hangzhou, so that father-in-law and mother-in-law won’t think that I was bullying people.”

  Yesterday, he didn’t send someone to inform the Jiang family because of this.

  In the yard, Xie Lanyin’s heart thumped.

  She didn’t know why Xie Yao and her husband had quarreled, and she didn’t want to know. But she knew Xie Yao very well. Xie Yao valued her face the most and never wanted to air her dirty laundry in front of her family. At this time, they heard his request before leaving. Xie Yao’s heart was full of regret and continued to be so.

  Xie Lanyin didn’t want Xie Yao to return and live in the same household as her family. She would have to move back to Hangzhou. Originally, she hoped with great difficulty for Xie Yao to get married. Naturally, she hoped that Xie Yao will never return in her lifetime.

  However, it was now punctured by Fang Ze…

  Xie Lanyin looked at her sister.

  Xie Lanqiao and her sister thought about going together. After pondering, she led her sister to turn around and go to the house.  

  They walked forward, Xie Yao was very likely to be angry and tell them to leave. But if they persuaded, perhaps Xie Yao will change her mind.

  “What’s the matter, aunt and uncle?” After the ceremonious greeting, Xie Lanqiao arrived besides Xie Yao’s bed with concern and asked anxiously, “Is aunt sick? Why is aunt’s face so ugly? There was no news about your illness before, mother would have come to visit aunt if she had known you were ill.”  

  Then she frowned and asked elder lady Liu besides her, “My aunt is ill in bed and you forgot to tell us. How couldn’t you have known to send a letter?”

  Elder lady Liu didn’t like the two sisters, but she knew what was most important at this time. She knelt down immediately and cried, “You two girls, it’s not that old slave didn’t want to, it’s really because it was too urgent of a matter…furen’s child is gone and laoye didn’t consoled her, unexpectedly proposed to take in a concubine at this moment, how can furen not be worried? She was anxious and spoke out of anger, furen tried to persuade laoye not to invite the young girl so soon. They have been husband and wife for 7 years, she had many grievances!

  That’s what happened.

  In order to prevent Xie Yao from returning to Hangzhou and block her family, Xie Lanyin lazily helped her. She took two steps towards Fang Ze and said, “Uncle, please calm down. First, Lanyin doesn’t understand adult’s business very well but only know that aunt’s words aren’t true. Aunt just lost her child and her heart is sad, uncle don’t take her angry words seriously. What needs to be done to keep aunt’s body well, let’s sit down and properly discuss?”

  Although the little girl was only thirteen years old, she was tall and looked like a big girl. Her eyebrows were like the crescent moon and she had peach blossom eyes.  She stood there in a charming way as if a flower had suddenly bloomed in the room. This fairy-like appearance alone made people intoxicated. He saw her rosy lips said those tender words and it charmed him to the bone, Fang Ze’s body rapidly turned crisp.

  He was the only man in the room. All the women stared at him and saw his gaffe clearly. Xie Lanyin looked as if she swallowed a fly, Xie Yao’s complexion was already ashen, Xue Lanqiao’s face equally was submerged, while the most anxious was Du Yinger.

  If biaoge2 Biaoge – older male cousin via female line withdraws his previous remark, this brilliant scheme would be useless!

  ”Biaoge, niece Lanyin is right. Biaosao3 Biaosao – older brother’s wife; sister-in-law was merely angry, what do you want to take seriously?” Du Yinger walked in front of Xie Lanyin in two or three steps to first block Fang Ze’s line of sight. Then she scolded herself, “I know biaoge is good to me, but biaosao’s health is the most important thing. Let’s wait for her to get better.”

  She uttered words of understanding, but her beautiful eyes angrily looked at Fang Ze with blame as an implicit reminder.

  No matter how beautiful Xie Lanyin is, she’s Fang Ze’s niece. Even if he put forth much effort, it would be impossible to have any results. It hit the target, it was a moon in the water,4 Moon in the water – no matter where he succeeds, if he loses his responsibilities and is defeated and unhappy. It’s a story that tells people that fame, and fortune is the moon in the water (illusion) and will disappear. Only a family’s affection is long-lasting, eternal and worth cherishing. why should he continue to entangle with Xie Yao who could no longer bear children? Moreover, Du Yinger was confident as her beauty was not much worse than Xie Lanyin. She was a smart person who knows who to choose.

  Fang Ze is not stupid. After being reminded by others, his reason came back and said to the sister Xie Lanyin with a heavy heart, “I unexpectedly didn’t want this type of plight today, but your aunt’s rude and impetuous behavior caused harm to my family’s flesh and blood. Instead of self-reflecting, instead she slanders biaogu,5 Biaogu – father’s female cousin via female line she is crafty and unruly and domineering. How is she the least bit able to manage the household as the mother of the family? Since she offered to divorce, that’s all. You don’t have to persuade anymore, I’ll write the divorce papers now.”

  ”Laoye, you can’t be so cruel!” Elder lady Liu rushed to cling onto Fang Ze’s leg, then looked at sister Xie Lanyin and begged, “Two girls, please help and persuade, please!”

  Xie Lanyin still remembered that Fang Ze just looked at her with his disgusting eyes and didn’t want to deal with him anymore.

  Xie Lanqiao had been in front of her younger sister for a long time, but at this time, such a shrewd person was at a loss. She looked down and said, “This is a matter that us younger generation can’t interfere with. When we go back, we will report to our mother and she will appear personally.”  

  Fang Ze is obviously lecherous. He can still reason even if he wanted to cheaply take advantage of her meimei.6 Meimei – younger sister It can be seen that he was determined. It’s useless for them to say anything.

  The little girls were smart, Fang Ze sneered and kicked elder lady Liu away and told Du Yinger to leave.

  Madam Jiang didn’t like Xie Yao and he doesn’t expect her to sincerely persuade, perhaps she will take joy in calamity and delight in disaster. He would have nothing to worry about.

  The ruthless husband left, and her nieces’ persuasion didn’t work. In Xie Yao’s eyes, they were dead. Instead, she was resentful and lost face in front of them and couldn’t help but take out her anger on them. “Who let you talk freely? It’s that I’m too lazy to face his hypocritical plead, I don’t want him. Who needs your pleading? Everyone believes themselves infallible.7 To believe oneself infallible (idiom) – to be opinionated Did Madam Jiang teach you? That rare talented man forgets favors and violate justice!”

  ”As it turns out, aunt’s abilities are genuinely clever. Xie Lanqiao sneered at her aunt whom lived high and looked down,8 To live high and look down (idiom) – arrogance based on one’s social position she looked at her with her eyes full of sarcasm, “Since aunt is so smart, then I ask you, how long has that girl lived in the Fang household? If she wanted to be a concubine, why did she wait until now? I think people are really smart, she discovered aunt’s temper earlier. As soon as aunt miscarried, she plainly instigated uncle to take her in as a concubine, he then incited you to be impetuous to divorce. Now that aunt has achieved her wish and doesn’t have to face uncle again after separation. That cousin doesn’t need to be a concubine, she can seriously become the magistrate’s furen directly. She leisurely took sister A’Ling to vent her hatred to aunt. You don’t really need us smart sisters. Lanyin, let’s go.”

  Xie Lanyin nodded and smiled before leaving and added, “Aunt, you married so far away that grandma often thinks about you. Now that you are divorcing, grandma must be very happy. And us sisters who are usually friends with you can return to the mansion together to reminisce about the past.”

  Will Fang Ze be the only one to get what he wishes? She also can, Xie Lanyin doesn’t believe that Xie Yao who loves her face will be willing to help Du Yinger and then be ridiculed by old people.

  ”What happened?” Jiang Huaizhou had been waiting out front. When he saw his two cousins coming out not looking good, he asked doubtfully.

  ”It was bad luck to go out.” Xie Lanyin grimaced and said. When the man’s lustful eyes were on her it was like a spider’s web, lingering, she just wanted to go home and take a bath. As an elder generation, Fang Ze is so disgusting towards his niece. If Xie Yao wasn’t so annoying, Xie Lanyin wouldn’t have opposed their separation.

  But she’s not stupid, she couldn’t happily bring home a hot potato.

  Yes, it was also Xie Yao’s home. But if stepmother Chen didn’t seduce her grandfather, where would Xie Yao be?

  Xie Lanyin was not happy when she thought about stepmother Chen who had the same audacity as Du Yinger who appeared after her deceased grandmother. She wouldn’t know stepmother Chen’s feelings when she learned about her daughter’s retribution.

  Back at her uncle’s house, Xie Lanyin went back to her yard to bathe.

  Xie Lanqiao went to find her mother and told her about the Feng family.

  After Madam Jiang thought about it, she was angry and had a headache. Fang Ze deliberately dragged her daughters into the water and had a headache on how to persuade Xie Yao. Don’t persuade to divorce and offend Xi’an prefecture’s magistrate. Persuade to divorce and Xie Yao goes home, then where is Madam Jiang’s face? It wasn’t good to not go, there were many neighbors watching.

  Why does she have such a bad messy relative?

  1. Difficult birth (fig) – difficult to achieve.
  2. Biaoge – older male cousin via female line
  3. Biaosao – older brother’s wife; sister-in-law
  4. Moon in the water – no matter where he succeeds, if he loses his responsibilities and is defeated and unhappy. It’s a story that tells people that fame, and fortune is the moon in the water (illusion) and will disappear. Only a family’s affection is long-lasting, eternal and worth cherishing.
  5. Biaogu – father’s female cousin via female line
  6. Meimei – younger sister
  7. To believe oneself infallible (idiom) – to be opinionated
  8. To live high and look down (idiom) – arrogance based on one’s social position

The title – this chapter focuses on karma, stepmother Chen seduce Xie Lanyin’s grandfather right when her grandmother passed away. Thus, her daughter, Xie Yao is now paying her mother’s debts by having something similar happening to her in the form of Du Yinger.

Old uncle Fang Ze wants some action with little 13 yr old Xie Lanyin (o_o)

Also, I think in chapter 5 or 6…it like kinda mentions that Feng Ze and Du Yinger will meet up outside the estate and…Du Yinger gave him a handjob. She complained saying it stained her hands etc. etc. and why she doesn’t want to meet him outside while doing that whole ploy.

Think the novel has some low-key sex scenes, especially his body reactions that wasn’t explicitly stated but can be imaged from the women’s reactions….

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