My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 1

TL Note: This is a new project I picked up & will be collaborating with MadPanda Translations. I will be doing every other chapter. This series has no drama and is pure fluff from the interaction between the MC & ML. This is their journey as a couple to learn to communicate with each other to show their love and grow their affection.

Translated by Novice Translations


  Mu Xiaoya was going to die. To be exact, ten days ago, she clearly felt that she was getting closer to death.

  Ten days ago, she returned home to visit her relatives and just left the airport, she fainted on the side of the road and caused a lot of panic. Fortunately, the airport’s rescue measures were proper, and she was quickly sent to the hospital.

  When she woke up, her family had already been contacted. She didn’t need to ask any questions. She looked at her parents’ red and swollen eyes, she knew and was afraid that she was sick this time. Otherwise, her parents who had always been stable wouldn’t have been emotional. Mu Xiaoya wanted to ask, but she didn’t have the strength to open her mouth.

  Then, she fainted again, the whole person was in a coma and continuously woke up and fell asleep. Every time it occurred, she got weaker and weaker, and there were more and more medical instruments besides her bed.  

  By the time she was in better shape, she had already entered the ICU twice and a week had passed. It was not until then that they found out what was wrong with her.

  “Miss Mu, you have a very rare hereditary disease.” The doctor said sympathetically, “This genetic disease was sudden and has a low probability of occurrence. Before the onset, there was no physical abnormalities, but once the onset occurred, the body will rapidly deteriorate.”

  “Then…can it be cured?” After Mu Xiaoya asked, the Mu mother on one side couldn’t help but sob. Now, without the doctor’s answer, Mu Xiaoya could guess.

  “Sorry, there is no cure for this disease.” The doctor lamented.

  “I see.” Mu Xiaoya’s reaction was calm. She was in a coma for the past week and wasn’t completely conscious. As the owner of her body, she clearly understood her body’s changes, so she was already mentally prepared. “How much time do I have left?”

  “Your organs have begun to fail. According to this speed, optimistically, maybe…five days.” Those five days, the doctors used all different kinds of famous and valuable medicines. Even if Mu Xiaoya could only live one day more.

  Since she was destined to die, Mu Xiaoya didn’t want her parents to waste money on her, but she also knew that this was the last thing her parents could do for her. If they stopped, they would only be more sad after she was gone.

  For the next five days, in addition to comforting her parents, Mu Xiaoya received visitors. All the relatives she didn’t know and had close blood relations with her family had visited her at the hospital. It was the same pity and sympathy towards her, Mu Xiaoya was numb.

  Until the fourth day, Mu Xiaoya was suddenly spirited. This sudden burst of energy made her thought bad things: her life flashing before her eyes.

  Can’t she live to the fifth day?

  The weak Mu Xiaoya finally had the strength to move, she propped herself up on the bed to sit up, laboriously opened the drawer at the bedside to retrieve her cellphone. The cellphone was out of batteries for a long time. Mu Xiaoya pressed the button at the bedside to call a nurse: “Hello, do you have a charger that I can borrow?”

  “I’ll get you a power bank.” The socket on the bedside was filled with all kinds of instruments and there was no space to charge Mu Xiaoya’s cellphone. Moreover, the doctor had already explained that the patient in this ward may die at any time, so the little nurse had contributed her own power bank so this girl, who was almost her age, could quickly use her cellphone.

  It was connected to the power bank and the phone turned on automatically within moments. Then, prompts continuously sounded. There were countless phone calls, WeChat messages and emails that bombarded her cellphone.

  Mu Xiaoya slowly checked and found that half the prompts were from work and the other half from her two best friends. She didn’t read the prompts from work and just opened the message sent by her two friends.

  Fang Hui: Xiaoya, what are you doing? Did you go into seclusion to write, ah, how come I haven’t seen people for several days? Why don’t you return my calls?

  Liang Nuonuo: Xiaoya, when are you returning? When you return, remember to come and play with me, ah. Now the entire mountain is red and full of cherries, I’m inviting you to come and eat.  

  Yes, she had always promised Nuonuo that she would go see her. But she didn’t have time to go before, now she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to anymore. With a wry smile, Mu Xiaoya was about to say goodbye to her two girlfriends.


  Suddenly, the door to the ward was violently pushed open and a man burst in. Behind him was a nurse that anxiously dissuade him: “Sir, what are you doing? This is a ward, you can’t be disruptive.”  

  The intruder ignored the nurse, he held a stack of materials in his hands and stared at Mu Xiaoya on the hospital bed. The nurse pulled on him, but he neither explained nor left.

  Mu Xiaoya stared at the man who suddenly appeared in her ward. The man wore a hat and mask which covered his face tightly and only showed a pair of eyes. This didn’t look like a good person. But it was strange that Mu Xiaoya felt that his eyes were familiar and seemed to have seen it from somewhere.

  The nurse’s movements were getting bigger and bigger, the man was flustered and hurriedly dodged, but she pulled the man’s hat off and exposed a mottled scar on his ear. The scar covered a large area, it extended from the back of his ear to the bottom of the mask, and then from under the mask into his collar. The skin and flesh were crisscrossed and looked horrible. The nurse was startled and unconsciously stopped pulling.

  “Bai Chuan?” Mu Xiaoya recognized the man.

  When he heard his name, the man’s eyes brightened, and he still stared at Mu Xiaoya without saying a word.

  “Miss nurse, this is my friend.” Mu Xiaoya recognized the person and explained to the nurse.

  “Your friend? Why didn’t he say?” The nurse was a little angry, she had asked him for a long time, but he didn’t say a word. She almost thought that he was a mute.

  “Sorry.” Mu Xiaoya quickly apologized. She knew Bai Chuan’s abnormality, but others didn’t know. Bai Chuan was her neighbor, an autistic child with scholar syndrome. He lived with his grandmother since he was a child. Only four years ago, when Grandma Bai died and when she left the faculty dormitory, she never saw Bai Chuan again. 

  “Bai Chuan, why are you here?” Mu Xiaoya whispered slowly and softly.

  “I, I studied all your medical records, but I have no way to save you.” Bai Chuan’s scarred face was full of anxiety. His arms shook, along with her medical records. He stammered when he spoke, and the preface didn’t match the dialect.

  Mu Xiaoya was a little surprised: “Are you a doctor?”

  “I’m not.” Bai Chuan shook his head angrily. For the first time, he had strong remorse. Why didn’t he study medicine in the beginning? Grandma said he was a genius, so if he studied medicine, there would have been a way to cure Mu Xiaoya.

  Mu Xiaoya’s disease was a sudden genetic disease and it wasn’t possible to cure it unless the gene was changed. But Bai Chuan was the only one who tried to cure her after she got sick.

  Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help but wonder, “Why do you want to cure me?” She asked herself, the relationship between Bai Chuan and herself didn’t seem particularly special.

  Bai Chuan: “I want to marry you.”

  These five simple words directly brought Mu Xiaoya back to a memory she had almost forgotten. The last time she saw Bai Chuan, it seemed that he was proposing to her.

  Bai Chuan: “My grandma is dying, she wants me to get married, I…I want to marry you.”

  That day, when she just came out of her house, Bai Chuan directly came over right away and said something like this. At that time, she didn’t remember how she replied, but she refused. Luckily, she had refused, if she didn’t, Bai Chuan would become a widower now.

  “If you married me, you would have soon become a widower.” She smiled and joked. 

  “I want to marry you.” Bai Chuan with cognitive impairment couldn’t express his meaning well. He could only repeat it over and over again.  

  Bai Chuan’s determination shocked Mu Xiaoya. Didn’t he know the meaning of death, or did he really like her?  

  She was faced with Bai Chuan’s simple eyes, Mu Xiaoya tried hard to make her smile look better. She knew that now she looked very bad, but she wanted to smile and thank Bai Chuan, the young man who had proposed at her door four years ago.

  “Thank you.” Even though she still couldn’t promise him this time.


  ”Xiao Chuan?!” At this time, a man in a western styled elite suit rushed in. As soon as he entered, he nervously grabbed Bai Chuan and examined him from top to bottom. “Are you okay? Why did you run out alone?”

  Bai Chuan ignored the man and tried to break free from the man’s arm to continue his talk with Mu Xiaoya.

  “Miss Mu, I’m sorry that my brother has disturbed you.” After he made sure that Bai Chuan was fine, the man then had time for Mu Xiaoya.

  “It’s okay.” It turned out to be Bai Chuan’s older brother. No wonder he looked like Bai Chuan before the burn.

  “Then you have a good rest, we will go first, I wish you…” The man paused. “Have a good rest.”

  After he finished, the man picked up the hat that fell onto the ground and placed it on his younger brother’s head, he ignored Bai Chuan’s struggle and took him away forcibly. However, due to Bai Chuan’s fierce struggle, the information from his hand fell and went flying all over the place.

  The nurse entered after Bai Chuan left, mumbled two sentences, picked up the scattered paper from the ground. Mu Xiaoya asked for the paper and looked at it twice and found that it was full of her own medical records and some information. The other information was densely filled with notes and it was estimated that there were hundreds of them in a thick stack.

  Mu Xiaoya smiled weakly and was moved. She placed the materials from her hand onto her lap neatly, then picked up her cellphone again, placed Fang Hui and Liang Nuonuo into a group chat and was ready to say goodbye to them.

  Mu Xiaoya originally wanted to do a videocall, but when she finished thinking, her energy suddenly begun to dissipate. Mu Xiaoya knew that she didn’t have much time left. She gave up on the video plan and just sent a voice clip to the group chat: “Fang Hui, Nuonuo, I’ll be gone. Don’t be too sad. If you have time, go see my parents for me.”

  She released her finger and the voice message was sent, the cellphone also fell from Mu Xiaoya’s hand, along with the pile of papers on her lap onto the ground.

  The cellphone buzzed. Someone was calling, but Mu Xiaoya had no strength to answer. A sudden force took away her entire body’s strength. Then, her vision gradually blurred.

  As she died, she heard her parents shouting. Her mother held her hand and called her name over and over again.

  Mom, Dad, I’m sorry.

  If I can return, I definitely won’t study abroad after graduation. I will stay with you for a few more years.

  Mu Xiaoya’s final consciousness disappeared into a dazzling white light, and when she regained her consciousness, she returned to the summer from four years ago.

  The day that Bai Chuan proposed to her.

Author’s Notes:

This chapter just got published and the flowers are scattered. Thank you guys for your support, the rules are the same, the first three chapters, red envelopes are dropped 100%,1Author’s can give red envelopes to their readers as readers/incentives remember to leave a comment.

This novel is simple and fluffy romance. The male lead has autism, but it isn’t too serious. He has certain communication and cognitive impairments, but has the ability to communicate with people. In real life, autistic patients recover very rarely, but Bai Chuan is the male lead of grumpy crab,2This is the author’s pen name so grumpy crab will make him recover very well.

Finally, science (copied from Baidu):3Baidu is basically Wikipedia

Childhood autism is a subtype of the generalized development disorder, which is more common in males and starts in infants and young children. It is mainly manifested in different levels of speech development disorders, interpersonal communication disorders, narrow interests and rigid behavioral patters. About 3/4th of patients have significant mental retardation.

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