My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 63

Translated by Novice Translations 

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Complete Couple 

  Fang Hui stayed in the studio the entire time to accompany Bai Chuan, but now that Mu Xiaoya returned, she left after drinking coffee. 

  After Fang Hui’s departure, Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan also went home. Because they came back home late, it was too late to cook, so they casually had a meal at a nearby restaurant. 

  ”It’s so cold, is it going to snow?” Mu Xiaoya leaned on Bai Chuan’s body. She was a bit chilled, and her hands and feet were cold as soon as winter coming. 

  ”The weather forecast says it might snow in the next two days,” Bai Chuan replied. 

  ”You know the weather forecast?” Mu Xiaoya said strangely, even Bai Chuan pays attention to the weather. 

  ”When I returned, there was a radio in the taxi.” Bai Chuan was now able to take the taxi skillfully. 

  ”Oh.” Mu Xiaoya’s heart was still messy and she passively followed Bai Chuan forward. 

  Back home, Mu Xiaoya was shocked by the heated flooring. The floor heater was always on, even if people weren’t present during the day. The house was still warm, which gave people a peace of mind.  

  When the lights were turned on, the whole room was illuminated instantly. Looking at the home carefully arranged by herself, an endless yearning slowly arose from her heart. She likes it, she especially likes it.  

  ”Xiaoya.” It wasn’t known when Bai Chuan stood in front of Mu Xiaoya, he frowned and asked, “You’re strange today.”  

  Xiaoya wasn’t right today. Bai Chuan can see it but couldn’t understand it. It wasn’t sadness, nor depression, obviously she was in a bad mood, but just when she entered the door, he even saw relief on Xiaoya’s face.  

  ”Are you… about to have an episode again?” This state was somewhat similar to the state when Xiaoya had an episode last time. 

  ”It’s okay, I’ll just take a shower.” Mu Xiaoya changed her slippers and went directly to the bathroom. She was really okay, she was only intermittently reminded about her scarce time, and was unable to control her emotions.  Just take a shower, get some rest, and tell yourself to live the rest of your life. Then she’ll be able to get back on her feet. She couldn’t talk to Bai Chuan about this kind of thing, or anyone else.  

  After the shower, Mu Xiaoya’s mood eased a lot. She changed into her pajamas, dried her hair, and returned to the sofa. 

  Bai Chuan likes the smell of Mu Xiaoya, especially when she just took a shower, it was the only refreshing smell in their home. He couldn’t help but sneak up and take a sniff. Then he got up and went to the bathroom and simply washed himself.  

  When he returned, Mu Xiaoya nestled into his arms very naturally. At this time, Bai Chuan’s mood was extremely good, as if his whole heart were fully filled with pleasant and warm emotions. 

  Since moving to this house, every day Bai Chuan can feel the distance between him and Mu Xiaoya shortening. They formed many inadvertently casual habits, such as when watching TV Xiaoya would always nestle into his arms. And when he returned from jogging every morning, Xiaoya would hand him a towel to wipe the sweat. Every day when they leave together, one presses the elevator first while the other locks the door.1They live in a building that houses many homes and to get to a home that’s higher up, you have to use the elevator. 

  Their life was very good now, so Bai Chuan hopes that he can become better, a good enough to match for Xiaoya. Fortunately, all of Xiaoya’s emotions could be understood without asking. When Xiaoya is sad, she can do other things to comfort herself besides hugging.   

  ”When Xiaoya is sad, what should I do to make her feel better?” This is the question that Bai Chuan raised this afternoon to Fang Hui while they were waiting for Mu Xiaoya in the studio. Fang Hui is Xiaoya’s best friend and she doesn’t have autism like him, so she must know how to comfort Xiaoya better than him.   

  ”When she’s sad?” Fang Hui’s expression suddenly became strange, at least in Bai Chuan’s memory, he has never seen Fang Hui show that expression, “You can do something to make Mumu happy ah.” 

  ”What is it?” 

  ”There are many things that make people happy, but there is one thing that only you can do.” Fang Hui said. 

  ”Only I can do it?” Bai Chuan’s eyes suddenly brightened. 

  “It’s a matter of intimacy that can change a couple.2Bro, big sis Hui is going to teach him about SNUSNU!! OMFG BABIES!! Every couple will do this, if they don’t, they won’t be a complete couple.” 

  ”How?” Bai Chuan asked anxiously. 

  ”You have to ask your wife yourself. It’s best when there’s only the two of you in the middle of the night.” 

  Every couple will do it. If they don’t do it, they won’t be a complete couple, and this thing can even make Xiaoya happy? These two conditions, no matter which one, they were both very attractive to Bai Chuan. As for the middle of the night, there was only the two of them. At this time, this should be okay.  

  Bai Chuan’s mind was no longer on the TV at all. He stared at Mu Xiaoya with his head lowered for a moment, wondering if it was appropriate to speak at this time. 

  ”Why aren’t you watching TV?” Mu Xiaoya accompanied Bai Chuan to watch TV for an hour every day, because the TV content also conveyed a lot of real-world knowledge. Mu Xiaoya hoped to let Bai Chuan know more about the outside world through that. 

  ”I have something to ask you.” Bai Chuan answered truthfully. 

  ”Ask?” Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help but raised her eyebrows with curiosity and sat up in Bai Chuan’s arms. “What’s the problem?” 

  ”There’s one thing that all couples do, and what are we not doing?” Bai Chuan asked. 

  ”Yes… what is it?” Mu Xiaoya pretended to be stupid, was that matter what Bai Chuan was going to ask her? It shouldn’t be, he shouldn’t understand.  

  ”Fang Hui said, you know.” Xiaoya didn’t know? Bai Chuan continued to ask a little reluctantly, “Fang Hui also said that if we don’t do this, we won’t be a complete couple.” 

  Fang Hui!!! Do you want to die, why did you say that to Bai Chuan?! 

  ”Don’t you know?” Mu Xiaoya didn’t reply, which made Bai Chuan a little disappointed. The bright light in his eyes dimmed instantly, but soon he cheered up again, “It’s okay, then I’ll ask Fang Hui how to do it tomorrow.” 

  ”No!” Mu Xiaoya’s face was flushed. How could you ask Fang Hui about such a thing? 

  ”But you don’t know.”  

  ”I remember now.” Mu Xiaoya replied without thinking. 

  I remember now? The light that was extinguished in Bai Chuan’s eyes was reignited, and his whole person became eager to learn. He stared at Mu Xiaoya momentarily, his posture showed that he wanted to know the answer immediately. 

  ”You… want to know?” Mu Xiaoya asked knowing the answer to his question. 

  ”En.” Bai Chuan bluntly shared his thoughts. 

  ”But…” But what? Mu Xiaoya was suddenly stunned. She had many excuses, but she couldn’t say anything in front of Bai Chuan’s hopeful expression. Isn’t it that thing between men and women? If Bai Chuan didn’t have autism, he should have known about it ten years ago.  

  What are you hesitating about? 

  Yeah ah, what the hell are you hesitating for? I don’t have much time, shouldn’t I seize this time to do everything I didn’t have time to do before? And this thing, except for Bai Chuan, I don’t want to try with others. 

  ”Let’s go back to the room.” Mu Xiaoya, who had thought about it, stood up from the sofa and pulled Bai Chuan to return to the room together. 

  She was familiar with this bedroom. Every piece of furniture and decoration in the bedroom were arranged by Mu Xiaoya, but at this moment, this room made her nervous and her heart palpitate. Thinking of what to do next, Mu Xiaoya only felt that all her blood rushed to her head. 

  ”Your face is so red.” ​​Bai Chuan worried that Mu Xiaoya was sick, so he raised his head to test Mu Xiaoya’s forehead. 

  ”You…” Mu Xiaoya blushed nervously when there was no physical contact, but at this time, Bai Chuan’s whole person was almost pasted to her, nearly making Mu Xiaoya lose her ability to think. 

  No, calm down. You need to take the lead next, although its all theoretical knowledge. 

  After heavily breathing a few times, Mu Xiaoya tried to calm herself down, then gritted her teeth, and said with determination: “Let’s go to bed.” 

  The two laid on the bed, and Bai Chuan covered them very attentively. After they were under the quilt, he continued to stare at Mu Xiaoya with a burning gaze, as if silently urging: What should we do next? 

  Mu Xiaoya closed her eyes and raised her hand to turn off the lamp in the bedroom, leaving only a trace of the night light exposed through the gap of the windowsill. She took Bai Chuan’s hand, put it on the belt of her pajamas, and whispered: “Take it off.” 

  It’s too suggestive to shrink back at this step and Mu Xiaoya wasn’t such a person. She either doesn’t do it or never gives up halfway. At the same time, she reached out and pulled off Bai Chuan’s belt.  

  Mu Xiaoya couldn’t see Bai Chuan’s expression in the dark, but she could clearly hear Bai Chuan’s aggravated breathing and faster heartbeat. 

  ”Xiaoya, I seem to be a little strange.” Bai Chuan, who had never felt this way before, felt a little nervous. 

  ”It will be even stranger in a moment.” 

  ”Can I turn on the light?” 


  ”Can I touch your waist?” 

  ”Shut up, do what you want, don’t talk.” It’s already very shameful to do such a thing alone, he can’t ask her to guide him.  

  Bai Chuan always listened to Mu Xiaoya’s words the most. This command to shut up laid the tone for the entire night. Later, Mu Xiaoya called out Bai Chuan’s name many times, but he never spoke again. 

  Early the next morning. 

  For the first time, the biological clock gradually developed from living with Bai Chuan didn’t wake Mu Xiaoya on time. She was half an hour late before she woke up by being hungry. When she woke up, she met someone’s bright eyes on the bedside.  

  ”Good morning.” Bai Chuan was in a big mood and showed his big white teeth. 

  ”Good morning.” Mu Xiaoya wanted to get up, but only when she moved, did a strong sense of soreness swept over her immediately, especially below her waist and abdomen, as if a truck ran her over. Mu Xiaoya unconsciously recalled last night. It must be said that human beings were instinctive in regards to that kind of thing. So later on, how can Mu Xiaoya still be the one to guide, she could only bear it passively.  

  ”Are we a complete couple now?” This was Bai Chuan’s most concerned issue. 

  ”…Yes.” Yesterday, she was the one who took the initiative, but Mu Xiaoya still blushed from Bai Chuan’s straightforward question. I’ve done everything, but I still have to admit it.  

  ”Are you happy?” Bai Chuan then asked. 

  ”What?” Mu Xiaoya didn’t respond. 

  ”Fang Hui said that doing this kind of thing can make you happy.” Bai Chuan continued to ask, “Are you happy?” 

  ”I…” Even if her heart tore Fang Hui into 10,000 pieces, Mu Xiaoya still had to answer Bai Chuan’s questions. Not only does she have to answer, but also answer simply and straightforwardly, because for Bai Chuan, he will take her words seriously. She was afraid that if she said something along the lines of being unhappy, then their budding love would end at this moment.  


  ”I’m happy too.” Bai Chuan announced happily. 

  Are you unhappy is that it?! 

  Marriage with Bai Chuan has changed Mu Xiaoya a lot. Because Bai Chuan couldn’t understand shyness, she tried to put shyness aside. Because Bai Chuan will take her desire to refuse seriously, she always has to express her most genuine thoughts. Because Bai Chuan couldn’t understand the hints and potential meanings in words, she had to speak straightforwardly even if it was difficult to say. 

  Although she was embarrassed, what does it matter? The person in front of her was the person she was closest to in the world ah. 

  ”How often can we do this kind of thing?” Bai Chuan has learned his lesson from their kiss and clearly planned to ask in advance.3Remember, he thought that they could only kiss when it thunderstorm… 

  ”…” No, she took back what she said. She still couldn’t say some words.  

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