My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 76

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  After living in the Bai family home for a week and confirming there was no problem with her heath, the two moved back to their home. Although the Bai family can reach out and be involved, but as the old saying goes, someone’s gold or silver nest isn’t as good as their own grass nest.1Home sweet home is best As soon as she entered the door, Mu Xiaoya felt that her two-bedroom and one living room house was much more comfortable than the Bai family’s villa.  

  Slumped on the sofa, holding a pillow in her arms, Mu Xiaoya sighed comfortably, “It’s better to have a small home for the both of us.”   

  ”No, for three people,” Bai Chuan corrected. 

  ”Yes, for three people.” Mu Xiaoya touched her belly and apologized. “I’m sorry baby, mom almost forgot you.” 

  After apologizing, Mu Xiaoya looked up at Bai Chuan and found that he was in the kitchen again. He put away the pots and pans from the counter to their original place along with the soil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar.  

  This is another episode of OCD. 

  Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help but smile. Sometimes she thinks that OCD can also be very good. People with OCD will clean the rooms very consciously. Since they moved out, except for cooking, almost all the other housework was carried out by Bai Chuan. And Bai Chuan also had a great advantage with that too. No matter how messy their home was, he never complains, but quietly reorganizes.   

  After half an hour of cleaning up, Bai Chuan finished, so Mu Xiaoya beckoned him over. Bai Chuan didn’t even have time to take a sip of water and walked over.  

  ”All sweaty, did I make the house very messy?” Mu Xiaoya asked. 

  ”A little.” Bai Chuan nodded honestly. 

  ”Do you despise me?” Mu Xiaoya raised her eyebrows. The mess was when she picked out her clothes that day, so the closet was a little disorderly.  

  ”No.” Bai Chuan shook his head hurriedly and explained, “It’s just a little bit messier than usual.” 

  ”What can we do about that later?” Mu Xiaoya deliberately scared Bai Chuan, “When our baby is born, this family will be a hundred times more disorderly than it is now. And little children, how will you teach the disobedient child?”  

  Bai Chuan imagined this scene, and after a while, his brows began to twist quietly.   

  ”Would you hate the child because of this?” After the baby was born, Mu Xiaoya wanted to personally raise her own child. She wants to give her child a complete family of three while she’s still healthy. But after having a child, life will become very messy. If Bai Chuan can’t tolerate it, she will consider returning to the Bai family home.  

  After reaching a tacit agreement with Bai Chuan, Mu Xiaoya has no desire to forcible changing some of Bai Chuan’s so-called shortcomings. She just wanted their family to be happy together. 

  ”No!” Bai Chuan replied rather firmly. 

  ”So confident ah?” Mu Xiaoya was a little surprised. 

  ”En!” Bai Chuan looked at Mu Xiaoya and said very seriously, “When you were a child, you always threw things around and I didn’t hate you.” So naturally, won’t hate our children. 

  ”Where have I?” Mu Xiaoya firmly refused to admit it. She was very clever when she was a child. 

  ”Have.” Bai Chuan gave an example. “Every time you read in the study, you would mess up the bookshelves.”  

  ”Didn’t I put the books back ah?” When she was a child, she often went to Bai Chuan’s house to read books, but after reading them, she would make sure to put them back.  

  ”But… you put it back in the wrong order.” In Bai Chuan’s eyes, the order wasn’t right, so it was messy. 

  ”…” Mu Xiaoya stared at Bai Chuan and asked, “You remember this thing for so long, you say, did you feel angry at that time?” 

  ”No, I just have good memory.” 

  Mu Xiaoya was teased by Bai Chuan’s honest answer. After laughing for a while, she held Bai Chuan’s hand and gently pressed it against her stomach. She solemnly asked, “Promise me that you’ll be nice to him.” 

  ”En.” Bai Chuan’s palm didn’t dare to move, because there was a new life growing from within. 


  Mu Xiaoya doesn’t know if other people feel this way while they’re pregnant. She can clearly feel that her body’s nutrients were absorbed little by little by the child. She suddenly became a glutton. When the child was three months old, her hunger tripled and she inexplicably likes to eat sweets. Her stomach will become crazy hungry after almost less than two hours from her previous meal.     

  But every time the obstetric examination is done, the doctor gives the conclusion that her metabolism is very high during pregnancy, and pregnant women need to provide sufficient nutrition to the fetus, so it’s normal to feel lethargic, hungry and eat sweet food. Even Mother Mu comforted her daughter that it was better to eat more than to have morning sickness. However, Mu Xiaoya always felt wrong, because she ate so much, but her stomach was smaller than other pregnant women in the same month, and her weight didn’t significantly increase.  

  The doctor also felt strange about this, but after all the examinations, everything was concluded to be normal. 

  Unable to find the reason for her abnormality, Mu Xiaoya let herself relax and take care of the baby. Until the child was almost seven months old, that day, Bai Chuan had just sent her to the studio’s door when the familiar feeling of dizziness suddenly appeared, pulling her into the darkness. 

  When she woke up again, it was six days later, she was lying in a private ward. Beside her face was a haggard Bai Chuan. 

  ”Xiaoya.” When Mu Xiaoya moved, Bai Chuan noticed. He immediately leaned over to Mu Xiaoya. 

  ”Xiao Chuan …” Mu Xiaoya wanted to sit up, but once her hand moved, Bai Chuan held it down.  

  ”Don’t move, there’s an infusion bag connected to the back of your hand.” 

  ”What about the child?” Mu Xiaoya laid down again. 

  ”The child is fine.” Bai Chuan held Mu Xiaoya’s hand and gently placed it on her swollen abdomen, making her feel the child’s presence. 

   Mu Xiaoya suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, the child is fine, then asked: “How long have I slept?” 

  ”Six days.” Bai Chuan replied. 

  ”Six days? Am I sick?” At the moment when she fainted, Mu Xiaoya’s heart was already feeling a little faint, this kind of dizziness wasn’t normal. She felt alive initially, then suddenly without any warning, her whole body was emptied of its strength.  

  ”En.” Bai Chuan didn’t hide it. 

  ”Same illness as my cousin?” Mu Xiaoya wanted to confirm. 

  ”It’s the same, but different.” 

  Bai Chuan’s answer made Mu Xiaoya a little confused: “What’s the same and different?” 

  ”I’ll call Professor Rong.” Bai Chuan raised his hand and pressed the button on the bedside. Although he listened to Professor Rong’s explanation, he couldn’t explain it himself.   

  After a while, there was a rush of footsteps in the corridor. Professor Rong, with three young doctors and several nurses, ran into the ward.  

  ”You did wake up.” Professor Rong saw the awakened Mu Xiaoya, his face a little excited, but he didn’t rush to talk to Mu Xiaoya, instead he quickly checked all the instruments in the ward. 

  ”Professor, everything is normal.” A young doctor wearing glasses reported to Professor Rong after discussing with the others.  

  ”Okay, then continue the treatment according to the plan we agreed on before.”  

  After Professor Rong commanded, the three doctors who came in with him left one after another. At last, it was only Professor Rong that was left in the ward. 

  ”Professor Rong, do I have the same illness as my cousin?” Mu Xiaoya was already sitting halfway up with Bai Chuan’s help at this time. 

  ”Originally.” Professor Rong said. 

  ”What do you mean by ‘originally’?” Mu Xiaoya was stunned, “Isn’t it a genetic disease? Why did I suddenly faint?” 

  ”I will explain it to you slowly.” Professor Rong knows that that Yifeng Group will support his research because of the patient in front of him, so he patiently explained, “The genes in your body does carry the same illness as your cousin, but according to the data we collected and combined with the analysis of existing medical records, we found that the onset of this genetic disease is 60% concentrated on people between 22 to 30 years old. The vast majority of those were women who have had children under 25.”  

  ”What does it mean?” Mu Xiaoya asked, “Is my illness related to pregnancy?” 

  “Yes, when a woman is pregnant, her body cells will accelerate aging. From pregnancy to childbirth, the mother’s cells will age about 2-5 years.2Dude if this is true I don’t want to ever have children and stay young longer… In short, because you’re pregnant, it accelerates the cell’s aging process and stimulates the genetic disease genes in your body in advance.” Professor Rong explained.  

  ”Then… what about my child?” Mu Xiaoya, who had already been psychologically prepared, wasn’t afraid of getting sick again. She was afraid of having her onset early because there would be no way for her child to come into this world smoothly.  

  ”First, don’t get too excited,” Professor Rong placated. “Although you also have this genetic disease, but you and your cousin’s situation are different.” 

  ”Don’t be afraid.” Bai Chuan patted the back of Mu Xiaoya’s hand gently. 

  Mu Xiaoya glanced at Bai Chuan, inexplicably relieved. 

  ”What’s the difference between me and my cousin?” Mu Xiaoya asked.  

  ”Your disease gene is mutated.” Professor Rong explained, “In short, it’s a gene mutation.” 

  ”How is this possible?” Gene mutation? This is simply impossible. She hasn’t been exposed to any radioactive substances. How could she have genetic mutation for no reason?  

  ”Of course, it’s not that exaggerated. I just told you a more vivid and easy to understand word.” Professor Rong said, “I have done research on genetic diseases for nearly thirty years, and sudden genetic disease is the most difficult to treat. Because there is no warning before having an onset, at present, the disease can only be prevented in medicine and can’t be treated.” 

  ”For example, this genetic disease in your body, I usually recommend that families carrying this gene to give birth to boys in the next generation. If it’s a girl, there’s a risk of an onset after the age of 22. There’s almost no way to treat it except for changing your genes.” 

  ”Changing genes is easier said than done. In fact, it’s almost impossible to achieve. Not to mention that it isn’t allowed in medicine, even if it is allowed, it’s difficult to implement changing the gene and a specific part of the gene.” 

  The more Professor Rong said, the more mysterious it sounded, and the more confused Mu Xiaoya was: “You just said that my disease gene has mutated, how was it mutated?” 

  ”It’s the jade bracelet on your hand.” Professor Rong’s reasoning caused Mu Xiaoya to be shocked again. 

  ”Jade bracelet?” Mu Xiaoya subconsciously looked at her left hand. The green jade bracelet was still worn on her hand. 

  “Jade is actually a kind of ore. Since ancient times, jade has been used to support people, but everyone only knows that jade support people, but there are many opinions on how it supports them. There’s a saying that because jade is a type of ore, it will release a type of radiation that is beneficial to the human body. This radiation is similar to radioactive substances, but it’s gentler and less noticeable, so it can unknowingly nourish the human body.” Professor Rong continued, “It’s like two peas in a pod, you have a similar gene that I detected in your cousin, but your cells’ response during onset is quite different from your cousin. Your diseased gene is mutated, making it impossible to complete the last step of the onset. That’s to say, although you are ill, your genes won’t completely break down, which won’t cause rapid organ failure in your body.”  

  “Then I… is my disease cured?” Mu Xiaoya felt like she was dreaming.  

  ”No.” Professor Rong said, “Although your diseased gene has mutated, it isn’t cured. It’s still in a state of being at-risk, once the onset is complete, you will still die.”  

  ”Then, what’s the matter with me?” Mu Xiaoya was confused. 

  “You’re at risk and can die at any time until you find a way to completely restoring the diseased genes, but it’s also possible that the genes in your body has been maintained in this strange balance.”   

  ”With this balance, can I live a normal life?” 

  “There will be some sequelae, you will have anemia, dizziness, and even faint in the long-term.” Professor Rong continued, “But as long as the disease gene doesn’t completely break out, you won’t be in danger. But… you don’t have to worry too much, because the disease gene in your body can’t completely activate. The disease genes in your cells are constantly multiplying and repeating the onset process, but under the condition that your own cells are constantly regenerating. Give us some time, I believe, we will very quickly find a way to inhibit the disease.”  

Author’s Notes:  

All hail sweet crab, for not letting the female lead die so easily. As for the details, please don’t delve into them. It’s a novel after all ah. Just enjoy reading it.  

And… everyone should feel it, this novel is almost over. In fact, when it was written that the female lead was sick, it was already ending.  

I will not write another small theater. When writing the extras, I’ll write a chapter about a side story of the male and female lead when they were young.  

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