My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 54

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Valentine’s Gift One 

  Bai Zheng’s indecisiveness led to his conscience being found, so the game release date was one week later than expected, and the programmers in the R&D department have been in a good mood recently. During this time, they don’t only get off of work on time, but also get to work on time, which was a very happy occurrence ah.  

  They met with each other and greeted each other with a smile like the spring breeze. The other departments were suspicious of whether the R&D department had their wages increased collectively.1They did in a sense, since they were all most likely salary, and since they can work less, they get more $ per hour.. 

  ”I tell you, I came to work this morning after my mother cooked millet porridge for me. It tasted good…” 

  “Me too, these days I go home for dinner and my mother prepared food for me based on New Year’s standards which is really beautiful ah.”2New Year’s standards is like the USA’s Thanksgiving/Xmas, a huge buffet variety of dishes to eat.  

  “I finally washed the clothes I’ve accumulated for a month…”  

  “I can change my underwear every day…”3Uhhh….feels like this is company abusing them at this point, really nasty…feel like there are laws against working X amount of hours in a day/week. Especially since they work every day even Sat/Sun 

  ”…” After a moment of silence, the group broke out in a collective sigh, “Thinking back a week ago, it really wasn’t a human’s life…”  

  Everyone recalled and wept from the corners of their life with bitter tears. They finally ate normal meals, slept in normal beds, and wore clean clothes. 

  How difficult this was ah? 

  ”Don’t sigh. Come over and take a pot of aloe for yourself.” Astro brought a large box of potted aloe plants in the morning and was giving them out one by one. 

  ”Boss, why did you suddenly think of gifting us aloe?” Someone asked. 

  ”My wife said that aloe can purify the air and prevent radiation, so she gave me a pot for my desk.” Astro said happily, “I thought, I can’t have such a good thing alone, so I went to the flower store with my wife early in the morning to buy a pot for everyone.” 

  ”Thank you, boss.” 

  ”Boss, you’re so nice.” 

  ”You show undisguised public display of affection ah.” Fatty held the pot and said with hidden bitterness, “In the future, as long as we see this pot of aloe, we will remember the origin of this pot of aloe, you abuse us.” 


  ”So, it turns out to be this!” 

  ”This is too much.” 

  In response, the programmers condemned it resentfully as it was Chinese Valentine’s Day. They didn’t even dare go to the shopping mail, as they were afraid of the public displays of affection. But as a result, their boss actually came to the office and directly did a public display of affection using the aloe as a medium!   

  ”Go, go, go, the dog bites good people and doesn’t know good will, right ah? Return them all to me.” Astro pretended to be angry. 

  Where would everyone return, after making a few jokes, they held onto the aloe as if it were their own. Let alone, this plant was worthy of being nature’s best ornament, so there were a few extra pots of aloe in the office. The dead office immediately became lively. 

  ”I’m really in a better mood,” Fatty admitted. 

  ”Yeah.” Astro smiled and watered the pot of aloe on his table which was given by his wife, so he had to take good care of it.  

  ”Is there a pot for second young master?” Fatty looked at the last pot of aloe. 


  ”It’s almost time for second young master to arrive.” Fatty looked at the time, which was exactly the time Bai Chuan arrives to work. 

  After a while, Bai Chuan really did walk in from outside the office. The moment he entered, Bai Chuan paused abnormally at the door, then continued. 

  Astro’s eyes lit up, second young master also noticed that the office had changed, so he froze at the door. When Bai Chuan was near him, Astro hurriedly picked up the last pot of aloe, smiled and stopped Bai Chuan: “Second young master!” 

  Bai Chuan was very impressed with Astro, thanks to Astro’s advice, he enhanced the affection between him and Xiaoya. Bai Chuan regarded Astro as a mentor in love. At this time, when he saw Astro calling out to him, he stopped to give him face.4Usually to have face is to show respect to someone  

  ”Second young master, don’t you think our office is a bit different today?” After this period of contact, Astro found that in fact, second young master wasn’t that difficult to communicate with. As long as he found the right method, second young master will communicate, not only will be communicating, but also surprisingly good at talking.  

  ”En.” Bai Chuan nodded. It’s really different today. 

  Sure enough, he noticed I brought aloe. Astro continued to ask: “What’s different?” 

  ”You all bathed.” 

  ”All… all…” What does he mean by bathed?! Astro couldn’t bear the blow and looked around and saw their colleagues who eavesdropped with their ears perked. They covered their embarrassed faces and coughed.  

  ”Cough… did it smoke you?”5This one doesn’t translate well, for example, if a person is smoking in the office all the time, they will smoke you out, so you get used to the smell of smoke and all of a sudden its gone. Astro was also embarrassed. 

  ”It’s okay.” He returned to the office, closed the door, and opened the window. It was all right, it’s just that when he came in today, the odor was a lot fresher and he wasn’t used to it.  

  ”…That really bothered you.” Astro placed the potted plant in front of Bai Chuan in frustration, and said in a low tone, “What I gift you, it purifies the air.” 

  ”Why gift me?” Bai Chuan was puzzled. 

  When someone gives you a gift, you just accept it. It doesn’t mean anything, why do you ask what else? Is there any EQ ah?  

  Well, second young master really has no EQ. 

  ”That… The Chinese Valentine’s Day is almost here. Anyway, just accept it.” Astro made an excuse and stuffed the potted plant directly into Bai Chuan’s hand, then ran away. 

  ”The Chinese Valentine’s Day?” Bai Chuan froze holding the potted aloe plant and saw Astro had no plans to take care of him, so he didn’t ask.6Bro, Bai Chuan acknowledges him as his mentor of love, and his new mentor already abandoned him!! LOL He turned back to his office, place the aloe in front of the computer, stared at it for a while and began to work.   

  At lunchtime, Bai Zheng unexpectedly appeared in the R&D department. He glanced at the office that was changed beyond recognition and felt that his decision to give the R&D department another week was useful. At least now, this office resembled a place for personnel.  

  ”Hello President.” 

  Bai Zheng nodded and walked straight to Bai Chuan’s office. Seeing that Bai Chuan didn’t notice his arrival, he raised his hand and knocked on the desk.   

  Bai Chuan looked back, glanced at Bai Zheng, then continued to work again. 

  ”…” Bai Zheng endured it and called out, “Xiao Chuan, it’s time for lunch.” 

  ”Lunch wasn’t delivered.” The current Bai Chuan’s response was much faster than before. At least when people talk to him now, he wouldn’t respond as slowly as he used to.  

  ”We will go out to eat,” Bai Zheng said. 

  Bai Chuan glanced at him, didn’t speak, turned his head to continue work to express through action his unwillingness to go.   

  ”I was angry that you rejected me yesterday.” Bai Zheng’s eyes sank and said intentionally.   

  ”I apologized.” Bai Chuan reminded. 

  Bai Zheng raised his eyebrows and asked, “Did I accept it?” 

  ”You said… got it.” Bai Chuan was dumbfounded. This got it, did he accept or not.  

  ”Got it, doesn’t mean I forgive you.” 

  Bai Chuan pursed his lips, feeling a little depressed. He clearly apologized, why did big brother not forgive him. 

  ”Eating lunch with me at noon, then I will forgive you.” Bai Zheng asked for “compensation.” 

  Bai Chuan hesitated for a while, then released the keyboard and stood up. 

  ”Let’s go.” Bai Zheng turned around, revealing a successful smile. That line, I’m sorry, do you think it will let me forgive you, let this big brother teach you properly that there are no such free things in the world.  

  Bai Zheng specifically didn’t take Bai Chuan out for lunch but found a table in the staff cafeteria to eat casually. However, the news of the two Bai brothers eating lunch at the same table for the first time in three years still spread all over Yifeng’s building, and successfully spread to the chairman’s ear before he finished his work. 

  Bai Guoyu’s reaction after hearing this was that it was impossible… really… too much. 

  He angrily went to Bai Zheng’s office, and asked righteously: “Did you have lunch with Xiao Chuan at noon?” 

  ”Yes ah.” Bai Zheng replied. 

  ”Why didn’t you call me?” 

  ”Why call you?” Bai Zheng asked back. 

  ”You’re an unfilial son! I haven’t eaten yet.” 

  ”Heh… didn’t eat, you should find your secretary ah.” Bai Zheng sneered and continued his work. 

  ”…” Does he mean that? Bai Guoyu couldn’t accept being taken lightly by Bai Zheng, however nothing could be done about Bai Zheng. Finally, he had no options but to ask awkwardly, “How the hell did you do it?” 

  Bai Zheng glanced at his father, thinking to himself that it was his father after all, so he couldn’t be so disobedient, so he replied straight to his face: “I said I was very angry about yesterday’s events and that I won’t forgive him unless he accompanies me to lunch.” 

  ”You… despicable.” Bai Guoyu scolded Bai Zheng for being despicable and wondered if he could do the same. 

  ”If you want to do the same, in the morning…” Bai Zheng has already seen through his father’s thoughts. “Did you and mom forgive him?” 

  ”Who wants to do the same.” If I knew I wouldn’t have forgiven Xiao Chuan so soon. Now I can’t do the same even if I wanted to. No, how could he be like Bai Zheng, shamelessly blackmailing an autistic person.   

  Chairman Bai came angry and left angrier. Lu Yang was afraid that something big happened at the company. He was terrified all afternoon and even when he left work, he didn’t receive any special instructions, instead his family’s President seemed to be in a good mood.  

  It seems that his career sensitivity was somewhat inaccurate.7He was afraid of getting laid off cause he thought the company was doing very badly since the father came in angry and left angrier. Haha at least one of us keeps a job! 


  In a blink of an eye, it was Chinese Valentine’s Day. On this day, Mu Xiaoya got up earlier than usual. She took advantage of Bai Chuan’s exercising efforts while he was out on a run. She quickly changed into a beautiful dress, stepped on high heels and put on light makeup.  

  After her rebirth, she hasn’t presented herself so delicately for a long time. There was no need to interview, socialize, make new friends or attend parties. Until today, Mu Xiaoya suddenly realized since her rebirth she hasn’t once dressed up for her husband.  

  Looking in the mirror, she inspected her makeup again, smiling with satisfaction. Mu Xiaoya held the shoebox, turned out of the closed and stood facing the bedroom door, waiting for Bai Chuan to come in. 

  At this point, Xiao Chuan should be at the door. What expression will he have when he pushes the door and sees my dressed-up self? 

  When the thought fell, Bai Chuan’s footsteps was heard from outside the door. 

  ”Squeak…” The bedroom door opened, and the sweaty Bai Chuan walked in. He habitually glanced at the bed but found a slightly different Mu Xiaoya halfway into his glance. 

  The curtains of the balcony were opened at this time, and the sunlight spilled throughout the room. Mu Xiaoya’s eyelashes casted a shadow, this shadow passes the nostrils and a uniform halo appears. The lips under the nostrils had a touch of color. 

  Bai Chuan froze for a while, then walked a few steps forward and stopped one step away from Mu Xiaoya. 

  ”Do I look silly?” You’ve been standing silly for so long just now, it must be silly. 

  Bai Chuan didn’t speak. He just took another step forward, without warning, and directly occupied the most colorful part of Mu Xiaoya’s face. 

  The kiss came abruptly, there was no support behind Mu Xiaoya’s back. They fell on the bed unsteadily and the shoebox, which was delicately packed by Mu Xiaoya, also accidentally fell to the ground.   

  ”Shoes …” 

  Bai Chuan seize the chance to penetrate deeply.  

  ”Second young master, here’s your shoes … yi, no one ah …” Uncle Li responded quickly, left the shoes and ran away like the wind.  

  ”…” Mu Xiaoya secretly said it’s over. 

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