My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 44

Translated by Novice Translations 

Proofread by Yserieh 


  It was very late when the two returned yesterday, but they didn’t escape Uncle Li’s good eyesight of 20/20. They went out for a day and came back with different clothes. That night, it was reported to the Bai family’s parents.  

  Mother Bai excitedly dreamed in the middle of the night as she tossed and turn, so Father Bai couldn’t sleep well.  

  ”It was raining heavily yesterday. Xiaoya and Xiao Chuan must have been caught in the rain and they changed their clothes. What’s the fuss?” Father Bai didn’t understand why his wife was so excited.  

  ”You’re a strait-laced guy, that’s no fun.” Li Rong turned her back towards him, lifted the quilt and laid back down.   

  ”…” How am I a strait-laced guy? No, why aren’t I fun? Bai Guoyu sighed helplessly, afraid to speak again, for fear of being rushed away to the study for a while.  

  Because Li Rong didn’t talk to Bai Chuan very much last night, the next morning, Li Rong couldn’t help but ask a few more questions. 

  ”It was thundering yesterday, but Xiao Chuan really wasn’t scared?” Li Rong asked Mu Xiaoya. 

  ”Not scared, Xiao Chuan wasn’t afraid of thunder.” On a rainy day, even she looked a little scared. But Bai Chuan was able to lead her to the rain and there wasn’t any fear. Thinking of this, Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help but think of the kiss in the rain yesterday. Frightened, she hurriedly took a sip of cold milk to cool herself down. 

  Although I knew about this from the phone call yesterday, Bai Chuan hated thunderstorms since he was a child. Now, he was suddenly not afraid of thunder, which made the Bai family feel it was mysterious.  

  How did he suddenly get better about thunder? 

  ”Xiao Chuan, why are you suddenly not afraid of thunder?” Li Rong asked, looking at Bai Chuan. 

  Bai Chuan stopped eating and frowned a little. He heard his mother’s question, but didn’t know how to express the change in his heart. 

  He was suddenly not afraid. 

  ”Xiao Chuan, Mom asked you something.” Mu Xiaoya thought that Bai Chuan didn’t hear her and whispered a reminder. 

  Bai Chuan looked at his mother, then looked at Mu Xiaoya, who reminded him. Then he suddenly leaned sideways, and before Mu Xiaoya could respond, kissed her.  

  ”In this way, I won’t be afraid.” Bai Chuan felt that this wave of action was clearly a way to explain.  


  ”Pa, snap!” 

  Bai Zheng’s chopsticks fell on the table, Bai Guoyu’s plate shattered on the ground, and Li Rong’s blush was even worse than Mu Xiaoya’s. The difference is that Mu Xiaoya was shy, while Li Rong was excited. 

  ”I… I’m done.” It’s nothing to be kissed when married, it’s nothing more to be kissed by my husband! But even though she’s married, she had her parents-in-law and her brother-in-law stare at them. She no longer could HOLD1lol the author literally wrote this word like this, as if she was wearing a mask or her face is so thin she has to hold it down or it will fly away! onto her face, Mu Xiaoya left her chopsticks and fled.  

  Bai Chuan froze for a moment, then followed his wife’s actions and placed down his chopsticks and left. 

  After the two parties left, the living room remained quiet for a while, until Li Rong’s excited scream broke the silence. 

  ”Is Xiao Chuan enlightened?!” Li Rong grabbed her husband’s sleeve and shook it excitedly. “I say, I guessed right. Women’s intuition is the most accurate.” 

  ”Yes, yes.” Bai Guoyu was also very pleased, but this kind of thing doesn’t need to be so obvious. Didn’t she see that both children were scared away? 

  After Bai Zheng was stunned for a moment, he calmly picked up the chopsticks he dropped and continued his unfinished breakfast. He was a serious man, not as old and shameless as his parents. They actually talked about their son’s and daughter-in-law’s unspeakable things behind their backs. 

  ”Husband, what you said is true. You let them move out to live. This has been only one day and there’s so much progress.” Li Rong was a little worried about Bai Chuan moving out, but now her worries were gone. 

  ”You won’t worry now?” Bai Guoyu smiled. 

  ”Won’t worry, won’t worry.” She was more than rest assured. She would like to let them move out today. “Bai Zheng, the house is a good choice.” 

  ”…” Bai Zheng has never been short of praise since he was a child and has never refused to accept praise. But today’s praise, he really doesn’t want to accept it. Does this matter have a logical relationship with the house he chose? 

  ”I’m done too.” Bai Zheng didn’t want to hear anymore, so he didn’t even drink his coffee and got up to leave the dining room.  

  ”Xiaoya is so busy with her work. So later, I’ll ask Uncle Li to help them decorate the house directly, so that they can move in faster.” 

  “Not at all, let them decorate their own house. Xiao Chuan has obsessive-compulsive disorder and won’t be satisfied and may be uncomfortable…”   

  “You say, if they move out and live together smoothly, will we be able to hold our grandchildren next year?” 

  ”Isn’t the development too fast?” 

  ”…” Bai Zheng left decisively while increasing his pace.  

  =2Author had this here…maybe it’s special to grumpy crab’s heart. I shall leave here for grumpy crab

  Here, Mu Xiaoya returned to the room with her face covered. She only felt that she had no face to go downstairs to meet people.  

  ”It’s okay, it doesn’t matter. Bai Chuan and I are a serious couple. What’s wrong with a kiss to the cheek?” Mu Xiaoya kept hypnotizing herself. But no matter how hard she hypnotized, as soon as she thought of the three’s surprised eyes downstairs just now, she wanted to dig a hole in the ground.  

  ”Ya!” Mu Xiaoya threw herself on the bed fiercely, rolled in the sheets and wrapped herself into a silkworm cocoon, and wailed, “I blame Xiao Chuan, why did he kiss me.”   

  As soon as Bai Chuan entered the room, he heard Mu Xiaoya blame him and his face turned pale immediately. He stood at the head of the bed with his lips drawn and looked at the rolled-up bedding and waited stubbornly. Until Mu Xiaoya calmed down and finally emerged from the quilt, he said aggrieved.  

  ”You said, I can kiss whenever I want.” 

  ”…” Mu Xiaoya blinked, and looked at her own husband’s stubborn eyes for a while. For a while, she was confused, what’s going on? 

  ”Did you forget again?” 

  ”I… no ah.” Even if her memory wasn’t good, she won’t forget what she promised yesterday.   

  ”Then are you going to renege?” Bai Chuan’s voice trembled, as if he was trying to suppress something. He could accept Mu Xiaoya’s bad memory, because he can remind her if she forgets. But if Mu Xiaoya renege, he doesn’t know what to do.   

  ”Renege? That…” 

  ”Not allowed!”3Overbearing president potential? Hot!  Before Mu Xiaoya finished speaking, Bai Chuan roared angrily. How can she renege what she promised? 

  ”Are you being fierce with me?” Mu Xiaoya wasn’t only dumbfounded at this time, but also felt novelty.  

  ”I…” I didn’t mean to be fierce with you, I just… I couldn’t control myself.4Please comfort this cinnamon roll, maybe he doesn’t have potential to be overbearing CEO after all, but it’s okay, he’s a cutie. 

  No, I promised Xiaoya that I will try to control myself when I’m about to have an onset. Bai Chuan reacted quickly. He turned around hurriedly, ran to the desk, opened the cupboard to get the headset that Mu Xiaoya got him and quickly opened the case and covered his ears.  

  Bai Chuan closed his eyes and collapsed on the chair as if he had found redemption. With his eyes closed, his world only had Mu Xiaoya’s singing, and his brain pictured them on that hillside in his mind. In this way, he won’t lose his temper.  

  That is… getting angry. 

  Across the desk, Mu Xiaoya looked quietly at Bai Chuan. It’s said that the mood of autistic patients is very unstable, and from time to time they will lose their temper for some inexplicable reason. But she has been with Bai Chuan for a long time and this was the first time she had seen Bai Chuan lose his temper, what’s more- the reason for the tantrum was pretty cute!   

  After listening to the singing from the headphones again, Bai Chuan’s emotions gradually calmed down. He opened his eyes and saw Mu Xiaoya at the other end of the table. 

  ”Xiaoya.” Bai Chuan put down the headphones, but his expression was still a little aggrieved.5Feel like it’s a puppy looking at her with puppy eyes 

  ”En?” Mu Xiaoya responded. She was curious about what Bai Chuan would say to her at this time. 

  ”You said that if you do something that makes me uncomfortable in the future, you can promise me a request, right?” Bai Chuan looked at Mu Xiaoya nervously, for fear that she would also forget this matter or renege.  

  ”En.” Mu Xiaoya nodded. 

  ”Then… I was uncomfortable just now.” Bai Chuan said. 

  ”Yes.” But you controlled yourself well. 

  ”I want to make a request.” Bai Chuan said sternly. 

  ”You say?” 

  ”Yesterday’s things… don’t regret it.” Bai Chuan’s tone was overbearing. “You can’t go back on what you promise me or regret it.” 

  ”Good.” Mu Xiaoya chuckled. 

  Forget it, I’m surrounded by onlookers. What’s the big deal? At worse, I will just have to develop thicker skin.  

  Bai Chuan, who was promised, was so happy that he laughed with Mu Xiaoya. The overbearing aura just now disappeared like a fleeting cloud in his deep dimples. 

  =6All hail our lord, Grumpy crab, this mark is left behind by our lord 

  Because of the small episode, Mu Xiaoya was put into a great mood all day, so her inspiration multiplied. Her work efficiency had improved sharply, and the new shoe design draft for the next season was completed one week in advance. 

  ”Have you been inspired by a muse recently? Your inspiration bursted out ah.” Fang Hui looked at Mu Xiaoya’s latest completed design draft and said, “And, I always think your design draft is much better than when you were in school. Compared with you, my designs are not presentable.” 

  Although when she went to university, her grades weren’t as good as Mu Xiaoya, but there wasn’t such a big gap. If inspiration is based on talent, she can’t be compared with her in that respect, even the completion of the design draft, Mu Xiaoya greatly surpassed her. Mu Xiaoya’s method of drawing design drafts were more concise and accurate, which was quite different from her previous ones.  

  ”Didn’t I plan to study abroad before? I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up before, so I did more assignments.” Mu Xiaoya explained. Her current design ability was developed after four years of polishing and studies, naturally it would be much better than in university. 

  ”Okay, anyway, the more excellent you are, the more advantageous it will be for me.” Fang Hui just marveled at her friend’s progress. She was envious, but she didn’t have much jealousy. “By the way, the shoe first week sales report was reported, which is ten percent higher than what we expected.” 

  ”Really?!” Mu Xiaoya was surprised and received the report handed by Fang Hui. Others didn’t read it, but went straight to the profit column and looked at it, “¥100,000…  we made ¥100,000 yuan in a week?” 

  ”Look at you are being foolish. Where are we now ah? There are only three kinds of shoes total, and the costs needs to be deducted. Half of the profit will be given to my uncle. Think about it, if all these are deducted, and their entire stores sells our shoes, how much do you think we earned?” Fang Hui seemed very calm in front of Mu Xiaoya. In fact, she didn’t react much better than Mu Xiaoya when she initially got the report.  

  ”I’m very satisfied.” When working as a designer in her previous life, Mu Xiaoya also produced several very popular shoes. At that time, the company gave her only ¥100,000 yuan as bonus. Now that she has a studio of her own, which can earn ¥100,000 yuan a week, and this profit is sustainable. If it keeps being sold, they will always profit.   

  ”If I work harder, I’ll catch up to Bai Chuan.” Mu Xiaoya said excitedly. 

  ”Why, isn’t your family’s Bai Chuan supporting you, ah?” Fang Hui squinted. 

  ”Supporting ah, he supports me, and I support him ah.” Mu Xiaoya said with a smile, “Husband and wife are financially interdependent, so marriage can last forever ah.” 

  ”How? Was there pressure when married into a big family ah?” 

  ”No……” Mu Xiaoya replied, “It’s just that my family is so excellent that I have to work hard ah.” 

  ”Will you die if you two don’t flaunt your love for each other in front of everyone ah?” Fang Hui couldn’t help rolling her eyes. 

  ”We will die regardless if we flaunt or not, so why don’t we enjoy it.” Mu Xiaoya replied cheeky. 

  ”Yi! Look at the goosebumps all over me.” Fang Hui directly extended her arm to Mu Xiaoya to show the goosebumps on her arm. 

  Mu Xiaoya was in a good mood and slapped. 

  ”You’re not afraid. You’ve become so excellent that others say that Bai Chuan isn’t worthy of you.” Fang Hui quipped. 

  ”I’m not afraid. Anyway, Bai Chuan doesn’t understand.” In this respect, Mu Xiaoya wasn’t worried at all. Don’t talk about Bai Chuan behind his back. If you talk to him face-to-face, her family’s Bai Chuan was too lazy to converse.   

  ”How can you be so proud and feel such superiority from such a depressing autism case.” Fang Hui sighed. 

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