My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 73

Translated by Novice Translations 

Proofread by Yserieh 

Have a Baby 

  The Bai family parents and Mu Xiaoya waited for a long time for the brothers to come down. They were thinking about whether to go up and take a look, but when they came down, Bai Chuan led the way and his face was as usual, but Bai Zheng followed him with a strange look. 

  What’s wrong? The three were puzzled. 

  Going down the stairs, Bai Chuan walked straight to Mu Xiaoya and couldn’t wait to report his new discovery: “Xiaoya, abdominal muscles aren’t good, they are hard and uncomfortable to touch.” 

  ”Huh?” The three people in the living room were confused by Bai Chuan’s mindless words, but the same thought emerged simultaneously- where did Bai Chuan touched abdominal muscles? 

  So, three pairs of eyes looked at Bai Zheng who just came downstairs. 

  ”Cough… meal.” Bai Zheng turned into the dining room with a stiff face. This unsolicited move attracted the unbridled laughter of his parents from behind him.  

  Mu Xiaoya pinched Bai Chuan’s arm and smirked at his stomach, but she didn’t forget to reply to Bai Chuan: “If it doesn’t feel good, then don’t exercise it.”  

  ”En.” Bai Chuan was satisfied: Xiaoya doesn’t like it. He doesn’t need to exercise it.  

  After the meal, Li Rong said that she would let Mu Xiaoya visit her garden, so she took her to the warm greenhouse in the courtyard. There were many kinds of off-season flowers in the warm room. The bloomed extremely brightly in the cold winter that withered spring.   

  ”Mom, do you have something to tell me?” Someone had prepared tea in the greenhouse. Mu Xiaoya poured a cup and handed it to Li Rong. If she just want to visit the greenhouse, she wouldn’t leave Bai Chuan alone and only invite her out, so Mu Xiaoya guessed that Li Rong has something to say to her.  

  ”Don’t be nervous, it’s not important. It’s because of Xiao Chuan, I don’t know how to say it.” Li Rong took the teacup and took a sip. 

  ”I know, take your time.” Mu Xiaoya smoothed her messy hair, and there was a faint smile on her face. The dim yellow light shone on her white porcelain-like skin which made her look generous and gentle. 

  She was a gentle girl. When she first saw Mu Xiaoya, Li Rong can see she would like her as a daughter-in-law in her heart.   

  ”We have all heard about your cousin. Bai Zheng also said that you might also have this disease.” Li Rong held Mu Xiaoya’s hand on the table case across the table and said softly “We can’t do anything about this genetic disease, but the doctor also said that the onset of this genetic disease is very low, so you don’t have to worry too much.” 

  ”Mom…” Mu Xiaoya was a little surprised, she didn’t expect Li Rong to call her out alone because of this matter. Was it because she couldn’t hold back this entire time when Bai Zheng revealed that she might also have this disease, so they were worried about it?  

  Mu Xiaoya suddenly wanted to cry. She only felt that the last burden in her heart has been relieved at this moment. At last, she didn’t have to worry anymore. All the people around her planned for the worst, but still had leftover energy to comfort her in turn.  

  ”Don’t be afraid, it’s okay.” Li Rong reached out to wipe Mu Xiaoya’s tear from the corner of her eyes and comforted her, “It’s frightening to find out that you might have a genetic disease, but let’s not be too pessimistic.”  

  ”But… in the chance that I do get sick, what if I only live for only a few years?” Finally, there was a suitable time for her to ask this question. 

  ”That won’t happen.” It seems that this child was really terrified. Li Rong covered her hand with both hands. Both hands tightly wrapped Mu Xiaoya’s hands and comforted her, “Don’t be afraid, even if it does, we will all be here.”  

  ”En.” Its enough to have you, Mu Xiaoya can’t say anymore, and can only nod. 

  ”Don’t be afraid, Grandma will protect you and Xiao Chuan.” 

  Mu Xiaoya glanced down and looked at her left hand. The jade bracelet gifted by Grandma Bai tightly clung to her arm. The soft touch of jade makes her feel at ease, as if Grandma Bai was comforting her.   


  On the other side, the three men who were left in the living room were chatting with each other. Basically, Bai Guoyu starts the topic and Bai Zheng answers, then they watch Bai Chuan’s reactions quietly.  

  ”Well, the R&D department’s performance has been good recently, right?” Bai Guoyu tried to divert the topic towards Bai Chuan as much as possible. 

  ”It’s okay, from the game’s release to now, the revenue is nearly 100 million yuan.” Bai Zheng just finished reading the financial report before eating. 

  ”That, Xiao Chuan made a lot of money ah.” 

  ”…” Bai Zheng glanced at his father as if to ask, did you completely ignore the cost? 

  Bai Guoyu stared back: What cost, why don’t you let your brother be happy first? 

  ”Yes, Xiao Chuan made a lot of money, and at the end of the year, he can earn a lot of dividends,” Bai Zheng replied. 

  ”Xiao Chuan, what do you want to do with the dividends?” Bai Guoyu asked Bai Chuan directly. 

  ”I want to resign.” Bai Chuan, who kept his head down and said nothing, suddenly burst out. 

  ”Ka cha!” Bai Zheng’s hand became so heavy that he almost crushed the coffee cup in his hand. “Why?” 

  ”I want to study the cousin’s illness.” Bai Chuan looked at his elder brother and said, “You asked me that day, what will I do if Xiaoya left me because… of the genetic disease?” Bai Chuan didn’t understand it at the time, but at this moment he understood. 

  As soon as he heard, Bai Zheng’s expression changed, he and his family tried their best to hide it. His mother even took Mu Xiaoya out to talk about it alone, but how did Bai Chuan already know?   

  ”You know?” Bai Zheng asked. 

  “Xiaoya’s mother said that as long as she has a blood relationship with her cousin, she may also have this disease. If she has it then Xiaoya would have it, even if…. Xiaoya isn’t dizzy.” Bai Chuan had thought of it while he was at the Mu family home, but he didn’t express his concerns in front of them. Xiaoya didn’t feel dizzy, so she thought she wouldn’t get sick, but Bai Chuan didn’t want to remind Xiaoya as he was afraid to frighten her.  

  ”Then… what do you think? If Mu Xiaoya is sick too?” Now that Bai Chuan already knows, Bai Zheng asked again. 

  ”I didn’t think about it.” Bai Chuan shook his head, “My head starts to hurt when I think about it, it starts to buzz, it’s uncomfortable.” 

  This is a crisis that is about to happen ah, the father and son looked at each other and didn’t dare to stimulate Bai Chuan. 

  ”Do you want to study medicine to save Mu Xiaoya?” Bai Guoyu asked out loud after a long time. 

  ”En.” Bai Chuan nodded. He thought about it and this was the only thing he could do.  

  ”I disagree.” Bai Zheng directly gave a negative opinion. 

  ”Why? You said, no matter what I want to learn, it’s okay.” Bai Chuan asked. 

  “Learning medicine is a long and rigorous thing. Every medical student must study for at least eight years to treat patients independently. If they want to reach the level of Professor Rong, it will take more than a decade or several decades of clinical research.” Bai Zheng continued, “You’re smart, have scholar syndrome, learn things quickly, but it will take many years for you to reach Professor Rong’s level.”  

  ”So, what should I do?” He understood what Bai Zheng said, that is to say, even if he studied, he would have to study for a long time before he can barely catch up to Professor Rong.   

  ”That profession has technical experts, let those professional people study it.” Bai Zheng said, “I talked with Professor Rong, through Lin Han’s disease, a lot of information was collected. After a period of research, they should be able to detect the cause of this disease.” 


  ”En.” Bai Zheng didn’t dare to fully answer, after all, no one was sure about scientific research. Maybe there would be a breakthrough tomorrow, or maybe there won’t be any progress for decades. 

  ”Then… what can I do?” Since he discovered that Mu Xiaoya may have this disease since the beginning, Bai Chuan always wanted to make himself useful and do something, so he wouldn’t feel so uneasy. Now the only thing he could do was rejected by Bai Zheng, which made him a little confused. 

  ”Live a good life, don’t think about anything.” Bai Zheng paused and said, “If you can, have a baby, for a long time, our mother wants to hold her grandson.” 

  At this time, Mu Xiaoya and Li Rong returned from outside, then the three stopped their conversation in time. 

  Because it was very late, Mu Xiaoya expressed her desire to go back, and the three members of the Bai family didn’t retain them. They got up together to send them away, until the car was far away, Bai Guoyu suddenly asked Bai Zheng: “Did you fund Professor Rong’s research?”  



  ”Last Wednesday.” 

  Wasn’t that the day he was beaten up by Xiao Chuan?! 

  ”What did you talk about with Xiao Chuan in the house just now?” Li Rong asked the father and son who seemed to be talking in riddles.  


  ”Letting Xiao Chuan give you a grandson.” Bai Zheng interjected. 

  ”Really?!” Li Rong’s eyes lit up after a while. She always wanted to hold her grandson, but she didn’t dare urge Bai Chuan and Mu Xiaoya, so she could only talk about Bai Zheng getting remarried every day.  

  ”Really.” Bai Guoyu answered Li Rong. With Bai Chuan’s true personality, once he promises something, he will seriously carry it out. He seriously suspected that Bai Zheng’s remark in the room just now was his escape route from his wife’s nagging to remarry.  


  Back home, Mu Xiaoya’s mood became particularly good. Even when she went to the kitchen to boil water, her steps were full of joy. But Bai Chuan was very worried and frowned the entire time, she didn’t know what upset him.   

  What happened in the living room while I was in the greenhouse?  

  Mu Xiaoya poured a cup of freshly boiled water, walked to Bai Chuan and asked, “What’s wrong with you? Do you have something to say?” 

  Bai Chuan glanced at Mu Xiaoya, hesitated for a moment and replied, “Elder brother helped me a lot.”  

  ”Elder brother really helped us a lot.” 

  ”Then… he just asked me for one thing.” Bai Chuan said. 

  ”Elder brother asked you to do something?” Mu Xiaoya was a little surprised. What can Bai Zheng ask for that he needs Bai Chuan’s help? Although she was feeling somewhat incredulous, but not matter what it is, they couldn’t postpone Bai Zheng’s request because of how much he helped them in the past, “What is it?”  

  Bai Chuan looked at Mu Xiaoya and was about to speak but stopped.  

  ”What is it? Say it.” Mu Xiaoya was speechless, how could Bai Chuan still hesitate? 

  ”But you don’t like it,” Bai Chuan said sullenly. 

  ”I don’t like it?” Mu Xiaoya was stunned. “What do I dislike ah?” 

  ”Elder brother said let’s have a baby.” Bai Chuan said and immediately lowered his head, not daring to look at Mu Xiaoya’s expression. 

  ”Have…” Mu Xiaoya blinked her eyes. What’s going on? Nowadays, wasn’t it popular that the mother-in-law pressures the daughter-in-law to give birth, why has it changed to the brother-in-law? Mu Xiaoya put down the water cup in her hand and held her forehead to calm down. “Why do you think I don’t like children?”  

  Bai Chuan didn’t speak. He silently took out a small blue package from his pocket. He didn’t know what it was before, but after using it, he naturally understood its function. Xiaoya didn’t want a child, so she would prepare this. 

  ”…” This guy just used one yesterday, when did he hide another one? 

  ”It doesn’t matter. If you don’t want to or not, I’ll go to the company tomorrow and ask my elder brother to change his request.” Bai Chuan saw that Mu Xiaoya was delayed in her words, so he believed his conjectures were correct.   

  ”I…” Mu Xiaoya looked at Bai Chuan, who quickly compromised, and suddenly realized that there was a problem. She once worried about whether she wanted to have children and made that decision silently, but she never once asked Bai Chuan if he wanted children. It was because Bai Chuan always compromised with her so easily and without another thought, so she took her decision for granted as their decision.   

  ”Do you want a child?” Mu Xiaoya asked Bai Chuan, “Isn’t it because elder brother want us to have children, or do you like children yourself?” 

  ”I like.” Without hesitation, Bai Chuan nodded. In his consciousness, the child birthed by Mu Xiaoya must be as lovely as Mu Xiaoya when she was a child. Just thinking about it, he couldn’t help but be happy.  

  ”Then… we will have.” 

  Mu Xiaoya was suddenly no longer afraid. Her family was stronger and greater than what she imagined. She believed that even without her presence, her children will grow up healthily and happily with their families’ company.  

Author’s Notes: 

After a long time, Mu Xiaoya’s child was born. 

Grandparents told the child: “Did you know that your Uncle Bai Zheng rushed for you to be born?”  

Child: “Is Uncle Bai Zheng a hen?”  

Bai Zheng the Hen: “…” 

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  1. AkiraFurukawa

    That ‘after a long time’ doesn’t give me high hopes ; _ ; Thanks for the chapter^^ I hope Bai Chuan understands the responsibility of parenting

    1. purpleberrrydoc

      I think he doesn’t fully understand yet but he will. He is going to go all out and research. For their kid its definitely going to take a village to raise him/her. Truthfully a lot of non-autistic people don’t also know about what parenting entails.

  2. Kuqku

    Now lets say you had cystic fibrosis… or had the gene along with BC would you still want to have a child… I still think this is Russian Roulette… unless BC finds an actual cure then sure go ahead 😛

    1. Kobold

      ASD is not cystic fibriosis.. You can’t compare them. It is like comparing apple to a pear.
      It is genetic yes, but it is not inherited disease in the same sense that you think. Heritable yes, but it is not an inherited disease/defect.
      The probability that their descendant will be autistic is very low. The cause of ASD is complex, not as simple as people think.
      There is no reason someone is deprived of the right to have a descendant just because there is an ASD case in the family.
      Talking about parenting itself.
      Great Parents are those who raised the child with love, be it biological or not.
      Surely children would miss their mom if she really died, but unhappy orphans is more caused by the resentment of being abandoned, not merely because the inexistence of the biological parent.
      So MXY can still love her children as long as she can and create them beautiful memories and afterwards the children would still be able to live happily and well raised too cos they obviously have so many loving, well educated and positive family mamber around them, from both side.
      They are not the kind of selfish and self-rightheous parent despite being wealthy or intellectual scholar.
      Their love are just as precious as MXY’s existence.

      1. Kobold

        Many type of cancer, heart problem, diabetic and few others illness that are more common and even deadly as well as make a person suffers are hereditary illness. Should all of the people with such problem miss their chance to have their own children for the probability that their offspring can have it too?
        Why? For a probability that is sooo low that it can often be negligible?
        About BC as a parent..well… I think many description about Autism here is so wrong.
        From the description of BC’s feature, he is by no means a severe case. He can live independently when he needs to.
        His parenting style would be one of a kind, true, but not necessarily be a worse parent compared to many normal parent out there these days.
        I even know a good friend with ASD who work in padagogic field, and had even worked as nanny during her study in the past. She was adored by all her “children”. So a person with ASD can raise children well too.
        FYI, I got to know her through a digital nomad community, so yes, she lived as a digital nomad now travelling around the world.
        Her passport is from Switzerland so it is easy for her to move to another countries with her husband every few months.
        And no, It is not only from stories because she had lived in our house for a while during her occasional trip back to Eurepe.
        I hosted her while she was in Germany alone without her partner.
        Another info: Prof. Grandin is an example of one of the most succesful person with ASD. There are few others more 😊.
        We shouldn’t underestimate them too much.
        This story is fictive but it is not completely illogical, it holds some truth.

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    I don’t know why I wait so long before commenting but thank you translators-nim! The little theater killed me 😂.
    It’s really an heartbreaking story. She love him despite his autism, she will adjust herself for him but never loss herself. He love her with all his might and willing to do anything for her. Life is short, so use it wisely. Don’t just waste it away. You will regret it for sure otherwise. Sigh

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