My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 23

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    The wooden house in the cherry orchard didn’t have heavy curtains in the bedroom. The sun shined in early from the window and sprinkled sunlight directly onto their faces with enthusiasm. This allowed Mu Xiaoya to clearly see the attitude of the two of them when they first wake up in the morning.   

    She was being tightly embraced by Bai Chuan. 

    “Good morning.” Mu Xiaoya looked up and saw the drowsiness in Bai Chuan’s eyes which didn’t recede yet.   

    Bai Chuan didn’t answer. He wasn’t completely awake yet, but only felt movements in his arms and unconsciously tightened them.  

    “…” Mu Xiaoya, who was about to get up was held back.   

    Fortunately, Bai Chuan quickly woke up. The two changed their clothes and walked out of the cabin. They looked at the cherry blossoms in the garden and took a deep breath of the air full of fragrant fruit. Mu Xiaoya felt comfortable. 

    “Does your back still hurt?” Mu Xiaoya asked Bai Chuan. 

    “It hurts.” Bai Chuan nodded. 

    “…” Forget it, I can’t ask. Even if there is a little pain, Bai Chuan will still say it hurts. “Is it better?”  

    “It’s better.” 

    “Let me see.” Mu Xiaoya walked over, lifted up Bai Chuan’s clothes and looked at it. She found that the bruise from yesterday had a deeper color, but it didn’t spread.  

    “Oh, what are you doing so early this morning, in broad daylight?” At this time, the neighboring wooden door happened to open, and Liang Nuonuo covered her eyes as soon as she went out.  

    Mu Xiaoya’s face froze, then turned to Bai Chuan and said, “I’ll help you with a hot compress after running, then it will be fine after two days.” 

    “Running?” Bai Chuan frowned. 

    “En, Professor Feng said you need to exercise more.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t forget Professor Feng’s advice. She took Bai Chuan out for a walk more often and let him interact with the outside world and exercise more. In particular, when helping Bai Chuan with the ice compress yesterday, Mu Xiaoya noticed that Bai Chuan’s skin was pale, unhealthy, and the flesh was too soft without any muscles. At first sight, he looked like an otaku who didn’t exercise all year round.    

    “You have to run in the morning ah,” Liang Nuonuo enthusiastically suggested, “You can run over there, there is a lake there. You can run along the lake, it’s about 800 meters. The scenery by the lake is also good,” Liang Nuonuo suggested.  

    Mu Xiaoya dragged the obviously unwilling Bai Chuan to jog. They ran out of the cherry orchard and ran along the mountain path for five minutes. Sure enough, she saw the lake that Liang Nuonuo mentioned. In the early morning, the soft sunlight sprinkled on the lake, reflecting a sparkling beauty. Mu Xiaoya ran slowly, only feeling that every breath was fresh and sweet.  

    “Xiao Chuan, don’t stop, let’s run another lap then go back.”  

    After running about one kilometer, Bai Chuan couldn’t run anymore. His body didn’t listen to his brain, he shook uncoordinated and sweat from his forehead dripped nonstop. The amazing amount of perspiration shocked Mu Xiaoya. 

    Bai Chuan, who was tired and could only breathe through his mouth, raised his head weakly, then obediently tried to force himself to run. All he could feel were his limbs filled with lead, dragging him down. He was so tired that he wanted to lie on the ground right then, but Mu Xiaoya’s figure was in front of him and appeared to be getting further and further away. It looked like she would run away if he didn’t catch up to her. He bit his teeth and chased after her. He made himself run hard this final time and felt for the first time that time felt so long.  

    After finally returning to the cherry orchard, Bai Chuan couldn’t wait to slump on the ground on the spot. 

    “Xiao Chuan, don’t sit down. Let’s take a few more steps. You can’t sit down immediately after running.” 

    Bai Chuan couldn’t think at this time, but instinctively followed Mu Xiaoya’s voice. 

    At the same time, Liang Nuonuo was preparing the meal and looked at Bai Chuan who was breathing heavily and looked at Mu Xiaoya reproachfully: “What’s wrong with Bai Chuan.” 

    “He’s too weak, he only ran two laps.” Mu Xiaoya said. 

    “Big sister, its unfortunately you’re not making steady progress in increments ah. Wasn’t it almost two kilometers that you ran, isn’t this too cruel?” 

    “Really?” Mu Xiaoya wondered; she usually runs five kilometers in the morning. 

    “You have to think about the emptiness you felt when you ran 800 meters in physical education class.” Liang Nuonuo rolled her eyes at her friend and let her experience it.  

    Mu Xiaoya reflected on whether she was really too cruel and poured a glass of water for Bai Chuan. 

    Bai Chuan wheezed for a long time before his brain had the ability to think again. When he felt parch, Mu Xiaoya handed a glass of water to his mouth. After he drained it dry, he gasped.   

    “Was it difficult?” Mu Xiaoya asked in distressed. 

    “En.” Bai Chuan has never been so tired. 

    “It seems that two laps are really too long, so let’s run one lap tomorrow.” 

    “!!!” Bai Chuan raised his head in shock and opened his mouth several times but couldn’t speak. Fortunately, Mu Xiaoya was very patient and didn’t interrupt him. After a while, she heard him say, “Can… we not run?”  

    For the first time in his life, Bai Chuan discussed with others what he didn’t want to do. 

    “No, your physical fitness is too poor. You must exercise.” Mu Xiaoya refused without any discussion. 

    The ray of hope in Bai Chuan’s eyes dimmed a little. Mu Xiaoya looked so distressed that she almost promised him they won’t run again, but fortunately, her rationality stopped her in time.  

    The beauty is mistaken ah ~~ 

    “Oh.” Although he wasn’t willing, Bai Chuan agreed with Mu Xiaoya’s decision. 

    Grandma said that after marriage, there will be good and bad things, but partners should be tolerant of each other. When he chose Mu Xiaoya, he must tolerate the “bad things” brought by Mu Xiaoya. Not to mention that everything since their marriage was good except for running. Bai Chuan comforted himself and decided to tolerate the “bad things” that Mu Xiaoya brought.  

    “Go take a shower and change your clothes.” Bai Chuan sweated so badly that his entire clothes seemed to be soaked with water, it was impossible to just change. 

    After having breakfast, Liang Nuonuo took them on a good tour of the cherry orchard and introduced several beautiful scenic spots in the mountain to Mu Xiaoya. Finally, they changed into work clothes and followed her to pick cherries.  

    Mu Xiaoya picked half a basket of cherries and suddenly felt back pain. She couldn’t help but doubt: “You let me help you pick cherries and didn’t cheat me to do all this hard work for you, right?” 

    “In all honesty, naturally it was in order for you to personally experience agritourism.” Liang Nuonuo firmly denied it. 

    “Agritourism, right? Okay, I’ve experienced it enough. I need to rest.” As soon as Mu Xiaoya took off her hat and gloves, she collapsed under a tree and didn’t move. “Xiao Chuan don’t pick anymore. Rest for a while.”  

    Mu Xiaoya looked at Bai Chuan who was working hard picking cherries silently, and she had an incredible look on her face. How could he get so tired after running, but was okay picking cherries for half an afternoon?   

    Bai Chuan stopped obediently and took his half basket of cherries to Mu Xiaoya like he was offering her a treasure. Then took one of the largest cherries and sent it to Mu Xiaoya’s mouth. 

    Mu Xiaoya swallowed it with her open mouth and smiled while saying it was sweet, then Bai Chuan immediately smiled happily. 

    Almost blinded with her dog eyes, Liang Nuonuo couldn’t help rolling her eyes. Looking at the sky, Liang Nuonuo suddenly said, “Now the light is good, it’s suitable to take pictures. I want to take some pictures. Mu Mu, there are watermelons in the well next to the kitchen. Go and cut them so we can eat.”  

    “Why don’t you put the watermelon in the refrigerator, but in the well?” Mu Xiaoya wondered strangely. 

    “Because it’s better in the well.” 

    After that, Liang Nuonuo took the camera and started to take pictures. Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan walked back. They went to the well to get the watermelon and cut it with a knife in the kitchen. Then one person held the watermelon and they sat on the steps of the wooden house to eat.  

    En, the taste is cool and comfortable, which is completely different from the coolness from when its stored in the refrigerator. 

    Liang Nuonuo, who took a photo with the camera, felt that it was almost time to go back and eat watermelon, so she walked back with her camera from the cherry orchard. But unexpectedly, she saw two people eating watermelon. At this time, they were sitting with their backs to the setting sun, and the red and golden sunlight sprinkled down from the wooden roof, like the holy light from heaven. They were vulgarly eating watermelon but were caught in the pure and holy radiance.   

    Liang Nuonuo unconsciously raised her camera and captured this scene. 

    “Well, you’re finished?” Mu Xiaoya discovered Liang Nuonuo. 

    “Where’s my watermelon?” Liang Nuonuo took a picture before she realized that the couple each had half a watermelon, so there wasn’t any left for her ah.  

    “There’s still some in the well, cut it yourself.” Mu Xiaoya said indifferently. 

    “…” Liang Nuonuo walked away angrily. When passing by the two, she also heard Mu Xiaoya asking Bai Chuan: “Isn’t it really cool to eat the watermelon like this?” 

    So, you forget about your close friend and let your husband experience the delicious and refreshing feeling of eating watermelon?   

    Single dogs have to learn to take care of themselves. Liang Nuonuo went to the well and fished a watermelon for herself, then split it in two. She placed half in the refrigerator and took the other half with a spoon, then sat down and ate watermelon with the two people. 

    “After eating watermelon, I don’t need to cook dinner. I told Aunt Liu not to cook.” Aunt Liu is a cook who provides meals for the cherry orchard. 

    “What to eat.” 

    “You can still have dinner after eating half a watermelon ah?” 

    “I can’t eat, but Xiao Chuan can eat ah.” Mu Xiaoya said. 

    “…” Liang Nuonuo, who suffered two cruel hits, felt that the watermelon in her hands changed in taste.   

    After having dinner, Liang Nuonuo sorted out the photos she took, then sent it to her group on WeChat for publicity, then bluntly requested the two to forward it: “You two eat my food, drink my water, live in my house. Quickly, show your friend support and held me gain publicity.”  

    “OK.” Mu Xiaoya was straight-forward, “First of all ah, my friends are all poor students who have just graduated, and few can afford to buy cherries.” Cherries are so expensive now ah, almost dozens of yuan per pound.1It’s like $5.60 per pound in the United States right now… cherries are expensive for reals. 

    “And your husband? Did he forward it?” Liang Nuonuo looked at Bai Chuan. 

    “He doesn’t need to. There aren’t many people in his WeChat.” Bai Chuan’s friends on WeChat is estimated to be those few Bai family members besides himself. 

    “No matter how few mosquitoes there are ah, they are also meat. What’s more, isn’t the purpose of a WeChat to spread information between friends of friends?” Liang Nuonuo said without objection.   

    Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help but turn around and said to Bai Chuan, “Xiao Chuan, maybe you can send it on your WeChat.” 

    Bai Chuan, who was listening to the insects in the mountains, nodded, took out his mobile phone from his pocket, and forwarded it on WeChat. 


    After eating dinner, Li Rong was sitting in the living room and looking at her WeChat. Suddenly, the page on her WeChat flashed and two familiar faces appeared in her sight. 

    Wasn’t this Xiaoya and Xiao Chuan?!! 

    Li Rong couldn’t help but look two more times, then saw the familiar figure in a panoramic picture in the cherry orchard.   

    “Lao Bai, look, isn’t this Xiao Chuan?” Li Rong asked her husband excitedly. 

    Bai Guoyu came over to take a look. In the enlarged picture on his wife’s phone, he really saw a figure who he suspected was Bai Chuan.  

    “Xiao Chuan is picking cherries. He looks very happy.” Li Rong said happily. 

    “……” The photos are blurry, it was almost impossible to see his face. Where can she see that Xiao Chuan is happy? But… people seem to be very energetic. 

    “Xiao Chuan said that these cherries are delicious, so I will also buy them.” Li Rong looked at the Taobao URL address marked on the WeChat, then resolutely opened the Taobao page and bought more than dozen pounds. Not only that, she also forwarded her son’s post to her WeChat friends and directly transferred this cherry advertisement to a circle of ladies in Yuncheng. 

    Where did Xiao Chuan say it was delicious? This is obviously an advertisement. Bai Guoyu was a little speechless about his wife’s impulse purchase. 

    “You too.” Li Rong turned her head and continued to ask her husband. 

    “…” So this WeChat post was transferred to the president circle of Yuncheng.  

    At the same time, Bai Zheng, who was still working overtime in the company, had just finished a WeChat message. At this time, he was met with a prompt update from WeChat and clicked it unconsciously. Then his tired eyes suddenly widened: Xiao Chuan, even posted on WeChat?   

    Bai Zheng carefully studied the advertisement, then found his brother who was picking cherries in the picture. 

    “Come in.” Bai Zheng called the assistant. 

    “President.” The assistant walked in. 

    “Notify the administrative department that in the future, I will buy the fruits for the company’s afternoon tea from the shop on WeChat.”  


    Of course, the assistant has the boss’s WeChat. After leaving the office, he subconsciously opened WeChat. As expected, he saw a message forwarded by his president thirty seconds ago… advertisement?   

    As a result, this advertisement was transferred to Yuncheng’s second-generation circle.   

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