Lovable Beauty – Chapter 8

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Strong and Muscular Qin Wangye

 This was a pretty big deal, even if she wanted to pretend it would be out of the question. Madam Jiang sent her daughter to go rest and got ready to visit Fang’fu immediately.

  Li Shi accompanied her.

  Xie Yao at that moment had a fit of anger once she had heard they were coming. It was most likely they were coming to watch the bustling noise and excitement and she angrily smashed the medicine bowl. “I don’t want to meet them, let them leave, I don’t need their false good intentions!” She held frigid irony and scorching satire towards Madam Jiang before she married, why would she be concerned about her?

  In just one day, wet nurse Liu labored at once and was so anxious that fiery foam raised from the corner of her mouth. She stooped to one side to tidy up the broken pieces of the bowl while giving earnest and well-meaning advice, she persuaded her, “My furen, do you understand what that Lanqiao girl said? If you really agree to leave, first that slut will clap her hands and applaud you, are you willing to help accomplish her goal? Madam Jiang is your older brother’s wife and have seniority in the family, she can arrange with Lu Shi even though she isn’t an official furen, her family is wealthy. If Marquis Ping Xi’s furen sees her, it’s possible for the benefit of both side that they help persuade her and laoye will listen.”

  Women and separation isn’t a glorious matter, even if she remarried in general, it won’t be as good as the first, not to mention that even her family furen’s health is completely ruined, it’s shameful to hear that a hen can’t lay eggs, how could there exist a good man that would want her? Rather than marry low, it would be better to continue to be married to Fang Ze and turn her head and allow him to accept several Fang qie1 Qie – concubine to give birth to a son and hold him on her knee to raise. And as before, be the furen of a 4th grade official.  

  Xie Yao was naturally considered the small treasure in the hollow of her parent’s palm and raised by her since she was a child. It’s not easy to endure Du Yinger for such a long time. Last night, she had lost her child and Fang Ze didn’t show a shred of sadness. She was only thinking about Du Yinger and it can be seen that she had already lost to her in her heart. Even if she was brazen faced to stay, in the future, the married couple will share the same bed with different dreams.2 Share the same bed with different dreams (idiom) ostensible partners with different agendas

  Xie Yao unexpectedly didn’t want to live like that, she would prefer to return home as an old girl than nurse a grievance.

  It’s just that she can’t let that cheap Du Yinger off lightly.

  Xie Yao’s mind turned and turned, and she rubbed her forehead and took a few deep breaths. “Please let them come in.”

  Wet nurse Liu thought that she had listened to her and called for a little servant girl to carry the broken pieces of the porcelain bowl, then she went out to meet people.  

  As soon as Madam Jiang entered the room, Xie Yao looked at her and cried, “Da sao, ah my life is so bitter…”

  She suffered so many grievances that she didn’t have to pretend to cry, she really cried.

  Madam Jiang was overwhelmed by favor from a superior3 Means overwhelmed by favor from superior…that shows how shitty Xie Yao is, I guess this is the first time Xie Yao showed any close feelings towards her when she’s selfishly in a hole! and didn’t expect that Xie Yao would complain her grievances to her. She meaningfully glanced at Li Shi’s face in doubt, they went forward together to persuade her. “Okay, don’t cry, meimei. It’s not good for your health. What’s the matter? Little Lanqiao told me amidst the clouds and mist4 Amidst the clouds and mist (fig) mystified; puzzled that meimei wants to divorce?”

  Xie Yao sobbed and told her.

  Madam Jiang said some common advice to persuade her not to be impulsive. She was unwilling to be involved with them, but she didn’t want blame over her head from stepmother Chen and Xie Yao.

  Wet nurse Liu’s heart clearly knew that it didn’t matter what the two said in front of furen. The key was to persuade Fang Ze, she begged and said, “Da furen, jiu taitai,5 Jiu – maternal uncle; taitai – wife laoye over there is still in a fit of anger, you two help persuade. The identity of this slave is humble and laoye doesn’t listen to me.”

  “No need,” Xie Yao replied to Madam Jiang and wiped her eyes then looked expectant at Li Shi. “Sao zi, it’s important to prepare for Jizhou’s wedding, you’d better leave our troubles alone. If he wants to divorce again, he can’t drive me out now. Sao zi6 Sao zi – another way to say older brother’s wife; sister-in-law really pities me. It’s enough to come and see me after Jizhou’s wedding.”

  “Alright, maybe Fang da ren7 Da ren – title of respect towards superiors merely said angry words for a while. You’ll be reconciled in two days. How could a long-time married couple’s mutual affection be possibly scolded to relinquish at once.” Li Shi sighed with sorrow and took the conversation with emotion, clasped Xie Yao’s hand and said, “We will come and see meimei later. Don’t think about anything for now. It’s important to keep yourself healthy, nothing is more important than that.”

  Xie Yao nodded tearfully, looked at her stomach and lowered her voice, “I have a strong taste of medicine right now. Go back quickly, sao zi.”

  “Well, meimei be at ease and recover. We’ll come back some other day.”

  Looking at the over sensible little gu zi,8 Gu zi – husband’s sisters Madam Jiang’s mind was puzzled and left with Li Shi.

  After getting on the carriage, Li Shi asked her meimei, “Why is she so abnormal today? They listened to Lanqiao’s meaning beforehand, took out her anger on them. How could in a short while, be honest suddenly? Could it be that she is afraid of Fang Ze’s iron heart and divorce, hope we can provide support for her?”

  Madam Jiang couldn’t think of any other reason. Looking at sao zi, she thought that as soon as they came over it would implicate sao zi and afterwards she would leave. She apologized, “Well, let’s leave the matter here alone first. Let’s keep sao zi at ease and handle Jizhou’s marriage. Let’s handle our Jiang family first and take in the daughter-in-law and don’t make any mistakes.”

  Mentioning her son’s marriage, Li Shi immediately smiled and praised her daughter-in-law who had yet to pass through the door9 To pass through a doorway – woman getting married to her meimei.

  Back there, wet nurse Liu watched the carriage hastily drove off, hurried back into the rear court, puzzled, “Furen, why didn’t you let them help?”

  Xie Yao had her own idea and asked, “Where’s laoye?”

  Wet nurse Liu pursed her lips, glanced at her guiltily and stammered, “Seems to be at Wensheng Yuan…”

  Wensheng Yuan is Du Yinger’s residence.

  Xie Yao listened and didn’t get angry, closed her eyes and laid down for a while, then suddenly sighed. “Go and invite my daughter to come over.”

  Since she can’t give birth, she must take her daughter away. The two of them can be mutually dependent for life,10 Mutually dependent for life (idiom) to rely upon one another for survival as to not let her stay here and be deliberately polished by her stepmother.

  Wet nurse Liu went out to send a small servant girl to invite others. The seven-year-old Fang Ling rushed over quickly. When she entered the room, she saw her sick mother. She couldn’t stop crying and fell into her arms and weep, “Mom, I know I’m wrong. I’ll never talk to her again. I’ll do whatever mother wants me to do. I’ll listen to you. Don’t scare me…”

  Her daughter heavily relied on her, Xie Yao’s heart was soft and sent wet nurse Liu out. She held her daughter and patted her gently. Her voice was soft, “A’ling, your diedie11 Diedie – father doesn’t want me. Do you want to live with him or go back with mother to wai zu mu’s12 Wai zu mu – mother’s mother; maternal grandmother home in Hangzhou? Mother told you before, Hangzhou is very beautiful there…”

  “I’ll go wherever mother goes.” Fang Ling didn’t care whether Hangzhou was beautiful or not. She just wanted to follow her mother. Her eyes were swollen with tears.

  Xie Yao couldn’t help it anymore and held her daughter rightly and choked with sobs.

  When the two embraced each other and shed tears, Fang Ze was also holding the favored Du Yinger in Wensheng Yuan.

  The man finally decided to divorce, and this matter has already become 8 times enough. Du Yinger’s heart was happy and willing to let him take more advantage. But when she found out that Fang Ze’s hand was becoming more and more dishonest, Du Yinger hurriedly gasped and beseeched him, “Biaoge, don’t do…”

  “I have finished writing and left the book, don’t you believe me?” Fang Ze roughly twisted his biaomei’s hand behind her, raised her chin and asked faintly, “Biaomei, I know what you’re afraid of. You’re afraid that I won’t be responsible afterwards. I didn’t touch you before, but now I’m completely over her. You still don’t believe me, it really chills my heart.”

  After many years of marriage with Xie Yao, it was impossible that he couldn’t have feelings. In order to abandon his wife and children for Du Yinger, this woman unexpectedly still wants to dangle him?

  The man’s face was cold, and Du Yinger’s heart was frightened. She hurriedly pretended to be ashamed and lowered her eyes. She whispered, “No, of course I believe in biaoge. I just wanted to wait until the day we got married…”

  She was tactful, Fang Ze’s voice was gentle and continued to linger in her ear. “I will send her away when her little one-month childbirth confinement is done and then marry you immediately afterwards. What else is biaomei worried about? Give it to me, what am I supposed to do?”  

  He pressed her against the cupboard and let her feel that he couldn’t bear it.

  Du Yinger still didn’t want to and wanted to be proper and honorable. If she doesn’t marry him seriously one day, she will feel uneasy. Just when she was about to think of a more euphemistic excuse, Du Yinger was suddenly embraced princess style by him. She was frightened and grabbed her skirt and begged for forgiveness. “Biaoge, biaoge, you…”

  In the middle of her sentence, she was stiffly thrown on the bed and saw the man had started to pull on her clothes. Du Yinger was really scared and cried to him. “Biaoge, could you wait a minute? I, I’m afraid…”

  “What are you afraid of?” Fang Ze held her leg and dragged her, then pressed down on her mercilessly. There was a dangerous glint in his eyes. “Biaomei, I like your cleverness, but let me tell you, a man’s patience is limited, when they are hungry, they are likely to go somewhere else.”

  Du Yinger looked at him nervously and uneasily with a pale face. “Biaoge doesn’t want to marry me?”

  After scaring her, Fang Ze was gentle and soft and delivered sweet dates and kissed her: “Marry, I like Yinger the best. Who would you marry if you don’t marry? Be good Yinger, don’t be afraid and relax. Biaoge won’t let you suffer…”

  He no longer gave her the chance to be long-winded and bowed his head and blocked her mouth.

  Under the window outside, Du Yinger’s two servant girls drooped their heads to eavesdrop the voices inside. They all knew what had happened when they heard the girl weep endlessly. They looked at each other and blushed at the same time, their eyes were pleased with themselves.

  The girl was beautiful and has the means. Their laoye’s heart was entirely on that girl’s body. After a while, the girl will become the new furen. Their statuses as personal maid servants in the house will immediately afterwards rise with the tide and the boat floats…13 The ride rises and the boat floats (idiom) to change with the overall trend; to develop according to the situation


  Jiang family.

  Listening to what the parrot said that her mother and jiu mu14 Jiu mu – wife of mother’s brother; maternal uncle’s wife returned, Xie Lanyin was nervous and went to find her mother to inquire about the news. “Mother, does she still want to leave?”

  Madam Jiang looked at her two daughters who came together and knew that they didn’t like Xie Yao. She remembered that they were bullied by Xie Yao when they were young, she learned Xie Yao’s attitude and said to the sisters, “Mother and your jiu mu guess that she won’t leave.”

  Xie Lanqiao smiled but Xie Lanyin was greatly relieved and relaxed. Fortunately, she didn’t have to deal with Xie Yao anymore.

  Her little daughter’s face lit up with delight, and Madam Jiang reminded her, “You can do this in front of your mother, but don’t look so happy in front of outsiders. She is your gu mu15 Gu mu – father’s sister; paternal aunt after all, don’t let people say that our Xie family’s girls don’t respect their elders and are mean and rude.”

  “Daughter knows, don’t worry.” Xie Lanyin smiled to her mother and skillfully held her leg, her head was tilted and asked for permission: “Mom, third biaoge said that he would show us around on the day, if you allow? If not, I’ll stay at home and won’t go anywhere.”

  She retreated and Madam Jiang snorted, and looked at her second daughter and said, “Well, it’s rare that you’re so sensible, so stay at home with me.”

  “Mother…” Xie Lanyin was anxious, she reached out and held her mother and looked up with her little face and acted coquettishly. “Mother, good mother…”

  The little girl’s voice was soft and sweet, like a newborn oriole chirping for its mother to feed it. Madam Jiang’s weakness was her daughter’s coquettishness. She pinched her daughter’s delicate and tender face hard. “Then you have to listen to your biaoge and sister, don’t run around!”

  “I don’t want to run, who will pay for my shopping?” With permission, Xie Lanyin cheerfully and lightheartedly went to find her biaoge to discuss where to go.

  In the back street of Qin Wangfu, Ge Jin waited on his master to change clothes. Thinking of the rumors and slanders about his master that he heard in the street today, he whispered, “Gongzi, are you still going out tomorrow? If I can say that Xi’an city is not very attractive, it’s far from being prosperous like the capital.”

  He was unwilling to allow his master’s mood to be dampened and hear those rumors. Who was too weak to stand up to the wind?16 Too weak to stand up to the wind (idiom) extremely delicate; fragile state of health His family’s master was both an internal and external martial art expert. He doesn’t like to be waited on while he bathes. But he glanced at him secretly, his abdomen had an eight pack. The whole troop of guards can’t catch the master, how could this be called too weak to stand up to the wind?  

  “You don’t want to go?” Xiao Yuan carelessly asked, “Then tomorrow you stay here, I will only take Lu Jun.”

  “If you want to go, why wouldn’t I go?” Ge Jin hurriedly changed his words, placed his arm around his changed clothes and said with an apologetic smile, “The gourd chicken in Mingyue Lou is very delicious. Gongzi will you go and have a taste?”

  Xiao Yuan looked at him and said nothing.

Author’s Notes:

Qin Wangye: Have you seen it?

Xie Lanyin: What?

Qin Wangye: I have an eight pack.

Xie Lanyin: True or false? Seeing is believing.

Qin Wangye tore off his clothes.

Xie Lanyin eyes widened, but only saw mosaic!!!

Beauty clip: Want to see an eight pack? You have to scatter flowers.~ Hehe, I’ll add another chapter quietly. I hope to see many flowers in the morning. Good night, everyone.~

  1. Qie – concubine
  2. Share the same bed with different dreams (idiom) ostensible partners with different agendas
  3. Means overwhelmed by favor from superior…that shows how shitty Xie Yao is, I guess this is the first time Xie Yao showed any close feelings towards her when she’s selfishly in a hole!
  4. Amidst the clouds and mist (fig) mystified; puzzled
  5. Jiu – maternal uncle; taitai – wife
  6. Sao zi – another way to say older brother’s wife; sister-in-law
  7. Da ren – title of respect towards superiors
  8. Gu zi – husband’s sisters
  9. To pass through a doorway – woman getting married
  10. Mutually dependent for life (idiom) to rely upon one another for survival
  11. Diedie – father
  12. Wai zu mu – mother’s mother; maternal grandmother
  13. The ride rises and the boat floats (idiom) to change with the overall trend; to develop according to the situation
  14. Jiu mu – wife of mother’s brother; maternal uncle’s wife
  15. Gu mu – father’s sister; paternal aunt
  16. Too weak to stand up to the wind (idiom) extremely delicate; fragile state of health

The author was talking about flowers because in the raw site you can give these nutrients things to novels to increase their ranking, so she was hoping to see that from readers.

Man, how is the wetnurse and Xie Lanqiao smarter than Xie Yao…I’m actually glad she is determined to leave Fang Ze, he was pretty shitty anyways and ended up raping his white lotus cousin.

Also on this page for Lovable Beauty, listing the characters/places and the honorifics, these types of titles are more enjoyable that way. Also, changed the prince’s name.

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