Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 1

TL Note: This is just a teaser and I see some people who wanted to read Chapter 1 of this series but the teaser was taken down from the other translator site. I might take this project on in the future and will be placed on the Yuri poll, after Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself is complete. The poll will consist between 5 to 10 Yuri novels and the 1 with the highest votes will be completely translated by me.

Translated by Novice Translations

Executive Summary: As an author of abusive books, if cross into the book, now it needs a major revision. –Shi Luo

Chapter 1

  When she first found herself in the book, it was her second day in high school.

  As a third-rated network writer, she had a wonderful hobby, she liked abusive books, all kinds of abused heroine protagonists. Of course, in order to cater to the reader’s taste, the end will always be a HE.1HE – Happy ending That is to say, from the beginning to the end, the ending will always be the hero and heroine entering the room happily.  

  You ask what happens after? There is no epilogue.

  As a qualified accomplished stepmother, Shi Luo has written no more than a hundred or dozens of abusive books, so it took her two years to realize she was in a novel.

  The reason why she was slow wasn’t because she wasn’t familiar with this novel, but because it was her first novel. At that time, the cannon fodder had her name and now she was wearing this cannon fodder. Because the plot wasn’t launched yet, she hadn’t responded.

  When Shi Luo arrived at the school on her bicycle, the entire school gate was blocked. The girls in uniform stood on both sides and were excited and lively, she didn’t know what was being discussed.

  She got off the bike and wondered, what was the situation?

  She placed her bike in place and walked over.

  Then she saw a flashy supercar sped fast like the wind and quickly past with a cloud of dust and finally stopped at the school gate.

  All of a sudden, the girls burst into a frenzy, “Prince Che! Prince Che!”

  Her head fell and black lines appeared…Prince Che? Fuck, she wants to vomit…

  No, this name was familiar, she had a faint foreboding…

  Then the car door opened, and when she saw the person coming out, she covered her eyes and felt that she couldn’t help but look straight at them. Silver-white short hair, peach blossom eyes, and a distant temperament!

  Your sister! It was as if her own dark black history emerged!

  Everyone was once in their second year of middle school, it happened that in her second year of middle school, she fell in love with this type of romance novels. Especially for the silver-haired iceberg man!

  After repeatedly experiencing these types of novels absurdly, Shi Luo had difficulty enduring her hunger and thirst and directly on her own, released her own debut novel, <<Iceberg Prince Fell in Love with Me>>.  

  In front of her…certainly wasn’t the so-called iceberg prince! It was the rival of the iceberg prince.

  Shi Luo’s first reaction at that time wasn’t surprise from transmigrating into her own novel, but to look around. At this time, the heroine should appear.

  When she first saw the first male character, she felt the urge to kill herself, she urgently wanted to see the female lead she created.

  Because it was her first novel, Shi Luo remembered quite clearly, exactly! The reason why she found herself transmigrated in her own book after two years was because the plot starts now. What’s more, the person she wore had the same name as her real name. When she thought of Shi Luo’s fate in this novel, she couldn’t help but sweat.

  A group of girls looked at the so-called Prince Che with a dreamy face. When she looked around, she didn’t see girls with any other expressions among the white school uniform, that is to say, why isn’t the female lord here?

  Shi Luo couldn’t bear to see the man who represented her dark history. She turned around and was ready to enter the school gate.

  At this time, the original noisy scene was quiet.

  At the time, Shi Luo’s attention was still there. Looking back, she saw that all the people were looking at a girl in a white school uniform who had her head bowed, she couldn’t see her face clearly. On one side of the little shabby bike, it bumped into Prince Che’s ride.

  The so-called Prince Che’s face was blue with anger.

  The girl’s eyes lowered further under everyone’s eyes.

  She hurriedly lifted her bike and said, “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to…” Her voice sounded as if she was crying.

  No one could describe Shi Luo’s mood now. These things that were originally just words suddenly became reality and it happened in front of Shi Luo.

  ”…” Prince Che didn’t speak and walked slowly.

  He stopped in front of the girl, “I don’t hit girls, so you can handle it yourself.”

  As soon as Prince Che finished, there was a girl who came up and slapped the girl, “Ugly girl! Don’t you have eyes?”

  When she saw this scene, it was like being struck by thunder. In the beginning, she was young and ignorant, and this kind of drama was made. If it was written later, this simple and crude technique wouldn’t have ever appeared.

  The girl’s strength wasn’t big, but there was some blood on the corner of her mouth. Suddenly, she felt slight discomfort. There was a feeling that people who haven’t been bullied themselves were suddenly bullied by others. No matter how much she didn’t like it, it was her own female lead! She frowned, she liked to write abusive plot, but there was no such plot in this novel. Only in the beginning there was such a plot that any cannon fodder without a name could slap the heroine. The later physical and mental abuse could only be done by the second female lead and the male protagonist.

  While Shi Luo still struggled with the plot’s irrationality of her early novel, another girl went to the bloodied mouth girl whose head was lowered.

  At Shi Luo’s angle, she could see the girl’s red and swollen right cheek, but couldn’t see the girl’s expression, she only saw that her thin shoulders were shaking slightly.

  Was she afraid? After all, she was just a fifteen-year-old girl.

  “Mu Suo, are you coming? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!” Shi Luo felt it was unbearable and walked forward. It’s not because she had sympathy towards the weak-tempered heroine, but because of her dislike towards her early plot. She had an impulse to modify it!

  Sympathy wasn’t enough. In Shi Luo’s eyes, the girl’s temper was good, but that doesn’t mean there was no principle, it doesn’t mean that she could be bullied by others!

  Everyone saw Shi Luo.

  Originally, the girl who went forward to hit others saw Shi Luo. Her expression changed a lot and said, “Senior sister!”

  Shi Luo nodded, although she didn’t know who that was.

  “Senior sister, this is Imperial Capital Royal School’s Prince Che.” Another girl who had hit others said flatteringly.

  When she heard the school’s name, she only felt the impulse to cover her face. Imperial Capital Royal School? She was so young and ignorant…

  “Senior sister?” One of the girls saw Shi Luo’s expression and called out again.

  Shi Luo returned from her thoughts.

  “Mu Suo, shall we go in?!” She remembered the business and said to Mu Suo whose head was lowered.

  Mu Suo raised her head incredulously. When she first heard a pleasant voice calling her name, Mu Suo felt that it was a misunderstanding.

  When Shi Luo looked at Mu Suo’s face, it’s not only beautiful, but had a delicate and slender figure, in addition it gave people the feeling that she was weak and made others impulsive to bully. Her head was just raised but then lowered, looking at her toes, giving a feeling of cowardice. She felt her heart drop and sighed, she also forgot why she would give her female lead such a character, it was really unpleasant!

  “Who are you?” The so-called Prince Che blinked and looked at Shi Luo.

  Shi Luo really didn’t want to talk to this so-called prince, the picture was too…she couldn’t bear to look straight.

  “Mu Suo, go, let’s go to the classroom.” She turned around and walked to the school.

  Mu Suo followed Shi Luo and left.

  For the first time, Prince Che encountered a girl who ignored him so much, he angrily laughed, “Who is she?”

  “She is the senior sister, Shi Luo, first year of senior high school. I heard that she has a background.” The girl who just called Shi Luo said.  

  “What is her background?” Prince Che smiled.

  On the other hand, Shi Luo met several girls in her class just after entering school.

  “Shi Luo, are you coming? What? Did you see those crazy girls when you came?” The recognized class beauty raised her eyebrows and said with a smile.

  She nodded, “I thought there was a star coming!”

  She talked to Yu Yang Yang for a moment, then reacted. Just a moment ago, Mu Suo was behind her but disappeared.

  Shi Luo looked around, she still didn’t see her, so she gave up. Maybe she went back to her own dormitory.

  1. HE – Happy ending

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