My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 45

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Run Away 

  Yifeng Group. 

  Astro return from a meeting with the planning department and his body was hollowed out from the overtime, which was already crumbling. When people from the R&D department saw him, they knew that he must have been destroyed in the conference room again.  

  ”Boss, how is it?” The colleagues from the R&D department circled around him shadily and then, in uniform, asked.  

  ”Posted as scheduled.” These words, Astro almost cried out, “I’m going to resign now. No one stop me.” 

  ”No ah, if you leave, I’ll have to go to those meetings.” Fatty hurriedly held Astro to death so he wouldn’t resign. Astro is the head of the R&D department, and he was also the supervisor. If Astro resigns ah, then he will be the one on top. He also wanted to resign, but he had great pressure from the house he bought only a few years ago with the mortgage, so he didn’t dare resign ah.  

  ”It’s okay, you don’t have to quit. You can make second young master work overtime!” Although he’s the head of the R&D department, second young master’s position was transcendent in the R&D department. Only because his situation is special and he can’t do management work, this unlucky position was given to him.   

  His monthly salary is only 5,000 yuan1about $708.77 USD which isn’t much. About $177 USD per week as compensation for Astro’s stress which isn’t worth it IMO. more than Fatty per month, but how much he suffers ah. 

  ”I can’t do that ah.” Let the second young master work overtime, be careful of second young master’s having issues. 

  ”The planning department said that the game will be released on Chinese Valentine’s Day,2August 25th – Dates vary every year (7th day of the 7th Chinese lunar month) not only do we have to debug the game as scheduled, but also make an additional beautiful game promotion clip.” Astro said. 

  ”This is to kill us ah. We haven’t finished debugging the game and we were given more work.” Hearing the bad news, the office screamed one after another. 

  “People say, let’s work hard on overtime.”  

  “How can we work overtime? This week, we don’t even have time to go home and change clothes.”  

  ”Yes ah, my mother can hardly remember what I look like.” 

  ”Even my dog doesn’t remember my scent.” 

  ”You still have time for a dog?” 

  ”Boss, you let the planning department come see what kind of life we are living here.”3Dude that sucks for them, I’m pretty sure they are salary since Astro says he only makes a flat rate higher than Fatty a month. So they are basically given a set salary and are expected to work overtime which is probably around 100hours a week if they can’t even go home during the entire week! 

  ”I said it, but the people in the planning department also said that it’s the same for R&D game department’s second young master, who is much more elegant and handsome than us, so we are mocked one by one. The essential reason is that our ability is too poor.” Astro said angrily. In terms of eloquence, the people in their R&D department, how could they be opponents to the planning department, this was simply deceiving people.  

  ”It’s too deceiving, how can we compare with second young master? With anyone who has scholar syndrome?” 

  ”More and more handsome, why don’t we have a wife to help dress up?” 

  The more everyone said, the sadder they were, then they couldn’t help but look towards the office. Behind the smooth and transparent glass window, second young master was refreshed and relaxed, this calm posture was really envious.  

  What’s more annoying was that person with autism, who doesn’t like to talk, had a wife that is gentle and beautiful. 

  Perhaps it was everyone’s grievances that was so strong that it switched on Bai Chuan’s sensory nerve and made him glance at them. However, Bai Chuan only glanced and didn’t wonder why the people outside stared at him directly. He then calmly lowered his eyes to continue to work.  

  ”Boss, in fact, if it wasn’t for second young master going on his honeymoon and not returning home on time, we would have had enough time.” Some people found that their R&D department has a huge workload. 

  ”That’s what you say, but do you dare hold second young master accountable?” Astro asked. 

  ”Of course, we don’t dare, but we don’t dare so the people in the planning department shouldn’t either.”  

  ”You mean…” Astro’s eyes lit up, “Use second young master to go against that hateful planning department?” 

  ”Yes.” The man nodded fiercely, that’s what he meant, “Second young master is aloof and is the big BOSS, right? Even the President’s office can directly scram, and that planning department cannot do a damn thing.”  

  “That’s right, but how can we get second young master to meet that hateful planning department?” 

  Yes, ah, how to make second young master appear? Second young master is a person who doesn’t care if people talk to him ah. Let alone, have him personally appear to make a joke out of hateful people.  

  ”I’ll think of it.” The clever and quick-witted Yu Qian excitedly ran over and made a suggestion. “Second young master’s wife.” 

  ”Be specific.” Astro replied. 

  ”Boss, do you remember the last time you were robbed of your rose, we …” Yu Qian said his plan and so forth. Astro and Fatty both had astonished faces while listening.  

  ”Is it reliable?” Fatty asked in doubt.  

  “Last time, you saw second young master’s reaction to his wife. When have you ever seen second young master so lively like that ah? I think this method is useful. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work, let’s try it. Anyway, it’s known that our second young master won’t say anything to the outside world.” The people in the R&D department relied on second young master, who had the rare case of autism. This office rain curses on the company frequently and this was passed on to the President who had ears in the office. “Boss, if the planning department doesn’t give in, our project won’t be completed on schedule and this year’s performance bonus will be deducted.”  

  ”OK!” If it’s about the bonus, Astro immediately gritted his teeth and agreed. 

  Ten minutes later, Astro looked at the edited mail and clicked send, then the three turned their heads and stared at Bai Chuan’s reaction in the office.  

  In the office, Bai Chuan, who was editing a program, looked at the sudden pop-up window. Instead of closing it at a glance as usual, he stared at the email with a blank stare.  

  FROM Astro: Second young master, do you want to do something for Xiaoya and make her happy because of you? 

  Through the glass door, Astro’s nervous palms were all sweaty: “This won’t do, ah?” 

  ”Back, back, the second young master replied to the email.” As soon as Yu Qian’s voice fell, Astro’s computer just received Bai Chuan’s email reply.  

  FROM second young master: How to do it? 

  ”Quickly, hurry and ask second young master.” Fatty urged excitedly. 

  Astro replied quickly with his fingers: I’ll tell you, but we have to go to a meeting first. 

  FROM second young master: Okay. 

  ”Ye!” The three cheered. “Quick, call the planning department. After an hour, we will have another meeting.” 

  An hour later, in the conference room. 

  The director of the planning department, Feng Yan, was domineering and walked to the conference room. He wanted to see what excuse the R&D department found to postpone the release of the game. Feng Yan felt that the people in that department were too naïve. If the people in the R&D department didn’t complete the game on time and would have their bonus deducted… then wouldn’t their planning department also have their bonuses also deducted for this quarter if they let R&D postpone the release of the game?  

  So no matter what they say, Feng Yan was determined not to change the date at the conference. 

  ”Manager Feng, we are here.” Astro greeted Feng Yan with a smile as he entered the conference room. 

  ”Manager Tong,4Remember his full name is A’Tong Mu which is the same as Astro kid…from the anime I said at the meeting an hour ago… Second young master!” Feng Yan saw Bai Chuan sitting at the top of the conference table and shouted in fright. 

  Why did the second young master come? 

  ”Manager Feng, in fact, this meeting is being held by second young master. He has something to tell you.” Astro chuckled and smiled cleanly.  

  ”Second young master, are you looking for me?” Feng Yan’s face was covered in suspicion. Who doesn’t know in Yifeng Group that the second young master was skilled in programming and also worked in the R&D department? He never cared.  

  Bai Chuan looked at Feng Yan, who was stunned, and coldly stated: “The release date will be pushed out by two weeks.”   

  ”Second young master, this time it’s… your R&D department’s decision.” Feng Yan’s face changed hurriedly explained.  

  ”The release date is delayed by two weeks.” Bai Chuan didn’t care who set this time. 

  ”Second young master, I really can’t postpone it. Our planning department has already started to advertise with the public and have early investments…” 

  ”Release date, postponed for two weeks!” Bai Chuan became impatient. 

  ”Manager Feng, second young master is angry. I think it’s also settled.” Astro whispered to remind him that he was afraid that second young master would lose his temper ah. In case of an outburst neither he nor Feng Yan would eat good fruit.  

  ”We…” What else can Feng Yan say? He can fight vigorously against Astro, but he didn’t dare to fight with the second young master.  

  Astro saw Feng Yan was beaten to a shriveled bean and his dark heart cleared, he didn’t give an opportunity for Feng Yan to speak and said to Bai Chuan: “Second young master, it’s over. Let’s go back.”  

  Bai Chuan, without any hesitation, got up and left the conference room, leaving Feng Yan of the planning department on the spot to cry without tears.   

  The two returned to the R&D department. As soon as they entered the door, Astro waved towards the sky, showing their success and attracted everyone’s chorus of cheers in unison. 

  “You didn’t see it ah. The second young master just sat there and said that the release date must be delayed by two weeks. That Feng Yan listened and wasn’t a damn thing. What company regulation, economic loss, performance appraise? He didn’t dare mention a word.”5Bro Astro is bitter, guess that eloquent tongue got him in those pretty valid points haha Astro just raised his eyebrows and felt proud, “It’s a great pleasure, hahaha…”  

  ”Method.” Bai Chuan interrupted Astro. The meeting was over, and he wanted to know how to make Xiaoya happy because of him.  

  ”Ah, the method… the method…” Astro suddenly recovered, turned around and patted Fatty and asked, “What did I ask you to buy?” 

  ”This.” Fatty hurried to the draw and pulled out a box of chocolates and handed it to him. This was beautifully packaged chocolates that he just picked up at the shopping mall next door.  

  Astro took it and placed it into Bai Chuan’s hands and said: “Second young master, this is my girlfriend’s favorite chocolate. It’s said that girls like this brand of chocolate. Take it to your wife and she will be happy.” 

  Bai Chuan looked at the chocolate in his hand and frowned dissatisfied: “Just send something?”6At least he knows he’s getting somewhat tricked lol or used 

  Bai Chuan was disappointed, just send a gift? He hasn’t sent it before. Although Xiaoya was very happy to receive things, this kind of happiness was only because she received a gift, not because of him.  

  Seeing Bai Chuan’s expression, Astro’s heart couldn’t help but thump, was second young master unsatisfied? No, I have to find a way to remedy it.   

  ”Of course… not just sending things. This chocolate is just the icing on the cake. It’s inappropriate to go empty-handed.” Astro suddenly had a burst of good fortune and brightly said, “Second young master, do you go pick up your wife from work?”  

  Bai Chuan shook his head honestly. 

  ”Yes ah.” Astro slapped his thigh, “Second young master, your wife came to pick you up from work last time, were you very happy then?” 

  Bai Chuan nodded. 

  ”So ah, you have to pick her up from work ah, which is called reciprocating. And it can’t be said in advance, it has to be a surprise.” Astro said. 

  Bai Chuan recalled carefully. That day Xiaoya came over suddenly. When he looked out of the office and saw that Xiaoya was outside, he was really very happy. So, if I also pick up Xiaoya from work, will Xiaoya be very happy when she suddenly sees me? 

  Bai Chuan’s eyes were full of joy. He held the chocolate box and left the office. 

  After Bai Chuan left, soon it came out he suddenly held a meeting to others. And that matter alarmed President Bai Zheng, who got the news. He directly went to the R&D department and was about to ask Bai Chuan why he suddenly held a meeting but found that Bai Chuan wasn’t in the office at all.  

  ”Where’s Bai Chuan?” After seeing no one, Bai Zheng’s voice sank immediately. 

  ”The second young master, isn’t he off work?” Astro didn’t expect that the President would suddenly come over and replied with some trepidation.  

  ”Off work, it’s only three o’clock now. What’s he doing to get off now?” Bai Zheng asked. Bai Chuan had a strong sense of time and never left work early. 

  ”Second young master, went… to pick up his wife from work.” Astro replied. 

  Bai Zheng frowned, thought for a while, and his hand directly dialed to the driver downstairs: “Has second young master used the car?” 

  ”Not yet ah, isn’t second young master punctual on getting off work?” The person in charge replied.7Remember he leaves at like 4:30pm to get home on time for the meal with Xiaoya at 6pm 

  As soon as he heard, Bai Zheng’s complexion changed and immediately hung up the phone, then directly dialed Bai Chuan’s number. The phone rang quickly, but the ringtone came from the small office behind Bai Zheng. 

  Xiao Chuan didn’t bring his cellphone?! 

Author’s Notes:  

Mu Xiaoya rarely goes home after attending university and doesn’t come back even on weekends. 

Bai Chuan waited day after day, always impatiently waiting for Mu Xiaoya, and developed the habit of looking for Mu Xiaoya in front of the map. 

“Yuncheng Design Institute.” Bai Chuan looked at the sign on the school’s map, looked at it again and again, and slowly wrote down the entire map. 

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