My Husband With Scholar Syndrome – Chapter 77

Translated by Novice Translations 

Proofread by Yserieh 


  Mu Xiaoya woke up in the middle of the night. Their parents, from both sides, got the news the next day and rushed over early the next morning. After a lot of pampering, only Shen Qingyi stayed. In order not to affect Mu Xiaoya’s rest, the others went back after checking up on her.  

  Bai Chuan, who hadn’t had a good rest for six days, finally fell asleep on the sofa. 

  Shen Qingyi cut an apple for her daughter and sighed, “This time when you suddenly got sick, Xiao Chuan’s performance was beyond our expectations.” 

  ”What happened with him?” Mu Xiaoya was also curious about his performance after she got sick, but yesterday she saw that Bai chuan was too exhausted and wasn’t willing to ask. 

  “He was the calmest out of all of us.” Shen Qingyi recalled, “Called an ambulance, went through hospitalization procedure, described the condition, contacted us, took care of you, everything was arranged in an orderly way, which wasn’t something a person with autism would do at all. Instead, it was us who didn’t know what to do.”  

  ”He didn’t have an issue?” 

  “No, he stubbornly stayed in your ward and didn’t let others take care of you. I think he was so calm because he didn’t understand life and death parting.” Shen Qingyi replied with a smile, “Before, ah, your father and I were worried that Bai Chuan wouldn’t be able to take care of you. Now, it seems that we worried too much.”  

  ”He doesn’t understand. He was waiting for me to wake up… ” Or to see if I didn’t wake up.1Probably cause you had him promise you that you would wake up if he took you to the hospital…he does firmly believes in promises cause Grandma Bai taught him! 

  Mu Xiaoya turned her head to look at Bai Chuan. He was curled up on the sofa in a blanket. His eyes were tightly closed on his pale face. His long eyelashes vibrated occasionally. It seems that he could wake up at any time. Mu Xiaoya couldn’t see Bai Chuan’s eyes but knew that he waited for her in the end, then went to her. 

  ”I’m glad you woke up.” Recalling the scene at that time, Shen Qingyi couldn’t help being afraid for a while, “Otherwise… ai, I shouldn’t say.” 

  In order not to increase Mu Xiaoya’s stress, the two families discussed this together. In the future, no one will raise the issue of the genetic disease in front of Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan. Although the genetic disease was still there, whether or not Professor Rong will develop the treatment method for the genetic disease first or that genetic disease will break down completely, but they had no other choice but to wait. The only thing they can do is live in the present optimistically.  

  ”When you are discharged from the hospital, go and see Grandma Bai.” Shen Qingyi urged. Ever since she discovered the reason for her daughter’s escape from death was because of the jade bracelet, Shen Qingyi had been grateful to Grandma Bai in her heart. 

  ”En,” Mu Xiaoya promised, even if her mother didn’t mention it, she would go. 

  At noon, Shen Qingyi went out to buy food for her daughter. Soon after she left, Bai Zheng arrived. He came to give Bai Chuan a change of clothes. 

  ”Is Xiao Chuan still sleeping?” Bai Zheng glanced at Bai Chuan, who was still asleep, and put his clothes on the chair beside him. 

  ”I’m afraid that he’s exhausted. He didn’t even wake up when it was noisy this morning.” Mu Xiaoya felt distressed. 

  ”You… how are you?” Bai Zheng asked Mu Xiaoya. 

  ”I’m fine, ah.” 

  Mu Xiaoya’s face was still a little pale, but her mental state had recovered well. She also asked Professor Rong, as long as she doesn’t faint again, if she was no different from ordinary people. But Bai Zheng couldn’t forget how she looked when she arrived to the hospital when he rushed over. Mu Xiaoya was covered in tubes and, especially when, Professor Rong said the cause of Mu Xiaoya’s illness was… 

  ”I’m sorry.” Bai Zheng suddenly apologized.  

  ”Elder brother?” Mu Xiaoya was muddled. Why did Bai Zheng suddenly apologize to her? 

  ”It’s because I told Xiao Chuan that I hope you have a baby before you got sick.” When Professor Rong said that if Mu Xiaoya wasn’t pregnant, she might not be sick until two or three years later, Bai Zheng then began to blame himself. But what does two or three years mean? There would be more advanced medical technology, Mu Xiaoya’s body can be nourished by the jade bracelet for another two or more years, and maybe two or three years later, when Mu Xiaoya gets sick, Professor Rong would have found a way to treat this genetic disease. Or, the mutation caused by the jade bracelet will interfere with the disease gene further and she won’t get sick at all.  

  ”Elder brother, this matter has nothing to do with you. This child was what I and Xiao Chuan wanted, and no one thought that pregnancy would have made me sick beforehand.” 

  Bai Zheng understood this, he also persuaded himself, but was still unable to let go of his self-blame due to the consequences that nearly happened. You can’t avoid responsibility just because you didn’t do it intentionally. When there’s an avalanche, not even a snowflake is innocent.  

  ”If we trace back to the cause, it’s really my fault.” Mu Xiaoya saw that Bai Zheng still blamed himself, so Mu Xiaoya said a half-truth, “If I didn’t choose to marry Xiao Chuan in the beginning, Grandma wouldn’t have given me the bracelet, then I wouldn’t be pregnant. So, even if I could live for another two years, I will just suddenly get sick and die. Do you think these two endings are the same? Then which one is more suitable for me?” 

  Bai Zheng looked at Mu Xiaoya, there was always an impression that she seemed to have known this entire time that she would definitely get sick.  

  ”You… don’t die.” After Mu Xiaoya’s onset, everyone was amazed by Bai Chuan’s composure. The collapse they worried about didn’t happen at all, not even a trace of crisis by him. But Bai Zheng knew that if Mu Xiaoya really didn’t wake up, that would be the beginning of Bai Chuan’s collapse. 

  During the six days of Mu Xiaoya’s coma, Bai Chuan didn’t ask about her illness, but instead kept asking the doctor, “When will Xiaoya wake up?”   

  There wasn’t much worry in his words, as if he was just waiting for a result. As for the reaction after possibly discovering the worst result, Bai Zheng didn’t dare to imagine. 

  ”I worked hard.” Mu Xiaoya answered with a smile. 

  Bai Zheng glanced at Bai Chuan again. He didn’t speak anymore, nodded and left. 


  In a blink of an eye, another three months passed, and Mu Xiaoya’s due date came. When choosing a childbirth method, Mu Xiaoya didn’t hesitate to choose the caesarean section. On one hand, she was afraid of suddenly fainting during childbirth, but on the other hand, she didn’t want Bai Chuan to see the process of childbirth.  

  If Bai Chuan sees her childbirth process, it’s debatable that this father will hate his child once its born. 

  But what Mu Xiaoya didn’t expect was that she had so many concerns. And when the baby was born, he was still hated by Bai Chuan anyhow. The reason made people unable to laugh or cry: because their son didn’t look like Mu Xiaoya at all.  

  Yes, they had a son. Although many things happen during pregnancy, fortunately, the child was healthy. When the child was sent back from the first exam, everyone around the crib kept incessantly praising the child to the parents.  

  This one says that the child’s nose looks good, the other says that the child’s mouth looks good, and even that his hair looks good. Only Bai Chuan’s voice sounded loudly: “It’s not the same as I imagined.”   

  Everyone was interested and thought he was pampering the child, “What do you think?” 

  ”He’s different from when Xiaoya was a child.” Bai Chuan replied. 

  Everyone laughed and persuaded: “The child is still young and looks like this now. When he grows up, we will know.” 

  When Bai Chuan saw that everyone didn’t believe what he said, he took out pen and paper, from who knows where, and drew a sketch of a five year old child on the spot. He then showed it to the two families: “Look, he will look like this in the future, he doesn’t look like Xiaoya at all.”   

  The parents from both sides took turns to look at this sketch. They only felt that the little boy sleeping with his eyes closed felt familiar, as if they have seen him from somewhere.   

  ”Wait…” Li Rong suddenly yelled, then took out her cellphone, flipped through the album and opened an old photo. She compared it with the sketch, “Doesn’t it look alike?”   

  ”This is……” Shen Qingyi vaguely guessed, “When Xiao Chuan was a child.” 

  ”Yes.” Li Rong asked Bai Chuan excitedly, “When your son grows up, will he really look like this?”  

  ”En, I sketched him out according to the natural law of human growth…” Bai Chuan was about to explain the details of this sketch’s process but was interrupted by his mother’s excitement. This was something that has never happened before. In the past, as long as he was willing to talk, who would dare interrupt him?   

  ”Great.” Compared with Bai Chuan’s displeasure, the others in the Bai family were happy, because there was a nearly identical child that looked like Bai Chuan. They will be able to make up their regrets from when Bai Chuan was growing up.   

  The Mu family parents were also very happy. They didn’t care who their grandchild looked like, as long as it was their grandson.  

  No one understands the pain in his heart. Bai Chuan had been unhappy about this for a long time. Even Mu Xiaoya’s comfort doesn’t work. Until one night, when Bai Chuan poked his son’s little face with his fingers and woke up the sleeping Xiao Tuanzi. Xiao Tuanzi2This means little dumpling or really little dango since they used the JP word instead…lol but this is also his real name opened his eyes in confusion, a pair of black and bright almond eyes, like his mother.  

  Since then, the Bai family’s Xiao Tuanzi would be poked by his father after he falls asleep.  

  And every morning when they get up, Mu Xiaoya always find a little red dot on her son’s cheek: “…”  

  Time flew by fast and after two years, although Mu Xiaoya’s genetic disease wasn’t cured, she would be hospitalized for several days, on average, every once in a while. But she still survived past her previous life’s expiration date.  

  On the second day of her fourth wedding anniversary with Bai Chuan, Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan took their child to Grandma Bai’s grave. 

  ”Come here, say Grandma.” Mu Xiaoya pointed at Grandma Bai’s photo and asked her son to say. 

  ”Grand… Grandma.” Bai Xiao Tuanzi’s speech wasn’t smooth, but the soft and waxy voice can reach people’s hearts.  

  “Grandma’s biggest regret was that your father didn’t like to talk when he was a child, ah. You should say a few more words.” Although Bai Xiao Tuanzi looked like his father, his personality followed Mu Xiaoya, his mouth was sweet and active, and he was even a little naughty. But these were all things that the Bai family hoped Bai Chuan would be when he was young. Therefore, when Bai Xiao Tuanzi was being mischievous, the Bai family wouldn’t stop him, but even encouraged him.  

  Mu Xiaoya didn’t dare to hand over her child to her parents-in-law, for fear that they would carelessly raise a second ancestor.3So, your first ancestor is the ones that are already dead and they believe in respect to the elderly like #1 thing ever. So your most elderly elderly is of course your ancestor, so her son being her second ancestor means to treat him like a prince/emperor  

  ”Grand… Grandma, Grand-Grandma…” The child’s crisp voice called out again and again, Mu Xiaoya looked at Grandma Bai’s tombstone in a trance and saw her kind smile, as if she was responding to them.  

  Grandma, yesterday was supposed to be my death day, but I survived. Every day from now on, you give me new life.   

  Mu Xiaoya looked at the jade bracelet on her wrist and said silently. 

  ”Let him learn the piano later.” Bai Chuan suddenly suggested and pointed to the little dumpling who was shouting Grandma over and over again. 

  ”Why?” Mu Xiaoya was surprised. 

  ”Grandma wanted to teach me when I was a child, but I didn’t learn.” Bai Chuan remembered that when he was very young, Grandma liked playing the piano with him in her arms, but it was strange to say that he had scholar syndrome, as his memory and learning capabilities were very good, but he didn’t know how to play. He just couldn’t press the keys on the piano.  

  ”Sounds good.” 


Author’s Notes:  

This is the end of the novel. Thank you for your company, Crabs love you. At the time of writing this novel, a lot of things happened around Crabs. I experienced confusion, anxiety, and decadence. Fortunately, you accompanied me. Thank you very much. 

Next, I will write a few stories. If I see you leave a message, I may ask you to choose what I should write next.  

Finally, I’d like to introduce my new novel. My next novel is “She is a Great Demon Hunter”.  

Mi Wan is a great demon hunter. Because she killed too many demons, she was besieged by a group of demons. Finally, she was trapped in Mo Lin and her spiritual powers were exhausted. Because her spiritual energy wasn’t completely scattered, her soul wasn’t destroyed and five hundred years later, Mi Wan was reborn as a girl with the same name by chance.   

  After rebirth, Mi Wan plans to be a great demon hunter in the Buddhist system. In line with the noble morality that if the demon doesn’t offend me, then I won’t offend the demon and I will be an ordinary person.   

  ”Big brother, I didn’t come to hunt demons. I’ll turn over the wall and go out to lose weight.” Mi Wan said to the demon brother living next door. 

  ”…” Fan Chen whose identity was never discovered.   

  ”Big brother, this is a fee. Drinking is good for your injury.” Mi Wan, who borrowed it in the middle of the night, handed over a cup of milk tea. 

  ”You know I’m injured?” Fan Chen raised an eyebrow. 

  ”There’s a huge hole in your chest, I’m not blind.” 


  After a long time, the neighbors felt that the fee was greatly reduced.   

  ”I’ll give you two choices. Either you’re willing to let me eat, or I’ll directly eat?” 

  ”Eat.” Mi Wan, a hungry tiger, eats meat for the first time. She has been a vegetarian for five hundred years, regardless of whether he was a human or demon.   

  This is probably the story of being caught on the first day by a beast from climbing the wall. 

TL Notes: I mention this before, but this novel is being English fan translated right now. <<She is a Great Demon Hunter>>. Also its being translated by a for-profit site so after X amount of chapters you have to pay or be VIP to read the rest of their translations. Below is the translated synopsis which is different from the author’s notes. 

Five hundred years ago, Great Demon Hunter Mi Wan was reborn into the modern era. With the strength to crush all demon clans, she opened an expensive pet shop. A single diagnosis costs three hundred thousand dollars, and for a million dollars, she can expel and treat demon poison. However, due to her unstable spiritual power after rebirth, Mi Wan will go into a coma whenever her spiritual power is depleted, and her soul will fly to the male protagonist’s side. The male protagonist is the current demon king who possesses the highest demon level, has a hobby of buying land and building parks, is devoted to the peaceful coexistence between humans and demons, and protecting the environment. 

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