My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 42

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Don’t Want to Scare Him 

  When they came out of the reception room, Fang Hui was waiting at the coffee bar by the door. She had three cups of coffee in front of her, she took one for herself and the other two were obviously prepared for them. 

  The two walked over and sat down. Mu Xiaoya picked up the sugar cubes, put two pieces of sugar into Bai Chuan’s coffee, stirred it, and handed it to Bai Chuan. 

  Bai Chuan took it, took a sip, and looked happy. 

  En, not bitter. 

  ”Would you like another piece of sugar?” Mu Xiaoya only remembered that Bai Chuan didn’t like bitter things when he was a child, and she didn’t know if he accepted the taste of the coffee. 

  Bai Chuan shook his head. 

  Mu Xiaoya then put down the sugar bowl, picked up her own cup of coffee, and smiled. She asked the smiling woman across from her: “Who are you chatting with? Why do you smile so happily?” 

  ”With Nuonuo, I told her that your husband took the initiative to shake my hand and she didn’t believe it.” Fang Hui replied. 

  ”…” Mu Xiaoya was speechless, what can it be compared to? 

  ”Bai Chuan, how is the coffee? Is it delicious?” Fang Hui saw Bai Chuan drink several mouthfuls of coffee, thinking that her coffee making skills have improved, and couldn’t help asking. 

  Bai Chuan glanced at her and smiled without speaking. 

  This smile is particularly shy, like a feather. It scratched Fang Hui’s heart and tickled her. She wanted to grab it and hide it directly in her home.  

  It seems that Fang Hui was suddenly critically hit by a storm, she covered her chest and groaned. “Sin ah!” 

  ”What’s wrong?” Mu Xiaoya looked at someone who had a sudden heartache. 

  ”It’s nothing. It’s just that for a moment, I got excited when I began to see the light.” It’s human nature to yearn for good things. Bai Chuan’s smile has a kind of magic, which was the kind with a clean essence that is rarely seen in normal adults, like a beam of light, shining onto all things in the world and that will never be smudged by foreign things.  

  Mu Xiaoya yelled at Fang Hui angrily; Fang Hui laughed, bowed her head, and continued to dispute with Liang Nuonuo. 

  After the three finished their coffee, they went to the residential area together. 

  The wedding house that Bai Zheng bought for them was very close to the studio. When they exit the studio, they turned right, and the gate of the community was only 100 meters ahead. Because it was a new community, the occupancy rate is less than half, but the security measures of the community were very competent. If it wasn’t for Mu Xiaoya who had the real estate certificate, they were afraid they wouldn’t have been able to enter the gate of the community.   

  Walking in from the gate, there were luxuriant foliage surrounded by the green plants on both sides of the road. There was a small garden full of design sense, and there was a music fountain in the center of the community. The lane in the community were divided by pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and there were almost no parked cars on the road, which made the whole community look safe and tidy.  

  ”This is the building, right.” Fang Hui said, pointing to the building in front of her. 

  ”I’ll try.” Mu Xiaoya took the access card she just obtained from property management, went up and swiped it, after a click, the door opened.   

  The three went in and took the elevator to the top floor. The door lock to the unit had a combination lock. After entering the password quickly, Mu Xiaoya finally saw the interior design of the new house.  

  As Bai Zheng mentioned in the beginning, the room was meticulously renovated. Even though the furniture in the room was removed and caused the whole room to look empty but the high-end wooden floors, the kitchen with the marble-topped table, and the balcony with seamless tiles, all show the exquisite decoration.  

  As soon as she entered the door, Fang Hui was more excited than the two owners. She ran into the room clumsily. After looking downstairs, she turned and ran up to the upstairs. 

  Mu Xiaoya circled the living room. She like it here after glancing at the pure white walls, huge floor-to-ceiling windows, and plenty of light.   

  ”Xiao Chuan, do you like it here?” Mu Xiaoya turned back and asked Bai Chuan. 

  ”Like.” Bai Chuan didn’t really have many requirements on where to live, as long as Xiaoya was there. So as long as Mu Xiaoya likes it, he will like it. 

  ”In the future, it will only be us two living here.” Maybe everyone dreams of their own home, without their parents, but with their own family and the one they love. This home will be carefully decorated personally. Every piece of furniture will be personally selected, and it may not be luxurious and exquisite, but it will be very comfortable.  

  ”This living room is almost over 30 square meters, and it’s also connected to the kitchen. Later, we will put an oversized sofa here, facing the TV wall, then we will buy a big TV and watch TV on the sofa every night.” Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help but start planning, “Or you sit here and watch TV, I’ll cook over there, and then we eat together. After eating, you have to help me wash the dishes.” 

  ”Cooking?” Bai Chuan repeated subconsciously, his eyes widened unconsciously. 

  ”Yes ah, although I can’t compare with aunt at home, but it’s not too bad.” She lived abroad for four years, and Mu Xiaoya was self-taught in cooking. Regardless of the chef’s level, there is definitely no problem with homemade dishes. 

  Bai Chuan glanced at the kitchen, imagined Mu Xiaoya standing there cooking for him, and was in a good mood.  

  ”Xiao Chuan, this is the bedroom.” Mu Xiaoya led Bai Chuan to the bedroom. There is also an on-suite balcony in the master bedroom. Although this balcony isn’t as large as the living room, the design is more refined. “We will also buy a small table like the balcony in the villa and put it here. You can use it to read on the balcony in the future.” 

  ”En.” Bai Chuan really likes reading. 

  “We will put the bed here. Then here we will lay a bigger carpet and add a few pillows. When it rains or its winter, we can open the curtains and sit on the carpet to look at the outside scenery.”  


  ”Let’s make the closet in the next room. There’s no one living there anyways. I want to hang all my clothes, so it’s easier to choose clothes.” 


  ”We can make a study room in the loft upstairs, then get a tatami mat. It should be able to store a lot of books. Let’s go up and have a look…” Mu Xiaoya pulled Bai Chuan to the loft. When she reached the stairway to the loft, she saw Fang Hui sitting on the first step leading to the loft.  

  She supported her chin with both hands and looked at them with a smile on her face. 

  ”Why are you sitting here?” While Mu Xiaoya was seriously planning the house, she nearly forgotten about Fang Hui’s existence. 

  ”I’m afraid of disturbing you two while you guys are planning for the future ah.” As early as ten minutes ago, Fang Hui had finished looking at the loft. She was excited to express her opinion of the house, but when she saw Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan portraying their future excitedly, Fang Hui suddenly changed her mind. 

  These two people, one replied while the other excitedly gestured. The other had an indulging smile, and the joyous mood was like the dust under the sunlight, glowing. This is their home, where can she, an outsider, say anything more. Having realized this, she quietly crouched at the stairs, trying not to disturb them.  

  ”Have you looked upstairs? How is it?” Mu Xiaoya asked. 

  ”Yes, I’ve seen it. Rest assured, it’s very suitable as a study.” Fang Hui smiled and moved away from the stairs. “Go up and have a look.” 

  ”Come on, let’s go up.” Mu Xiaoya wasn’t polite and pulled Bai Chuan to run upstairs.  

  Fang Hui naturally didn’t want to follow-up by expressing her opinion. She went to the living room and looked from north to south in the transparent large living room windows and suddenly smiled. She was relieved and wished them well. Mu Mu didn’t lie. She didn’t marry Bai Chuan out of sympathy.  

  ”It seems that my presence to come is a bit redundant ah…” Fang Hui couldn’t help laughing at herself, “I have to find someone to renovate a house together with ah.”1Bai Zheng?! 

  Because it took a lot of time to go through the property procedures, so after the brief visit, it was already noon. The three left the community to go to a nearby mall for lunch.  

  ”The terrace upstairs is quite large. I want to make a small garden on it.” On the second floor of the house, in addition to a loft and storage room, there was also a huge terrace. 

  ”It’s a good idea, but how will you keep those flowers alive?” Fang Hui, who knows her friend well, couldn’t help but roast. Mu Xiaoya loves planting plants, but always water casually and view plants with anthropomorphism feelings. That is, whether the flowers are thirsty or not, Mu Xiaoya felt they were thirsty, and let the plants drink desperately. So far, from her hands, only the green radishes were alive and grew strongly. 

  ”…I can’t support myself alone, how can I support two?” Mu Xiaoya refused to accept. 

  ”It takes two people to raise a flower. You should raise a child.” 

  Mu Xiaoya’s hands were stiff, and her face was unnatural for a moment. 

  Seeing Mu Xiaoya’s expression, Fang Hui knew that she probably said something wrong. 

  Mu Xiaoya likes children very much. When they discussed the future together, Mu Xiaoya even said that when she gets married, she will have at least two children. But now when it comes to children, Mu Xiaoya shows this expression, was it… because Bai Chuan didn’t understand this concept? 

  ”Well, I’ll leave after eating.” Fang Hui changed the subject and dared not think about it too deeply.  

  ”Are you okay ah?” 

  ”I’m fine, but it’s a waste of a good weekend to be abused by you oppressive dogs.” Just now at their new house, she already had her fill of dog food.  

  Mu Xiaoya smiled and put a chicken wings in her bowl. 

  ”Since the furniture money is provided by your family’s big brother, then I can only send you some small things. The plants on the terrace, I’ll pack it for you.” Fang Hui said generously, “I must pick the strongest plants.” 

  ”You won’t give me a cactus, right?” Mu Xiaoya said with fear. 

  ”You will know by then.” 

  ”Xiao Chuan, Fang Hui said she would send us plants for the terrace.” Mu Xiaoya said to Bai Chuan beside her.  

  Although Bai Chuan has been silent for the entire time, what Mu Xiaoya said, he listened to this entire time. Naturally, he remembered what Fang Hui said and he wasn’t against Fang Hui because Fang Hui has the same aura as in the cherry orchard. Like Liang Nuonuo, she is a good friend of Xiaoya. 

  ”Thank you.” Bai Chuan thanked softly. 

  ”Bai Chuan, just thanked me. I will not buy cactus, I’ll buy flowers.” Fang Hui sighed and looked at Mu Xiaoya, “I don’t know why, those same two words, when your husband says it, it’s better than when you say it.”  

  After eating, the three hiked back. Mu Xiaoya decided to send Fang Hui away first, then she and Bai Chuan will go back to the house and continue planning for the furnishing. They still have a lot of prep work to do, such as the size of the bed being placed in the room, the size of the windows, the size of the curtains that needs to be customized, etc…  

  ”Be careful on the road.” In the parking lot, Mu Xiaoya waved at Fang Hui who sat inside her car. 

  Before starting the car, Fang Hui glanced at her friend, then at Bai Chuan beside her. The more she looked, the more she felt that it was a pity that such a young man was so blind in Mu Xiaoya’s hands, so she couldn’t help but stretch out her finger and hooked towards Mu Xiaoya. 

  Mu Xiaoya walked to her in doubt. 

  ”What?” Mu Xiaoya asked. 

  ”You and Bai Chuan, don’t you have that …” Fang Hui asked. 

  Mu Xiaoya didn’t expect that Fang Hui would actually ask this, and in front of Bai Chuan, she suddenly glared angrily at her friend: “Why do you care.” 

  This expression, this tone, it’s inappropriate. Are you really married ah, are these four words from a married woman?  

  Fang Hui sighed. Mu Xiaoya’s face was always thin. When she was in college, she had three boyfriends, but Mu Xiaoya never talked about them. Once, she saw her kissing her boyfriend in the dormitory. Although Mu Xiaoya didn’t run away, she was more uncomfortable than the persons involved.  

  ”Mu Mu, I know that you have thin skin, but there are some things that only you can take initiative ah.” Fang Hui persuaded earnestly, “Moreover, it’s only the two of you behind closed doors, and no one who takes the initiative will know ah…” 

  ”Shut up.” 

  Before Fang Hui finished talking, Mu Xiaoya stood up angrily, pulled Bai Chuan away, and quickly escaped from the parking lot. 

  ”Mu Mu, now it’s the 21st century, our thinking is liberated ah…” Fang Hui leaned out her body to shout with an unwilling heart. 

  Liberated, what’s liberated, where are her thoughts so conservative, she’s just… 

  Mu Xiaoya stopped and looked at Bai Chuan who had a calm look under the tree’s shade, she just… didn’t want to scare Bai Chuan who didn’t know how to love.  

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