My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 52

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Also, <<Believe it or Not, I Already Accepted You>> it’s a supernatural fluffy romance novel. Basically the FL can see the supernatural and catches ghosts and the ML is a gentle two-faced sickly uncle.

Please note, he’s called an uncle cause in Asian culture, you call guys who are like a decade older than you “uncle” instead of “big brother”.

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  The new house furniture was almost all purchased. They can go to the business hall on Monday to get Internet and can check in at any time. The Bai family has also prepared for Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan to move out at any time. They always asked what they were lacking at the dinner table.  

  ”There’s no shortages. I haven’t spent everything on the shopping card big brother gave yet.” Mu Xiaoya said. 

  ”So cheap?” Didn’t even spend a million yuan to furnish the house.11million yuan is $141k USD 

  ”…” Mu Xiaoya. 

  Sorry, my mistake. I could not even spend a million, really extremely useless.  

  ”Cough… when are you going to move?” Li Rong look at her son in disgust. How much did you spend on others? Bai Zheng, who was scolded for giving money, had to bow his head in silence. 

  ”Next week.” Mu Xiaoya smiled. “Although the newly bought furniture doesn’t smell, I still want to ventilate them.” 

  ”Yes, ventilation is safer so there won’t be any harmful gases.” Li Rong started her business together with her husband. She has suffered a lot and was more grounded than her eldest son. 

  ”Second young lady, when you move, I’ll take the family’s people to help you clean up.” Uncle Li came with the fruit after dinner and inserted this sentence with a smile. The newly furnished house needed to be thoroughly cleaned, and young people like second young master and second young lady certainly will not be good at it.  

  ”It’s no longer necessary to clean up, and the house isn’t big. I’ve cleaned up almost everything in the past two days.” Mu Xiaoya smiled and invited, “But when we move in, everyone can help us warm the house together.”  

  ”This is good, how about next week? I will tell the Secretary to free up time.” As a President, although he has a lot of money, he often has to entertain on the weekends. Bai Guoyu knows that when you have money, you usually don’t have time.  

  ”Then… otherwise on Saturday, I will let my parents come as well.” Mu Xiaoya suggested. 

  ”Good, I will inform the Secretary.” Bai Guoyu began to send a message to the Secretary with his cellphone. Bai Zheng also silently stopped using the chopsticks and used his cellphone to clear his schedule.  

  ”Don’t!” Suddenly, Bai Chuan, who had been silent for a while, spoke while staring at everyone with a serious expression. 

  ”Xiao Chuan?” Mu Xiaoya looked at Bai Chuan puzzled. 

  ”What’s wrong?”  

  “What don’t you want?” The others looked over. 

  ”I don’t want you to come.” Bai Chuan frowned, with a reluctant look. “That’s my and Xiaoya’s home.” 

  ”…” The dining room was silent for a moment. 

  Bai Guoyu, who had just notified the Secretary, silently put away his cellphone. Bai Zheng didn’t clear his schedule either, instead he picked up his chopsticks again and clamped a piece of ribs to his mouth. Li Rong, who has always been happy to see her son communicate, was in a complicated mood. Could it be that this is the legendary daughter-in-law that forgets her mother and now she wasn’t even allowed to go to the new house?  

  ”Xiao Chuan.” Mu Xiaoya saw that the atmosphere wasn’t good, hurriedly reached out to pull the corner of Bai Chuan’s clothes and whispered, “The house and furniture was prepared by our parents and big brother. Now we will live in it, we should invite them as guests ah.”  

  Precisely! All three of the Bai family responded together in their hearts. 

  ”I have money too. I’ll pay them back.” Bai Chuan replied. 

  ”…” I knew I shouldn’t have given you such a high salary. Bai Zheng nibbled on a piece of spareribs.  

  ”Cough…” Mu Xiaoya’s embarrassed face was green, how can she explain it to Bai Chuan? “Xiao Chuan, we are a family, and family often visit each other.” 

  ”We will come back for dinner every week.” This was decided when they decided to move, and Mu Xiaoya promised to the Bai parents. Every weekend, she will bring Bai Chuan back for dinner. Saturday will be the Bai home, then on Sunday will be the Mu home, equal treatments for both sides.  

  Mu Xiaoya had a headache and supported her forehead. How can there be such a situationObviously, I know this is wrong, but I don’t know how to express it!  

  The atmosphere was a stalemate, and finally Li Rong eased the atmosphere and said: “If you don’t want us to go, then we won’t go. Anyway, it’s the same when you come back on the weekend.” 

  ”The same.” Bai Guoyu also followed up. Both he and his wife understood that when Bai Chuan made a mistake, no one could explain it.  

  ”Humph!” Only Bai Zheng dared to express his dissatisfaction with his snort, but it was just a snort. When he snorted, he didn’t dare to look at Bai Chuan.   

  Although the Bai family compromised, a pleasant dinner changed its flavor. Out of the whole table, only Bai Chuan hasn’t been affected and continued to eat cheerfully. After having a good meal, he put down his chopsticks and sat waiting beside Mu Xiaoya.  

  ”Xiao Chuan, my computer seems to be a little out of use. Can you help me and take a look at it?” Mu Xiaoya, who didn’t finish eating, suddenly said to Bai Chuan. 

  ”Okay.” Bai Chuan agreed, but didn’t move. 

  ”Can you look now? I want to use it after I finish my meal.” 

  Everyone understood, as soon as Mu Xiaoya’s words fell, the rest of the Bai family looked at them. It was clearly to talk openly about Bai Chuan ah. 

  But the person in question, Bai Chuan didn’t understand. He believed in Mu Xiaoya unconditionally, nodded and got up to leave without hesitation. 

  ”Xiaoya, do you have something to tell us?” Li Rong waited until Bai Chuan left and immediately asked Mu Xiaoya. 

  ”Yes.” Mu Xiaoya replied, “I returned back a little late on Saturday and I didn’t have time to talk with you about Xiao Chuan’s situation.”  

  ”What’s wrong with Xiao Chuan?” Saturday is the day when Bai Chuan sees Professor Feng in the nursing home. Hearing this, Li Rong thought that Bai Chuan’s condition changed and her heart immediately was caught. Similarly, Bai Guoyu and Bai Zheng also looked over. 

  ”Don’t worry, Professor Feng said that Xiao Chuan is doing very well, and his emotions are more exposed than before.” Mu Xiaoya hurriedly explained. 

  ”Frightened me to death.” Li Rong patted her chest and reclined back onto the chair. “So, what are you going to tell us?” 

  ”Because of this, Professor Feng said that Xiao Chuan is processing well and can be supported further. He suggested that we let Xiao Chuan… go to work alone.” Mu Xiaoya paused and said. 

  ”Does it mean that you’re not allowed to drive him?” Bai Zheng asked. 

  ”Yes. Professor Feng said that in the beginning, Bai Chuan could take a taxi to work alone, which would create a relatively safe and less crowded environment for him. After he adjusted for a while, he would consider letting him take public transportation to commute to and from work.” Mu Xiaoya said. 

  ”No, how can I let Xiao Chuan take the bus to and from work? He’s afraid of crowded places, not to mention letting him go out alone.” Li Rong was the first to object. 

  ”The matter of taking the bus depends on Xiao Chuan’s comfort. Only when he adapts can he go. If he can’t adapt, then I won’t let him go.” Mu Xiaoya explained. 

  ”No, I don’t agree to let Xiao Chuan commute to work alone.” Li Rong decisively refused and was very firm for the first time in front of Mu Xiaoya. 

  ”Calm down first and listen to Xiaoya’s words.” Bai Guoyu and Bai Zheng were much calmer than Li Rong. 

  ”Mom, I know you are worried about Xiao Chuan, and I also worry about him. But I want Xiao Chuan to learn some basic life skills. At least when he goes out alone, we will not be as worried as last time. I want him to change for the better.” Mu Xiaoya said sincerely, “Of course, I won’t throw Xiao Chuan into the crowd at once. I think in the beginning, I will sign a monthly agreement with a taxi company to let them send a taxi to pick up Xiao Chuan in the morning and drop him off in the evening. I will be kept abreast of the situation of the driver and car in advance, so that even if the car and the driver are different every day, Xiao Chuan’s safety is guaranteed.” 

  “Change it to different drivers every day so that Xiao Chuan won’t find out that these cars were deliberately arranged by you, so it will prompt him to communicate with the driver personally.” Bai Zheng immediately understood Mu Xiaoya’s intention. 

  ”Yes, I have considered the matter of taking the bus.” Mu Xiaoya continued, “There is a bus downstairs my studio that directly goes to Yifeng Group. I will take Xiao Chuan to the bus every day and wait for Xiao Chuan to arrive at Yifeng station… ” 

  ”I can have the security guards wait for him every day.” Bai Zheng answered immediately. 

  ”You’re very thoughtful.” Bai Guoyu nodded after hearing this. Mu Xiaoya sends him while Bai Zheng arranges for someone to pick him up, so as long as Bai Chuan doesn’t get off the taxi during transit, there will be no accidents.   

  ”Then, what if the driver is unreliable, or if Xiao Chuan gets off the wrong station when taking the bus, how can we find Xiao Chuan?” When a person is overly worried, she will find all the hidden dangers in the world. As a mother, Li Rong easily has this ability. 

  ”The cellphone now has a GPS function and I can check Xiao Chuan’s location at any time.” Mu Xiaoya also took this into consideration. 

  ”Then what if the cellphone gets lost, there are so many thieves outside, and Xiao Chuan is slow to response.” 

  ”…” Mu Xiaoya understands Li Rong’s worries, but if she really follows Li Rong’s thought process, then not even a normal person in society will be absolutely safe, let alone Bai Chuan. Under such excessive protection, Bai Chuan will never have the ability to live independently. But Li Rong is an elder and her mother-in-law. Although Mu Xiaoya disagrees with her, she doesn’t have the firmness to refute her.  

  ”Then he can have an additional GPS device.” At this time, Bai Zheng said suddenly. “I can install a GPS instrument in Xiao Chuan’s watch, but Xiao Chuan is sensitive in this aspect. He seems to be able to perceive something in the watch. I installed a GPS for him before, but he directly threw it away. Do you have any way for him to keep it on?” 

  ”I’ll try.” Mu Xiaoya replied. 

  ”Bai Zheng, how are you…” 

  ”Mom, if you want Xiao Chuan to do better, don’t overprotect him.” For Li Rong, Bai Zheng doesn’t have as many scruples as Mu Xiaoya. Without waiting for her to finish speaking, Bai Zheng interrupted her directly. 


  ”I agree.” Bai Guoyu also expressed his attitude at this time. 

  Four people, three to one, Li Rong was stumped for words and stopped talking. 

  ”Then this matter will begin when Bai Chuan and I moved out.” Mu Xiaoya finally confirmed. 

  ”Okay, in two days, I will give you the watch.” Bai Zheng nodded. 

  ”Then I’ll go up, Dad, Mom, big brother, good night.” Mu Xiaoya glanced at Li Rong apologetically. She could understand her mother-in-law’s uneasiness, but there were some things that she still had to do. 

  As soon as Mu Xiaoya left, Li Rong couldn’t wait to say to her husband and son: “What’s the matter with the two of you? Didn’t you agree when Xiao Chuan went out alone before? Did you forget that Xiao Chuan was lost for an entire day and night four years ago? What happened that one day and one night? When he came back, his knees and elbows were covered with blood and we don’t know who hit him …” 

  Four years ago, Professor Feng once suggested that they should moderately let Bai Chuan move freely. However, once Bai Chuan disappeared suddenly, the Bai family couldn’t find him for an entire day and night, and when Bai Chuan return the next day there were bloodstains on his limbs and the bruises were particularly severe. The doctor said it was likely that he had been hit by a car. Since this incident happened, the Bai family no longer dare let Bai Chuan go out alone.  

  ”Xiao Chuan’s current situation is much better than it was at that time.” Bai Guoyu said, “And, I think Xiaoya is right. We should let Xiao Chuan develop some common sense in society.” 

  ”Then in case of an accident, just in case there is an accident, have you thought about the consequences?” Li Rong said with her eyes closed. “I also know that Xiaoya wants to help Xiao Chuan more independent. After all, no one wants her husband to be autistic…” 


  ”Li Rong!”  

  Bai Zheng and Bai Guoyu stopped Li Rong’s next words at the same time in case she said anything irreparable. 

  “Mom, I know that you care, but Mu Xiaoya did it for Xiao Chuan on her own behalf. Can’t you see, if she only thought of Xiao Chuan as an autistic person, why did she agree to marry him? If it were just to meet Grandma’s final wishes, she could divorce at any time after Grandma passed away.” Bai Zheng reminded.  

  Bai Guoyu first glanced at his son, and then turned back to appease his wife who was speechless from hearing the truth: “Haven’t we talked about it? To hand over Xiao Chuan to Xiaoya?” 

  ”I’m sorry. Lao2It’s like a prefix used before the surname of a person to indicate affection or familiarity for older people Bai, I’m just too scared. I can’t accept Xiao Chuan’s accident. After all, Xiao Chuan was, because of me …” Professor Feng told them the cause of “scholar syndrome”. There is a medical theory called the “left brain injury hypothesis”. In other words, the damage suffered by the left hemisphere of the patient’s brain, that is, the side that is “responsible” for social interaction, will cause abnormal development of the right hemisphere, that is, the side that “processes” information. This kind of damage was very likely to occur during pregnancy and results in brain dysplasia. So, Li Rong, always thought that Bai Chuan’s autism was caused by her exhaustion during pregnancy.  

  ”No, it’s not because of you.” Bai Guoyu always known about his wife’s heart knot. Professor Feng’s statement was only a conjecture and cannot be fully confirm. If it was because his wife was too exhausted during pregnancy, then he was the culprit. At that time, Yifeng was busy financing and going public.3So, for readers who has no business sense, when a private companies goes public, that means that company’s stock and shares can be traded publicly, it’s a method of getting new investment and cash flow into the company which is a pretty big move! Plus your companies performance, taxes, and stuff can be published public since its now a public-owned company and no longer private. He was so busy that he didn’t stay home for three to four consecutive months and Li Rong was six months pregnant and she had to take care of Bai Zheng who was ill.   

  Bai Zheng knew that his parents had fallen into self-blame in regards to his younger brother again. If a culprit were to be listed, he was only five years old at the time and fell ill at a bad time, so therefore he was one of the culprits. But what’s the use of remorse, can self-accusation cure Xiao Chuan?  

  ”There’s nothing to be afraid of.” Bai Zheng said impatiently. “That person Mu Xiaoya has no blood relations with our Xiao Chuan but dare take this risk. And as biological parents you’re still unable to support this?”  

  Bai Zheng’s reasoning somewhat didn’t make sense, but the closer people were, the more worried they would be. But his question woke up Li Rong, that love has responsibility that is beyond tolerance.  

  ”Yes, you’re right. I have no objection, I support it.” Li Rong wiped her tears and sat up from her husband’s arms. “I’ll wash my face.” 

  Bai Guoyu waited for his wife to leave and turned to look at his eldest son that sat opposite of him, then asked with great interest: “It was you that were the most uneasy about Mu Xiaoya and Xiao Chuan before. How can you trust her so much now?” 

  Bai Zheng glanced at his father and didn’t answer. 

  ”I asked you,” Bai Guoyu urged, even if his younger son ignored him, his eldest son should reply.  

  ”I have begun to feel uneasy because you believed blindly. But now, I feel relieved, because I have watched people for a long time.” Leaving this sentence, Bai Zheng also left the dining room. 

  Bai Guoyu shook his head with a smile and picked a piece of watermelon from the fruit tray with a toothpick to eat. 

  ”Sir, you have high blood sugar and can’t eat watermelon.” Uncle Li stopped the watermelon in Bai Guoyu’s hand. 

  ”I can’t eat… then why did you prepare it ah?” Can’t I crave it? 

  ”Second young lady likes to eat it.” Uncle Li smiled. 



  When Mu Xiaoya returned to the room, Bai Chuan was sitting at the desk playing with the computer. He immediately reported upon Mu Xiaoya’s entry: “The computer card is what causes the program to be unstable. I will reinstall it for you and it will be usable soon.” 

  ”Don’t worry.” Originally it was an excuse, Mu Xiaoya was naturally not worried. 

  ”After the system updates, you can use it.” Xiaoya’s computer was equipped with pirated systems, which were not only unstable but also incompatible, no wonder it was not usable.  

  ”Thank you.” 

  Bai Chuan smiled. He was already very happy to help his wife. 

  ”Xiao Chuan, just now downstairs, when you refused to let your parents come to our housewarming, they weren’t happy.” Mu Xiaoya still wanted to discuss this recent matter with Bai Chuan, but there were so many people in the dining room earlier that she couldn’t say things straightforwardly.   

  Bai Chuan was stunned, his lips closed, and he stopped talking. However, Mu Xiaoya can feel that his mood became worse. From this point of view, it can be seen that Bai Chuan still cares about the Bai family. 

  ”Shall we let them come to the housewarming on the weekend?” Mu Xiaoya suggested again, “It’s just that everyone has the meal together and leaves soon after.” 

  Bai Chuan stared at the computer screen, his fingers unconsciously dug the corner of the table, his face was unchanged with unwillingness.  

  ”You still don’t want them to come?” 

  ”That’s… our house, you only cook for me.” Bai Chuan likes the house that Mu Xiaoya described to him. He doesn’t want any differences from her description. He knew that his idea made his parents and older brother unhappy, but he just didn’t want to. He tried to accept it, but he couldn’t in the end.   

  ”Grandma said, if I don’t want things, I can refuse.” Bai Chuan made some changes for Mu Xiaoya, but there are things he still doesn’t want to change.  

  Bai Chuan’s voice was stubborn, but his face was full of grievances. 

  Mu Xiaoya immediately felt distressed and wish she could take back all the words she just said. She clearly knew that Bai Chuan had no flexibility in this respect, he didn’t understand how to give in and compromise. But she relied on Bai Chuan’s special treatment to her and asked him to change.  

  ”Grandma is right.” Mu Xiaoya immediately changed her tune. 

  The aggrieved Bai Chuan raised his head in surprise, surprised at Mu Xiaoya’s change. 

  ”If parents are angry, then we apologize. We won’t let them go if we don’t want them.” Mu Xiaoya said firmly, as if she was the person who didn’t let the Bai family come to their housewarming.  

  ”Are you angry?” 

  ”I’m not angry.” Mu Xiaoya felt that she should reflect, “Xiao Chuan, what I said is not necessarily right. If you have something you don’t want to do in the future, you can express it as firmly as before. When I hear it, I’ll definitely support you.” 

  ”Then… I will apologize tomorrow.” 

  ”I’ll be with you.” 

  Bai Chuan felt that Grandma’s words were really right. Those who really love him will not only dislike him, but also understand and support him. Even if he doesn’t do well, or even makes a mistake, that person will stand beside him and accompany him to assume responsibility together.  

  ”The computer is ready.” At this time, the computer update was complete. 

  ”Oh, let’s take a shower and sleep.” 

  ”Didn’t you need it urgently?” 


Author’s Notes: 

Today’s crab is very irritable. The flight is cancelled, the high-speed rail is canceled, and the travel tour I gifted my little niece also changed me 555555 ~4This is shorthand text meaning wuwuwuwu it’s crying sounds… 

I’ll go find them and talk to them again!5Bro this is fucked up, basically all her transportations were cancelled and she couldn’t get to the location for the tour and they still charged her lool 

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