My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 43

Translated by Novice Translations 

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Thunderstorm Sky, Want to Kiss You 

  To decorate the new house, there are too many things to consider, but this feeling of filling the home little by little gave a fulfilling sense of happiness. This kind of happiness can dilute all one’s fatigue. 

  Bai Chuan was immersed in Mu Xiaoya’s vision, and for the first time, desperately wanted to live in a completely strange house. He wanted the big sofa that Mu Xiaoya said, the one that would let them both watch TV and sleep without going back to the bedroom when they were sleepy. He wanted a big TV on the opposite wall and buy a good stereo that Mu Xiaoya said to experience the effect of the cinema at home. He wanted to see Mu Xiaoya in the kitchen preparing dinner for them on the marbled counters. At that time, he wanted to help her prepare the dishes and eat together, and then he would wash all the dishes and put them back in the cupboard. 

  He wanted to read a book in the loft with Mu Xiaoya, let the sunlight shine through the colored glass windows, and sprinkle on the beige tatami. 

  He likes this house; this is only his and Mu Xiaoya’s house. 

  ”Boom ~~” 

  A muffled noise came from the sky, which alarmed Mu Xiaoya who was lying on the ground, hesitating about what color sofa to buy. 

  ”It’s really going to rain.” Mu Xiaoya looked at the sky that was gradually covered by clouds outside. In the morning, Uncle Li said that there would be rain, but she didn’t believe that there would be, until now.  

  It rained and thundered. 

  Bai Chuan stared blankly out the window with his eyes flashing unknowingly.  

  ”Xiao Chuan, go and turn on the light in the living room.” The sky was covered by thunderclouds, and the room darkened at once. Mu Xiaoya could hardly see the words on her notebook, “It got so dark so fast and it will rain heavily for a while. I’ll close the bedroom and loft windows.”  

  Mu Xiaoya threw the notebook in her hand on the ground and stood up from the ground. When she was about to go to the bedroom to close the window, Bai Chuan suddenly caught her arm.  

  ”Xiao Chuan?” Mu Xiaoya turned around in surprise, but at this time the sky was already very dark, and the living room’s light wasn’t on. She couldn’t see the expression on Bai Chuan’s face and could only ask him, “What’s wrong?” 

  ”It’s raining.” Bai Chuan’s voice was a little dull. 

  ”I know, it should be thunderstorm. Although the sky looks scary, the rain will stop soon. Don’t be afraid.” Mu Xiaoya comforted. 

  ”It’s thundering.” After Bai Chuan said this, there was another muffled sound from the sky, like the suppressed roar of a wild beast, and his Adam’s apple rolled in his throat.  

  ”You …” Mu Xiaoya remembered that Bai Chuan was afraid of thunder, how could she forget! 

  ”Don’t be afraid, the thunder won’t hurt us.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t get to close the window. She stood on her tiptoes and struggled to cover Bai Chuan’s ears, fearing that Bai Chuan would be scared by the thunder again. While covering his ears, she wanted to find a nearby shelter to make Bai Chuan more secure. 

  ”Xiao Chuan, let’s go to the bathroom.” The bathroom window is small, unlike the living room that was attached to the balcony, hiding there wouldn’t be as scary.  

  ”It’s raining.” Bai Chuan didn’t follow Mu Xiaoya’s instructions and stood stunned in the same spot in the living room, mechanically repeating these words.  

  Mu Xiaoya thought that Bai Chuan was afraid, but if the lights in the living room were on at this time, she would find that there was no trace of fear on Bai Chuan’s face. 

  ”I know, let’s go to the bathroom.” Mu Xiaoya dragged Bai Chuan, but Bai Chuan grabbed her and pulled towards the opposite direction. 

  ”Xiao Chuan?” Bai Chuan’s hand was steady and strong, Mu Xiaoya was pulled by him, and watched him go straight to the balcony. Then he opened the floor to ceiling window of the balcony and took her to the stormy balcony.  

  Only a moment later, the two were drowned wet by the heavy rain. 

  ”Boom~~” There was another thunder in the sky, a flash of light flashed behind the clouds. With the electric light, Mu Xiaoya saw the wet Bai Chuan. He stood with his back towards the sky and looked down at her. But the dark environment still made her unable to see Bai Chuan’s expression. 

  What’s wrong? 

  ”Xiao Chuan, it’s raining. Let’s go in first.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t know what was wrong with Bai Chuan, but she didn’t feel good being rained on by the storm. She tried to take Bai Chuan back indoors first. 

  Seeing that Mu Xiaoya didn’t understand him, Bai Chuan had to lean forward along with her movements, and press Mu Xiaoya on the glass window of the balcony with his whole body, then lowered her head to remind her with actions.  


  Her eyes widened; her wet body was almost unsteady against the smooth glass window. The back of her waist was firmly supported by Bai Chuan. They kissed each other on the rainy balcony, they kissed under the dark sky…  

  If Mu Xiaoya didn’t understand what Bai Chuan meant at this time, it was a waste of that honeymoon trip. At this moment, she seemed to return to that small dark and humid scene on the hillside. 

  Mu Xiaoya closed her eyes and took the initiative to deepen the kiss. 

  After the rainstorm continued for more than ten minutes, it gradually became calmer, the thunder clouds dispersed, and light returned to the world. 

  The two had also returned to the living room, leaning against the wall, sitting on the living room floor, wet and trembling. The rain ran from their bodies and dripped down from their clothes to the ground.   

  ”The bedroom window is open; the room must be soaked.” Mu Xiaoya said. 


  ”The loft door wasn’t closed. There must be more water coming through from the terrace.” 


  ”This kind of good flooring will cost a lot of money to be repaved if it’s damaged.” 


  ”You just, just ah, it’s all caused by you. What are you going to do now?” Mu Xiaoya asked angrily.  

  ”…I’ll wipe it.” Bai Chuan moved to stand up but was held down by Mu Xiaoya. 

  ”The only thing in this room that can be used as a rag is the clothes on our backs, but our clothes are also dripping wet.” Mu Xiaoya raised her sleeves, and a string of water droplets fell from the sleeve in an instant, then fell along the gap of the floor. 

  After being silent for a moment, Bai Chuan suddenly took off his jacket, wringed it in his hand and wringed out the water.  

  ”…” This was to wring it dry to wipe the floor, but still made water drop directly on the floor.   

  It seems that Bai Chuan also found that he made a mistake just now, so subconsciously he wiped the water with the jacket he just used to wring off the water.   


  When Bai Chuan finished, he found that his clothes were beginning to drip again. Suddenly, he frowned in embarrassment and looked helplessly at Mu Xiaoya. How innocent that expression was.  

  Mu Xiaoya covered her face, and couldn’t restrain herself, she just simply laughed generously. She laughed out loud and the whole person leaned unsteadily from side to side, as if she was having a recurring epilepsy.  

  Her husband is so TM1also written as TMD, short for motherfucking cute. 

  ”Why did you kiss me just now?” After laughing enough, Mu Xiaoya stroked his wet hair in front of his forehead and asked Bai Chuan with her head tilted. 

  ”It’s raining and it’s thundering.” Bai Chuan pursed his lips and answered uneasily. 

  Was Xiaoya angry? 

  ”Because I kissed you last time when it rained and thundered, so you kissed me this time because it rained and thundered, right?” Mu Xiaoya asked. 

  ”En.” Bai Chuan was a little guilty. After all, this incident only happened once. He wasn’t sure if it could be used as a convention between him and Mu Xiaoya. But he likes that kiss. He wants to make it a routine during thunderstorm days. He wanted to have a chance to experience that feeling again. 

  ”You’re stupid ah.” Sure enough, Mu Xiaoya, who confirmed her conjectures, couldn’t laugh or cry.  

  Xiaoya scolded me for being stupid, did she… dislike it? 

  ”Why do you have to kiss me on a thunderstorm day? It only rains a few days out of 365 days of the year. If you want to kiss me, you can do it any time ah.” 

  Bai Chuan’s dejected expression didn’t have time to form before he glowed like flowers blooming in spring. 

  ”I’m your wife, you can kiss me anytime, you don’t have to wait until it rains.” Even the more intimate things, you have the right. 

  Mu Xiaoya has never been so straightforward in saying words of endearment to anyone. Even in front of Bai Chuan, she was still a little uncomfortable. But she didn’t look away because of shyness. She was afraid that if she looked away, Bai Chuan wouldn’t understand. She wanted to look Bai Chuan in the eye, and tell him with voice, emotion, eyes and everything so Bai Chuan could understand.  

  I like your kisses. 

  Bai Chuan smiled, his eyes shining under his dimples. He leaned over and attached his face close to Mu Xiaoya’s face.  

  Mu Xiaoya didn’t hide, she blushed, and her heart thumped. Waiting for Bai Chuan’s next move, waiting for him to cover her lips little by little.   

  The thunderstorm outside the window has already stopped, but the thunderstorm in Bai Chuan’s heart has just begun. From this moment on, the kiss from that rainy day will appear every minute of his life. 

  Suddenly he liked thunderstorms. 

  ”How are we going to go out now ah.” It was more than ten minutes after Bai Chuan had kissed enough. 

  The two were still sitting on living room floor wet, with their hair disheveled and it was embarrassing.  

  ”Not going out.” Bai Chuan replied. 

  It was really simple and rude. Mu Xiaoya reluctantly tug the corner of her mouth helplessly; this untimely action caused a tingling pain. Even without looking in the mirror, Mu Xiaoya knew her mouth didn’t look good.  

  ”I’ll take my cellphone and ask someone to buy us clothes.” Fortunately, she put her cellphone on the marbled platform in the kitchen, so the cellphone survived, otherwise the two would really have to wait and naturally dry before going home.  

  Mu Xiaoya picked up her cellphone and found that there was more than a dozen missed calls, all of them from the Bai family. 

  ”Why didn’t we hear the sound.” Mu Xiaoya’s heart leaped and hurried returned Li Rong’s call.   


  ”Xiaoya, how are you? Is Xiao Chuan okay?” Li Rong asked panicky. 

  ”It’s okay, we’re fine.” 

  ”A big thunder just hit, and Xiao Chuan is afraid of thunder.” She called Mu Xiaoya as soon as thunder sounded, but Mu Xiaoya never answered, which made her worried. For fear that Xiao Chuan would suddenly having an issue and Mu Xiaoya wouldn’t be able to take care of him alone.  

  ”Xiao Chuan…” Mu Xiaoya glanced back at Bai Chuan who came over and said, “Xiao Chuan isn’t afraid of thunder.” 

  ”Xiao Chuan isn’t afraid of thunder?” Li Rong couldn’t believe it. 

  ”You tell Mom yourself.” Mu Xiaoya clutched the phone and whispered to Bai Chuan. 

  Bai Chuan nodded and leaned over to answer Li Rong who was on the other side of the phone, “I’m not afraid of thunder.” 

  ”Xiao Chuan? Are you okay? You’re really not afraid of thunder.” Li Rong still didn’t believe it as in Yuncheng, there were seldom thunderstorms, but every time there was, Bai Chuan’s mood wouldn’t be good.  

  ”En, I like thunder.” Bai Chuan added in a good mood. 

  ”Like thunder?” This was a strange direction of evolution.  

  ”Cough… that mom, please tell elder brother and dad that both I and Xiao Chuan are fine. I won’t return their calls one by one.” Mu Xiaoya coughed awkwardly, afraid that Bai Chuan would say something he shouldn’t. 

  ”Okay, then I’ll tell them.” 

  “And … there is some rain in the house here. I’m afraid the floors are soaked, so I need to clean it up before I can return.”  

  “I’ll ask Uncle Li to help you.” Li Rong said. 

  ”No, I’ll just take a mop and mop it up soon.” The two sides said a few more words before Mu Xiaoya hung up the phone. 

  After hanging up the phone, Mu Xiaoya ordered two sets of sportswear online, and bought some cleaning tools. Less than half an hour later, the doorbell rang. Mu Xiaoya knew it was the runner who arrived, then asked Bai Chuan to open the door.   

  Her current appearance really wasn’t suitable to appear in front of outsiders.  

  ”Hello, this is the clothes you ordered, a woman’s set, a men’s set and a mop…” As soon as the door opened, the errand brother saw a wet handsome man with rosy and full lips. 

  This is … how war breaks out ah. 

  ”Xiao Chuan, did you get the clothes?” Mu Xiaoya asked in a restless way from the bedroom. 

  The errand brother’s soul ignited in an instant, and his brain hole couldn’t stop. If he wasn’t mistaken, there’s nothing in this empty house, which is equivalent of the two people…  

  ”Got it.” Bai Chuan took the stuff, slammed the door shut with a bang, interrupting the endless imagination of the errand brother. 

Author’s Notes: 

I, myself, cried in this chapter … 

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