Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 12

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Executive Summary: The wolf in sheep’s clothing. –Yu Yang Yang

Chapter 12

  When Shi second uncle entered the ward, he looked outside the window quietly.

  “You’re awake.” Shi second uncle said with a smile.

  Shi Luo looked back at this somewhat strange second uncle, “Can I go back to school?”

  “You have already graduated early.”

  “Oh.” Shi Luo said only one word and didn’t show any unhappiness.

  “Because of this incident, you entered the Institute ahead of time.” Shi second uncle said.

  Shi Luo just nodded, there wasn’t much mood fluctuation.

  Shi Luo’s first thought was she was fortunate that she made arrangements for Mu Suo. The money on the card she gave to Mu Suo was enough for Mu Suo’s college tuition. At the same time, the school informed Yu Yang Yang on her behalf to ask her to take care of Mu Suo.

  “Luo Luo, do you remember what happened that day? Are you sure that person escaped? Did anything happened before you escaped?” Seeing that Luo Luo was distracted, Shi second uncle was a little impatient and directly asked what he wanted to know.

  “Nothing happened, it happened suddenly, and then he ran away. I didn’t let the servants chase him and he initiated before I approached him.” Shi Luo recalled and explained.

  “I see. He didn’t wait for you to approach because he originally suspected you were infected.” Shi second uncle thought she would be admitted to the Research Institute in the future, so he said, “After all, even infected people who have been injured have the ability to hurt others.”

  “Infected?” Shi Luo frowned.

  The second uncle of the Shi family saw Shi Luo’s reaction. He thought it was because Shi Luo didn’t understand the word. It was true that ordinary people couldn’t touch an infected person. So, he explained, “The so-called infected person refers to a human carrying a certain foreign biological gene.”

  How could Shi Luo not know about infected people? She frowned, infected people shouldn’t appear until a few years? And it was the hero of the book! What’s going on now? And her body was still suspected!  

  “…” Shi Luo didn’t speak. She knew that Shi second uncle had more to say.

  “That person is from the Situ family,” Shi second uncle said.

  Shi Luo looked up at Shi second uncle. Which onion was Situ?1onion often refers to little kids cause their heads are so big like the base of an onion…that term is negative, the more positive term would be bun How can the author of her own novel not know there was such a family, did the world fill in the plot?  

  “I forgot you didn’t know this.” Shi second uncle scolded the Shi family’s rules in his heart.

  If it wasn’t for the Shi family’s rules, the parents can decide everything for their child before the age of eighteen, Shi Luo would have been taken to the Research Institute when she was born, then how could there be such a big misunderstanding!

  Shi Luo didn’t notice Shi second uncle’s black face. What was on her mind was that infected people would appear now, how would it affect Mu Suo’s fate?  

  The rest of the day was relatively simple, because she just entered and Shi Luo didn’t understand anything, but she wasn’t in a hurry. Anyway, this was the college entrance exam, she can only take it step by step.  

  In the beginning, it was the same as in school, first she learned knowledge, but the difference is that the knowledge learned here was about genetic genes.  

  Shi Luo was calm on the surface while learning, but her heart kneeled and expressed this was too complicated!

  Because the core of the entire Research Institute was the Shi family people. So, there were two people who studied with Shi Luo, they were also children of the Shi family.  

  There were only three people in the entire class. The other two have been here for some time, they were a brother-sister pair.

  Shi Luo didn’t take the initiative to befriend them, the sister was the first to trade words with Shi Luo.

  “Hello, my name is Shi Lian.” The girl smiled and there were two dimples.

  Shi Luo was silent, in her heart she thought of her own naming capabilities, losing one’s love?2She’s making fun of her own character’s name..means losing one’s love or being dumped!

  Well, the name could be remembered after so long because this name appeared only two times but was roasted. The name of the owner and her brother was Shi Luo’s assistants, because of these three people, the later experiments became a success.

  “Shi Luo.” Shi Luo reached out and held the other’s hand.

  After seeing Shi Lian, Shi Luo was inexplicably irritated. The plot obviously changed so much, but why does it feel that it was returning to the main plot.

  Shi Luo didn’t know whether she was worried about her fate that she wouldn’t be able to live in a few years, or whether she was worried about her novel’s heroine, Mu Suo. In Shi Luo’s mind, Mu Suo was very different from that unlucky heroine.

  After Yu Yang Yang heard about Mu Suo, she left silently. She didn’t feel that the current Mu Suo needed her help.

  She has always disliked Mu Suo and always felt the little girl who always hid behind Shi Luo wasn’t so simple.

  Every time she said two more words to Shi Luo, she could see the warning in the girl’s eyes. Then when Shi Luo turned her head, she saw her quickly turn into a little white rabbit. That contrast, Yu Yang Yang really didn’t like. What’s more irritating is that in Shi Luo’s mind, Mu Suo was always weak, and she was glued to her. It felt like she was Mu Suo’s mother. She wanted to wake up Shi Luo, but Shi Luo never minded her.

  Yu Yang Yang wasn’t a fool. When she saw Shi Luo’s attitude, she knew it was useless to say anything, so she stopped.

  Plus, after several days of bad luck, she didn’t have the heart to think about it.

  Shi Luo probably knew that she didn’t like Mu Suo, so there were very few times the three people met together.

  A few days ago, Yu Yang Yang received a phone call from Shi Luo, saying that she might have something to do and couldn’t go back to school. She asked her to help take care of Mu Suo.

  When Yu Yang Yang received her call, she could only roll her eyes. She always felt that Mu Suo was a wolf in sheep’s clothing! But no, when Shi Luo left, the wolf cub showed her nature!

  Mu Suo sat in the classroom and glanced out the window as she walked away.

  She hated that woman that was always around Shi Luo! Only after she let out the violence in her heart, she rarely managed her emotions like this. But she didn’t make a move because she was afraid. She was afraid of Shi Luo finding out.

  Mu Suo had to admit that even if that girl was gorgeous, but her temperament when standing beside Shi Luo seem superfluous.

  Mu Suo remembered very early, really early in her life, she even clearly recalled the woman’s scream while giving birth to her and the expression on her face when she tried to kill her.

  She didn’t stop until there was nothing different about her except that she was unkillable.3Basically Mu Suo’s mom kept killing her in different ways but realized she was a normal child except she couldn’t die.

  Mu Suo’s heart trembled, but when she saw the gray ribbon in her hand, she unexpectedly calmed down.  

  Of course, it was from the first time she went to Shi Luo’s home. Shi Luo used it to tie her hair because she couldn’t find a hair tie. At that time, she was still smiling. There was absolutely no problem in tying her coarse hair with the ribbon. As a result, it kept slipping down so Shi Luo asked the housekeeper to look for a lanyard so she can keep it.

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