Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 10

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Executive Summary: There is nothing more heartwarming than having me in her future plans. –Mu Suo

Chapter 10

  The days passed quickly, and Shi Luo was already a senior.

  Father and mother Shi had only made a few phone calls since they went to the Research Institute. The phone call was the same as usual with small talk. Shi Luo didn’t think much about it. She knew what her father and mother was doing but didn’t worry about it. Because the accident won’t happen now, but after she entered the Research Institute.

  Shi Luo and Mu Suo’s relationship was also preserved from before.

  “Shi Luo, which school are you going to apply to after the college entrance examination?” Yu Yang Yang asked Shi Luo after listening to the teacher.

  Shi Luo frowned and thought of Mu Suo. Right now, Mu Suo was only a second year. She may have to enter the Research Institute after she completed her college entrance exam, but what would Mu Suo do?

  Shi Luo was most worried about Mu Suo’s life in the future. For some reason, Shi Luo clearly remembered that she was forced, beaten, imprisoned and miscarried. All kinds of scenes of dog blood drama and heart abuse.1dog blood is like a bloody cliché drama while heart abuse means something that hurts your heart or gives the feels

  Shi Luo lean forward on her desk. She wanted to cry and wished she could grab the author, why did she write this kind of plot!

  “Shi Luo!!!” Yu Yang Yang suddenly cried out and pulled Shi Luo back from her thoughts, “I asked you something!”

  “I’m sorry, I was distracted. I may have to follow my family’s arrangement.” Shi Luo said.

  “No, didn’t you said you wanted to be a university professor?” Yu Yang Yang frowned at Shi Luo’s words.

  “I can’t help myself. I won’t mention it.” Shi Luo sighed.

  “Shi Luo, can you not turn your life into a pool of stagnant water, ah!” Yu Yang Yang’s attitude towards Shi Luo made her speechless. “I just realized we are about to go our separate ways. I’ll just say it since I know you, you haven’t been interested in the things around you. How many names of our classmates you can name? You’ve been living in your own little world, keeping everyone out, including me!”  

  Shi Luo seriously looked at Yu Yang Yang who was pleased with herself, then turned her head. She said to herself she knows…but she couldn’t change it.  

  “I’ve always wanted to tell you before, but I never had the chance. Finally, I said it today.” Yu Yang Yang still smiled, “I just hope you can make two more friends, so you won’t be so lonely.”

  “En.” Shi Luo nodded her head to indicate that she knew, but she also knew that many things were difficult to change, just like what the readers said at the beginning of her novel, her heart was dark and twisted. She didn’t believe in love. She didn’t believe in warmth.

  Shi Luo still met Mu Suo every day.

  When Shi Luo left the school building, Mu Suo was already waiting outside.

  “Not in a good mood today?” Shi Luo opened her mouth first. As soon as she came out, she felt the air pressure around Mu Suo was a little low.

  Mu Suo raised her head to look at Shi Luo, “Will I not be able to see you in the future?”

  Shi Luo originally wanted to deny it, but when she saw Mu Suo’s serious eyes, she had to tell the truth, “I don’t know.” She really doesn’t know, because once the college entrance exam was finished, she would be sent to the Research Institute at that time. As far as she knows, it was closed because of the danger of their research.

  Mu Suo lowered her head and said nothing.

  Shi Luo felt a little sad when she saw such a Mu Suo. “It doesn’t matter, I will be able to see you again in the future.”

  Mu Suo stopped, then Shi Luo stopped. She didn’t know what Mu Suo was going to do. “Shi Luo, can we stay together forever?”

  Mu Suo’s voice was soft and delicate, with a hint of pleading. Her eyes were watery and there was an illusion that she would cry in the next second.  

  Shi Luo didn’t know how to answer. She always felt guilty towards Mu Suo. She felt that all of Mu Suo’s tragedies were caused by her.

  It goes without saying that life has always been divided and united. Shi Luo always felt that she was resigned to her destiny. It was just…although Mu Suo wasn’t as autistic and timid as before, she still had no sense of security. If she really met the so-called destined hero, Shi Luo couldn’t predict what will happen.  

  Mu Suo looked at Shi Luo and felt embarrassed for making things difficult for her. She lowered her head and there was a flash of red light in her eyes, but she squeezed her hands tightly.

  Shi Luo sighed, her habit of lowering her head when she was unhappy still hasn’t changed. Shi Luo held Mu Suo’s hand and squeeze it into a small fist. “I also hope that life can continue being peaceful like this. When you go to high school, I’ll be in university. When you go to university, I’ll be your teacher. I originally planned for my life to be like this, but, in this world, we can’t make changes. Maybe everyone really has a set trajectory. No matter how we deviate, we still can’t get out.” Shi Luo’s voice had slight sadness.

  The red light in Mu Suo’s eyes faded quickly. She also slowly released her hand and interlocked her fingers with Shi Luo.

  Mu Suo was surprised, this was the first time, the first time the rage in her heart quickly dissipated. Was this the future portrayed by Shi Luo? No matter what Shi Luo said, she didn’t pay much attention. All her attention was attracted by Shi Luo’s previous statement. Shi Luo had her own plan.

  The two didn’t talk until they separated. As soon as she came home, she saw the so-called second uncle who came last time.

  “Luo Luo is back.” Second uncle stood up.

  Because the last time he came, it was winter, but this time it was summer, Shi Luo saw the red totem on his wrist at first glance. Although it wasn’t big, Shi Luo discovered it at first sight. Maybe it was because of what she said before she left.

  Shi Luo’s heart was more vigilant, mother Shi told her to avoid it, but now she could only brace herself.

  Also, somewhere in the corner, a small blood-red centipede immediately crawled away.

  “Second uncle, I haven’t seen you for a long time.” Shi Luo stiffened to open her mouth, she always felt that second uncle looked at her strangely.

  “Luo Luo, this time I’m here to inform you of something.” When second uncle came over, she inexplicably felt a sense of oppression.  

  Suddenly, Shi Luo saw the so-called second uncle took out something from behind, then saw a red light shooting towards her. Shi Luo was stunned. What’s with the situation? There was no response at all. The whole person felt pain and realized her right hand was bleeding, the wound appeared because of the red light.

  When he saw Shi Luo’s wound, second uncle seemed very surprised. He didn’t know what to say. Shi Luo was speechless from the pain which synchronized with her heart. Shi Luo didn’t dare to move at all.

  “Second uncle…what is this?” Shi Luo took a breath and pressed her left earring.

  The other side seemed to understand the meaning of her action and broke the window beside him to flee.  

  The housekeeper and other servants who heard the noise immediately came.

  “Xiaojie!” As soon as the housekeeper came in, he saw Shi Luo’s injured right hand and said, “Go and call the doctor!”

  “What about the second master?” But the housekeeper realized there was one person missing, then saw the broken window.

  “Housekeeper, don’t worry about it.” Shi Luo plucked up her courage and moved her right hand. Fortunately, she could move it. It didn’t seem that her muscles and bones were injured. What was the other side doing? Shi Luo knew the other party wasn’t her real second uncle. When he came in, she began to doubt. His temperament was too bad.

  In the end, he turned and fled through the window. Shi Luo was certain even if she wanted to fight, she couldn’t because of her status and he already fled. Not to mention she was injured.

  On the other side, the so-called second uncle still said to himself, “How could it not be? Wasn’t that her in the file? Atchoo!” He touched his nose, “How come it’s suddenly cold?”

  He looked back to see a pair of blood-red eyes.

  “You! You!” He looked in horror at the girl creeping out of hell in front of him. The man felt a little surprised in his heart, but it immediately turned into fright because of the other side’s bloodthirsty eyes.

  “You made her bleed.” The voice was icy.

  The man wasn’t stupid, “You are!”

  Mu Suo laughed, then dense red blood rushed towards the man.

  The panic in the man’s eyes turned into ecstasy again, “It really succeeded! Oh my God! It’s a real success!”

  At last, the voice disappeared in the blood mist while Mu Suo watched.

  Finally, the ground was clean. Before Mu Suo left, she stepped forward to pick up a small red object on the ground. She saw it was on his wrist just now, but at that time, it was flat, but now it was 3D. Mu Suo’s bloodthirst faded in her heart and she turned to head to Shi Luo’s villa.

  When Mu Suo arrived, she saw a dark villa. Mu Suo immediately had a bad premonition. When she entered, she looked at the living room without any light and felt cold in her heart.

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