My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 64

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Sweet Worries 

  Because of Bai Chuan’s strong sense of time, Mu Xiaoya had almost arrived at the studio before 8:30 in the past few months. But today was the first time Mu Xiaoya was late, and with a more charming appearance than in the past. No need to ask, Fang Hui knows what happened. What surprised her was that Bai Chuan looked so stupefied as if he had no idea how powerful his action was!  

  Fang Hui sighed, and went forward at the same time, to gossip: “Why are you late today?” 

  Mu Xiaoya glanced at someone who knew what to ask. If you want to see me ashamed and angry, I won’t let you see it.  

  ”You’re a single dog, how can you understand the affairs of us married women?” 

  “Hey! Look at you ridicule, you only just tasted meat again and regard yourself as an old hand.”1Like she’s an experienced… married wife Fang Hui couldn’t help but say, “If it wasn’t for me, you would still be a vegetarian now.”2Eating meat = having sex; vegetarian = abstaining from sex since monks usually are vegetarians and don’t regard themselves part of the human world for worldly desire 

  Fang Hui didn’t say that Mu Xiaoya didn’t know how to ask her for help. But at this moment when she confessed and said Mu Xiaoya was starved, she grabbed Fang Hui’s collar and shouted, “What nonsense did you say to Bai Chuan!?”   

  “People don’t forget to dig wells to drink water. The ill-gotten gains haven’t been wiped dry from your mouth yet. To bear grudges before then, isn’t that very unsightly?” Fang Hui patted Mu Xiaoya’s face contemptuously, grabbed the hand that was on her collar, then calmly sat up.3This is the smartest thing she said all novel, Xiaoya gained something but instead of appreciating drinking the water other people dug for her, she was being ugly by bearing a grudge 

  ”You, in the future, don’t talk nonsense in front of Bai Chuan.” Mu Xiaoya threatened. 

  ”What nonsense, was Bai Chuan’s technique not good?!” Fang Hui thought about it. It’s very likely that it was both their first-time ah. Bai Chuan was like that, so maybe his technique wasn’t good. “It’s okay. It’s better to practice this kind of thing.” Although it was comforting words, Fang Hui’s tone was full of sympathy. 

  ”No!” How can I bear to be told that my husband’s skills aren’t good? 

  ”It’s pretty good? It seems that the experience from yesterday was good.” Fang Hui’s excited eyes brightened. 

  ”You…” Mu Xiaoya found that she doesn’t compare to Fang Hui, as she had a thicker face. At last, she could only blush in spite of herself in disapproval. She didn’t know whether she should be angry or shy.  

  ”Already a married woman, why so shy?” Fang Hui teased, “After a while, or… maybe even now… you’re already a mother.” 


  Mu Xiaoya’s blushing cheeks turned pale instantly. After her rebirth, she made a lot of changes and was more open-minded than in her previous life, but the matter of becoming a mother was something she didn’t dare think of. 

  How can a person who only has a life span of a little more than three years become a mother? 

  ”I… might be a mother?” Just thinking about it, Mu Xiaoya felt her heart tremble. 

  ”Yeah ah, last night’s incident just happened suddenly. With your character of trying to maintain a platonic marriage with Bai Chuan, you surely didn’t prepare TT at home.”4TT: taotao, condom Fang Hui didn’t notice Mu Xiaoya’s abnormality, but she was still teasing.  

  Mu Xiaoya knew that Fang Hui’s words were an exaggeration, but they really didn’t take any measures last night, so this possibility was reasonable.  

  ”Look, what scares you?” Fang Hui saw Mu Xiaoya’s face was pale and thought Mu Xiaoya took it seriously and hurriedly changed her tune, “I mean, I just said it casually, how can it be possible ah?”  

  Mu Xiaoya looked at Fang Hui and didn’t speak, but the expression on her face has slowly revealed her despair. What if, what if I’m pregnant?  

  ”If you’re really uneasy, just go to the pharmacy to buy some medicine to prevent it?” This girl really has no experience, what era is it now? There were many methods of contraception. 

  ”I… I have something to do.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t want to continue this topic with Fang Hui. She supported herself from the table with both her hands before she got up from the chair with a pale face, then her whole person left the studio in a daze.  

  ”Didn’t you really like children? How come when I say you may be pregnant that you’ve become so scared?” Fang Hui looked at Mu Xiaoya’s back and murmured to herself in confusion. But she didn’t think too much about it, because if it was her, she probably didn’t want to be a mother so young either. 


  Mu Xiaoya was late, so naturally Bai Chuan was late. 

  Mu Xiaoya’s late arrival only caused Fang Hui to gossip for a while, while Bai Chuan’s late arrival delayed the senior meeting of Yifeng Group for half an hour. Bai Zheng even sent a special message to ask Mu Xiaoya why Bai Chuan was late. The answer was that they were delayed in the morning.5Bai Chuan came in late this morning which is the first time in history for them.  

  What can delay Bai Chuan whose concept of time is strong? 

  You know, if someone else delays the time, they would make it up. But Bai Chuan is different, once his time is disrupted, his rhythm for the day will be disrupted. In serious cases, he will even enter into a kind of inexplicable panic, then have an onset. Mu Xiaoya knows this, so she has been cooperating with Bai Chuan in this regard for so long.  

  What’s the delay today? Although Bai Zheng was curious about what happened, Mu Xiaoya refused to specifically say, and naturally he doesn’t ask. He just let the assistant pay more attention to Bai Chuan and inform him as soon as there is a situation.  

  ”President, there’s something wrong with second young master today.” At half-past noon, Lu Yang came to report the latest news. 

  ”What’s wrong?” Bai Zheng was startled. 

  ”Astro said that second young master’s work efficiency this morning is very low.” 

  ”This is expected. Every time his rhythm is disrupted, he will panic and won’t know what to do, but we can’t interrupt him.” Bai Zheng frowned, then commanded, “You let Astro pay more attention to Bai Chuan, and tell me immediately if he notices that his mood isn’t right.” 

  ”Second young master’s mood isn’t right.” Lu Yang began to report another thing that was wrong with Bai Chuan, “Astro said that second young master’s mood was surprisingly good today. This morning, he sat alone in the office and smiled.” 

  ”Smile?” Bai Zheng was a little stunned, thinking he had heard wrong. 

  ”Ah, it’s not just a smile, but also showing a doubtful expression from time to time.” Lu Yang said, “In Astro’s words, second young master seemed to have encountered some sweet worries.” Anyway, according to this rhythm, it was unlikely that second young master would go into crisis about this, but it’s certain that he isn’t productive.  

  Astro complained in the second half of his report, but Lu Yang didn’t dare to repeat it. What a joke, what do you mean our second young master isn’t productive? Don’t you know that your R&D department only exists for second young master? Don’t you think it’s amazing that you’ve made the top three in terms of profits within the group headquarters recently, if there was no second young master, Yifeng wouldn’t have expanded into the gaming industry. 

  Sweet worries?! 

  Bai Zheng frowned subconsciously. Those who has never encountered such sweet worries will never be able to imagine it. But Bai Chuan was worried about this, so at lunchtime, Bai Zheng took the initiative again to appear in the R&D department office to get him.  

  ”Let’s eat together at noon?” Bai Zheng tried to invite him. According to his previous experience, Bai Chuan will only agree to his lunch invitation when he was guilty or if he had a request for him.  


  So refreshing, it seems he has something to ask me. Bai Zheng raised his eyebrows and took the lead to the restaurant. 

  Lu Yang, who witnessed the whole process behind him, couldn’t help but slander in his heart: It’s not easy for our family’s President anymore. He has to go to second young master’s door to discuss his debts, otherwise second young master won’t repay him. If second young master had some doubts, then he would take the initiative to come to his door, otherwise second young master won’t ask.  


  In the restaurant. 

  The two asked for four dishes and one soup as they sat face to face. Although he took the initiative to come to his door, Bai Zheng wasn’t in a rush to speak, because he knew that if Bai Chuan was willing to come out with him, he would ask. What he had to do was wait quietly.  

  As Bai Zheng expected, Bai Chuan was eating while thinking about how to speak. After eating a bowl of rice, Bai Chuan felt that the time had come, so he asked fiercely, “How often do you think the most intimate thing between husband and wife should be done?” 

  ”Pfff!” Bai Zheng spewed out a mouthful of soup unexpectedly and looked at Bai Chuan incredulously.  

  ”You’ve been married, so you should know.” That’s right, this was the reason why Bai Chuan was willing to consult with Bai Zheng. He doesn’t know many people and he only knew three people who were married: his brother, his father and his father-in-law. Of these three, his elder brother was closest to his age.  

  ”You… you…” Bai Zheng’s was rarely conflicted, his face was pale and green with his usual emotional management that was out of control. It’s not that he didn’t want to know the private affairs of his younger brother and sister-in-law, but this secret came so suddenly that he didn’t know how to react. 

  This reminded him of the fact that Bai Chuan had just married a few months ago, and his uneasy mother also told him to teach Bai Chuan. At that time, he refused, but didn’t think he would end up in this situation.   

  ”Don’t you know?” Bai Chuan lowered his eyes in disappointment. “Yes, you’re divorced.” He will go and ask Xiaoya again in the evening. If Xiaoya still refused to say, then he could only ask the last two people on the list. 

  I’m divorced, I’m divorced and I… what does it have to do with this matter?! 

  I got a divorce because of disharmony, okay!  

  Bai Zhengqi’s face became greener, but he couldn’t do anything about Bai Chuan. If this was a different person, he would kill him 800 times, but this was Bai Chuan, so even when he was angry, there was a strange feeling of relief that arose.  

  ”This kind of thing… you should ask your wife.” Bai Zheng replied with a black face. 

  ”Xiaoya refused to say.” He asked several times this morning but Xiaoya, who is always good at talking, suddenly refused to answer him. But this kind of thing that can make both people happy can’t only wait until Xiaoya is in a bad mood again. Besides, he doesn’t want Xiaoya to be in a bad mood. 

  You… really asked?! 

  Bai Zheng suddenly sympathized with Mu Xiaoya. 

  ”Cough… this kind of thing, you don’t have to wait for an answer. As long as she doesn’t refuse, you… it’s an approval.” After Bai Zheng finished, he was uncomfortable, and didn’t eat any food. For the first time, Bai Chuan didn’t put down his chopsticks and leave him first. Instead he left behind his younger brother with bright eyes, who looked like he had a breakthrough in his cultivation.   


  After Mu Xiaoya left the studio, she went to the hospital. She always thought about her cousin Lin Han. Although it was uncertain whether Lin Han was the cousin that had died suddenly in her last life, or whether the cause of the sudden death was a genetic disease, Mu Xiaoya decided to avoid all avoidable factors.  

  ”Xiaoya, why are you here?” Lin Han saw Mu Xiaoya entered the ward and greeted her with surprise. 

  ”I’ve come over to take a look. Is Lei Lei better?” Mu Xiaoya put the fruit basket on the side table.  

  ”Much better, the inflammation has subsided. The doctor said that her fever should be relieved within two days.” Lin Han said happily. 

  ”Did you have a good rest at the hotel last night?” Mu Xiaoya worried about Lin Han’s body. 

  ”Very good. The hotel you booked for me isn’t cheap. Give me your number so I can call you later and treat you.” Lin Han said. 

  “Cousin, when you say this, it looks like we are strangers. Originally you came to Yuncheng and I should have picked you up to stay in my home. But since Lei Lei was ill, I booked a hotel for you and you want to pay me back. Isn’t this a slap to the face?”  

  ”I didn’t mean it like that…” Lin Han wanted to argue but didn’t know what to say. However, Mu Xiaoya’s kindness made her realize, “Yes, anyway your kind intentions, older sister receives.”  

  Mu Xiaoya smiled and said: “It’s lunch time. I will help you look after Lei Lei. You go and get something to eat. ” 

  ”It’s okay, I just bought some food.” Lin Han worried about her child. She didn’t rest last night and came over early in the morning. If it wasn’t for the hospital who wouldn’t let her accompany her child overnight, she wouldn’t want to leave her child at all.  

  ”Cousin, you have to take care of yourself so you can take care of Lei Lei ah.” Xiaoya persuaded, “Otherwise, when Lei Lei is better, you will fall ill and we can’t let her take care of you.” 

  ”I’m not so fragile.” Lin Han smiled. 

  ”Then you don’t believe me. You don’t think I can take care of Lei Lei.” 

  ”You say that, then I’ll go have the meal.” Lin Han replied as she had no choice but to compromise to Mu Xiaoya. When Lin Han return after her meal, Mu Xiaoya paid for a special nurse to take care of Lei Lei in the evening.  

  Lin Han refused at first, but finally accepted under Mu Xiaoya’s persuasion. As Mu Xiaoya said, she would indeed be unable to fall asleep in the hotel at night because of her child, but now that she has professional care, she can be rest assured. 

  After arranging everything, Mu Xiaoya left the hospital, but when she passed the obstetrics and gynecology department, her footsteps paused unconsciously. 

Author’s Notes: 

Because of the campaign against pornography and the fight against organized crime, comics can only be drawn very vaguely. On this day, two people were reading comics together. The first chapter had kissing, then the second chapter they had children. So…. 

“It’s great to have a baby.” Girl Ya screamed excitedly.  

“How was the baby born?” Teenage Chuan was puzzled. 

“Born between men and women ah.” 


“From the kiss there ah.” 

“Then… when will ours be born?” Asked Teenage Chuan. 

“!!! We haven’t kissed.” Girl Ya blushed with shame. 

“You kissed me when you were five years old.” Teenager Chuan’s face was determined. 


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