My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 34

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Another Onset 

“The shoes are already on the market.” In the studio, Fang Hui sat next to Mu Xiaoya with a computer tablet.  

    “How?” Mu Xiaoya asked. Their first batch of their brand-name shoes were sold through the exclusive store of Fang Hui’s uncle, but the price is 50% higher than the other shoes in his shop, so they weren’t too optimistic on projected sales.  

    “It was only put out this afternoon, the sales data we will look at tomorrow.” Fang Hui said. 

    “Evenings and weekends are prime time for sales. It will take about two days to know the popularity of our shoes.” Mu Xiaoya said. 

    “I suddenly feel nervous, what should I do?” Fang Hui frowned. 

    “Didn’t you promise me that it didn’t matter if we don’t make a profit and don’t lose money? Why are you nervous now?” Mu Xiaoya smiled. 

    “When you have a business, isn’t it naturally to want to make money and not lose money?” Fang Hui’s mood was bad. 

    “Okay, there’s no use thinking about it now.” Mu Xiaoya closed the computer and stood up, carrying her bag. “I think it’s better for us to go home early and get some sleep. We will know the results tomorrow morning.” 

    “No, what time is it? You’re getting off work now?” Fang Hui looked at the time, and it wasn’t past five o’clock yet. 

    “There’s nothing to do today and I promised Xiao Chuan that I’ll be home at six o’clock today. Last time, I was late and made him wait for me.1If only she knows that that 15 minutes late was compared to a few months late in BC’s mind… This time, I have to go back early so I can be the one waiting for him.” Mu Xiaoya said.  

    “You guys are childish. You wait for me, I’ll wait for you.” As an adult, Fang Hui couldn’t accept this kind of love which seems like kindergarten children meeting each other to go to school every day.  

    Mu Xiaoya smiled and didn’t explain. The way she got along with Bai Chuan was simple and almost childish. But this childish thing might be the most important thing for Bai Chuan right now. Mu Xiaoya doesn’t know how long her patience will last or whether she can keep her promise to Bai Chuan every time. But, at least now, she was willing to cooperate with Bai Chuan’s childish way of getting along.  

    “Go.” She waved her hands to shoo her off and Mu Xiaoya pushed open the door and then drove back to the villa half an hour earlier.   

    Yifeng Group. 

    In the past afternoon, Bai Zheng had finished talking about an external cooperation. When he came back, he called all the department heads and had meetings with them nonstop. He didn’t come back to his office until he was almost off-duty.  

    “President.” Assistant Lu Yang smartly delivered a cup of warm water to quench his thirst. 

    Bai Zheng took a sip, moistened his throat and said, “After a while, arrange for a driver to take Xiao Chuan back.” 

    “Okay, I’ll arrange it.” Lu Yang immediately answered. 

    “Also, organize the meeting materials for me and order me dinner.” While talking, Bai Zheng took off his suit jacket and hung it on a hanger, then rolled up his sleeves. When he was about to continue working, he saw that his assistant was still standing at his desk and didn’t leave. 

    “Something else?” Bai Zheng asked. 

    “President…” Lu Yang hesitated a moment and took out a bag of red things from his pocket and put it on Bai Zheng’s desk. 

    “What is this?” Bai Zheng frowned. 

    “Wedding candy,” Lu Yang answered. 

    Bai Zheng was stupefied for a moment, wedding candy? 

    “Did you get married?” Bai Zheng subconsciously began to consider their work schedule. “The last few projects are very tight, and the fifth generation of VR games will be released soon. I won’t be able to grant you leave because of this period of time. Because of this, I can ask the Finance Department to send you an extra red envelope which will be your wedding gift. After the rush is over, I will give you a big holiday.”  

    ” …I didn’t get married.” Lu Yang, who wasn’t married, said awkwardly. 

    “You didn’t get married, then why are you giving me that wedding candy?” Bai Zheng was speechless. 

    “This is the wedding candy that Second Young Master gave me.” 

    Xiao Chuan? Bai Zheng looked coldly at the packet of wedding candy again with a different look.2Big bro is jelly!  

    “I heard that when Second Young Master arrived at the company today, he came with a large bag of wedding candies. At the door, he gave a bag of wedding candy to security guard Xiao Chen. Then to the entire R&D department, there isn’t one person who didn’t receive the wedding candy. This was given to me when I went to deliver the meal at noon.” As Bai Zheng’s assistant, Lu Yang clearly knew his boss’s love for his younger brother, Bai Chuan. Even if ten-million-yuan worth of investment projects were completed, Bai Zheng will be happier when his family’s Second Young Master made some progress in autism.  

    “And… open it up and have a look.” Lu Yang reminded again. 

    Bai Zheng glanced at Lu Yang, took the wedding candy and opened the packet according to his words, then pulled out the pink note inside. Then he stared at it for a long time without speaking.  

    Lu Yang knew at this time, he should leave, so he was going to take back his wedding candy and go out to arrange a driver for Second Young Master. Unexpectedly, his finger just touched the edge of the happy candy and was held down by Bai Zheng.  

    “President, this is the wedding candy that Second Young Master gave me.” Lu Yang suddenly had a bad premonition when he saw Bai Zheng’s overbearing posture. 

    “Didn’t you bring it to me?” Bai Zheng asked. 

    “I… that’s…” It was just to show you… 

    At Bai Zheng’s cold sight, Lu Yang really didn’t have the courage to say what he wanted to say. 

    Abandoning the wedding candy, Lu Yang despondently left Bai Zheng’s office. When he closed the door, he dared to mumble, “He didn’t receive a wedding candy from his younger brother but goes and steals mine. I want to be granted some happiness. I’ll find a girlfriend this year.”3Maybe he will pair up with Fang Hui! 

    Bai Chuan’s attendance to work was extremely accurate, he walks into his office at 8:50. But on the contrary, he’s not so precise about his working hours. He usually leaves the office after finishing one of his tasks and suddenly realizes its time to go home. Then at this time, the R&D desk clerk, Xiao Li, will call the driver to let them know to wait at the company’s entrance.  

    Therefore, when Bai Chuan leaves work, it’s usually irregular, but after a long time, Xiao Li was able to predict the approximate time range. Bai Chuan will leave his office between 6:00 to 7:30 every evening. However, no one came out of their offices punctually at the end of the day. But today, from 1:00 to 5:30, Bai Chuan didn’t care that the program in his hand was only half written, he immediately shut down his computer and walked out of the office.   

    “Second Young Master is leaving work?” The programmers saw Bai Chuan suddenly left the office, then they quietly talked in the group chat again. 

    “No, the last program he was working on was only half written. Second Young Master has obsessive-compulsion disorder and won’t leave work unless he finishes it.” 

    “But Second Young Master is almost at the elevator door.”   

    “Maybe to use the restroom?” There was a restroom near the elevator entrance. 

    “Idiot, Second Young Master has a bathroom in his office.” 

    In order to make Bai Chuan feel comfortable, Bai Zheng prepared everything he could in Bai Chuan’s office. It can be said that as long as Bai Chuan was unwilling, he didn’t need to take a single step outside his office. So gradually, people in the R&D department knew that once Bai Chuan leaves the office, he must be ready to go home.  

    Bai Chuan walked out of the big office, then walked to the elevator on the right side.   

    “Second… Second Young Master, are you leaving work?” Xiao Li, the clerk asked with uncertainty.  

    Bai Chuan didn’t speak, instead he pressed the button for the elevator. When the elevator came up, he stepped in. 

    “Xiao Li, Second Young Master is leaving work to go home?” Yu Qian poked out his head and asked. 

    “I don’t know ah. Second Young Master didn’t answer.” Xiao Li hesitated for a moment and decided to pick up the desk phone to inform the driver downstairs. “Second Young Master just went down.”  

    “It seems that Second Young Master is really leaving work.” Yu Qian turned back and announced to everyone. 

    “Who, who cured our Second Young Master’s obsessive-compulsive disorder.” Someone cried out miserably, Second Young Master just returned from his one-month long vacation and didn’t dare to expect how much Second Young Master should work, but they were hoping he would finish the program he had at hand ah.   

    “No, I don’t think Second Young Master’s obsessive-compulsive disorder was cured, but when Second Young Master’s message arrived to us simultaneously from the control center,4They are calling BC’s computer the central control center loool Second Young Master’s priority changed to execute a higher-level task.” A’Tong Mu suddenly stood up and said.  

    “What’s the higher-level task?” Everyone wondered in confusion. 

    “His wife called him home for dinner.” 


    It took Bai Chuan three minutes to take the elevator from the office to downstairs, and another one minute to get on the car and fasten his seatbelt. He calculated that it would only take 20 minutes to drive from the company to the house. He can make it home before six.  

    After the driver began driving, Bai Chuan sat in the backseat and silently counted the time. He calculated the time to get off work, the time to get on and off the elevator, the speed, but he forgot to calculate traffic. In other words, the former Bai Chuan has never paid attention to traffic while commuting to work.  

    At 5:30 in the afternoon, most companies in the city was already off work. This was the peak time for traffic congestion. Less than ten minutes after driving, the car obviously slowed down. It wasn’t until six o’clock that they were a little more than halfway.  

    The driver responsible for taking Bai Chuan home didn’t know that Bai Chuan had a need to go home before six o’clock. After encountering the traffic jam, he lowered his speed and slowly matched the turtle speed of traffic. He drove forward with patience until a sudden burst of sound came from behind.  

    It’s six o’clock! 

    Bai Chuan glanced outside the car and found that he didn’t return home on time. He suddenly became anxious. He wanted to go home and see Xiaoya. He hurriedly reached out to open the door, trying to get out of the car to walk back, but when he tried to open it, he found that he couldn’t open it. Then he tried it a few more times to no avail.   

    Why couldn’t he open it? 

    The anxiety was instantly magnified infinitely, and the action of opening the door became more and more violent. At last, Bai Chuan hit the door with his body, trying to open the door.  

    “Second young, Second Young Master, what’s wrong with you? You can’t get out of the car now.” The driver was just assigned to take Bai Chuan home. He has never seen this scene before. He was scared and didn’t know what to do.  

    “It’s six o’clock. I’m going home. I’m going home. It’s six o’clock.” Bai Chuan kept repeating six o’clock, going home, while hitting the door with his own shoulder, making a muffled sound. 

    “Second young, Second Young Master, don’t hit the door.” The driver was scared but he couldn’t do anything but shout. 

    “It’s six o’clock, I’m going home.” Bai Chuan kept repeating this sentence and couldn’t hear any outside sound. 

    “Second young, Second Young Master!” If he hits it like this again, he will be injured. The driver gritted his teeth, looked at an empty seat, moved the car to the side of the road, then pulled the emergency break, took off his seatbelt and climbed to the backseat to prevent Bai Chuan from injuring himself. 

    The driver tightly held Bai Chuan’s waist from behind and pulled back hard, but the space in the compartment was small, and coupled with Bai Chuan’s strength during his onset, the driver couldn’t hold Bai Chuan back at all, so he could only minimize the impact. In the space, the driver was even hit in the face by Bai Chuan’s elbow several times, clenching his teeth in pain.   

    While the driver was thinking about what to do, Bai Chuan, who was struggling violently in his arms, suddenly stopped. He stopped hitting the door, slowly reached into his pocket, and pulled out his cellphone that was brightly lit from his pocket.  

    Did someone call Second Young Master? However, the ringtone from the phone rung with a strange Didi. Even he couldn’t hear it if he didn’t pay attention to it, and definitely wouldn’t have been able to hear it with Second Young Master’s onset.  

    “Hey, Xiao Chuan, are you off work? When will you be home?” When the call was connected, Mu Xiaoya’s voice came from the phone. 

    “It’s 6:10, 6:10, 6:10.” Bai Chuan glanced at the time on the cellphone, and his whole person began to enter a state of panic again.  

    “Hey, hello, Xiao Chuan, what’s wrong with you?” Mu Xiaoya heard Bai Chuan and knew something wasn’t right, then asked anxiously. 

    “6:10, 6:10, 6:11…” As time passed by another minute and one second, Bai Chuan became more and more anxious, which made him unable to focus so he could answer Mu Xiaoya’s question. 

    When the driver saw that Bai Chuan was unable to communicate normally, he could only press the speaker button on his cellphone and shout to the person on the other end of the phone, “Hello, I’m the driver who is tasked to send Second Young Master back. Second Young Master seems to be having an issue.”   

    “What, what’s going on?” 

    “Just now, Second Young Master kept trying to get out of the car and hit the door with his body. Finally, I managed to stop him. Now…” The driver glanced at Bai Chuan and said, “He’s not hitting the door and been saying 6:10. Oh, he also said 6 o’clock and going home.” 

    “Sir, what’s your surname?” Mu Xiaoya, who guessed the reason, calmed down.  

    “My surname is Ma.” 

    “Sir Ma, please put the cellphone to Xiao Chuan’s ear and turn the volume to the maximum.” Mu Xiaoya commanded. 

    The driver looked at it, put it in place, then heard the girl in the cellphone say to Bai Chuan in a very light tone: “Xiao Chuan, I’m going to come pick you up. Will you wait for me in the car?”   

    After repeating this sentence five times consecutively, Bai Chuan gradually returned to his senses: “Are you coming to pick me up?” 

    “Yes, I’m already on the way. Will you wait for me in the car for a while?” 


    “Then give your cellphone to the driver next to you. I have something to tell him.” 

    Bai Chuan turned his head dumbly, glanced at the strange driver next to him, and passed the cellphone. Sir Ma took the phone and put it against his ear: “It’s me.” 

    “Sir Ma, please send me your GPS coordinates on Xiao Chuan’s cellphone. Before I come, watch him carefully and don’t let him get out of the car or hurt himself. I have to trouble you.” Mu Xiaoya sincerely asked. 

    “Okay!” Sir Ma didn’t dare to let Bai Chuan out of the car. He locked the car from the inside, then sat beside Bai Chuan to guard him. At the same time, he called to inform the company to report that Second Young Master, the chairman’s son, something had happened, and he couldn’t explain it.   

    The moment Lu Yang received the call, his frightened face was completely pale with fear, and he rushed into the President’s office: “President, Second Young Master had an issue on the way home.” 


    In fact, the place where Bai Chuan’s car was located was very close to the Bai family’s villa, so Mu Xiaoya arrived at Bai Chuan’s location faster than Bai Zheng, but the traffic jam was more serious at this time. Seeing that she was less than a kilometer away from Bai Chuan and that the car was blocked, she decided with difficulty to walk.  

    “Uncle Li, I’ll run over first, and you can slowly drive the car over.” Mu Xiaoya anxiously pushed the car door open and ran out without waiting for Uncle Li’’s response.   

    Mu Xiaoya ran between traffic, runs for a few steps, and felt that her speed wasn’t fast enough. Mu Xiaoya simply took off her high-heeled shoes and ran with them in her hands. After running for about ten minutes, Mu Xiaoya finally saw Bai Chuan’s car.  

    She ran over to the window of the backseat and saw Bai Chuan inside. 

    Bai Chuan was sitting upright in the back seat, holding his mobile phone in his hand, and she wasn’t sure what he was saying.  

    Seeing that Bai Chuan was okay, Mu Xiaoya was relieved. She leaned down, and gently knocked on the window next to Bai Chuan, and called out, “Xiao Chuan.”  

    Hearing the familiar voice, Bai Chuan turned his head and saw Mu Xiaoya outside the window. His eyes lit up immediately and he was excited to open the door and get out.   

    The driver didn’t stop him this time. He unlocked the car and let Bai Chuan open the door smoothly. 

    “Xiaoya.” Bai Chuan hurried out of the car and grabbed Mu Xiaoya’s arm. Mu Xiaoya was pushed by him and stumbled. The person took two steps back and the high-heeled shoes in her hands fell.  

    “I’m here.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t care about picking up her shoes and carefully observed Bai Chuan’s expression. Fortunately, it doesn’t look too serious. 

    “Xiaoya, Xiaoya, Xiaoya…” Bai Chuan kept shouting, and Mu Xiaoya let him shout. He shouted and Mu Xiaoya replied until Bai Chuan calmed down. 

    “At six o’clock, I didn’t go home.” Bai Chuan’s voice was full of grievances. He promised Xiaoya that he would go home at six o’clock, but now it’s 6:46 and he’s still not home. 

    Did this really happen because he didn’t arrive home on time? 

    “It’s okay.” Mu Xiaoya said calmly and softly, “Aren’t I here to take you home?” 

    “I’m late, I didn’t go home on time at six o’clock.” 

    “I’m was late too ah. Last week, I was late because of the traffic jam and you were waiting for me.” Mu Xiaoya said. 

    “I don’t want you to wait for me. When you wait, time is very slow.” Bai Chuan didn’t like the feeling that time moved very slowly.   

    So, when you were waiting for me, did you always feel that time was slow? 

    “…I didn’t wait for you ah. I came to you.” Mu Xiaoya suddenly wanted to cry. 

    After thinking for a while, Bai Chuan thought that Mu Xiaoya’s explanation seemed very reasonable. 

    Yes, Xiaoya didn’t wait, instead she came to find him. This realization made Bai Chuan a little bit happy and he couldn’t help but smile.   

    “Shoes.” After smiling, Bai Chuan noticed Mu Xiaoya’s shoes besides her feet. He bent down, helped Mu Xiaoya straighten the crooked heels, and help put them on Mu Xiaoya’s feet. 

    Mu Xiaoya raised her feet and put on her shoes. 

    “Xiao Chuan, let’s go home.” Mu Xiaoya pulled Bai Chuan back and returned to the car. 

    Traffic was still congested. People constantly honked which caused headaches. When a driver merges their car into traffic, it caused traffic to slow even further. But Bai Chuan in the backseat was no longer impatient. Sir Ma took a look from the mirror. Their Second Young Master was holding the girl’s hand just now and their eyes were bright as if they were in a good mood.  

    He deduced this is Second Young Master’s wife from listening to the security guard Xiao Chen who was given a wedding candy at the company today.   

    At a distance of more than ten meters from their car, Bai Zheng stopped and watched Bai Chuan’s car leave until Lu Yang drove over.5The brother also ran over in traffic like Mu Xiaoya 

    “President, what about Second Young Master?” Lu Yang asked strangely when he saw that Bai Zheng who got out of the car to run to find Second Young Master but was stunned on the side of the road instead.  

    “Go home.” Bai Zheng thought of the note in the wedding candy and the state of Mu Xiaoya who ran barefoot in traffic just now. It seems that he was finally convinced that this woman was sincere towards his younger brother.  

    “Go back to the company.” Bai Zheng return to the car.  

    “Ah?” Lu Yang was surprised. This person with brother complex, whenever Second Young Master had an issue, usually he always goes to see him, but not only didn’t he go see him, he still was in the mood to return to the company?   

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