My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 75

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I’m Not Afraid 

  When both their parents got the news, they rushed to the hospital. Mu Xiaoya was fine, instead Bai Chuan, who was beside her bed, looked to be more like the patient.  

  ”What’s wrong?” Bai Chuan called them and only said that Xiaoya was hospitalized. He said nothing else, but the parents on both sides were extremely anxious.

  ”Dad, Mom, elder brother, you’re all here.” Although Mu Xiaoya was wearing a hospital gown, she had a rosy complexion and had a smile on her face. At one glance they felt relieved.  

  ”Xiaoya, what’s the matter with you? How come you were suddenly hospitalized?” Shen Qingyi saw her daughter’s life wasn’t endangered and half the anxiety in her heart was extinguished. 

  ”I’m fine, just… pregnant.” When she said ‘pregnant’, Mu Xiaoya unconsciously stroked her abdomen with her hand. 

  ”What?!” The sudden good news made five people freeze at the same time. 

  After a brief silence, Li Rong took the lead to respond. 

  ”Preg… pregnant?” She was excited and leaned over, but the position beside the bed was firmly occupied by her younger son. She couldn’t get through, so she stood as close as she could and looked straight at Mu Xiaoya’s stomach. “When? How many months?”   

  ”Only three weeks.” Mu Xiaoya replied. 

  ”It’s only three weeks. It’s okay, the child will grow up quickly, and then come soon.” Li Rong’s happiness caused her to become incoherent. 

  ”Then why did you come to the hospital all of a sudden?” Shen Qingyi was also happy, but besides being happy, she was still thinking about her daughter’s sudden visit to the hospital. 

  ”Yes, why did you come to the hospital? Are you uncomfortable?” Li Rong also recovered her senses. If she came to the hospital for an examination, there’s would be no need to be hospitalized. 

  Mu Xiaoya glanced at Bai Chuan and said as gently as she could: “The doctor said that I have some nutritional imbalances, so I had a big reaction after become pregnant.” 

  ”Nutritional imbalances can be big or small, you and Xiao Chuan should move back. I’ll let the kitchen prepare meals for your pregnancy.” Li Rong suggested. 

  ”Mom, no need. Maybe I’ve been too busy recently and didn’t have dinner today, that’s why. The doctor said that in the future, I just need to pay attention to rest and have three meals regularly, I will be fine.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t resist going back to the Bai family home, but she couldn’t stand to eat meals prepared for pregnant women every day.  

  ”It’s better to move back and live with us. You’re pregnant now. We won’t feel at ease with only Xiao Chuan taking care of you alone.” That’s right, they all knew that Bai Chuan can’t take care of people. Before they moved out, it was Mu Xiaoya that was taking care of Bai Chuan. Now Mu Xiaoya has to be taken care of by others. Naturally, they can no longer live alone.  

  ”Yes, it’s better for you to move back.” Shen Qingyi also joined the persuasion camp. 

  “Mom, I know you’re worried about me, but I don’t want to move back in for the time being. Besides, Xiao Chuan takes good care of me ah. Look, he sent me to the hospital in time.” Hearing his name, Bai Chuan raised his head consciously, but still didn’t speak. 

  Since entering the door, Bai Chuan had never said a word. If this was a year ago, people wouldn’t be surprised, but now Bai Chuan had a pale complexion and was in a trance. It looked like he suffered from an immense fright and his appearance wasn’t one of a good condition.  

  ”But…” Li Rong wanted to say more but was suddenly interrupted by Bai Zheng. 

  ”Let’s talk about this later. It’s very late. Let’s Xiaoya rest first.” Bai Zheng glanced and hinted at his father. 

  ”Yes, yes, yes, what can we do now? We will ask the doctor tomorrow. Let’s go back today.” Bai Guoyu immediately understood. 

  It was already 10:30 in the evening and it was really late. Considering that pregnant women need rest, they decided to leave temporarily. If anything, they will come back tomorrow and discuss it further.   

  After the two families left, Bai Chuan still didn’t speak. It seemed that after the doctor announced that she was pregnant, and wasn’t in serious trouble, that Bai Chuan never spoke again. He just sat quietly beside the bed, holding her hand.  

  ”Xiao Chuan, come up.” Mu Xiaoya moved over and patted the position beside her. She was in a single occupancy ward with a large bed, so the two people could lay down together.1Single ward is like a single hospital room for one patient which is pretty luxurious 

  ”I didn’t take a shower.” Bai Chuan shook his head. His voice was hoarse because he hadn’t spoken for a long time. 

  ”Then don’t sleep, just lie down and talk to me.” Mu Xiaoya persuaded. 

  Bai Chuan hesitated, then stood up and laid beside Mu Xiaoya. She leaned against Bai Chuan’s chest. 

  ”Did I scare you today?” When Mu Xiaoya’s words fell, Bai Chuan’s heartbeats suddenly accelerated like a rapidly beaten drum. 

  ”Can you tell me something?” Mu Xiaoya guided patiently. 

  ”Am I useless?” Bai Chuan suddenly asked, “You fainted, and I couldn’t do anything but be afraid. The whole world seemed to be covered by a huge cloak. I wanted to break free and find you, but I couldn’t see or hear anything.” 

  ”But in the end, you sent me to the hospital ah.” 

  ”That’s because you woke up.” Bai Chuan grasped Mu Xiaoya’s hand and stroked her face. “As soon as you spoke, the cover disappeared.” 

  ”Then can you promise me something?” Mu Xiaoya heard the self-blame in Bai Chuan’s words. 


  ”If I faint again next time, don’t let it cover you, you have to remember… to safely send me to the hospital so I can wake up,” Mu Xiaoya said softly. 

  ”Okay.” Bai Chuan didn’t know if he could do it, but he was willing to work hard. 

  ”Xiao Chuan, we have a child coming, why haven’t you said whether you’re happy or not?” Mu Xiaoya wanted to say something happy to divert Bai Chuan’s self-blame. 

  ”Did he make you faint?” Bai Chuan asked. 

  ”No.” Mu Xiaoya replied without thinking. She didn’t want her child to be hated by his father before he was born. 

  ”Then happy.” Bai Chuan replied in a low muffled voice.  

  Mu Xiaoya was speechless, so this is what it means to be happy. It seems that in the next ten months, she has to cultivate Xiao Chuan’s affection towards their child. 

  As a pregnant woman, she was drowsy and Mu Xiaoya fell asleep after a while. But Bai Chuan couldn’t sleep, his pair of black eyes were open until the morning light. 

  Early the next morning, the two families came together again. However, Mu Xiaoya finally returned to the Bai family’s villa together with Bai Chuan. In addition, today was Li Rong’s birthday, and under this double happiness, the two families gathered for a birthday feast. 

  ”I had thought that when the first death anniversary of Xiao Chuan’s Grandma passed, the two children’s wedding would no longer be delayed. Now, it’s furthered delayed.” Speaking of the wedding, Li Rong couldn’t help but feel sorry. Their Bai family owes Mu Xiaoya a wedding. 

  ”A wedding isn’t important.” The Mu parents weren’t very concerned about the situation. In their eyes, they only cared about their daughter’s happiness.  

  ”Mother Mu, I don’t agree with you. How could the wedding be unimportant? If Xiaoya was my daughter, and her in-laws won’t hold a wedding, I definitely won’t agree to their marriage.” 

  ”You’re blaming me for being too agreeable?” Shen Qingyi joked. 

  The parents on both sides froze for a while, then reacted when they suddenly felt something was amiss. It seemed that the parents on both sides had gotten use to each other and couldn’t help but burst into laughter.2So, before the two families parents were super polite to each other and never joked around, but now, they finally realized that they are all chummy with each others and can now crack jokes without having to worry about offending the other party. 

  ”Let’s stop arguing, the involved person hasn’t spoken yet.” Li Rong asked Mu Xiaoya, “Xiaoya, when do you want to have a wedding?” 

  ”Me?” Mu Xiaoya thought for a moment and said with a smile, “I rather have it later.” 

  ”Why?” Everyone was puzzled. 

  ”If I can, I want my child to be my flower girl or ring bearer.” Just thinking about this scene, Mu Xiaoya felt her life was complete. 

  ”Let’s do it later.” Li Rong thought that Mu Xiaoya’s idea was really wonderful. But if it was only one child, a single flower girl or ring bearer wasn’t enough, so she turned her eyes to her eldest son, and suddenly urged him to remarry, “When will you give me a grandchild as well?”3They usually come in pairs, weddings have a flower girl AND a ring bearer  

  ”…” Bai Zheng’s expression stiffened, “Don’t you already have one?” 

  ”Xiao Chuan’s is Xiao Chuan’s, and yours is yours. My birthday wish this year, ah, is that I hope you can find someone to marry soon.” 

  Although Mu Xiaoya was never urged to get married, she listened to Fang Hui and Liang Nuonuo’s complaints in her last life. The contents of the complaint was very similar to what Li Rong said, so she couldn’t help but sigh. Mothers were the same in any world ah.4This implies in her first life, Fang Hui AND Liang Nuonuo were both unmarried and their mothers nagged them to death about this matter…   

  ”Xiaoya, is there a suitable girl that you know? To introduce to your elder brother?” 

  ”…” Mu Xiaoya was petrified for a while. She didn’t expect or know how this fell on her.  

  ”Do you know of any singles?” 

  ”Yes, there is…” Fang Hui and Liang Nuonuo were both alone. 

  Bai Zheng obviously didn’t expect Mu Xiaoya to answer and glanced at her.  

  ”But emotional matters can’t be forced.” Fang Hui had seen Bai Zheng. When she first saw him, Fang Hui was drooling. At that time, Mu Xiaoya joked about whether or not to help hook her up. As a result, Fang Hui said: ‘Your elder brother, whose skin is superb and has a good figure, but his bearing is too strong to get married. Why don’t you just ask him if he would like to have a short-term relationship?’5Fuck buddies 

  Such a scum girl, how could she dare to introduce her to Bai Zheng? 

  “It’s okay, let them meet first. Young people can get along with each other slowly.” 

  She doesn’t know how, but after dinner, Mu Xiaoya suddenly took on the task to help introduce Bai Zheng to single ladies.  


  Bai Chuan didn’t sleep last night. Today, his mental state wasn’t good. He was a bit sleepy at dinner. Mu Xiaoya thought that once he takes a bath, Bai Chuan would fall asleep, but he still sat in bed waiting for her.  

  ”Why haven’t you slept yet?” Mu Xiaoya looked at the dark circles under Bai Chuan’s eyes with distress. 

  ”I have something to tell you.” Bai Chuan replied. 

  ”Then you should say.” Bai Chuan couldn’t hide anything in his heart. If he didn’t say it, he wouldn’t be able to sleep. 

  ”I thought of a way to prevent me from having an episode.” Bai Chuan’s eyes brightened. 

  ”Really?” Mu Xiaoya thought she had heard wrong as there were many medical professionals who couldn’t think of a way; so, Bai Chuan found one?  

  ”En.” Bai Chuan nodded heavily. “I thought about it all last night and today. Finally, I know why I had a crisis.” 

  Bai Chuan looked at Mu Xiaoya and slowly said: “Because I’m afraid you will die.” 

  From Bai Chuan’s pupils, Mu Xiaoya saw her sudden change of expression. She wanted to appease him and say that she wouldn’t die, but the more she thought about it, the more her throat was mute and there was no sound.  

  ”But now, I’m not afraid anymore.” Bai Chuan’s mouth smiled with relief, “Grandma said that after people die, they can’t see or hear anything. So, when I had having an episode, I couldn’t see or hear anything. So, if you die, I’ll die too. I’m not afraid of that.”  

  “Xiao Chuan…” Mu Xiaoya finally found her voice, she held Bai Chuan’s hand against her heart and said, “I won’t die, don’t think about that.” 

  ”En, you won’t die, and I won’t die.” When Bai Chuan said this, his expression was exactly the same as before. It was an unprecedented ease, and it was delight that emerged once the panic had receded.   

  So, if she dies, Xiao Chuan will close himself up again. And if she doesn’t die, he would look at her and smile happily like he did now?   

  ”Good.” Mu Xiaoya suddenly didn’t want to think about things that were so far away, as long as Bai Chuan was happy now. As for whether another window can be opened in Bai Chuan’s world after three years, she will leave it to their children and the rest of the Bai family.   

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