My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 3

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 In order to avoid wasting Bai Chuan’s “considerate” thought, Mu Xiaoya let Bai Chuan take the lead and never let go the entire time.

  After a while, the elevator reached the top floor, right when they prepared to go out, someone rushed in before them. Suddenly, Bai Chuan was startled, took a step back in a panic.  

  Bai Chuan was a person with autism. He didn’t like to have physical contact with others, so he was afraid of small spaces or crowded places since he was young. Just from taking the elevator now, whenever someone entered, he would tense up. At this time, he almost ran into someone and even hurriedly dodged. Mu Xiaoya noticed and quickly stepped forward to stand in between the two people, then comforted Bai Chuan: “It’s okay, let’s go out.”

  “I’m sorry, sorry, I just…” At this time, the visitor also discovered there were others in the elevator. He realized his recklessness and apologized. When he looked up and saw who was in the elevator, his apologetic expression turned into surprise. “Second young master, you’re back.”

  People were excited and pulled Bai Chuan’s arm. Bai Chuan pursed his lips and his body shrank back.  Mu Xiaoya hurriedly raised her hand and blocked the person’s movement: “I’m sorry, he doesn’t like when others touch him.”  

  “Ah, yes, sorry, sorry, I almost forgot.” The man obviously knew Bai Chuan, so naturally he knew that Bai Chuan was special. He didn’t take any further action and stepped out of the elevator first to let the two people exit. “Second young master, you just returned. Both the chairman and his wife are anxious. The general manager went out looking for you for a long time.”

  Mu Xiaoya froze slightly, she listened to this person’s meaning, did Bai Chuan snuck out alone? Bai Chuan’s family didn’t know?

  “Chairman, second young master is back.” When they stepped out of the elevator, the man ran to report the news.

  “You didn’t tell your family?” Mu Xiaoya asked Bai Chuan.

  Bai Chuan looked at Mu Xiaoya and didn’t speak.

  Forget it, I don’t think he understood. Mu Xiaoya sighed and said, “Let’s go see grandma.”

  The two walked forward together, they didn’t walk for long until an elegant woman rushed out from one of the wards. Mu Xiaoya recognized this woman as Bai Chuan’s mother. At Chinese New Year, Mu Xiaoya often saw her in grandma Bai’s yard.  

  “Xiao Chuan, Xiao Chuan, where have you been?” Bai Chuan suddenly disappeared, and mother Bai was worried. She sent a group of people out to search for him, but they returned with no news. At this time, she saw her son returned and was so overjoyed that she wanted to go up and hold him tightly in her arms. But she knew her son’s condition, he didn’t like physical contact, so she could only restrain herself.

  However, when she managed to control her emotions, she found her little son, who wouldn’t be easily touch by his family, was obediently letting a woman hold hands.

  This is…what happened?

  “Auntie.” Mu Xiaoya called out as she approached.

  “Mu Xiaoya?” Mother Bai recognized Mu Xiaoya. Although they didn’t have much contact, her mother-in-law always mentioned a girl named Mu Xiaoya from her neighbor’s house when she called to talk to the husband and wife about Bai Chuan’s life. During Chinese New Year, Mu Xiaoya came to pay a new year’s visit and they had also met several times.

  “I heard from Bai Chuan that grandma Bai is sick.” Mu Xiaoya said.

  “You’re here to see grandma, come here, come in quickly.”

  Mu Xiaoya led Bai Chuan to the ward. At the door, she met Bai Chuan’s father, Bai Guoyu: “Uncle Bai.”

  Bai Guoyu nodded faintly and looked tired. He looked at his little son and was about to speak, when an old and weak voice came from inside the door in a timely manner: “Is Xiao Chuan back?”

  Bai Chuan heard his grandmother’s voice, and his emotions were activated again. He took Mu Xiaoya’s hand and hurried in, ignoring his old father who had something to say at the door.

  “…” Well, the old father was used to being disregarded like this.

  Bai Chuan took Mu Xiaoya to the hospital bed and called out grandma. After he called out, he quietly stood still.

  “Grandma Bai.” Mu Xiaoya also called out.

  Grandma Bai’s complexion looked okay despite her weak voice. First, she looked at her grandson, then her eyes followed her grandson’s right hand and fell on Mu Xiaoya. She smiled amiably: “Xiaoya, did you come to visit grandma?”

  “Grandma, are you better?” Mu Xiaoya asked with concern.

  “I won’t get better, I am old, this is the natural law.” Grandma Bai smiled broadly. She was 89 this year and was very satisfied that she lived to this age.

  “Grandma…” Although she knew that it was the natural law to be born, age and die, Mu Xiaoya’s heart was full of bitterness when she sees such a kind and amiable old person about to pass away.  

  “Did you found Xiao Chuan and brought him back?” The old person obviously didn’t want to talk about her health.

  “No.” Mu Xiaoya shook her head. “It was Bai Chuan who went to find me.”

  “Xiao Chuan went to find you?” Grandma Bai looked at Bai Chuan with surprise. “Xiao Chuan, did you left to look for Xiaoya?”

  “En, we are going to get married.” Bai Chuan happily said and was eager to announce it.

  Bai Guoyu and his wife Li Rong were shocked when they heard this. They looked at each other subconsciously, and both saw the incredulous expression on each other’s face.  

  Only grandma Bai looked at Mu Xiaoya after being briefly surprised and verified, “Xiaoya, is what Xiao Chuan said true?”  

  At the same time, Mu Xiaoya was a little embarrassed. Although she agreed to Bai Chuan’s proposal, she was still uncomfortable when directly asked by the elder. After all, they didn’t have a relationship before and went to see the elders directly. In addition, Bai Chuan was a person with no capacity for civil conduct. She looked like a person who had abducted their son, even though he was the one who proposed.

  Mu Xiaoya’s silence made Bai Chuan puzzled. He didn’t understand why Mu Xiaoya didn’t answer grandma’s words, did she regret it? A sense of anxiety pervaded Bai Chuan’s heart. Unconsciously, Bai Chuan’s forehead began to sweat, and he held Mu Xiaoya’s hand more and more tightly.

  When the Bai family saw, suddenly they were all nervous and alert. Outsiders may not know, but this was a precursor of Bai Chuan’s onset. When Bai Chuan was calm, he was a quiet child, but once he onsets, he will become manic and restless, constantly smashing things around him. In severe cases, he would even slam his head against the wall.

  “It’s true.” After a brief period of embarrassment, Mu Xiaoya, who adjusted her emotions, responded generously. “I and Bai Chuan…we are going to get married.”

  Bai Chuan’s emotions was suddenly relaxed and his brows calmed down again.

  “Huu~~” At the same time, the Bai family’s parents were relieved. Just now, they were ready to restrain someone and call a doctor.

  “Really?!” Grandma Bai trembled and held out her hand to Mu Xiaoya. When she noticed, she took the initiative to reach out to hold it.

  “Xiaoya, grandma knows that you are a good girl, but…are you really willing to marry Xiao Chuan? Have you thought about it? You know our Xiao Chuan’s special situation.”

  After the excitement, grandma Bai gradually calmed down. If her family Xiao Chuan wasn’t autistic, he and Mu Xiaoya would have been a good match. But her family Xiao Chuan wasn’t a normal person. She has taken care of Xiao Chuan for more than 20 years. No one knew better than her how much patience and courage it takes to live with an autistic person. Even though Xiao Chuan’s condition was much better than other autistic patients.

  Although in her heart she wanted Mu Xiaoya to be her granddaughter, but if this road wasn’t good, it was better not to start, this would be good for both of them.

  “Grandma, I thought about it very clearly.” Mu Xiaoya heard the worries in grandma Bai’s words and smiled to soothe her.

  “Good, very good.” Grandma Bai smiled happily. “Xiao Chuan is going to have a wife. I can finally close my eyes.”

  “Mom, what are you talking about?” Bai Guoyu didn’t want to hear his mother speak as if it were her last words.  

  On the side, when grandma Bai uttered these words with a peace of mind, there was a flash of relief and joy through Bai Chuan’s eyes.

  “Xiao Rong, bring my bracelet.”

  Bai Chuan’s mother, Li Rong, listened to her mother-in-law, then turned around and went to the bedside. She pulled out from the side cabinet a mahogany box and handed it to grandma Bai: “Mom, here it is.”

  Grandma Bai turned, gave the box to Mu Xiaoya and said, “Open it and have a look.”

  Mu Xiaoya froze, and opened the small elegant mahogany box according to her instructions, inside was an emerald jade bracelet. Mu Xiaoya had seen this bracelet, this was the bracelet that grandma Bai always wore.

  “Does it look good?” Grandma Bai asked.

  “Good looking. Grandma, I remember this is your bracelet.”

  “Yes, this bracelet was a dowry that my mother gave me when I married. It’s our family heirloom and it’s passed down from mother to daughter. Originally, I wanted to pass it on to my daughter, but I only gave birth to a son and didn’t have the opportunity. Xiaoya, now, grandma wants to give it to you.”

  As soon as grandma Bai’s words fell, the Bai couple on the side were surprised again. For the Bai family, the significance of this bracelet was far greater than its value. None of them thought that grandma Bai would give this bracelet to an outsider.

  “That…that’s not good.” Mu Xiaoya quickly refused.

  “I originally wanted to leave this bracelet to Xiao Chuan’s wife but didn’t expect that I would have the chance to gift it personally.”

  “But…” Mu Xiaoya wanted to postpone it. This kind of thing passed down by his ancestor was a good jadeite and must be of high value. How could she dare accept it. However, before she could say anything else, Bai Chuan suddenly reached for the jade bracelet in the wooden box and forced her to put it on while Mu Xiaoya looked on with confused eyes.

  “Bai Chuan?” Mu Xiaoya looked at Bai Chuan in surprise.

  “Wear it.” The short words were undeniably authoritative.

  When Bai Zheng received a call from his assistant, he rushed back to the ward and witnessed this scene. A strange woman was crouched in front of his grandmother’s hospital bed, while his younger brother, who wasn’t allowed to enter, was clumsily but forcefully putting the jade bracelet on people. And his grandmother nodded her head in relief.

  “It’s beautiful.” Grandma Bai took Mu Xiaoya’s arm that wore the jade bracelet, looked at it again and again, after a long time, she asked again with anticipation, “When are you planning to get married?”

  Her grandson was about to get married and grandma Bai greedily wanted to stay a little longer so she could attend her grandson’s wedding.

  Mu Xiaoya looked at grandma Bai’s glowing spirit and was worried. She couldn’t recall when grandma Bai passed away, but she knew it would happen soon. Because in her last life, she went to the hospital the next afternoon to see grandma Bai, but she was no longer there.

  “I’ll go home in the evening and tell my parents that I’ll get the certificate tomorrow. We will show it to you once we get it.” Mu Xiaoya replied.

  “Good.” Grandma Bai said it three times in a row, then her voice suddenly weakened. Everyone noticed something was wrong and hurriedly raised their eyes to see, only to find that grandma Bai had closed her eyes.

  This time, everyone in the ward was frightened, they all focused their concentration on the bedside and kept calling out grandma Bai constantly. Only Bai Chuan, who still stood quietly beside Mu Xiaoya, calmly looked at the old person peacefully sleeping on the bed.  

  After a short while, the doctor came over. After a brief examination, the doctor said, “The old person just fell asleep.”

  The crowd was relieved.

  “However, the old person’s body is running out of oil and the light is dim, leave…it’s a matter of time. When she wakes up, if you have anything else to say, hurry.” The doctor advised and left the ward.

  The mood in the ward suddenly re-ignited. Everyone in the Bai family was immersed in sadness that grandma Bai could leave at any time. For a while, they ignored the marriage between Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan.

  Mu Xiaoya looked at the old person who slept peacefully in the hospital bed as if she would leave at any time, suddenly gritted her teeth, turned to Bai Chuan and said, “Bai Chuan, let’s go get the certificate.”  

  “Okay.” Bai Chuan agreed without hesitation.

  “I’ll go home and get the residence certificate, how about your resident certificate?”

  Bai Chuan blinked, then turned his head, ignored his stunned parents, and stared at his equally stunned brother: “I want the resident certificate.”

  “…” Bai Zheng, can someone tell him what happened?

  Finally, the resident certificate was given to Bai Chuan. Bai Zheng went home to get the resident certificate and personally delivered it to the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau. Then, he watched Mu Xiaoya and his younger brother go in, get the certificate and come out together.

  During this period, he was marveled by his brother’s reaction. His brother, Bai Chuan, was diagnosed with autism at the age of one. He was discovered to have special memory and computing talents at the age of three. He was one of the lucky 10% with autism who was a scholar syndrome patient. Since this discovery, his parents have finally found the development direction of the younger son and spared no effort to cultivate him. His younger brother learned very fast, but always kept himself in his own world, unwilling to communicate with others.

  Until his younger brother was seven years old, their family used up their patience countless times to get his younger brother’s occasional reaction, but communication was still difficult. Finally, the retired grandmother made the decision that she would take his younger brother back to the old home.  

  The doctor said that his brother knew how to respond, which meant that he was aware of the outside world and didn’t had severe autism. If he recovers well, he was likely to regain his ability to socialize.

  They didn’t want a genius in the Bai family, but someone they could communicate with. So, the Bai parents agreed with grandma’s decision to take his younger brother away. For more than ten years, his younger brother lived with his grandmother the entire time, and his younger brother’s recovery was also gratifying. At the age of 12, he finally accepted everyone in the Bai family and was willing to respond to their questions.

  But, this kind of response usually wasn’t very timely. After a question was asked, it would take several minutes or even half an hour for his younger brother to answer.

  Although his communication has been better in recent years, apart from his grandmother, Bai Zheng has never seen his brother respond to anyone immediately.

  Until Mu Xiaoya appeared.

Author’s Notes:

Marriage, fast? This is the fastest development in any novels written by grumpy crab!

PS: I still continue to send red envelopes today.

Popular Science: Scholar Syndrome (Savant-Syndrome) refers to people with cognitive impairments, but in certain aspect, such as certain art or academic, but beyond the ability of ordinary people. Only 10% of people with autism has scholar syndrome, and they are often better than ordinary people in some special tests, they are also known as idiot geniuses. Thank you for the little angel who votes for the king ticket or sent irrigation nutrient for me~1Different methods readers can support the author so he has higher rankings on the site or to give him extra income

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