My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 33

Translated by Novice Translations 

Proofread by Yserieh 

To Give Out Wedding Candies 

     Yifeng Group. 

    The security guard of the building saw a black commercial vehicle approaching from afar. When the car got closer, he saw the license plate, then the security guard ran over quickly and opened the door to the back seat.  

    “Second Young Master, you have returned to work.” As a qualified security guard, he memorized the license plate numbers of all the senior leaders of the company, let alone the license plates of the Chairman’s family. 

    Bai Chuan glanced at him, slowly exited from the car, then took out a packet of wedding candy from the bag and handed it to the security guard. 

    “For me?” The little security guard was a little sluggish. He has been a security guard at the company for two years. Not to mention that every day, at least four times a week, he helped Second Young Master Bai open the car door and this is the first time that he spoke to him.  

    “Wedding candy.” Xiaoya said that the extra five packets of wedding candy can be given to people who were pleasing to the eye. The security guard is very pleasing to the eye and often helps him open the door.1Aww, so nice, he knows how to appreciate people! 

    “We… wedding candy?” The little security guard stammered in shock. After a long time, he said congratulation, “Second Young Master… new, happy newlywedded.” 

    Happy newlywedded? 

    After he got married, he was really happy. Bai Chuan liked this blessing very much, and immediately felt that he didn’t give this packet of wedding candy wrongly.  

    Standing next to the little security guard was a middle-aged security guard. When he saw him, he quickly came to say congratulation, hoping that he could also touch the boss’s son. Who knew that Second Young Master Bai would just glance at him and calmly leave? 

    “Why is the wedding candy just for you?” The middle-aged security guard looked at the little security guard discontentedly. 

    “Second Young Master… Did he talk to me just now?” The little security guard asked the other in a daze. 

    “Didn’t say, look at you, being a fool. I’ll take half the wedding candy.” The middle-aged security guard snatched the wedding candy from the little security guard’s hand and opened the bag. Between the colorful candy paper, a pink note stood out. The middle-aged security guard took it out and the little security guard leaned over to look at it.  

    “Thank you for taking care of Bai Chuan.” A cartoon character in the shape of a bride followed. 

    “This is written by the Second Young Lady?” The middle-aged security guard asked the little security guard. 

    “I think so.” In the wedding candy, there was a note with a cartoon character of a bride. Except for the wife of the Second Young Master, there could be no one else. 

    “It seems that Second Young Master married a good wife ah.”  

    When entering the lobby, there were people that greeted Bai Chuan the entire way, but everyone was very careful to keep a distance, so that the flow of people in the space around Bai Chuan wasn’t too dense. This was a strict instruction issued by the HR department of Yifeng Group before Bai Chuan arrived at the company. All the employees of Yifeng Group knew that Bai Chuan is autistic and doesn’t like close contact with people, so if they meet Bai Chuan in the company, they need to keep as much distance as possible.  

    All the way to the elevator room, Bai Chuan ignored everyone and stood in front of the elevator, waiting.  

    When Bai Chuan stood there, the security department forced the elevator to stop on the second floor and informed the employees in the elevator through the elevator speaker: “You are all at the second floor. Go down the stairs and free up the elevator for the Second Young Master to use.”   

    The people in the elevator didn’t feel it was strange. They were used getting off from the elevator on the second floor and walking down the stairs. So, when the elevator arrived at the lobby on the first floor for Bai Chuan, there wasn’t even a single paper in the elevator.  

    The employees of Yifeng Group were also accustomed to this scene. As soon as Bai Chuan enters the elevator, they naturally scattered at the door of each elevator. 

    In fact, at the beginning, Bai Zheng had considered getting a special elevator for Bai Chuan, but taking into consideration that Bai Chuan only uses the elevators twice a day, the total time was less than five minutes, so it was a bit exaggerated to dedicate an elevator for this. So, he asked the security department to cooperate as much as possible when Bai Chuan took the elevator.  

    This incident, the Yifeng Group deliberately didn’t notify the entire company, but the employees of the company were all elites. After several incidents, they also mastered the law. Generally, when they see Bai Chuan standing at the elevator door, they automatically distance themselves. Of course, there were some new employees who didn’t know about the rules and accidentally took an elevator with Bai Chuan, but in this situation, the number of people in the elevator was small and there wasn’t a crowd, so Bai Chuan wasn’t uncomfortable and he didn’t have a reaction.  

    For the sake of this unwritten rule, Yifeng Group specially added an extra benefit to its employees: three minutes late isn’t counted as being late. In other words, Yifeng Group gave everyone in the company three minutes so Bai Chuan can use the elevator. 

    The people in the game R&D department have long been informed that Bai Chuan was returning to work today. If it was an ordinary person who returned to work after taking such a long vacation, the company’s colleagues will symbolically welcome them back and organize a ceremony. However, Bai Chuan wasn’t an ordinary person. The programmers in the R & D department treated Bai Chuan as their idol, even if they were mentally dying, they didn’t dare run over to express their earnest feelings. If they expressed themselves and Bai Chuan had an issue, the President will chop them with a knife.  

    So, they can only do their own things step by step, as if everything was usual. But…2So, basically, since BC is special, there is no welcoming party or anyone to greet him and everyone gotta act like it’s a normal day and not disturb him or the President will kill them 

    The R&D department’s internal chat group.  

    Xing Xing:3The translation for his name is orangutan…lol Has the Second Young Master come up? 

    Qian Tai:4Translation was front desk… Just got out of the elevator and carrying a bag. 

    Pang Zi:5translation was fatty… Did Second Young Master bring us a gift?  

    Everyone: Did you work overtime last night and didn’t wake up?6A long roundabout way of saying, are you dreaming 

    Pang Zi: I think I’m going to suddenly die. I’ve got this illusion.7He think he’s life is flashing before his eyes and he’s about to die because he thought BC brought them a gift lol 

    A’Tong Mu: Hold on, Second Young Master came back to save us. The days of overtime is finally coming to an end.  

    Xing Xing: I really want to hug and kiss the Second Young Master. 

    Everyone: Get out of here. If you dare to scare away the Second Young Master, we will kill you today.  

    A’Tong Mu: Whether our new AR game is released as scheduled, and whether we can get our bonus this quarter, depends on Second Young Master.  

    Xing Xing: Have you sorted out the questions and sent them to be reviewed? 

    Juebu Tutou:8the translation is not bald It’s all done, it will be automatically displayed when it’s turned on. 

    There was no other way. Their Second Young Master usually doesn’t talk to people or read emails, so if they have any questions they wanted to ask the Second Young Master, they can only use a special software that allows their messages to be display on Bai Chuan’s computer screen.9This is a common thing to do in the tech industry, not sure why it’s special here…  

    Speaking of which, the R&D department once had a painful lesson. When Bai Chuan first came to the R&D department, he ignored everyone. They had a technical problem that couldn’t be solved. They communicated with Bai Chuan, but Bai Chuan ignored them. Without a solution, one of the programmers came up with the “bad idea” to hack the problem directly into Bai Chuan’s computer. Thinking that Bai Chuan would look at his computer every day, he would see the problem at that time. Who knew that when the connection between computers happened that it was counterattacked by the firewall Bai Chuan set, not only did it failed to invade successfully, but also destroyed all the data on that computer.  

    It was a terrible loss. At that time, the programmer was about to cry. In the end, Bai Zheng, the President, came to talk to the Second Young Master for a long time, then the Second Young Master raised his expensive hand to restore it.10THIS MAN IS WORTH 6MIL YUAN ANNUALLY AT MIN! And they also agreed to install a small program on his computer to automatically open new mail, which was the basic solution to the communication issue.  


    Bai Chuan pushed open the door of the office and walked in. Just when everyone quietly looked at Bai Chuan and thought he was going to his office, they instead watched Bai Chuan, who had just entered the door, turn around and stop in Juebu Tutou’s office. 

    “Second… Second Young Master?” Juebu Tutou’s real name is Yu Qian.11his name means excess money. Must be nice. When he saw Bai Chuan standing in front of him as soon as he entered the door, he couldn’t help but feel guilty. Did he already sort through all the information that he sent to Second Young Master’s email box? How did Second Young Master know so quickly?   

    Bai Chuan didn’t say anything, he just took out a packet of wedding candy and gave it to him. 

    Yu Qian looked at the package, which was particularly festive. This unidentified object was suspected of being wedding candy. He was so happy that he didn’t dare to move. Are you joking, did their Second Young Master seem like someone who liked people enough to give them wedding candy?   

    “Wedding candy.” Bai Chuan uttered. 

    “Wedding candy?! For… for me?” Yu Qian immediately showed an incredulous expression; it’s really was wedding candy ah. 

    “En.” In order to complete Xiaoya’s task, Bai Chuan also went out of his way and interacted with the others. 

    “Thanks… Thanks… Second Young Master.” Yu Qian took the wedding candy with a mysterious look. 

    When Bai Chuan saw him take it, he turned around and walked to the next desk. Then took out the packet of wedding candy and handed it over.   

    With the precedent of Yu Qian, the other people’s reactions were much calmer. Although they still thought it was magical, no one was dumbfounded anymore. After giving congratulations, they respectfully took the wedding candy.  

    Bai Chuan gave out the fifteen packets of wedding candy one by one. He personally went to each target person’s desk and delivered it. After the last packet was delivered, Bai Chuan was relieved and went back to his office. 

    After he finished giving out the wedding candy, he left behind an office of stupid computer programmer apes.  

    “OMG, in my lifetime, I can actually eat the wedding candy personally delivered by Second Young Master.” It wasn’t known who sighed in the group, but the chat group of the R&D department immediately exploded into flames.  

    “Second Young Master is married, right? Wasn’t it because lao furen passed away?” 

    “I heard that the marriage was done in order to fulfill lao furen’s last wish. I secretly heard from the gossip group of the administrative department. The source is the President’s assistant.” 

    “You’re shameless, to go to that black person12I think they are referring to Wang Jing and if they are, that means her coworkers sees her as a black-bellied person or a green tea bitch lol family’s administration department.” 

    “But if the source is the President’s assistant, then the information is reliable.” 

    “Shouldn’t the point of this conversation be that Second Young Master took the initiative to personally deliver wedding candy to us today?” 

    “Ah, Second Young Master took the initiative to talk to me today.” This sentence, no one didn’t need to ask, they all knew it was Yu Qian, but his sentence was ignored by everyone tacitly, and the discussion of the wedding candy continued.  

    “Second Young Master’s bag isn’t big. It seems that its only our department that got it ah.” 

    “You say, who made Second Young Master give out wedding candy?” 

    Just after the question was asked, a photo suddenly flashed in the internal chat group. It was a pink note with a striking cartoon portrait of a bride and next to it: ‘Thank you for taking care of Bai Chuan’. 

    Suddenly, the group quieted down, and the sound of unpacking the wedding candy echoed in the office. They found that in every packet of wedding candy had the same pink note.   

    “Wuwu ~~ I like the Second Young Lady.” 

    “Go away, do you want to die?!” 

    Working with Bai Chuan, who has autism, many people in the R&D department have to pay attention to or accommodate Bai Chuan. Although the salary for this group in Yifeng was very high, the details of the accommodation wasn’t just salary. These accommodations were like giving up seats to people in need on the subway. You don’t have to be thanked by others, but this thank-you,13They are giving an example of how they randomly accommodate to BC and that MX’s pink note really made them warm cause the accommodation they gave before was always expected and no one ever showed them gratitude will always make you feel warmer.   

    The warmth also made them feel like their distance from Bai Chuan was getting lessened. 

    In H & Y studio. 

    Mu Xiaoya took two cups of coffee. One cup was given to Fang Hui, who was tired and paralyzed on the sofa, while the other was for herself. 

    “Smelling the coffee, I feel like I have recovered some energy.” Fang Hui sat up and took a sip of coffee. 

    “Why do you invite so many people over for an interview?” For two and a half hours, they interviewed nearly twenty people who were looking for a job. They didn’t even have time to drink water. 

    “I think that about half of them are good. Who would have imagined that many would come?” Fang Hui sighed, “Is it that difficult to find a job now?”  

    “I haven’t tried looking for a job, I don’t know.” Mu Xiaoya went abroad to study in her last life and directly opened a studio in this life. She really didn’t know how the current domestic market was like.   

    “For a 5,000 yuan14That’s $705 USD job, why is the competition so fierce?” Fang Hui couldn’t help but sigh. 

    “Not everyone can be as lucky as us.” In this respect, Mu Xiaoya was more grounded than Fang Hui. The Mu family’s elders were both teachers. This old couple have worked for decades and today’s salary bonus deductions were only a little over 10,000 yuan.  

    “Also.” Fang Hui family is nouveau riche, but when she was a child, she suffered several years of hardship, but was still completely unaware of the world’s reality, “Which two do you think are suitable for the positions?”  

    “I think the guy who works part-time at a coffee shop.” 

    Fang Hui glanced at the bar behind them and immediately understood Mu Xiaoya’s meaning: “I see, then this recruit. There’s also a little girl who uses PS15That’s photoshop very well. We can definitely use her when we open a Taobao store. Let’s use these two.” 

    “Okay.” Mu Xiaoya had no real opinion. 

    “By the way, when you came in this morning, did you say that Bai Chuan returned to work today?” After talking about work, Fang Hui began to gossip. 

    “En.” Mu Xiaoya nodded. 

    “I really can’t imagine how an autistic person goes to work?” 

    “Why, look down on people ah. Our family’s Bai Chuan has three years of work experience and is senior level talent with an annual salary of 6 million.” Mu Xiaoya greatly emphasized the six figures and poked her square on the face.  

    “What’s the big deal? My father’s company has a net profit of over 100 million per year.”16Lol fucking rich people syndrome, oh my daddy/mommy is so wealthy and their income is so high, their accomplishments make me a much better person than you. Maybe if your luck was better, you would have been born wealthy. Haha I see this a lot in real life. Fang Hui was reluctant to show weakness. 

    “Are you going to use your father’s wealth to fight me?” Mu Xiaoya squinted. 

    “Forget it. Now you have two dads. My family are upstarts, it’s really unnecessary to fight.” Fang Hui puts up her fist to “admit defeat” and said, “I give up.”  

    These two paused their garrulous talk, and contrary to expectations, Mu Xiaoya recalled Bai Chuan. As soon as she arrived to work, she was busy with interviews with Fang Hui and didn’t have the chance to ask Bai Chuan about work. Although Bai Chuan has been with the company for more than three years, there wasn’t anything uncomfortable, but as the “culprit” who deceived Bai Chuan to return to work, Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help worrying.  

    Mu Xiaoya took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Bai Chuan: At work? 

    Bai Chuan responded quickly: En! 

    Mu Xiaoya: You must be very busy after returning from a long vacation. 

    Bai Chuan: Not busy. (No one dares to stipulate Bai Chuan’s workload. He always likes to control how much he does, so he never felt busy.) 

    Mu Xiaoya smiled and continued to ask: Is anything uncomfortable or not the same as before?  

    Bai Chuan: Yes. 

    Mu Xiaoya frowns: Where is it uncomfortable? 

    Bai Chuan: I want to leave work and see you at home. 

    Mu Xiaoya stared at this message and was stunned. Then the whole person smirked uncontrollably. 

    “What are you looking at, smiling so much?” Fang Hui grabbed Mu Xiaoya’s mobile phone, glanced at the content, then the whole person’s teeth felt sore. “Dang, Bai Chuan is an expert in flirting ah.” 

    “Return the phone to me.” Mu Xiaoya took the phone back from Fang Hui. 

    “Hello, are you sure Bai Chuan has autism?” Fang Hui’s voice was pinched to mimic the two’s recent conversation. “Where is it uncomfortable? Yes, I miss you, I want to get off work. This level of speech isn’t just clear, but the EQ is provocative ah.” 

    “He meant that when he used to go to work, he wouldn’t want to leave work, but now that we’re married, he wants to leave. It’s just plain words and not provocative.” Mu Xiaoya explained. 

    “That’s what I mean ah.” 

    “Why, can’t autistic people think of their wives?” Mu Xiaoya wasn’t happy. 

    “I see. What you mean is that if it was someone else, they will say it deliberately,17If it was normal people, they will deliberately be flirting with her basically… but your family’s Bai Chuan said it from the heart, right?” Fang Hui concluded. 


    “Oh my God ah, I can’t stand it!” Fang Hui left the table with a sour pat on the table. 

    “Where are you going?” Mu Xiaoya asked. 

    “Go to a recruitment website and post a message to recruit a boyfriend.” Fang Hui replied indignantly. 

    Mu Xiaoya smiled, and continued to send messages to Bai Chuan: Go to work. I will be home at six. 

    Bai Chuan: En, I’m going home at six too. 

    Mu Xiaoya: By the way, have all the wedding candies been delivered? 

    Bai Chuan: Yes, there are four packets left. 

    Mu Xiaoya: Did they like it? 

    In the R&D department, Bai Chuan saw this message from Mu Xiaoya and didn’t know the immediate answer. Instead, he quickly tapped a string of code with his fingers on the keyboard, edited an instruction, then clicked to execute. As soon as Bai Chuan hit the ENTER key, outside the office, there were fifteen computers in the R&D department in which a message appeared simultaneously. 

    [Do you like today’s wedding candy?] 

    At the same time, the programmers froze. No one expected that they would have to give feedback after receiving the wedding candy. But it wasn’t good if they didn’t answer. Their Second Young Master was very domineering. If they don’t answer, they wouldn’t be able to use their computers. So, in less than ten seconds, everyone submitted their answers, as if they were all fluid as water.   

    Bai Chuan then picked up his cell phone and replied to his wife’s message: They all like it. 

    Mu Xiaoya: Work hard and remember to eat. 

    After Bai Chuan’s reply, he subconscious glance at the time. It was 11:45, and there were 46 minutes left until lunch. 

    Yifeng Group has its own staff canteen, and in order to cater to the employee’s taste, there were all kinds of Chinese and Western food. It was lunch time for Yifeng Group from 11:30 to 1:30 every day in the afternoon. But the programmers in the R&D department were special, because they often stay late to work overtime, so they had all kinds of energy supplement rations in the office all year round, they ate when they were hungry, and they have long forgotten the normal three meal times.  

    So, when the colleagues from the other floors came down for the meal, people in the R&D department didn’t move at all. When they felt hungry and the cafeteria was closed, they could only go to the break room and make noodles. 

    Naturally, Bai Zheng won’t let his younger brother fall into that situation, so he will send a special person to deliver lunch to Bai Chuan every afternoon. Although Bai Chuan might not eat it, at least it ensures that when Bai Chuan wants to eat, he will eat nutritious food.  

    After a while, it was 12:31. 

    Bai Chuan’s hand seemed to be put on a timer, and right at that minute, he immediately stopped his action of typing on the keyboard. He habitually turned to the table on his left side, but this time, he didn’t find the familiar food on it, then frowned doubtfully.   

    Strange, if I was hungry before, there would be food in this spot ah. 

    Bai Chuan looked up blankly, and for a while he couldn’t remember who used to deliver meals to him, so he didn’t know who to look for at this time. 

    What should I do? I promised Xiaoya to eat well. It’s time to eat, but there’s no lunch. 

    “If something is delayed, it can’t be more than an hour before and after, you must eat.” In a panic, Bai Chuan suddenly thought of Mu Xiaoya’s words again. 

    With one hour left, he still had time, and Bai Chuan gradually relaxed. 

    The relaxed Bai Chuan’s brain started to work and he began to think about who else he could find in the company. Soon, he thought of a person, so he took out his cellphone and made a phone call.  

    The phone quickly connected. Bai Chuan didn’t wait for the other party to speak, he immediately said: “Where’s my lunch?”  

    He was having lunch with the other bosses. Bai Zheng, whose eyes were full of delicacies and seafood: “…”  

    “President Bai, did something happen at the company?” Someone saw Bai Zheng’s complexion was wrong. 

    “Sorry, I have to step out and make a call.” Bai Zheng picked up the phone and went out to call his assistant. 

    Lu Yang was Bai Zheng’s assistant. He just returned from the cafeteria and was preparing to sort out the materials for Bai Zheng’s meeting in the afternoon. He received a call from his boss. 


    “Have you eaten?” 

    Lu Yang blinked in wonder. When did the President care about whether he has eaten or not, but he truthfully replied: “Just finished.”  

    “Have you forgotten to eat ah?” 

    Lu Yang, even if he was stupid, could hear that something was wrong. He was scared and almost cried: “President, if I did something wrong, please make it clear. I will correct it.”   

    “When you’re hungry and know how to eat, why didn’t you remember to send Xiao Chuan food?” Bai Zheng asked. 

    “Second… Second Young Master.” Wang Jing had always delivered meals to Bai Chuan, but at this time, Lu Yang certainly couldn’t say that Wang Jing didn’t deliver it. So, he could only promise, “I’ll send it to the Second Young Master.”  


    For the first time, Lu Yang, who was humph by Bai Zheng, shivered with fear. He turned to find Wang Jing and showered her with questions, “Secretary Wang, you didn’t deliver the meal to Second Young Master today?”  

    Wang Jing said with a face full of grievance. “I… I wanted to deliver, but this morning, the President said that he doesn’t want me to take care of Second Young Master anymore.”  

    Lu Yang frowned, and strangely glanced at Wang Jing. There were three secretaries in the President’s office. Wang Jing’s ability wasn’t outstanding, but she was kept in the President’s office because she was patient and took care of Second Young Master. What’s going on now? On the first day of his return from vacation, she offended him?  

    “The President doesn’t let you take care of the Second Young Master anymore, so you don’t hand over your work? If you don’t deliver the meal, why didn’t you remind others to send it?” Lu Yang asked. 

    “I’m sorry, I’ll send it now.” Wang Jing said that as she was going downstairs. 

    “No need! I will personally deliver it.” Where did Lu Yang dare to give the task to Wang Jing? He went to the cafeteria to prepare the meal, then sent it to the office in the R&D department.  

    “Second Young Master, lunch.” Lu Yang placed the lunch box in front of Bai Chuan. 

    Bai Chuan looked at the time. It was 12:46,18He called his brother at 12:31, this is really fast, Lu Yang is sure able, to do all this in 15 minutes, please note this is a huge corporation, so for him to run to the president’s office to yell at Wang Jing, then to the cafeteria to make him food, then up the elevator to the R&D, that is fucking speedy. To give you guys perspective, my company is very small and it takes me about 6 minutes just to walk to my office from the timeclock he still had time to finish the meal. So, his impression of Lu Yang was good, since he sent him the meal in time. After thinking about it, he took out a packet of wedding candy and gave it to Lu Yang.   

    “Thank you, Second Young Master.” Lu Yang was flattered and surprised when he took it, then suddenly felt that as long as there was this packet of wedding candy he wouldn’t be in trouble when the President returns in the afternoon.19Lol BC just handed out a jail free token to him so he can escape punishment 

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