Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 11

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Executive Summary: Weakness was always just her. -Mu Suo

Chapter 11

  Mu Suo stood in the living room, the red light in her eyes slowly faded away until there was darkness.

  Mu Suo went out slowly.

  From the beginning, she knew Shi Luo couldn’t be with her forever.

  A large blood-red figure slowly emerged, appearing at Mu Suo’s feet.

  Mu Suo lowered her head and glanced at it. It shrunk its head trying to minimize its sense of existence.

  The mistress looks terrible! More terrible than before that I couldn’t recognize her myself!  

  She recognized her identity and the contemptuous blood that flowed through her body. Only in this way, she had some confidence to stay by her side. Now that she’s gone, what was the point of everything?

  Mu Suo kicked the fat thing’s aggrieved neck that shrank.

  After returning to her room, Mu Suo was already weak, and her eyelids couldn’t stay open.

  The big thing turned at Mu Suo’s feet, but it didn’t know what to do because Mu Suo clenched her hands tightly and refused to open her eyes.

  Suddenly the big thing thought of something, then became very small and crawled out.

  Mu Suo ignored it, lying on the bed alone, it wasn’t known what she was thinking.

  She doesn’t know how much time past, but the red thing appeared on the ground.

  The big thing threw something on Mu Suo.  

  Mu Suo moved a little and something fell beside her. It was a piece of paper and had the slight smell of blood.

  Mu Suo opened it, “Mu Suo…when you read this letter, I have been taken away. I didn’t have much time to tell you, but I was taken to the Shi family’s Research Institute. Don’t worry about me. Take good care of yourself.” It was messy handwriting that was stained with blood, Mu Suo felt pain in her heart. The thing said Shi Luo’s right hand was injured.

  Mu Suo’s face grew paler, but she slowly released her hand. The big bloody thing almost jumped up excitedly and immediately turned into a cup of blood in Mu Suo’s palm.

  Mu Suo’s pale face immediately became much better.

  The Shi family’s Research Institute, right?

  The next day, the whole school knew that the alphabet class, class A’s Shi Luo graduated early.

  As a result, the junior high school department’s Mu Suo appeared to be awkward.

  In the eyes of everyone, Mu Suo’s experience can be regarded as awesome. First, she encountered the school’s grass, Prince Che and was taken in by the high school’s key figure, Shi Luo, as a younger sister. Originally, no one dared to ask her for trouble because of Shi Luo. After she became a senior in her final year, everyone guessed that once she graduated, there would be many people who didn’t like Mu Suo and will go make trouble with her, but it turned out Shi Luo graduated early, so Mu Suo’s class was lively.

  As soon as Mu Suo entered the classroom, she saw her books, desk and chair were scattered in the corner of the classroom with the trash can as its companion. Mu Suo glanced at the people in the classroom. Several girls looked at Mu Suo and smiled contemptuously.  

  Mu Suo walked over to them with a calm face.

  “You did it.” Mu Suo’s voice was cold, her eyes stared at the girl in the middle.

  This was obviously the first time the girl saw Mu Suo like this and was shock.

  But immediately returned from her thoughts, “What if I did?”  

  “Pick it up.” Mu Suo’s eyes were cold, there was no anger, but she was expressionless.

  “Funny, who do you think you are?” The girl said, then she raised her hand to hit Mu Suo’s ear.  

  Mu Suo’s right hand firmly held the girl’s wrist, then quickly used her left hand to slap her.

  The girl was dazedly beaten! She was beaten by a recognized packaged child!!!1It uses the word bao which described steamed buns…there are several meanings to this word, but in this case, it means anyone can come and bully this bun. This bun will only endure in silence, crying secretly, never dare to rebel, they don’t even dare to scold, or show grievances in front of their in-laws Even when Shi Luo was still in school, some people bullied Mu Suo, and Mu Suo didn’t resist. It was Shi Luo who taught people a lesson! Now that there was no Shi Luo, she dared to be so arrogant! How dare she!

  The woman looked at Mu Suo fiercely, “You asked for it!”

  Mu Suo glanced back at the girl. “This is what you asked for.”

  The girl was even more annoyed, but the wrist pinched by Mu Suo couldn’t be extracted.  

  “What are you looking at! Don’t you know what to do?” The goddess said to the two girls who was beside her.

  The two girls beside her return to their senses. One of the girls rushed over, but Mu Suo only moved a bit, that is, she pulled the girl over as well and watched as the girl’s hand fell on her sister’s face. In this way, both sides of her face were suddenly symmetrical with two sides both swollen.

  Mu Suo let go of the girl’s hand, “Don’t think I’m so easy to bully!”

  The girl still wanted to continue, but she was frightened by Mu Suo’s eyes and stepped back.

  The girl drummed in her heart, “You wait and see!”

  Mu Suo walked away with only a glance.

  It was true that she was easy to bully because she didn’t have the ability. But later, when someone came to bully her, she had a faint hope in her heart, that if she was so timid, the girl of her dreams would become uneasy since she didn’t resist.2basically she let people bully her so Shi Luo would pay her more attention and to protect her….she thought she would get more of her attention by being timid.

  Mu Suo always knew Shi Luo was training her. Mu Suo converged and improved a little at a time, so she wouldn’t disappoint Shi Luo, but it also made her eyes stay on her for a long time.

  But now that she wasn’t here to see, there was no need for her to tolerate it!

  The people in the class were shocked! They rubbed their eyes as if they couldn’t believe what they saw, but it was really too incredible! When someone had their back, she looked like a little daughter-in-law bullied by a wicked mother-in-law. Now that her support is gone, it was, if you bully her with one foot, she will return one foot!

  Mu Suo ignored the people’s eyes around her and calmly thought of how to enter the Shi family’s Research Institute that Shi Luo mentioned.  

  On the other side, Shi Luo knitted her brows painfully, goddamn! When will the anesthetic kick in?

  “Strange!” The man with the mask couldn’t help but mutter.

  “What’s wrong? What’s going on?” The man in the observation room outside asked nervously.

  “I’ll say when I come out later,” The man with the mask said.

  Because it didn’t injure her bones or muscles, it was quickly handled.

  The man with the mask went out and took off the mask.

  “What’s the matter?” The person in the observation room immediately came out, “Third brother.”

  “Second brother, I just checked carefully, it’s not an infected person.” Said the man who was called third brother

  “Impossible?! It was obvious in the beginning…”

  “Second elder brother, be careful!”  

  The man who was called second elder brother lost his voice. He probably knew that some things couldn’t be said on the surface.

  “But it’s a strange phenomenon. It’s reasonable to say that the other side used a radiation gun to deal with an infected person. Even if she wasn’t an infected person, it should have destroyed her hand? But our niece only has skin trauma…”  

  “But didn’t the test result conclude her blood was normal?” Shi Luo’s second uncle asked.

  “But that’s why I feel it’s strange, but she’s tough enough. During the entire cleaning process, she didn’t even squeak.”

  “The family doesn’t need cowardly people!” Second uncle snorted.

  “Did anyone find out this time?” The man known as his younger brother knew that second uncle didn’t like Shi Luo, so he changed the topic and asked.

  Second uncle frowned, “According to the housekeeper and servants, he looked exactly like me. Humph! Who has the ability besides the Situ family?! But what I don’t understand is how their family is so quick, accurate and ruthless. How could such a big mistake happen this time?”

  The man smiled. “Not everyone in the Situ family is like this. I heard that their little son is missing. Do you think it’s related to this matter?”

  “Missing? I think they’re afraid we’ll investigate it!” Second uncle said disdainfully.

  “Vice President, the President is looking for you.” Someone came over and said.

  Shi second uncle knew it must be about Shi Luo, so he hurried over.

  “You’re here.” As soon as he entered the door, he saw the head of the family frown.

  “You already know?” Shi second uncle looked worried when he saw the head.

  “Know what?” The Shi head looked up and asked.

  “Shi Luo is just an ordinary person, not infected.” Shi second uncle said.

  “What?!” The Shi head suddenly stood up, “How could it be?”

  “We didn’t believe it, but it turned out to be the case, the thug’s radiological gun just caused skin trauma.” Shi second uncle explained, “More importantly, we checked her blood, and the indicators indicated that everything was normal.”

  “Impossible! We saw it with our own eyes!” The head of the Shi family still refused to believe it.

  “We don’t know why this happened, because no one has ever succeeded. It may be that the human genes won in the process of continuous fusion!”

  “How is that possible? How could the human genes win!” Shi head still refused to believe this fact.

  “But the result now can tell us how the human genes won.”

  “When it rains, it pours…” Shi head sat down and seemed to accept the facts, then sighed.

  “What else happened?” Shi second uncle asked after hearing this.

  “The Situ family is asking for our important person! If Shi Luo was an infected person, we would have reason to argue, but now, it’s clear that the other party’s mind isn’t right, then disappeared, and we are out of luck and must follow.”

  “The Situ family bullies intolerably! Elder brother! Do we have to find their little young master for them!!!”  

  The Shi head looked at Shi second uncle and then nodded. “They took the initiative. Why don’t you ask Shi Luo what happened that day.”

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