My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 32

Translated by Novice Translations 

Proofread by Yserieh 

Go Back to Work and Support a Wife 

     They lingered in Grandma Bai’s yard for a long time and didn’t return home until it was almost supper.   

    Shen Qingyi has already prepared a table of dishes, all of which were Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan’s favorite dishes to eat. 

    “Dad, mom, what kind of food do you like to eat ah?” Mu Xiaoya ate her favorite dishes for a while and suddenly noticed a problem. She has lived with her parents all her life, and she has never noticed what they like to eat.  

    “Why are you asking that all of a sudden?” Shen Qingyi asked strangely. 

    “I just want to know, because since I was a child, you made me my favorite dishes. I don’t know what you like to eat.” 

    “It’s different after marriage. Finally know how to love your parents.” Shen Qingyi’s face was happy. 

    “Mom ~~” Mu Xiaoya coquettishly begged for mercy, but her heart was full of guilt. What can she do for her parents, even if it was a little…  

    “Stir-fried pork with chili and braised pork ribs.” Bai Chuan suddenly made a noise. 

    Bai Chuan suddenly named these two dishes and the three members of the Mu family was instantly stunned. Mu Ruozhou asked curiously: “How do you know that I like to eat braised pork ribs?” 

    “And stir-fried pork with chili, how did you know I like to eat it? “Shen Qingyi also asked. 

    Mu Xiaoya stared at her parents dumbfounded: Did they mean that Bai Chuan was right? 

    “I remember.” Bai Chuan replied. 

    “Remember?” Shen Qingyi and her husband looked at each other, “Did we mention this in front of Bai Chuan before?” 

    “En.” Bai Chuan nodded. 

    “…Look at you.” Shen Qingyi suddenly began to despise her daughter, “Bai Chuan came to our house a few times and remember what we like to eat. You have lived in our house for more than 20 years. Besides growing meat, what else have you done?”  

    “How can it be the same? In terms of memory, how can Xiao Chuan and I be on the same level?” Mu Xiaoya said that aggrieved.  

    “I’ll help her remember.” Bai Chuan saw his wife was criticized for not remembering what her father and mother liked to eat. He quickly expressed his willingness to help her remember. If he remembers, they will never forget.  

    “Okay, give Xiao Chuan some face, let’s not talk about it anymore.” Shen Qingyi responded with a smile, letting her daughter off the hook. 

    Because Mu Xiaoya came early today, Shen Qingyi began to load her daughter with things to bring back to her in-law’s house after dinner. 

    “It’s still early.” Mu Xiaoya was reluctant to leave. 

    “What’s early? It will take an hour to drive back.” Shen Qingyi motioned to her husband to hand over the prepared chopped peppers to their daughter. 

    “Here take it, this was made by your mom last month. This batch of peppers is especially spicy. Please remind your family when you eat them.” She reminded her daughter to send the gift in return. Finally, she smiled at Mu Xiaoya and they both thought for a while. It seems that they couldn’t give anything good and settle for things they made themselves. In any case, they couldn’t compete with the Bai family in terms of financial resources.  

    “We are all in the same city. If you want to come back, please come back to see us at any time.” Shen Qingyi said. 

    “I want to see you every day.” Mu Xiaoya said reluctantly. 

    “Then why were you in a hurry to married? If you didn’t get married, you could stay at home this entire time.” Mu Ruozhou said and looked at his daughter. He suddenly felt tired and bent. He doesn’t feel angry, but yes, he blames his daughter for marrying someone too early.  

    “No!” As soon as Bai Chuan heard his father-in-law was against Xiaoya’s marriage, he immediately was worried and protected Mu Xiaoya behind him.  

    “…” As soon as Mu Ruozhou saw Bai Chuan’s defensive posture, he couldn’t laugh or cry. This kid doesn’t understand that I’m just joking ah. 

    “Okay, won’t steal from you. Take Xiaoya away.” Shen Qingyi said with a smile. 

    The two left. 

    The Mu family’s elders watched the car leave, then went back into the house. Although they were reluctant, their faces were relieved and gratified. This time, they discovered that Bai Chuan wasn’t only able to earn money through working, but even knew how to protect and love Xiaoya. Wasn’t this their requirements for their future son-in-law?  

    Therefore, Bai Chuan fared better than they thought, and Xiaoya also lived better than they thought. 

    On the way back, Mu Xiaoya began to praise Bai Chuan’s performance today: “You performed very well today. My parents obviously like you more.” 

    “Is it because of the massage chair that was purchased with my salary card?” Bai Chuan asked. 

    “Hic…” Why do you ask something so realistic? “That’s part of the reason, but there’s more, you remember what my parents like to eat, which is also very good.” 

    “En.” Bai Chuan nodded inexplicably. 

    “By the way …” One thing Mu Xiaoya kept forgetting to ask, “Xiao Chuan, how much do you earn every month ah?” 

    “500,000 yuan and a bonus at the end of the year.” Bai Chuan replied, he didn’t know how to calculate the bonus at the end of the year, so he didn’t say a specific figure.  

    “500,000?! That’s 6 million in annual salary16mil yuan is $845k in USD plus the end of the year bonus … Then you have worked for more than three years?” 

    “Three years, six months and seven days.” 

    Mu Xiaoya subconsciously began to calculate the wages, but after a while she gave up. In short, she was sure that Bai Chuans salary card hasn’t be used in those three years. The first expense was probably from today’s massage chair.  

    “What do you do in the company? Why is the salary so high?” Mu Xiaoya asked. 

    “Main responsibility is programming…” Bai Chuan uttered a series of professional terms one after another. Hearing this, Mu Xiaoya became confused. At last, she could only persuade him that she knows.  

    Forget it, she didn’t want to enter the scholarly god’s world. 

    However, when it comes to work, she seems to have promised Bai Zheng to let Bai Chuan return to work. 

    “Xiao Chuan, why don’t I see you going to work?” Mu Xiaoya asked in surprise. 

    “Accompany you.” 

    “…But I also need to go to work during the day ah, so you can’t accompany me.” 

    “Waiting for you.” 


    Mu Xiaoya was touched, but at the same time felt some pressure. She knows that she is a very important existence for Bai Chuan, but when a person’s entire life revolves only around you, the people around him will feel infinite pressure, especially Mu Xiaoya. If Bai Chuan sacrifices working and life just to wait for her and accompany her, then she will feel that when she goes out to work, it was akin to a betrayal.   

    Even if she doesn’t have much time left, she can’t let Bai Chuan live like this. She wanted him to be healthy and get along well with others.   

    After crossing the intersection, Mu Xiaoya pulled over and stopped the car. She turned around and looked at Bai Chuan. She was very calm and seriously asked: “Xiao Chuan, do you like to work?” 

    Bai Chuan looked at Mu Xiaoya who spoke and listened, but Mu Xiaoya added: “Don’t compare it with my work.”  

    “…Like.” Bai Chuan nodded after a while. 

    He likes his current job very much. This job can produce amazing things through simple coding. And every once in a while, there will be a new project that is very complicated that will appear at work. It needs him to unravel it little by little. He likes the process of decryption very much.  

    “Will you go back to work next week?” Mu Xiaoya asked. 

    “You want me to work?” Bai Chuan asked, with incomprehension in his eyes. This made Mu Xiaoya feel bad, as long as she answered yes, she denied Bai Chuan’s desire to accompany and wait for her like he does now. 

    “Xiao Chuan, do you know what the husband does after marriage?” Mu Xiaoya didn’t answer Bai Chuan’s question directly, she decided to persuade him with an acceptable reason. 

    Bai Chuan shook his head blankly. He only knew that when he got married, he could always be with Mu Xiaoya. 

    “After marriage, the husband earns money to support his family. If you don’t work, how can you support your family and me ah?” Mu Xiaoya pretended to be distressed. 

    “I’ll take care of it. I’ll go to work on Monday.” Bai Chuan immediately promised that he would support his family and Xiaoya. 

    Anxious to show that Bai Chuan was too cute, Mu Xiaoya didn’t hold back and kissed Bai Chuan’s cheek before restarting the car to leave. 

    Bai Chuan covered his face and his eyes reflected the city’s neon lights, which glittered colorfully, and he finally revealed a shallow smile.   

    It was already eight o’clock when the two returned home. As soon as the car was parked, Uncle Li greeted them. 

    “Second young master, second young lady. I’ve hung up the puzzle for you.” 

    “Thank you Uncle Li.” Mu Xiaoya said. 

    “Second young lady is very polite. By the way, there are frozen watermelons in the kitchen. Second young lady, second young master would you like some?” 

    “No, thank you.” Mu Xiaoya shook her head, then gave Uncle Li the chopped peppers she had brought from home. “This is chopped peppers that my mom personally made.”   

    “If it’s made by her, it must be delicious. Tomorrow’s dinner happened to be chopped chili fish, so this is just right.” Uncle Li said.  

    “…” She didn’t know that dinner was planned every day.  

    The two went to the living room together. As soon as they entered the house, Mu Xiaoya smelled a refreshing watermelon fragrance. 

    It seems that today’s fruit after dinner was watermelon. No wonder Uncle Li asked them if they wanted to eat watermelon. 

    The Bai family were all downstairs, and Mu Xiaoya naturally wanted to say hello. The two walked into the living room following the watermelon scent. They saw the three members of the Bai family sitting on the sofa with half a watermelon in their arms.  

    “…” What’s wrong with this strange picture? 

    Was it strange to eat watermelon? Eating watermelon is certainly not strange. 

    Was it strange to hold half a watermelon and eating it with a spoon?  

    There was nothing wrong with eating watermelon, and there was nothing wrong with this bold and unconstrained way of eating watermelon. But in the high-end villa, in the luxurious living room, int front of three people who wore exquisite clothes, wasn’t it reasonable to cut the watermelon into smaller pieces, then poke it with a small fork?   

    “Xiao Chuan, Xiaoya, you’re back?” Li Rong greeted the two with a white porcelain spoon in her hand. 

    “Dad, Mom, Brother, how’s the watermelon?” Mu Xiaoya calmed down after a while. 

    “Yeah ah, yeah ah, we have never eaten watermelon like this before. I didn’t expect that it would be so enjoyable to dig and eat it directly with a spoon.” 

    “Ha ha ha… it’s quite enjoyable.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t know what to say and could only go along with it.  

    “It’s all thanks to the inspiration you and Xiao Chuan brought us.” Li Rong said excitedly. 

    “We?” Mu Xiaoya was dumbfounded, she just returned from her maiden home and didn’t do anything ah. 

    “As soon as I saw the puzzle in your room, I like it. I couldn’t help but want to eat the watermelon like you.” During the day, Uncle Li helped hang the puzzle and Li Rong followed him to have a look. When she saw the two people’s interaction in the puzzle, she liked it. So, she grabbed her husband and eldest son at dinner and forced them to eat watermelon together like in the puzzle.  

    Mu Xiaoya looked at the other two people. One was embarrassed and the other looked down and didn’t say anything; he didn’t stop eating the watermelon in his hand.  

    “Then… then you just continue to eat. We will go up and change clothes first.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t feel that it was suitable to continue staying here and was ready to slip away.  

    “Wait a minute, can you take a picture for us, I would like to make a puzzle later and ask Xiao Chuan to help us.” Li Rong said. 

    Still taking pictures! 

    The Bai family’s father and son were eating the watermelon in their hands and paused.  

    “OK.” Mu Xiaoya took out her cellphone. 

    “You two come here ah. Let’s take a picture together.” Li Rong turned her head to tell the two men who were sulking and eating watermelons. 

    The men who ate the watermelon glanced at each other silently. It wasn’t known what kind of mental journey they had gone through. Finally, they sat down with the watermelon on her left and right, then they all looked at the camera.  

    After taking the picture, Mu Xiaoya gave the photo to Li Rong via WeChat, then ran away with a smile to the room on the second floor to reveal her unbridled smile.   

    Ai yo~~~ Bai Chuan followed his wife, she was so cute, hahaha… 

    Downstairs, after the Bai family took the picture, the father and son immediately separated from each other and sat back in their own position, intending to finish eating the watermelon in their hands as soon as possible to get out of this embarrassing predicament. But they didn’t expect that their watermelons weren’t completely consume yet when that photo had spread all over the rich circle of Yuncheng City.  

    Some people even secretly sent a direct message on WeChat to ask Bai Zheng: “Does the Bai family plan to go into the fruit business ah. How come it’s been cherries and watermelons recently?” 

    Bai Zheng: “…” 

    Mu Xiaoya finally eased up a little, turned around and saw her mother-in-law’s circle of friends’ notification, then immediately smiled and put it away.   

    After taking a bath and changing into their pajamas, the two sat cross-legged at the end of the bed and looked up to admire the puzzle hanging on the wall.  

    “Xiao Chuan, are you still uncomfortable?” Although the puzzle was hung up, Mu Xiaoya knew that there were still nails behind the puzzle. 

    “No.” Bai Chuan looked at the puzzle and shook his head gently. 

    Mu Xiaoya suddenly felt relief and had the mood to appreciate this puzzle carefully. After looking at it for a while, Mu Xiaoya had to admit that Liang Nuonuo’s photo-taking ability was good as the composition and lighting were almost perfect. Even with her academic studies in design, she couldn’t pick out any disharmony.  

    Also, Mu Xiaoya likes the mood in the photo. On that day, she and Bai Chuan were helping Liang Nuonuo pick cherries, so they dressed casually. Simple long-sleeved shirts, the pants and sleeves were tied up and their hair was messy after a day of labor. She and Bai Chuan sat shoulder to shoulder, with sweat on their faces, watermelon in their hands, smiling from the bottom of their eyes. The sunshine was behind them and a basket of freshly picked cherries in the corner. The whole picture was full of life, quiet and beautiful.  

    “I like this photo.” Mu Xiaoya said. 

    “I like it too.” Bai Chuan didn’t know how to evaluate it, but when he looks at this puzzle, he had a very nice feeling. 

    Early the next morning, Bai Chuan got up on time to run, and met his elder brother at the entrance as usual. 

    Today, Bai Chuan’s running distance should be 2900 meters. While running, Bai Zheng plans to run 1450 meters with Bai Chuan today, then let Bai Chuan turn back to complete the rest of his jog. He will continue to run forward to run his own 5 kilometer. Otherwise, this amount of exercise every day wouldn’t be enough.  

    After running for a while, at the familiar traffic light intersection, Bai Zheng knew that he was about to run back for the remaining distance. Just thinking about it, Bai Chuan suddenly turned around. 

    That is, to turn back.  

    Bai Zheng didn’t stop. He took an alternate path and continued to run forward. After running about seven or eight meters, he was still a little uneasy, so he glanced back and suddenly stopped. 

    Because, Bai Chuan actually stopped in place and didn’t move. 

    Bai Zheng was a little puzzled and hurried back. When he was about to ask Bai Chuan why he didn’t go back, he heard Bai Chuan said, “You have to run.”  

    “…” Run, whose run, it’s your task to run 2900 meters, not mine. I have to run 5 kilometers every day. But… to his brother’s solemn expression, how could Bai Zheng say that. What’s more, this is the first time his brother showed concern for him, although it wasn’t right.2Basically all the other mornings, they always returned together, so for some reason BC thinks that BZ has to obey the same goals as him.   

    With a sigh, Bai Zheng took the initiative to admit his “mistake”: “I miscalculated the distance.” 

    Seeing that Bai Zheng realized his mistake in time, Bai Chuan didn’t speak anymore, instead he turned around and continued to run back the same way.   

    Bai Zheng followed him with a complicated look, pondering for a while about going to a gym to use the treadmill to make up the remaining distance.  

    Running to the gate, the two stopped at the same time, and the servant quickly handed them a towel for them to wipe their sweat. Bai Zheng wiped the sweat on his neck. Suddenly, he felt that someone was staring at him, so he looked over.   

    “I’m going to work.” Bai Chuan was waiting for Bai Zheng to look at him. Seeing him look at him, he immediately finished what he wanted to say, then left in big strides.  

    “…” If you don’t want to go, then don’t go. If you weren’t my brother, you would have been fired a hundred times.  


    Because Bai Chuan was going to come back to work tomorrow after his vacation. After breakfast, Mu Xiaoya took Bai Chuan to the supermarket in the city. She planned to buy some wedding candies to give to Bai Chuan so he can share with his coworkers when he returns to work tomorrow.  

    “How many people are there in your company?” Mu Xiaoya asked. 

    Bai Chuan froze, and suddenly began to take out his cellphone. 

    “What are you doing with your cellphone?” Mu Xiaoya said strangely. This was the first time Bai Chuan didn’t have an immediate answer when she asked him about a number.  

    “I don’t know how many people there are in the company, so I asked my elder brother.” Bai Chuan replied. 

    “……” Asking Bai Zheng was the equivalent to asking how many employees there were in Yifeng Group ah. According to this amount, if we buy that many wedding candies, how much will it cost? 

    “Cough… not that … how many people are there in your department? It’s the people who have regular contact with you at work.” 

    “Fifteen.” Actually, there wasn’t 15 employees in the game R&D department, but only 15 who can contact Bai Chuan.   

    “Fifteen, there’s not many.” Mu Xiaoya looked at the wedding candy in front of her and decided to choose more expensive ones. “Then we will buy twenty packets of wedding candy. You will give it to them when you go into work tomorrow.” 

    “There’s only fifteen people, why buy twenty packets?” Bai Chuan, who is extremely sensitive to numbers, couldn’t tolerate inconsistencies. 

    “Five extra packets will be given to anyone you like.” 


    After choosing the candy, Mu Xiaoya went to buy a pink card, then took Bai Chuan home. 

    In a flash, it was Monday. 

    Today, she asked someone to come in for an interview in the morning, so Mu Xiaoya left half an hour earlier than usual. Before she left, she reminded Bai Chuan again to remember to take the wedding candies to the company and give them to his coworkers.  

    Mu Xiaoya walked for about ten minutes when the car that picked up Bai Chuan arrived. 

    Because Bai Zheng and Bai Guoyu didn’t go to the company this morning and were going to a different location for a meeting, Bai Zheng specially asked his secretary to pick up Bai Chuan to go to work.  

    “Xiao Chuan.” The door opened, and Wang Jing who was dressed professionally, walked down from the car with a smile on her face. Wang Jing was Bai Zheng’s secretary. When Bai Chuan and Grandma Bai lived together, Wang Jing almost always took Bai Chuan to and from work. 

    When Bai Chuan saw her, he tightened his hand with the wedding candy bag, then pursed his lips and stood still.  

    “Second young master, Secretary Wang has come to pick you up for work.” Uncle Li opened the door for Bai Chuan. Bai Chuan used to live in the villa occasionally, so Uncle Li also met Wang Jing several times. He has a good impression of Wang Jing, because he if has a problem, as long as second young master likes someone, Uncle Li will naturally feel that person is a little more favorable. Moreover, this was the Bai family’s infectious disease, which almost everyone has.   

    “No,” Bai Chuan refused. 

    “No, why don’t you want to go suddenly? Didn’t you just promise to second young lady this morning?” Uncle Li wondered. 

    “Xiao Chuan, we have to go to work. People in the R&D department have heard that you are returning and are waiting to welcome you.” Wang Jing also persuaded with a smile. 

    “Don’t call it,” Bai Chuan looked at Wang Jing and said stiffly, “Don’t call me Xiao Chuan.” 

    Wang Jing’s face changed, but she forced her face to smile and asked, “Xiao Chuan, did I do something wrong? If so, tell me, I promise to change.”  

    “Don’t call.” Bai Chuan frowned angrily. How could this person not understand? He said that she wasn’t allowed to call, but she still called.  

    At this time, Bai Zheng walked out of the house and heard the noise. He came over with a sullen face, and asked Wang Jing: “What’s going on? 

    “President, I don’t know, Xiao Chuan…” 

    “Don’t call.” Bai Chuan’s roar this time was obviously much louder than before, and quickly scared Wang Jing to silence. 

    As soon as Bai Chuan’s mood fluctuated, no one else dared talk. After a while of silence, Bai Zheng felt that Bai Chuan’s mood eased a little, he asked Bai Chuan softly, “What’s wrong Xiao Chuan? Why aren’t you going to work?”  

    “No, don’t let her send me. She’s not allowed to call me Xiao Chuan.” Bai Chuan said and pointed at Wang Jing.

    Wang Jing’s face turned pale, and she looked at Bai Zheng in a panic and explained, “President, I didn’t do anything. I don’t know why… the second young master would say this.”  

    Bai Zheng glanced at Wang Jing. Instead of blaming her on the spot, he waved and said, “You go back to the company first.” 

    “Yes.” Although Wang Jing was willing to explain, she didn’t know where the problem was, so she could only sigh and drive away anxiously.  

    When Wang Jing left, Bai Zheng asked Bai Chuan with a serious look: “Did Wang Jing do something to you that wasn’t good?”   

    Bai Zheng’s eyes were heavy. At this time, as long as Bai Chuan nodded, his anger would burst out from the bottom of his eyes, but Bai Chuan responded with a blank expression.  

    “Why didn’t you let her take you to the company all of a sudden?” Bai Zheng thought Bai Chuan didn’t understand, so he reworded his question.  

    “Because Xiaoya doesn’t like it,” Bai Chuan replied. 

    Mu Xiaoya? Bai Zheng thought about it and immediately recalled that when he was in the cemetery, he asked Wang Jing to stay and send Bai Chuan and Mu Xiaoya back to the Mu family’s home. It seems that Wang Jing did something to upset Mu Xiaoya. So, Mu Xiaoya asked Bai Chuan not to have contact with Wang Jing which caused today’s fuss?  

    “Is second young lady jealous?” Uncle Li guessed. 

    “…” Women were trouble. 

    No matter what the reason was, since Bai Chuan doesn’t like Wang Jing, then Wang Jing won’t be allowed to appear in front of Bai Chuan: “Uncle Li, let the family driver send Xiao Chuan to the company.” 

    “Okay.” Uncle Li immediately turned around to arrange the driver.  

    “Wait, big brother will change the driver for you.” Bai Zheng said to Bai Chuan. 

    “Thank you.” 

    Bai Zheng’s cold face instantly loosened, just for this thank you, he was willing to change the driver ten times. 

Author’s Notes:

Mu Xiaoya went to university so she went to the Bai home less and Bai Chuan was obviously more silent. Professor Feng suggested that Bai Chuan should be allowed to enter social work and increase his social circle.3Basically right when Mu Xiaoya went to university was when Bai Chuan went to work

Bai Zheng: Xiao Chuan, do you want to go work at our company?

Bai Chuan: “…”

Bai Zheng: The company has a lot of people your age.

Bai Chuan: “…”

Bai Zheng: “They just graduated from college…”

University? Xiaoya just went to college, is she going to work after graduation?

Bai Zheng: “Work can also be…”

Bai Chuan said resolute and decisively: “I go!”

Bai Zheng: ….which one of his reason convinced him?

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