My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 55

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Valentine’s Gift Two 

  Bai Chuan squatted on the ground, picked up the shoes one by one, put them back into the box and handed them back to Mu Xiaoya. 

  The beautiful and warm gift-giving scene ended up like this because of Bai Chuan, but they also were discovered halfway by the gossiper Uncle Li. Mu Xiaoya’s mood was somewhat depressed. But looking at Bai Chuan’s mouth, smeared with lipstick, Mu Xiaoya was really unable to be angry for too long. 

  ”The makeup that I put on with difficulty was ruined by you in a moment.” Mu Xiaoya was tired when she thought about having to take it off and reapply it after a while.  

  Bai Chuan looked at Mu Xiaoya innocently, holding the box. It wasn’t known if he understood that. 

  Mu Xiaoya looked at the shoebox that was in front of her. At this time, she couldn’t remember the sentimental sentence she thought of earlier. She could only gift it directly: “Shoes, for you.” 

  Bai Chuan bowed his head and finally saw the gold font on the shoebox: TO: Bai Chuan, 001 Mu Xiaoya. 

  It was his and Xiaoya’s names. 

  Bai Chuan hurriedly reopened the shoebox that just had been closed. The shoes he just picked up from the ground had a completely different meaning once he looked at them again.  

  ”Customized, unique.” Bai Chuan looked at Mu Xiaoya for confirmation. 

  ”Yes.” Mu Xiaoya picked up the shoebox lid and showed it to Bai Chuan. “001, this is my first pair of custom-made shoes.” 

  Bai Chuan grinned and his excited hands were shaking. He opened his mouth to say something, but because he was too excited, he couldn’t speak.  

  ”Do you want to try it on?” Mu Xiaoya asked. 

  Bai Chuan nodded his head vigorously, but the whole person stood still for a while. 

  Is this being happy to the point of being silly??? 

  Mu Xiaoya sighed and took Bai Chuan’s hand to lead him to sit down, then squatted down and helped Bai Chuan, who became silly, take off his running shoes before putting on the leather shoes.   

  ”Stand up and walk around.” Mu Xiaoya motioned to Bai Chuan to get up, but for the first time, Bai Chuan didn’t listen to Mu Xiaoya’s words, he sat still and motionless. 

  ”Xiao Chuan?” Mu Xiaoya patted Bai Chuan and saw Bai Chuan looked up. She repeated, “Get up and take two steps to try them on your feet?”  

  ”No.” Bai Chuan looked at the shoes on his feet and suddenly bent his waist to take them off and placed them back in the shoebox. 

  ”What are you doing?” Mu Xiaoya was puzzled. 

  ”Don’t wear them, hide them.” 

  ”These are shoes. They are meant to be worn. Why are you hiding them?” Mu Xiaoya couldn’t cry or laugh.  

  Bai Chuan didn’t answer, just held the shoebox firmly, and refused to wear them again. 

  ”All right.” Mu Xiaoya saw that Bai Chuan was persistent and said nothing more. It wasn’t a big deal, in the future, if she makes more shoes, she doesn’t believe that Bai Chuan would hide every pair. “You carefully hide them.”  

  “En.” Bai Chuan nodded with a smile, holding the box tightly again. 

  ”Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day!” Mu Xiaoya smiled and said. This is their first Valentine’s Day after they got together, and also her first Valentine’s Day. 

  ”Chinese Valentine’s Day?”1Cause I totally forgot last chapter when I’m usually so considerate – This year’s Chinese valentine’s day is August 25, 2020 usually varies cause its on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month in Chinese calendar Bai Chuan heard this phrase for the second time. 

  ”Chinese Valentine’s Day is the Valentine’s Day in our country of China. Lovers send gifts to each other. Now that your gift has been received. What about mine?” Mu Xiaoya asked for her own gift. 

  Bai Chuan blinked, thought for a moment, and suddenly his face was green. 


  At breakfast, everyone found that today’s Bai Chuan seemed extremely anxious. He ate breakfast at a speed never seen before. After eating, it was also rare that he didn’t wait for Mu Xiaoya, but rushed to work anxiously. 

  This change caused everyone to look at each other. Li Rong asked her eldest son: “Did you let Xiao Chuan work overtime?” 

  ”No.” How could he dare, let alone, was Bai Chuan the kind of person who you can make work overtime? 

  Since it’s not overtime, then… everyone collectively looked at Mu Xiaoya. 

  ”I… I don’t know.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t dare to raise her head all breakfast. She was worried the entire time that Uncle Li had already gossiped about the events from this morning.   


  The first thing Bai Chuan did when he arrived at the company was to rush to his office, then picked up the pot of aloe on the desk. He turned his head and left the office, then resolutely placed the aloe in front of Astro’s computer. 

  ”Second young master, you are…” Astro looked puzzled. 

  ”Give it back to you.” Bai Chuan replied within seconds, which was almost the fastest response speed he had when communicating with others. 

  ”Why… Why ah?” Astro didn’t understand. You say, this is a gift, you either don’t accept it or don’t return it after you accept it. How could their second young master suddenly return this after two days, could it be that the reaction for those with autism is slower than others?  

  ”I don’t want it.” 

  ”Why … why ah?” 

  ”I… don’t accept other people’s gifts for Chinese Valentine’s Day.” Bai Chuan was very clear. He didn’t have nearly the same feelings for Astro as he did for Mu Xiaoya.2Bro Bai Chuan thought Astro had the hots for him lol. Mentor of love being swatted down real fast. 

  ”Where is this ah, this is for Chinese Valentine’s Day… Chinese Valentine’s Day?” Astro remembered that he seemed to have said that day… when he gifted it, said it was a gift for Chinese Valentine’s Day?  

  ”Cough… second young master you misunderstood. I gift you this, but it doesn’t mean that, do you understand? I just made an excuse casually.” Astro tried very hard to explain, but Bai Chuan didn’t understand at all. After much futility and powerlessness, Astro had to take back the potted aloe plant and promised: “I’ll take it back, I won’t gift it to you anymore.”  

  After hearing this answer, Bai Chuan’s tense face loosened and he turned back to his office. 

  Astro glanced at Bai Chuan, and when he saw him go back to work, he placed the potted plant on the windowsill. Astro didn’t care much about this little episode. After all, it was just a potted plant. Bai Chuan didn’t want it. He will take it back to raise it, but he never imagined that Bai Chuan would seriously get angry.  

  The morning passed, he sent Bai Chuan a task, but Bai Chuan didn’t do anything. 

  Based on Bai Chuan‘s work efficiency, how could this situation happen? This was clearly a deliberate strike. 

  ”What’s the matter ah?” Fatty, who was associated with Bai Chuan’s task, quietly came over and asked Astro.3So, you typically work on projects and every project has multiple tasks and some of them are connected and must be done in sequential order, so in this case, Fatty is a dependent on Bai Chuan as Bai Chuan is the preceding step. 

  ”I seemed to have offended second young master.” Astro said lifelessly. 

  ”You’re so brave. How dare you offend second young master?” Fatty felt endless admiration. 

  ”I… I’m going to admit my wrongs!” Astro smacked the table, courageously advanced straight to the office. He knocked on the door, but didn’t see Bai Chuan, so he entered with a thick face. 

  In other words, this is the first time he entered second young master’s office. In the past, they communicated via email. But obviously, today’s second young master won’t reply to his email, so he had no choice but to personally come to his door and allow him to strike the killing blow.  

  ”Second young master, I was wrong.” Astro came in and apologized. He decided, no matter what second young master said, he would plead guilty. 

  Bai Chuan looked down at his cellphone and ignored him. 

  ”Second young master, I won’t ever send you aloe again?” 

  Bai Chuan still looked at his cellphone. 

  ”I’m wrong. I will never gift you a Chinese Valentine’s Day gift. You believe me, second young master. I already know myself deeply…” 

  Chinese Valentine’s Day? Bai Chuan, who had extracted the keywords, woke up and gave a surprised look at Astro beside him. 

  ”Second young master, I’m sorry, forgive me.” Astro saw that Bai Chuan was finally willing to hear him at last, then bent down to a 90-degree bow. 

  ”…I forgive you.” Although Bai Chuan didn’t know why Astro was apologizing to him for, but since he doesn’t remember it, it should be nothing. Since it’s something insignificant, should forgive generously.  

  ”You forgive me, that’s great, then let’s do all the work.” Astro said excitedly. 

  ”No.” Bai Chuan refused decisively. 

  ”Why? Didn’t you forgive me?” Astro was going to cry. “Second young master, what do you want me to do so you can forgive me, you say, as long as you’re willing to work hard.” 

  Astro was really afraid ah, if he was disliked by this second young master, he will lose his job sooner or later. 

  ”I’m learning something.” Bai Chuan answered. 

  ”Learning something… what are you learning?” 

  Bai Chuan showed his cellphone screen to Astro. 

  ”How to make a pair of shoes by hand?” Astro looked at Bai Chuan doubtfully. “Second young master, why are you suddenly interested in making shoes? If you like shoes, I will go buy them for you. It’s okay to get them made to order. I’ll find an experienced shoemaker to place the order.”  

  “I want to make them myself.” Bai Chuan insisted. 

  ”Second young master, even if you have the intelligence from scholar syndrome, it can’t be learn within a few days ah, why don’t we learn it slowly?” 

  Bai Chuan also knows this as he tried to learn all morning but didn’t learn much. At this time, he was frustrated and couldn’t learn it slowly.  



  ”I’ll do it today.” Today is Chinese Valentine’s Day. 

  ”That… why do you want to suddenly make shoes?” Astro cried bitterly.  

  ”Xiaoya gave me a pair of shoes, and I will also give her a pair too! I will do it myself.” 

  As it turned out, Astro discovered the crux of the problem. 

  ”Second young master, you don’t have to gift the same gift, do you understand?” Astro advised, “This Xiaoya can make shoes, so she gave you a pair of shoes, but you can’t make shoes, so you can’t gift her shoes.”  

  ”Then what do I gift?” Bai Chuan asked. 

  ”What can you do ah?” 


  ”Yes! Second young master, outsiders say that us programmers aren’t romantic, but in fact, they don’t understand the romance of us programmers.” Astro’s expression was extremely passionate, as if he couldn’t help but imagining himself on the pinnacle of the world just so he could fix the reputation of program apes.  

  Bai Chuan doesn’t know what romance is, but Astro’s idea seems to work well every time. 

  ”Then… how to do it.” 

  ”You can make a small game and gift it to her ah. But this doesn’t seem to be particularly romantic, hey, with…” Astro said excitedly, “Second young master, our game, our upcoming 5D game ah. In two weeks, our game will be released globally. Write an invitation letter to your wife to attend the conference and let her see your success this year. ” 

  5D game? 

  Bai Chuan suddenly remembered the reason why he chose to do 5D game development. It was the first time Bai Zheng brought him to the company. 

  ”Xiao Chuan, these are some of the most cutting-edge products in the IT industry right now. Can you tell your elder brother which one you like better?” 

  After experiencing a foreign AR movie, Bai Chuan chose to learn AR technology, then took half a year to make his own movie.   

  ”I have…” Bai Chuan took out a delicate USB stick from the drawer. “I made it myself.” 

TL Note: I’ll be doing 61-65 next. Look for panpan/MadPanda for the next 5.

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