My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 72

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Do You Have Abdominal Muscles? 

  The next morning, they got up and went back next door to explain to their parents why they suddenly ran next-door last night. After having breakfast, they left in a hurry. They had to rush home to change their clothes, then go to the Bai family’s home.  

  Unlike her parents, who were busy with make-up classes for students every weekend and often had no time for them, the Bai family parents will put off all kinds of entertainment at home every weekend to spend time with them. Bai Zheng will attend on time, as long as he isn’t on a business trip, and Uncle Li, the housekeeper, will make a large table full of delicious dishes. So, every time she goes to the Bai family’s home, Mu Xiaoya attaches great importance to them, not to mention her cousin’s affairs this time as Bai Zheng helped them so much. Not only did this person help, but her husband also beat him up.   

  ”When we arrive at your parent’s house in a moment, remember to apologize to elder brother.” On the way, Mu Xiaoya told Bai Chuan in advance. 

  Bai Chuan glanced at his wife and didn’t speak, but he didn’t understand. Obviously, he didn’t agree with his wife’s reason for apologizing.  

  ”Elder brother really didn’t want you to divorce me, he just hypothesized.” 

  ”Can’t hypothesize.” Bai Chuan retorted. 

  ”But no matter what, you can’t do that ah. It’s wrong to hit people.” Mu Xiaoya looked at her husband’s thin body and said conscientiously, “And, elder brother deliberately allowed you to hit him, otherwise, how can you beat him up after so many years of him working out?” 

  ”…” Bai Chuan also knows that exercise wasn’t his strong point and could only remind her weakly, “I also run.” 

  ”But you don’t have eight abdominal muscles ah.” 

  Abdominal muscles? This was the second time Xiaoya mentioned his abdominal muscles in front of him. Bai Chuan raised his hand and touched his stomach.  

  ”Do you like abdominal muscles?” Bai Chuan asked. 

  ”It’s okay, I heard that it feels good.” Mu Xiaoya doesn’t know whether she likes abdominal muscles or not. But Fang Hui always says that abdominal muscles feel good in front of her, especially when going to bed, touching… No, brain stop. Stop it, where do you want to go. But… if Bai Chuan also has abdominal muscles, she wouldn’t mind trying out that same feeling Fang Hui mentioned.1What an experienced single dog 

  After turning the car onto the mountain road and driving for ten minutes, they could see the Bai family’s villa. Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help but urge again: “Xiao Chuan, since we got married, our elder brother has helped us a lot.”  

  ”I know.” Bai Chuan nodded sullenly. Bai Zheng was kind to him. How could he not know? Otherwise he wouldn’t have remembered that Bai Zheng likes watches and especially went to buy one for him, “I wasn’t in control of my emotions that day.”  

  “I know you didn’t mean it and elder brother will understand. When you go apologize in a while, I’ll go with you.” After spending such a long time with Bai Chuan, Mu Xiaoya gradually found that, although Bai Chuan sometimes lost control of his emotions, the reasons of his loss of emotional control were basically related to several close people around him. He was more silent towards outsiders. Professor Feng once told her that most of the time a person with autism likes being self-confined, so they only had to express their emotions to those close to them.  

  Although this was a bit unfair to the people around you, it’s probably the greatness of your family. The Bai family is very good towards Bai Chuan, it has been extremely clear to Mu Xiaoya in these past 6 months and she’s grateful to them.   

  ”I’ll go by myself.” Bai Chuan seemed to have figured it out. 

  ”OK.” So long as he agrees. 


  On the other side, Li Rong was also persuading her eldest son, who was still bruised, ten minutes before the two arrived at the Bai family’s villa.   

  ”Bai Zheng, Xiao Chuan will be here in a while. You remember to take the initiative to apologize.” 

  As soon as Li Rong’s words fell, Bai Zheng and Bai Guoyu gave each other an incredulous expression at the same time. 

  ”I know it’s not your fault, but Xiao Chuan doesn’t understand ah. When he heard, how can he know that you were just hypothesizing? He just thinks you were trying to separate him from Xiaoya.” Li Rong asked Bai Zheng, “You say, ‘okay’.” 

  Bai Zheng withdrew his gaze and continued to use his tablet to read the financial report without saying a word. 

  ”You don’t need to apologize, just take the initiative to seek peace.” Li Rong saw Bai Zheng’s indifference, and her voice gradually choked. “I know, you’re also wronged. You think your mother is biased. You have been good to your brother since you were young. You let him have everything. But… ” 

  Bai Zheng’s face overflowed with a sneer but still said nothing. 

  ”That’s enough, this act you’re using has been out of date for ten years ago.” Bai Guoyu looked at his wife silently. His eldest son was almost thirty years old and a divorced man. Does she really think he’s gullible as when he was a teenager? 

  Bai Zheng reached out and took a piece of fruit from the fruit bowl. After eating, he changed his posture and continued to read the financial report. 

  ”But I really think so.” Although it was somewhat of an act, Li Rong also felt in her heart that she wasn’t a qualified mother. Not only did she fail to give Bai Chuan a healthy body, but she didn’t give Bai Zheng equal maternal love.  

  ”Okay, okay, I know.” Bai Guoyu put down the magazine in his hand and held his wife in his arms. “The children are now grown up, and Xiao Chuan is married, so you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.”   

  ”I’m afraid there will be a gap between brothers.” Li Rong said, “You also know Xiao Chuan’s character. If he hates anyone, he will never pay attention to that person for the rest of his life.” 

  The expressionless Bai Zheng suddenly frowned.  

  At this moment, there was a loud noise outside the door. Uncle Li ran in from outside the door and happily reported: “Second young master and second young lady are here.”  

  ”Here?” Li Rong was about to go out happily, but she hasn’t moved yet when Bai Zheng, who was sitting on the nearby sofa, got up first and disappeared up the stairs with the tablet in his hand. 

  ”…” Li Rong looked at her son’s back and asked her husband strangely, “Is he…?”  

  ”Probably telling you by action that he’s still angry and won’t take the initiative to apologize.” Bai Guoyu spread out his hands.  

  ”What should I do?” 

  ”The children are already grown, don’t worry.” 

  When Bai Guoyu’s words fell, Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan walked in from the door. Mu Xiaoya held a big jar in her hand. When she entered the door, she directly handed it to Uncle Li: “Uncle Li, this is my mom’s newly chopped peppers, please take it to your kitchen.”   

  “That’s right, Madam recently said that she missed your mother’s chopped peppers.” Uncle Li went to the kitchen with the chopped peppers. He will add it to the fish head dish in the kitchen.  

  ”Dad, Mom.” The two walked into the living room and greeted them. Mu Xiaoya looked around and found Bai Zheng’s figure not present, so she asked strangely, “Elder brother isn’t here today?” 

  ”Bai Zheng ah……” Li Rong glanced at her youngest son and saw that Bai Chuan had no special reaction. After a pause, she continued, “He’s upstairs, dealing with some business.”  

  “Elder brother is so busy ah. He still has to work at home on the weekends.” Mu Xiaoya took off her down jacket and hung it on a hanger on the side, then waited for Bai Chuan to take off his down jacket. Once she took it from him, she used her eyes to signal for him to go upstairs.  

  ”…” Bai Chuan froze for a moment, then recall what he just promised and walked upstairs obediently. When he climbed up to the third floor, his parents came back to their senses and asked Mu Xiaoya: “Xiao Chuan is…?” 

  “He went to find elder brother to apologize. Last time… because of some misunderstandings, he hit elder brother.” When explaining to the Bai parents, Mu Xiaoya was a little uneasy. The reason why the two brothers fought and had a falling out was because of her.  

  Upon hearing this, the parents of the Bai family only felt that clouds disperse and reveal the moon as the willow trees made the shade and the flowers give light.2At one’s darkest hour, a glimmer of hope /// light at the end of the tunnel 

  ”Like I said, don’t worry about it.” Bai Guoyu’s expression was as if he known for a long time. 

  ”Yes, yes, yes, you’re so powerful.” Li Rong was too lazy to argue with her husband. Anyway, as long as the brothers were in harmony, there was nothing else she could ask for.   

  Then the three sat in the living room and looked up to the third floor, but they couldn’t see anything, still they couldn’t help but look straight up.   


  Upstairs, Bai Chuan walked to Bai Zheng’s bedroom and raised his hand to knock on the door. 

  ”Come in.” Bai Zheng’s voice came from the door but didn’t come to open the door. 

  Bai Chuan hesitated for a moment and raised his hand to continue knocking on the door. 

  ”The door is unlocked.” Bai Zheng’s voice was a little impatient. 

  Bai Chuan still didn’t push the door and continued to knock. 

  ”I…” Bai Zheng suddenly reacted, there was only one person who would knock on the door for such a long time and unwilling to enter. Bai Zheng thought it was impossible, but he still put down his tablet and got up to open the door.  

  The door was opened, and the two brothers were separated by the door threshold, no one made a sound and it was inexplicably awkward. No, it was only Bai Zheng who was uncomfortable, and Bai Chuan stared straight at the bruise on his brother’s head by his eyes. 

  Was this caused by me? That’s right, the location is right. 

  ”Cough… what’s the matter?” Bai Zheng finally opened his mouth first and was intently stared at by Bai Chuan. He suddenly felt that his eyes began to hurt again.  

  ”I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.” Bai Chuan’s face was full of guilt. 

  ”Oh.” Bai Zheng tried to keep calm, but the corners of his mouth began to rise uncontrollably. He could only speak more to maintain his expression, “Did Mu Xiaoya ask you to come?” 


  ”……” The corners of his mouth that was rising wildly was instantly stilled, he knew: This little idiot, how could he come to apologize on his own behalf? In his eyes, there was only Mu Xiaoya. 

  ”Your bruises are still there.” Bai Chuan stared persistently at the bruises on Bai Zheng’s face. 

  ”I will be fine in two days.” Bai Zheng touched his eyes and said indifferently. 

  ”I didn’t know I was that heavy-handed.” 

  Bai Zheng heard the guilt from his younger brother’s voice. This guilt came from the bottom of his heart, this guilt wasn’t taught by Mu Xiaoya. The joy that just sank overflowed once again; Bai Zheng’s mouth began to rise uncontrollably again.  

  ”Okay, I forgive you.” Since you sincerely apologized, then I will be generous. 

  ”Do you want me to eat with you?” Bai Chuan was surprised he was forgiven. 

  ”…No!” Bai Zheng clenched his teeth: This wasn’t last time when I “blackmailed” you to have us eat together; do you want to remember this for a lifetime? 

  ”Oh.” Bai Chuan nodded, then his eyes moved to Bai Zheng’s wrist. “The watch, do you like it?” 

  Bai Zheng subconsciously wanted to hide it. And after hiding it behind his back, he responded to Bai Chuan, who had already seen the watch, but pretended to be generous by taking it out from behind him: “It’s okay.”   

  ”I visited the whole mall, only this watch had the most accurate time.” Bai Chuan emphasized. “It’s better than the brand you bought me.” 

  ”…” Are you comparing a watch worth a few thousand yuan to my watches that are worth millions of yuan? There was a minute time error on that watch. The idiot who installed the GPS touched the internal structure and affected it. However, he asked, “Did you look through the entire mall?”  

  ”En, a total of 2,318 watches.” Bai Chuan nodded. 

  ”Okay, I see.” It’s one in a couple thousands. Bai Zheng felt the cheap watch on his hand and suddenly felt that it was better to look at, “Let’s go, let’s go down.” 

  Bai Zheng wanted to go out, but Bai Chuan didn’t move from the door. 

  ”What else?” Bai Zheng asked. 

  ”Do you have abdominal muscles?” Bai Chuan stared at his elder brother’s abdomen. 

  ”…” Why the sudden interest in abdominal muscles? 

  ”Can I touch them?” His big eyes were bright. 


Author’s Notes: 

A long time later someone interviewed Bai Zheng. 

Host: Are you so passionate about fitness because your wife likes abdominal muscles? 

Bai Zheng: No, I like fitness. 

Host: Then, the first person to touch your abdominal muscles, was it your wife? 

Bai Zheng: …No. (Weird face.)  

Host with guilty conscience: This President Bai is unlikely to return to that person after their divorce; it seems that he asked an extremely terrible question.  

Crab: Don’t ask ex-wife, ex-wife won’t touch.  

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