My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 10

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  ”Xiaoya is very important to our family’s Xiao Chuan, but we also know that this shouldn’t be the reason why Xiaoya must marry Xiao Chuan. We asked Professor Feng to come here. We didn’t want to use this to gain sympathy. We just want to prove to you that there is a special friendship between these two children. They got married because of this friendship. “

  ”Of course, if you don’t agree with this marriage, we fully understand. But if you’re willing to give Xiao Chuan a chance, our Bai family will be very grateful. I and Xiao Chuan’s father will definitely treat Xiaoya like our own daughter and protect her like Xiao Chuan.”

  ”And we can assure you that if one day Xiaoya feels tired and doesn’t want to stay with the Bai family anymore, she can leave at any time.”

  Bai Chuan’s parents and Professor Feng have left for some time, but Mu Ruozhou and his wife, Shen Qingyi’s moods wouldn’t calm. They sat idle as their minds constantly echoed the words Bai Chuan’s mother said before she left.

  They were both parents, and they naturally appreciate Bai Chuan’s parents’ love for Bai Chuan. Not to mention that Bai Chuan was almost their child as they watched him grow up. Even if he was a strange child, they were also moved when they saw Bai Chuan’s care for their daughter in the treatment videos. Bai Chuan is an autistic patient, but he had the courage to step out and embrace the world.  

  Obviously, Bai Chuan’s family, like them, didn’t think this marriage will last for a long time. They were ready for Xiaoya to leave at any time. He and his wife were afraid that Xiaoya will be hurt in this marriage, but Bai Chuan’s parents weren’t afraid of Bai Chuan being hurt.

  Bai Chuan’s mother last remarks almost gave Xiaoya all the dominance in this marriage. With Bai Chuan’s affection towards Xiaoya, he will never break up this marriage, but Xiaoya could leave at any time. This was equivalent to them acquiesced to the harm that Xiaoya might do to Bai Chuan. What great trust, what great sincerity. Mu Ruozhou only felt heavy.

  ”Ya, you’re home?!” Mu Xiaoya cried out in fear. She just returned home and found the house was completely dark. She thought her parents had gone to school to watch the students study in the evening. Who knew that when the lights were turned on, the two sat on the sofa and scared her into a cold sweat.

  ”Why didn’t you turn on the light, it scared me.” Mu Xiaoya covered her small heart and collapsed on the sofa weakly.

  Mu Ruozhou glanced at the scene of his daughter throwing her slippers to the other side of the living room and his mood was even more complicated. How could this girl, who was usually unsightly at home, how did she force her way through billions of people’s worlds and ran into Bai Chuan’s world? Why was Bai Chuan attracted by this girl to the point of looking out of his world?

  ”Mom, what are we eating for dinner? I’ve been running around all afternoon. I’m so hungry now.” This afternoon, she and Fang Hui looked at more than a dozen places but didn’t find a suitable one. At last, they were so tired that they weren’t hungry. But when she returned home, Mu Xiaoya had some appetite.

  ”I’ll cook you some noodles.” Shen Qingyi stood up helplessly.

  ”Thank you, mom. Two eggs.”

  Shen Qingyi went to the kitchen, sorted the vegetables she bought earlier and put them away in the refrigerator. Then she simply cooked three bowls of noodles.

  After eating the noodles, Mu Xiaoya also recovered some strength. She took the initiative to stand up to help clean up, washed the dishes, and finished cleaning the kitchen. Mu Xiaoya wiped her hands before walking out, before she went cold when she suddenly heard her father, “Wait a minute, make an appointment with Bai Chuan’s family so we can formally meet.”

  ”?!” Mu Xiaoya was stunned for a long time before returning to her senses. “Dad, do you agree with my marriage with Bai Chuan?”  

  ”Humph!” Mu Ruozhou humph and went into the study and didn’t look at Mu Xiaoya, as if it wasn’t him who just spoke.  

  ”Mom?” Mu Xiaoya went and glanced at her mother again.

  ”Go and make an appointment.” Shen Qingyi smiled. When Bai Chuan’s parents left in the afternoon, she knew her husband would agree.

  ”Mom, thank you.” Mu Xiaoya ran to hug her mother tightly. No matter in her last life or this life, whether it was her decision to stay abroad for professional development or deciding her own life-long event, her parents always supported and love her without reservation.


  Back in the room, Mu Xiaoya was going to call the Bai family and tell them her parents agreed. But when she opened her cellphone’s address book, Mu Xiaoya’s fingers stopped on Bai Chuan’s mother’s contact for a moment, then suddenly swiped and finally pressed Bai Chuan’s contact.  

  During the day, Bai Chuan responded in a timely manner on WeChat and this was the same when he answered the phone.  

  Before Mu Xiaoya could turn over her thoughts, the phone was connected

  ”Xiaoya.” Bai Chuan’s voice was soft and deep. It sounded different from communicating to him face-to-face. Bai Chuan’s voice at this time seemed to be whispering in her ear.  

  ”Bai Chuan, I have something to tell you, and I need you to convey it to your mother.” Mu Xiaoya said.

  ”Xiao Chuan.”

  ”En?” Mu Xiaoya froze.

  ”Yesterday … you called me Xiao Chuan.” There was an inconspicuous stubbornness in Bai Chuan’s voice.

  ”…” Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help but hold her forehead in response. Wasn’t this guy symmetrical, why did he particularly mind how she called him? Although she was helpless in her heart, Mu Xiaoya followed Bai Chuan’s wishes to change the way she addresses him: “Xiao Chuan.”

  ”En.” Bai Chuan replied seriously at first, then asked, “What did you want to convey?”

  “My parents agreed to our marriage. Please let aunt and uncle make an appointment.” Mu Xiaoya said.

  ”OK.” After speaking, Bai Chuan turned off the phone.

  He neither expressed joy nor surprise and was even somewhat impolite. Mu Xiaoya was slightly uncomfortable. However, on second thought, this was quite a good response with Bai Chuan’s personality. How could she expect him to be as courteous as ordinary people.

  Mu Xiaoya was relieved over there, but Bai Chuan was stunned. He held his cellphone and spent more than ten minutes in his room digesting the news. Then he turned around without saying a word and went downstairs.

  ”Little tw…two?” The first person to discover Bai Chuan was Uncle Li who was about to go upstairs and deliver fruit to Bai Chuan. The three Bai family members who were discussing something in the living room immediately turned to look at him.

  Bai Chuan ignored Uncle Li and focused going down the stairs. He walked step by step steadily and slowly. If someone measured the time, they would discover that the time Bai Chuan spent at every step was the same.

  They didn’t dare interrupt him, instead they held their breaths and waited for him to come down. Until he reached the last step, Bai Chuan suddenly looked up and his eyes burned as he stared towards the direction of the living room.  

  Father Bai, Mother Bai and Bai Zheng, the three immediately straightened their backs nervously. Bai Zheng held floral tea in his hand that he wanted to drink, but he didn’t dare put it down, as if he was afraid that the sound would stimulate Bai Chuan and could only hold it upright the entire time.

  Did you come to us?


  Until Bai Chuan stopped in front of the three of them, the three didn’t dare say so.

  ”Xiao Chuan?” Bai Chuan suddenly came to find them, and Li Rong’s excited voice trembled. She asked carefully, “Are you looking for us?”

  Bai Chuan blinked, glanced down at the cell phone that he held in his hand, then his brain seemed to make the connection and replied, “Xiaoya said her parents agreed and to let you make an appointment.”

  ”Oh, Xiaoya’s parents agreed, what?! They agreed?” Li Rong was too excited and didn’t pay attention to her volume.

  ”Be quiet, you’re scaring Xiao Chuan.” Father Bai and Bai Zheng both reminded her nervously.

  Li Rong was also startled. She covered her mouth and looked at Bai Chuan fearfully. She was afraid that Bai Chuan, who wouldn’t easily approach and communicate with them, would be scared away.

  “Make an appointment.” Bai Chuan wasn’t afraid. Not only wasn’t he afraid, but even repeated his request clearly.


  ”Make an appointment?” Bai Chuan frowned.

  ”Oh, oohhh~ Okay, mother understands.” Li Rong quickly agreed.

  Bai Chuan looked relaxed, then continued to stare at Li Rong, not talking or leaving.

  ”…” Li Rong was confused and looked at her husband and eldest son in doubt.

  ”Make an appointment.” Bai Zheng reminded.

  Haven’t you already agreed? Li Rong was surprised at first, but fortunately, she was quick to respond with her high EQ and immediately understood: “Make an appointment, yes make an appointment. Make an appointment now.”

  Li Rong pulled out her cellphone on the spot, and while checking the date, she said to her husband and son: “When can you guys go?”

  ”I’ll ask my assistant.” Bai Guoyu called the assistant.

  ”I’ll ask the secretary.” Bai Zheng called the secretary.

  ”Are you free on Saturday?” Li Rong asked.

  ”No, I have an appointment with Li Dong on Saturday to discuss cooperation.” Bai Guoyu said.


  ”I’m going to Beijing for a business trip on Sunday.” Bai Zheng replied.

  ”Push it!” Li Rong frowned. Was it more important to go to her son’s marriage or on a business trip?

  ”Push it all!” When the madam spoke, the father and son didn’t dare retort. At the same time, they understood on the spot and gave an order to the assistant/secretary on the other end of the phone and hung up simultaneously.

  ”Then Saturday or Sunday?” Li Rong asked again.


  ”Then Saturday, Hyatt Hotel, I’ll book a private room.” Then, Li Rong found the Hyatt Hotel Manager’s phone number and booked Saturday for dinner on the spot.

  ”Yes, reservation for this Saturday, at 7 pm, at the Hyatt Hotel for the full moon room.” Once Li Rong confirmed, she couldn’t wait to tell Bai Chuan the time and place.

  The information was completely received, and Bai Chuan was satisfied. He turned around on the spot and left without a trace.

  The three members of the Bai family held their necks and watched Bai Chuan walk back to the bedroom. They looked at each other with incredulous faces.

  ”Did Xiao Chuan take the initiative to speak to us just now?” Li Rong couldn’t believe what just happened.

  ”En and also said a few words.” Bai Guoyu was equally excited.

  ”Every response only took five seconds.” There was joy on Bai Zheng’s face. It can be regarded as the effect of Mu Xiaoya’s treatment.


  Back in the bedroom, Bai Chuan sat in a chair on the balcony, turned on his cellphone, then edited the message he just received via text and entered it into the chat box. He read it three or four times, then sent the message once he verified that the punctuation was correct. After sending it, he silently stared at the cellphone, waiting for a reply.

  However, Mu Xiaoya seemed to be busy and didn’t reply back immediately. Fortunately, Bai Chuan wasn’t in a hurry. He held his cellphone and waited patiently.  

  Finally, about twenty minutes later, the cellphone lit up, as well as Bai Chuan’s eyes.

  Mu Xiaoya: Did you already make the appointment so soon?

  Bai Chuan: En.

  Mu Xiaoya: OK, I’ll tell my parents later.

  Bai Chuan: En.

  Mu Xiaoya: See you on Saturday.

  Bai Chuan: En.

  Mu Xiaoya: Can you use other words besides en?

  Bai Chuan stared at this message for about ten seconds, then suddenly opened the Baidu dictionary option: Okay, yes that’s right, okay got it, I understand, see you then, even if we don’t see each other, don’t give up and leave, OK, seeyou…

  Originally, Mu Xiaoya just wanted to tease Bai Chuan, but after looking at the long series of alternative words to en, she immediately burst into tears and sent a long string of ellipsis to express her complicated emotions.1So that means she typed back: ……………..

  Bai Chuan: I don’t understand.

  Without words, Bai Chuan couldn’t understand the meaning of this message from Mu Xiaoya.

  Mu Xiaoya: Praising the cute you.

  Bai Chuan’s eyes lit up again: Thank you.

  ”Puzi~~” Mu Xiaoya’s hair was wet when she saw Bai Chuan’s reply in her bedroom, then fell straight into bed.

  Why didn’t she notice that Bai Chuan was so cute before?

  As soon as this thought emerge, Mu Xiaoya was surprised to find that since she went to university, she rarely paid much attention to Bai Chuan. If she added both of her lives, it was almost eight years.

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