Lovable Beauty – Chapter 9

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Lovely Beauty is Tearful and Pitiful

  To go to Xi’an City, Xie Lanyin deliberately got up early and dressed in front of the mirror.

  ”Girl, will you take me with you?” The parrot pleaded pleasantly besides her. “I promise that no matter what, I will never annoy girl!”  

  It rarely travels far and also wanted to see more of the world with the girl.

  “Not this time. I’ll take you out with my mother in a few days.” Xie Lanyin looked at herself in the mirror, she was dressed like a man and said, “Jiejie1 Jiejie – older sister is also dressed up as a man but she resembles a real man. I don’t resemble one at all. If I take you with me, it will attract attention, and won’t people see through our disguise and know we are women?”

  The parrot wasn’t reconciled and continued to look at her pitifully.

  Xie Lanyin glanced at it, “Okay, don’t you want to go to Daci’en Buddhist temple in Xi’an to seek a marriage predestined by fate? I will help you so that you will marry well.”

  Sangzhi bent over to giggle and smiled and the parrot ge2 Ge (sometimes gege) – older brother blushed and tooted with its beak, “Girl you tease me…”

  “Who told you to talk more? I didn’t say you could speak Sangzhi?” After enough trouble, Xie Lanyin didn’t delay anymore and left the room briskly.

  Jiang Huaizhou, Xie Lanqiao has been waiting for her in the front yard. When she heard the footsteps, they turned around and saw a little girl who was wearing a white round-neck robe with an apricot neckline and a jade belt of the same color on her waist. Her waist and legs were tender and thin like the weak Liu Fufeng. You didn’t have to look at other places, you could see that she was a girl just by looking at the small waist that could be held by both hands.

  “You would be better off directly wearing women’s clothing, how could a man look like you?” Jiang Huaizhou pulled out a folding fan to nitpick at his little biaomei’s clothes. And then pointed with his fan while he said, “Look at your eyebrows, have you especially painted them? And your mouth, painted so red…”

  Xie Lanyin was so wronged that she slapped open and damaged his fan. “Who has painted their eyebrows and lips? I grew up like this since childhood!”

  She was too beautiful. She didn’t have to dress up and would have already looked as if she meticulously dressed up. For this reason, she was often ridiculed by some young ladies as a vixen since she was a young girl. These words that depicted her eyebrows and lips were drawn, in front of those people, Xie Lanyin merely treated it as wind past her ear. But in fact, her heart didn’t take it well. Now her biaoge said that, even though she knew biaoge was only joking, but she disliked hearing it.

  Xie Lanqiao knew her meimei’s heart sore point and glared at Jiang Huaizhou and said, “Third biaoge isn’t yet 20 years old, how come your eyes don’t work well?”  

  Jiang Huaizhou didn’t know that his little biaomei didn’t dress up. After getting bullied, he quickly said sweet words to coax people. He stared attentively at Xie Lanyin strangely and said, “Originally, biaomei didn’t use those things. Ah, biaomei really was born beautiful, even I can’t see it.”

  “Less of your mouth, let’s go!” Xie Lanyin snorted and the corner of her mouth was raised. She was afraid to be seen by her biaoge, so she led the way.

  Jiang Huaizhou looked at Xie Lanqiao, they both smiled and took large strides to follow her.

  Xi’an has a lot of famous places to visit. When they left Daci’en Buddhist temple, it was time to have lunch. Jiang Huaizhou ordered Chang’an to pick up the carriage. The three brother and sisters waited in the shade of the tree outside the temple for a while. Biaomei proposed: “Let’s go to the Mingyue Building this afternoon? It’s the best restaurant in Xi’an with the best dishes. We can listen to music and books after dinner.”  

  “I want to listen to books.” Xie Lanyin looked at him incredulously. “The singers are beautiful girls. I’m afraid that biaoge’s soul will be hooked.”

  “Cheeky, also that’s what you said?” Jiang Huaizhou knocked her head. His foresight was high, how could a mere singer enter his eyes?

  Xie Lanyin just wanted to retaliate. Jiang Huaizhou’s face slightly changed. He frowned and asked Chang’an who was coming over, “Where’s the carriage?”

  Chang’an ran and was sweaty all over and wretchedly said: “Gongzi,3 Gongzi – son of an official our carriage was near the Li family’s carriage and was stopped. The little Li shaoye4 Shaoye – young master of house is fond of playing. I don’t know where he got croton5 Croton – it’s a poisonous plant…he killed all the horses. JESUS from, but he fed the row of horses, and now…”  

  Now have to pull it together.

  Xie Lanyin frowned as if she smelled something she disliked.

  Xie Lanqiao asked her biaoge doubtfully, “Li family?”

  Jiang Huaizhou snorted coldly: “The Li family are the owners of a well-known bank. This little shaoye is so naughty and mischievous that he does this kind of thing.”

  “How are we going to get back then, ah?” Xie Lanyin anxiously looked at the road from here to the inner city. It would take two quarters of an hour by carriage. She won’t have to walk back, right?

  Jiang Huaizhou was about to tell Chang’an to go to the temple and ask if there were horses to borrow. Suddenly, he saw a carriage galloping from the temple. He had good eyesight and quickly recognized the coachman. He was one of the three people they accidentally encountered in the Yujing building in Mt Hua.

  Jiang Huaizhou traveled excessively with his father since he was a child. Some people from Jianghu were bold and forthright. As long as he asks for help, the Jianghu people may help them. Later, he will help others if they encountered a small problem. Also, he was confident that if it was just him today, he would have asked for a ride on the basis of friendship, it’s just…

  He looked at his two biaomei who were disguised as men. Jiang Huaizhou decided to send Chang’an to borrow horses first.

  Chang’an came to ask before, because he was worried that the master would wait to ask people an urgent question. Now that he had reported the situation, he turned back.

  Jiang Huaizhou beckoned his biaomeis to go to the side of the road.

  The sister Xie Lanyin also recognize Lu Jun. But Xie Lanyin especially never thought of borrowing a carriage from a stranger. She remembered how the handsome gongzi treated her big biaoge indifferently. People with eyes on their heads will not help even if they were asked, right?

  “Third biaoge, there is no one in the Li family to discipline the little shaoye who makes trouble? Nonsense, how could this be? They aren’t afraid to offend the high official and noble persons?” Her mind returned to the culprit, Xie Lanyin complained to the distant temple.

  Jiang Huaizhou explained to her in a low voice, “Li master has three generations but can only pass on the Li home to a single son. The son has many wives and concubines in his family. But this son who is arrogant and willful only have this one shaoye. Even if the Li master doesn’t exercise strict discipline, I believe the Li family business will be ruined by this son sooner or later….”

  The three brother and sisters talked in a low voice. Lu Jun drove slowly closer to Jiang Huaizhou. He turned his eyes to Jiang Huaizhou’s body and thought about the financial resources of the Jiang family. When he went to pick up the carriage, he heard the commotion, he lowered his voice and reported inside the carriage: “Gongzi, the third Jiang gongzi is ahead, his horses should have been fed croton.”  

  Xiao Yuan was feeding the bright oriole inside the carriage. There was no reaction from hearing the news. Ge Jin sat next to him. When Lu Jun opened his mouth, Ge Jin turned towards the door and looked out through the gap and recognized the woman’s body shape. Then he turned his back, his voice was full of surprise, “Gongzi, the two girls from the Xie family are also here.”

  After Xiao Yuan fed his favorite bird, he put down the white porcelain plate, took out a handkerchief and wiped his hands. Then he lowered his eyes from the hanging screen and asked, “Why, are you so happy to see them?”

  Ge Jin secretly scolded himself for what he said, and his mouth skillfully tried to mediate, “No, I…”

  “Then give them a ride.” Xiao Yuan didn’t give him an opportunity to explain himself.

  Ge Jin stared suspiciously at him. He wondered in the end, if his master wanted to invite the Jiang Huaizhou’s three people or if it was really because of him. He only stared for a while, and the eyelashes which were thicker than a girl, moved, as if they were going to be lifted. Ge Jin was really afraid of the master’s cold eyes, so he hastily withdrew his line of sight and made his way out of the carriage.

  “Third gongzi, when we came out, we heard that some carriages in the temple had gone wrong. Wasn’t your family’s carriage also involved?” He looked at the three people on the side of the road and asked, in a clear voice, that wasn’t thin and soft like the eunuchs in the palace.

  Xie Lanyin looked at him in surprise. How does this man know her biaoge’s identity?

  Jiang Huaizhou’s heart was also confused, but he didn’t show it on his face. He cupped his hand in greeting and said, “This is a good coincidence, as soon as we left Mt Hua, we meet again.”

  Lu Jun stopped the car, Ge Jin jumped off the carriage and politely saluted to Jiang Huaizhou. “In fact, on the day that His Highness King Qin entered the city, we were also on the side of your family’s carriage. Maybe the third gongzi didn’t see it, but I accidentally knew the identity of the third gongzi. I heard that the three gongzis of Jiang family were in high spirits, talented and are like Tao Zhu. As expected, I saw with my own eyes that the reputation wasn’t in vain.

  Jiang Huaizhou smiled modestly from the praise. “It’s a rumor. How could the rumors of the Jiang brothers dare to compete with Tao Zhu?”

  Xie Lanyin stood by and looked at the glib Ge Jin and suddenly found it interesting. The master was arrogant and rude, but his attendants were eloquent. Or did the master learned about her jiujiu’s wealth and influence later and intends to meet her jiujiu’s family earlier to exhort?

  Ge Jin’s eyes were honest. He only looked at Jiang Huaizhou. After being polite, he asked, “However, are you three going back to the city?”

  “Exactly.” Jiang Huaizhou laughed at himself and looked at the temple. “Who would expect to encounter this kind of thing…”

  Ge Jin smiled apologetically, looked at the carriage and said: “My jia gong6 Jia gong – head of a family said that its fate to meet again. If the three doesn’t dislike it, please get on the carriage and ride with us.”

  The other side invited them warmly and Jiang Huaizhou couldn’t refuse. He shouted to thank the man in the carriage: “This Jiang gongzi expresses thanks to your great kindness and can’t thank enough.”

  “Don’t be polite third gongzi, it’s the same as exerting one’s hand.” Xiao Yuan leaned forward and raised the curtain, still indifferent, “Please.”

  Jiang Huaizhou cupped his hand to salute him. After Ge Jin set the stool, he helped his little biaomei up first.

  Not counting the biaoges at home, Xie Lanyin has never been in a vehicle with a foreign man before, but she didn’t wriggle under the pressure of the current circumstances. She held the door plank with one hand and the clothes pendulum with the other hand and stepped on slowly. When she went in, she bent over and stooped her head. Before she could check the furnishings in the carriage, there was a sudden flapping movement near her head, like a big flying insect.

  She was the most timid daughter in her family. Xie Lanyin was brave, she wasn’t afraid of ghosts and thunder but was only afraid of insects. She suddenly heard this kind of movement and screamed out of fright. She turned her head and was about to retreat. Fortunately, her forehead hit the carriage wall with a bang and her body tilted sideways.

  Xiao Yuan took all of this in his eyes, hesitated for a moment, and then helped her in time. “Girl, be careful.”

  Xie Lanyin instinctively looked at him. Her tender eyelashes were lifted up, but her big tears fell from her peach blossom eyes.  

  It hurts…

  The beauty was tearful and pitiful and there was a slight rose fragrance. He didn’t know if it was because of her aggrieved eyes, the faint fragrance, or the pain she just uttered, but Xiao Yuan was absent-minded for a moment. After a while, he helped her onto the narrow couch on one side for her to sit down, then pointed to the birdcage and asked, “Is girl afraid of birds?”


  Xie Lanyin was so frightened that she forgot the pain and her eyes followed his fingers.

  The brightly feathered oriole in the cage didn’t know it had scared people at all. It stood on the crossbar and looked at the girl opposite with its small head down. Its dark and pure small eyes were innocent.

  Xie Lanyin pursed her lips then heard the laughter from her biaoge from outside and immediately glared at him.

Author’s Notes:

During the new book, please moisten yourself. Let’s give more flowers to beauties~

Oriole: It’s over. This woman’s voice is better than mine. I’m afraid I will fall out of favor!

Qin Wangye: Don’t be afraid, you’ve already fallen out of favor.

Oriole: Then I won’t sing for you!

Qin Wangye: It’s okay, I will listen to my wife sing.

Xie Lanyin: In your spring and autumn dream!

Qin Wangye: Do you want to have a private meeting with me in my dream?

Xie Lanyin: …

  1. Jiejie – older sister
  2. Ge (sometimes gege) – older brother
  3. Gongzi – son of an official
  4. Shaoye – young master of house
  5. Croton – it’s a poisonous plant…he killed all the horses. JESUS
  6. Jia gong – head of a family

Author says flowers because they are points you give to books to give them higher ranking on JJWXC.

Also, the joke at the end, the spring and autumn dream. The spring dream usually means wet dream, so Qin Wangye asked his “wife” if she really wants a private meeting with him in his spring dream AKA wet dream!

This novel is sooo good but no one reads it! There’s only about 100 people that follows it and reads it. *sigh* Also found mirror raw site for this so I won’t have to drop it. Haha….if I release 1x a week I’ll finish this in 2 years….hahahhahahahahah but I like to pick up projects actively. What to do >_< thought this would get dropped by Jan.

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