My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 24

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Sudden Clap of Thunder1also means Surprising Turn of Events 

    The next day, Mu Xiaoya continued to take Bai Chuan for a morning run, and ran a lap. Although Bai Chuan wasn’t as tired as yesterday, he was still gasping for breath when he sat under a cherry tree after running. His precious image of a gongzi was ruined at this moment.  

    “Drink some water.” Mu Xiaoya gave water to Bai Chuan in a timely manner. 

    Bai Chuan was too tired to speak and took the water to drink.  

    “You ran great today, tomorrow we will run an extra 100 meters, okay.” Mu Xiaoya, with a finger on her head, talked to Bai Chuan with a smile.  

    Bai Chuan looked at that finger, his tired body was still protesting, but he nodded to Xiaoya’s smiling eyes.  

    “Great.” Mu Xiaoya cheered. “We run a kilometer today, then add one hundred meters every day, so after one month you can run…” 

    Four kilometers! 

    Bai Chuan never thought that such a simple math problem would give him the urge to faint when he obtained the answer. Does he have to run every morning and experience this present pain, progress every day, then after a month, experience the current pain by four folds?  

    “I … I may get sick.” Bai Chuan felt that his current condition was very bad. If his current status worsened four folds, he was worried he would get sick. 

    “It’s not going to happen.” Mu Xiaoya waved her hands in tears and smiled. “Are you trying to make excuses to avoid running?” 

    “I didn’t.” Bai Chuan was very aggrieved. He wasn’t looking for an excuse. He was really worried that he would get sick.  

    “Well, do you want to run or not?” 

    “Run.” Bai Chuan agreed, aggrieved. 

    The successful Mu Xiaoya grinned, “Let’s go and have breakfast.” 

    Mu Xiaoya pulled Bai Chuan off the ground, and the two returned to the cabin for breakfast. As soon as the two arrived at the wooden house, Liang Nuonuo, who was supposed to be preparing breakfast, appeared to have an epileptic episode and was frantic as she smiled foolishly at the dining table with her cellphone.  

    When she asked, she knew it was regarding Liang Nuonuo’s Taobao store had extremely amazing sales performance last night. At this time, she was very happy while looking for help.  

    In order to ship the goods as soon as possible, Liang Nuonuo organized employees to pick and pack wildly, and there was no time to entertain Mu Xiaoya. Mu Xiaoya didn’t mind. In the afternoon, she took food and water with her to have a picnic in the mountains with Bai Chuan.   

    From the cherry orchard, then turning, there was the lake they ran past every early morning, then going up, you could see a lush hillside, where there was a clear stream winding down to the village under the mountain. Sitting beside the stream, you can have a panoramic view of the whole mountain village, which is the best scenic spot in Liangjia Village.  

    At the location, Mu Xiaoya laid a large picnic cloth under the tree’s shade, then laid out the food and fruit that Nuonuo prepared for them.  

    “Xiao Chuan, do you like it here?” Mu Xiaoya asked Bai Chuan. 

    “En, it’s quiet.” Then, Bai Chuan looked at the flowing stream again, “It’s very nice.” 

    “Then shall we stay here until it’s dark? Nuonuo said there will be fireflies in the evenings, and we can wait to see them.” Mu Xiaoya had never seen fireflies, all her knowledge about fireflies were from pictures and TV.   

    “En.” Bai Chuan likes it here and naturally had no problem. He sat under the tree with a book and read it carefully. 

    Mu Xiaoya also took out her own design draft, sat near Bai Chuan, and began to design the first pair of shoes after her rebirth. 

    If she has any unexpected gains besides Bai Chuan after her rebirth, it’s probably her knowledge of fashion trends up to four years in the future. In the past previous four years, Mu Xiaoya had designed a lot of shoes, most of which are women’s high-heeled shoes, but the women’s high-heeled shoes she designed before have very high requirements for leather and workmanship. That wasn’t suitable for the small studio she and Fang Hui just set up. So, Mu Xiaoya plans to design several cheap and easy to sell shoes. 

    Sneakers are one of the most commonly worn footwear, and they are suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter, so regardless of the season, there is a market whenever they are made. As Mu Xiaoya pondered, the brushes on her hands kept on drawing the outline of the sneakers. Soon, she drew the frame. Subsequently, Mu Xiaoya paused, pondered for a while, then the brush moved again, and lightly outlined a few lines on the blank shoe, making the pure white shoes more fashionable, but not cumbersome. 

    Then Mu Xiaoya drew several side views of this pair of shoes respectively at the bottom of the design drawing and marked various measurements and required materials for the shoes in detail, in order to prevent the shoe from being distorted during the production process.   

    After drawing, Mu Xiaoya turned a page and plans to draw a new design draft. She intends to change the design of some parts of the original draft so the shoes would reflect different feelings. Just as she was about to draw, she suddenly remembered that she hadn’t noticed Bai Chuan for a long time, so she turned back to see Bai Chuan.  

    She saw Bai Chuan was still leaning under the tree reading a book. She didn’t know when a leaf fell on his head, but he didn’t notice it. 

    “Xiao Chuan.” Mu Xiaoya called suddenly. 

    Bai Chuan’s body seemed to be equipped with a special switch that sensed Mu Xiaoya. Mu Xiaoya just made a sound and he immediately looked up. 

    “Nothing.” Mu Xiaoya actually just wanted to call out to Bai Chuan, and after that, she had nothing to say, so she smiled and turned her head to continue drawing her own design draft. 

    Bai Chuan froze for two seconds, seeing Mu Xiaoya ignore him. He wasn’t angry and continued to look down to read his book. A tacit understanding permeated between the two, and the two were as quiet as a picture. There was no other sound in the whole picture except for the stream and the birds.  

    Mu Xiaoya skillfully drew the second design drawing, and just finished the body frame. Suddenly it was dark in front of her eyes, she subconsciously looked up at the sky and immediately frowned. 

    I don’t know when that big black cloud floated over my head. The sky in this mountain really changes ah. 

    “Xiao Chuan, it’s going to rain. Let’s go back quickly.” Mu Xiaoya closed the design draft and stood up and ran towards Bai Chuan. But she underestimated the speed of the thunderstorm. Mu Xiaoya had just pulled Bai Chuan from the tree, and the rain fell. 

    The two were instantly drenched. 

    Mu Xiaoya didn’t care so much. She stuffed the design draft and Bai Chuan’s book into a backpack, then squatted down to collect the picnic cloth and food. 

    Bai Chuan stood blankly in the rain, and for a while he was unable to respond and didn’t know what to do. He wanted to help Mu Xiaoya, but he was very uncomfortable because of his sticky body. He managed to ignore his discomfort and took two steps in Mu Xiaoya’s direction. Suddenly, there was a thunderclap in the sky, a loud bang.  

    Bai Chuan’s entire body froze, and his brain began to fall into chaos. 

    Mu Xiaoya wrapped the picnic cloth from the ground into a ball, picked it up casually, turned to Bai Chuan who was standing on the side and said, “Xiao Chuan, let’s go to the foot of the mountain to avoid the rain.”  

    Then, Mu Xiaoya took the lead to run down the mountain road, but after running for a while, she suddenly found that Bai Chuan didn’t move and turned around strangely.  

    “Xiao Chuan?” 

    This time, Bai Chuan’s extremely sensitive switch to Mu Xiaoya seemed to be malfunctioning. He stood in the rain like a piece of wood, motionless, letting more and more rain drench his body. 

    “Xiao Chuan.” Shouting, Mu Xiaoya ran back to Bai Chuan. Only when she came to Bai Chuan, there was another thunderclap in the sky, it was louder than the previous one and scared Mu Xiaoya.  

    “Ah, ahh~~~” 

    Bai Chuan’s chaotic brain seemed to be split by this thunder. He screamed quickly, like a frightened beast, he turned around in terror and stumbled to the bottom of the big tree.  

    “Xiao Chuan.” Mu Xiaoya was anxious, but she couldn’t be afraid. She rushed forward and grabbed Bai Chuan’s arm to prevent him from hiding under the tree.  

    Bai Chuan had lost his mind at this time. He was struggling in a panic, trying to get rid of Mu Xiaoya’s grip and ran to the direction of the big tree with all his might.  


    There was another thunder, and Bai Chuan’s whole body shuddered, squatting directly on the ground in shock. He held his head and shivered. 

    “Xiao Chuan get up. Let’s leave.” The thunder was getting louder, and the rain was getting heavier. Mu Xiaoya was terrified. This is the mountain. Not only are there no lightning rods, but it is full of trees. It is too dangerous when there is lightning. She has to take Bai Chuan down the mountain. 

    “Ahh, ahh, ah…” Bai Chuan crouched on the ground, his eyes closed tightly, and a short shriek left his mouth. No matter how Mu Xiaoya called out to him, he didn’t give a response. He looked terrified, like a helpless and vulnerable child. 

    “Xiao Chuan get up. The mountain is too dangerous, we have to go down.” Mu Xiaoya pulled hard, but she was too weak to pull Bai Chuan at all. She even slipped and fell to the ground several times because of excessive force. 

    “Xiao Chuan, you get up ah. Let’s go down the mountain.” Mu Xiaoya wanted to cry, but Bai Chuan couldn’t see her tears at this time. She was frustrated like never before. She overestimated herself. The psychological preparations she had made and the measures to deal with Bai Chuan’s state were all powerlessness at this moment. A deep sense of weakness, along with rain, permeated her body and mind. 

    What to do? What to do? 

    “Boom! Boom!”  

    There was another thunder, and Bai Chuan’s body vibrated with each thunder. 

    Mu Xiaoya gritted her teeth and suddenly shook the cloth at her feet, covering their heads from the rain. She knelt down and sat beside Bai Chuan, covering his ears with both hands, holding Bai Chuan’s head tightly in her arms.   

    “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.” 

    “Don’t be afraid, nothing will happen, don’t be afraid!” Mu Xiaoya was talking to Bai Chuan, and to herself. 

    The thunderstorm continued, sweeping the ground indiscriminately, the creeks in the mountain became more and more turbulent and the trees were overturned. But the place covered with the picnic cloth seems to be its own world, standing still in the wind and rain.   

Author’s Notes:

Two more chapters for praising grumpy crab (#^.^#)

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