Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 13

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Executive Summary: Promise someone late at night. ——Mancheng Shiguang1This is the author’s penname

Chapter 13

In two years, a rookie who knew nothing became the best in writing results among three people.

  Why was there an emphasize on writing test results?2It means Shi Luo is only good at writing up the results of experiments Because Shi Luo’s ability to experiment was amazing. It can be said that she was an experimental killer. As soon as she entered the lab, she either damages the instrument or the mouse that has been cultured for a long-time die.

  To be honest, when the instrument breaks, Shi Luo was intentional, but the mouse wasn’t. She broke the instrument to show her extremely poor experimental capabilities. After all, what the Research Institute needs most wasn’t just writing on paper, but genuine ability. People who can make achievements in the lab felt that God was helping her, otherwise, as long as she handled the mouse, it would die.  

  “My little ancestor! You stay away from my test subject!” Shi Lian immediately shouted as soon as she saw, she went to her own little white mouse she raised.

  Shi Luo turned her head and looked at Shi Lian innocently, which meant she didn’t do anything!

  Shi Lian was frightened by Shi Luo’s destructive power. In the past two years, Shi Luo has successively integrated with several of the Shi family’s children, but Shi Luo was definitely the worst overall among everyone because she was a lab killer during experiments!

  A few people went to eat together at noon.

  “What’s up with you, what will you do next? We will be divided into subjects soon.” The subjects here refer to several subjects in the Research Institute, including experimental, radiology, reserve department and so on.

  “Take it step by step and don’t worry.” Shi Luo calmly took a bite of rice.

  Shi Lian’s head had a black line, of course, Shi Huang didn’t press the matter.

  Several other people were used to Shi Luo’s calmness.

  In fact, Shi Luo was actually happy because she worked hard for two years and finally achieved what she wanted. Shi Luo became excited after discovering that not just anyone could conduct research. This was good to give herself a chance!

  The assessment took place in a few days. Needless to say, Shi Luo didn’t pass the assessment.

  Several people surrounded Shi Luo to comfort her.

  Shi Lian ignored Shi Luo, she stood aside without saying a word. Two years of anger and countless experiences told her she needed to stay quiet.

  “It’s okay. We may not have a chance to meet in the future, but we can still keep in contact.” Shi Luo smiled.

  After listening to this sentence, Shi Lian didn’t understand, she dared to think like this, ah! Shi Lian didn’t hold back and silently interjected, “Will not have a chance to meet, don’t you know? Those who do well in the written exam, that is to say, are those who have good theoretical knowledge and will stay in the Research Institute at least to teach theoretical knowledge to the next generation of children.”  

  Shi Luo looked at Shi Lian in surprise, why didn’t she know?!!

  “Don’t you know?” Shi Lian suddenly felt relieved when she saw Shi Luo’s expression.

  Shi Luo really didn’t know, otherwise she wouldn’t have such a high score in the written theoretical exam! Now that she knows, what was the use, she has already taken the exam. Can she go back and say that she wrote randomly in the written theoretical exam?

  Shi Luo was frightened, she was ready to leave the Research Institute, attend any university, stay away from the so-called plot and then live a quiet life while taking care of her hard-working heroine, but unexpectedly landed into a ditch!!

  “…” Shi Luo almost cried without tears.

  Because the Research Institute was isolated from the outside world, Shi Luo has not contacted anyone from the outside world in the past two years, and it was precisely because of this lack of communication that Shi Luo was a little worried about Mu Suo.

  She didn’t know how Mu Suo was doing right now. Now she should be a high school student. She doesn’t know if she still has the habit of not fighting back, being scolded by others, or not speaking up for herself. Later, Yu Yang Yang will attend university and she doesn’t know how well Mu Suo’s school life been.

  Shi Luo laid in bed, her eyes stared at the ceiling and there was a flash of thought in her eyes.

  In the years she transmigrated into this world, she spent the majority of her time with Mu Suo.  

  Yu Yang Yang was right. She isolated almost everyone from her heart, but she was wrong. Not everyone, not Mu Suo, Shi Luo placed Mu Suo in her heart. At first, it may have been because of a sense of guilt. After all, all of Mu Suo’s tragedies were due to her and later Mu Suo became more clever and sensible than what she imagined. She followed her every day.

  She was used to a person following her quietly, now suddenly this person was gone, she felt really lonely.  

  Yes, it was loneliness. When she tightly hugged the quilt, she realized she was the first person she openly accepted. She didn’t know if she was doing well now.

  “Achoo!” Mu Suo sneezed.

  “Wear more little girl.” Police officer Xiao Li said.

  Mu Suo nodded and didn’t speak.

  “Don’t be nervous. The main purpose of our visit is your mother’s business. Did you know that she sold drugs?” Sympathy flashed in police officer Xiao Li’s eyes.

  Mu Suo shook her head, she really didn’t know.

  “Then do you know who she’s been dealing with these days?” Police officer Xiao Li continued to ask.

  Mu Suo shook her head.

  Police officer Xiao Li looked at his captain, and the captain shook his head and motioned to continue.

  “Thank you for your cooperation. Remember to pay attention to safety when you go out during this time. We feel that the mastermind of this drug trafficking incident is still in the dark. If you have any information or think of anything, just call me directly.” Police officer Xiao Li handed his business card to Mu Suo.

  Mu Suo took it and watched them walk out the door. Then Mu Suo glanced at the business card and threw it directly into the trash.

  Mu Suo knocked on the right wall, then an entrance appeared on the ground.

  Mu Suo walked down expressionlessly.

  The people inside raised their heads when they heard the movement, and when they saw Mu Suo, they all shrank into a ball, as if it wasn’t a girl, but the devil.

  Mu Suo slowly walked towards the person who tried to reduce his sense of existence.

  “Are you still not ready to speak?” Mu Suo said.

  “We already said…it’s all we know!” The leader babbled, his teeth trembled.  

  “Really?” There was a rush of anger in Mu Suo’s heart.

  A blood red rushed towards the crowd.

  A few timid people immediately counseled, “Boss, let’s say! Let’s not become like those over there!”

  The leader man bit his teeth and closed his eyes.

  Mu Suo gazed over, all the blood-red creatures surged up, then there was a wail.

  “Don’t worry, you won’t die, because I will keep you until you say it.” Mu Suo was about to leave.

  The appearance of this group of people was completely unexpected.

  In the past two years, she has been looking for a way to enter the Shi family’s Research Institute but hasn’t harvest any information.

  Until that day when she returned home, there was a group of people and a woman in the house that waited for her return. It was too easy to think she was trying to sell her again.

  Originally, Mu Suo wanted to deal with several people neatly, but in the end, this leader was from the Shi family when she pressed him, so this situation occurred effortlessly.

  “Wait…wait…I said…” A faint voice came over, and Mu Suo stopped.

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