My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 51

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Xiaoya Likes Me 

  As long as she doesn’t leave Yuncheng, Mu Xiaoya will return to her parent’s home every weekend. She also doesn’t leave after the meal, but stays from the early morning to night; it would be an entire day for her visit. Her frequency of visiting home becomes more frequent than before. The Mu family’s parents doubted whether their daughter was being bullied in the Bai family.   

  ”You tell me quietly, are you uncomfortable staying in the Bai family’s home?” Shen Qingyi took advantage of when Bai Chuan was taken away by her husband and stealthily pulled her daughter aside. 

  ”What are you talking about? You don’t know how good I’ve been.” Mu Xiaoya couldn’t cry or laugh. 

  ”Then why are you so intimate and devious every time you return?” 

  ”…How can I be intimate and devious?” Mu Xiaoya rejected.  

  “What married girl is like you? Runs back to her mother’s house early in the morning and is reluctant to leave until after dinner.” 

  “It’s not that I’m married, but I’m afraid that you won’t think that your daughter wants you anymore, so I come back to accompany you guys more often.” Mu Xiaoya drooped her eyes, preventing her mother from seeing the emotions in her eyes.  

  I just… I want to spend more time with you.  

  “Don’t worry, it’s the beginning of the school year. Despite your father and I being busy, how can we not miss you?” Shen Qingyi poked her daughter’s forehead with a smile. “But you come here every weekend without hesitation. When I leave the senior students, then I’ll be more tired when I have to come back to cook for you.”   

  ”I’m your own. How can you treat your students better than me ah?” Mu Xiaoya was somewhat jealous. 

  ”What’s wrong with you? I came back to cook for you. After you leave in a while, I still have to prepare the lesson.” Shen Qingyi ignored her. 

  ”Oh~~” Mu Xiaoya knows that her mother will be very busy with her seniors this year, and she also has classes on the weekends for the seniors. She will definitely increase her mother’s workload if she comes back so often. But if she doesn’t come back on the weekends, when will she be able to spend time with them? 

  ”Also, you don’t have to buy so many things every time you come back. The Bai family is rich, but you can’t spend like this ah. It’s not good for a married girl to buy things for her parents all the time.” Shen Qingyi warned, “Besides, your father and I are very well-paid, we don’t need you to buy anything.” 

  ”That’s my own money.” Mu Xiaoya argued. 

  “Aren’t you and Fang Hui clamoring to make the brand bigger and stronger, so you should save the money for the future. Although mom doesn’t know much about business, but money needs to be spent on business, such as investments.”  

  ”Don’t worry about it. It won’t be delayed.” The brand will get bigger and stronger, I don’t know how many years it will take to be achieved. At least within four years, Mu Xiaoya knows that it won’t reach Haikou level1This is a capital in Hainan Providence, so basically capital famous brand level like Fang Hui once boasted. So, there’s no need for her to save money.  

  ”Have you ever bought anything for Xiao Chuan’s family? Didn’t you say that the interior design in your studio was provided by Bai Zheng?” Shen Qingyi asked while she peeled potatoes.  

  ”It’s… a present.” Mu Xiaoya answered a little guiltily. She promised to customize shoes for Bai Chuan’s mother, but Bai Chuan’s mother insisted on paying, saying that she must be the first customer for her studio. As for the shoes she designed, the Bai family has three pairs each, but at the cost of Bai Chuan’s money.   

  ”What do you mean?” 

  ”It’s a gift, it’s not very valuable.” No matter, whatever Bai Chuan gifted, was what she gifted. Just like what she gave her parents, it was equivalent to Bai Chuan gifting it.  

  ”The value isn’t important, it’s the intentions that is the critical purpose, do you understand?” 

  “Understood, understood, why are you always nagging me ah, is it your menopause?” 

  ”If it was my menopause, I wouldn’t nag you to death.” 

  ”Ok, ok, ok, I won’t talk back when the time comes, I understand.” If… if I can wait.2Bro, Xiaoya thinks shes going to die before she listen to her mom nag on her while she’s on menopause!  

  Mu Xiaoya was distracted, and the potatoes in her hands were peeled off in large sections.   

  “Ai ya, I let you peel and now these potatoes are half their original size. Go out and play with Xiao Chuan.”  

  Mu Xiaoya was pushed out of the kitchen by her mother, but instead of looking for Bai Chuan in the study, she returned to her room. She sat at the desk, leaning her chin against the desk. Her whole person seemed paralyzed and boneless, staring blankly at the scenery outside the window. 

  It’s been almost three months, time flies by so fast ah. The leaves in the yard were beginning to fall.   

  In fact, a lot of things happened in these past three months. After graduating, getting married, and opening a studio, Mu Xiaoya thought that her three months were more fulfilling than her previous 20 years. But why did she always feel empty? Maybe it was because she didn’t have any more time to waste. 

  Every time she goes home, Mu Xiaoya’s mood will be complicated, because every time she sees her parents, she will be reminded about how little time she has left. This feeling is much better when she’s together with Bai Chuan, and even to the point where Mu Xiaoya forgets about her genetic disease. Mu Xiaoya knows that she feels this way because she changed Bai Chuan’s fate of being burned, but ultimately, she couldn’t change her parent’s ending.  

  As for Bai Chuan, even if he loses her, he still has his family. In the previous life, he spent four years without her company.  

  ”Xiaoya~~” Bai Chuan’s voice suddenly sounded behind her. 

  Mu Xiaoya turned around and smiled subconsciously the moment she saw Bai Chuan. Yes ah, Bai Chuan in this life will definitely be better. 

  Seeing Mu Xiaoya’s smile, Bai Chuan sighed with relief. It’s gone, the oppressive atmosphere that had shrouded Xiaoya just now, was gone. 

  ”Did my dad drag you to solve Olympiad math problems again?” Since he discovered that Bai Chuan likes to use the simplest formula when solving Olympiad math problems, Father Mu liked to drag Bai Chuan to solve problems. He wished Bai Chuan could solve all the new Olympic math problems every year. In this way, he will be more knowledgeable when giving lectures to students; even students who doesn’t have a good foundation.  

  ”En.” Bai Chuan nodded. 

  ”My dad is so annoying. Next time, don’t pay any attention to him so that you won’t have to solve problems for him all day.” 

  ”Not annoying.” In fact, Bai Chuan actually likes to solve problems because every time he solves a problem, he recalls the days when he helped Mu Xiaoya study math. In the four years when Mu Xiaoya went to university, she often reviewed math with him in his study.  

  Bai Chuan walked over, looked out the window in front of Mu Xiaoya, and saw his own courtyard. 

  ”After lunch in a while, let’s go and see.” Although Bai Chuan never said it, Mu Xiaoya knew that Bai Chuan missed Grandma Bai. So, every time she came here, she and Bai Chuan will go next door to have a look. Sometimes, they take one or two books, sometimes they don’t take anything and just walk around the yard.  


  After lunch, the two went next door. 

  ”Xiao Chuan, let’s go to your old room to see.” Even after so many visits, Mu Xiaoya still hasn’t entered Bai Chuan’s room yet. 

  ”Okay.” Bai Chuan took Mu Xiaoya upstairs, then pushed open the door on the right side of the staircase. “Here.” 

  ”Isn’t your room over there?” Mu Xiaoya looked at the small room in front of her, then subconsciously looked at the master bedroom on the left. 

  ”Moved here.” Bai Chuan walked in, and there wasn’t much room to sit in the small room. He glanced at the room, grabbed a book on the desk and sat quietly on the bed in the room.   

  Mu Xiaoya also entered at this time. She looked at the small room which was only seven or eight square meters and her eyes were full of confusion.3Bro, is this a broom closet??  

  The layout of her house is the same as Grandma Bai, but the room where Bai Chuan lived in is the smallest on the second floor, with the window facing the North. Even when the weather is particularly good, only in the evening will the sunshine in. In their home, this room has always been used as a storage room. Mu Xiaoya doesn’t understand how Grandma Bai could have let Bai Chuan live in this room, it would be so humid in the winter ah.  

  Mu Xiaoya observed carefully. The longer she observed, the more she discovered. The details of this room were similar to the room they live in now. Light gray bed, white wall, a gray white desk facing the North window. It was like two peas in a pod, the desk, the two lamps on the desk and the angle of the desk was exactly the same as the room they live in.  

  ”From here, you can see my room.” Mu Xiaoya looked out the window and saw the pink and white curtains in her room from across. 

  ”En.” Bai Chuan nodded. 

  ”Then have you often peeked at me before ah?” Mu Xiaoya joked. 

  “Yes.”4PEEPING TOM!!! Wonder if he saw her naked before? 

  Bai Chuan’s frankness caused Mu Xiaoya, who was originally happy, to suddenly have a stunned expression. 

  ”When did you move here?” Mu Xiaoya asked in a whisper, but she already had a vague answer in her heart, but wanted to confirm it. 

  ”October 1, 2015.” Bai Chuan’s memory is always accurate to a specific date. 

  This is my first vacation in my freshman year. 

  Mu Xiaoya didn’t dare to ask any more. She was afraid if she asked too much, she wouldn’t be able to stand it. But she felt that she should give some sort of response… 

  ”Xiao Chuan, you really like me, right?” Mu Xiaoya asked a question that she already knew the answer to. 


  ”I like you too.” 

  This was the first time Bai Chuan heard Mu Xiaoya say she liked him. He was very happy. He stood in front of Mu Xiaoya and smiled like he was a child who had eaten sugar for the first time.   

  ”I won’t peek in the future. I… I will look honorably.” 


  They strolled around for a while, then went back, but Bai Chuan’s good mood continued and even the Mu parents noticed.  

  ”Did you pick up money? So happy after returning.”5Picking up money from the street usually puts people in a good mood and symbolizes luck Shen Qingyi glanced doubtfully at her daughter. 

  ”Xiao Chuan won’t be happy because he picked up money. Your son-in-law isn’t a superficial person.” Mu Xiaoya said. 

  ”Why is Xiao Chuan so happy ah?” Mu Ruozhou curiously asked. 

  ”Ask him yourself.” Mu Xiaoya refused to be the communicator. She found that her parents were still accustomed to treating Bai Chuan as a patient who wasn’t good at communicating. But it was clear that Bai Chuan has made a lot of progress.  

  Shen Qingyi glanced at Bai Chuan and used her chopsticks to pick up a piece of potato to put into Bai Chuan’s bowl. She smiled and asked, “Xiao Chuan, why are you so happy today ah?” 

  Mu Ruozhou was also interested and waited for an answer. 

  Bai Chuan stopped using his chopsticks and stared at his mother-in-law who asked him seriously, then happily replied: “Xiaoya likes me.” 

  ”Pfff~~” Mu Ruozhou who heard the answer couldn’t help but laugh. 

  ”Silly boy, if Xiaoya didn’t like you, why would she marry you?” Shen Qingyi also laugh. 

  ”En.” He only found out today. 

Author’s Notes:  

When Girl Ya return from school, she held her cheeks in her hands and said with great admiration: “My classmate who sits at the same table confessed to me.”  

Teenage Chuan: “What’s a confession?” 

Girl Ya: “It’s when someone tells you that they like you, ah.” 

Bai Chuan: Xiaoya confessed to me, hee hee … 

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