Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 14

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Executive Summary: Come to an agreement the second time. –Mancheng Shiguang

Chapter 14

  At this time, Shi Luo’s eyelids always jumped very violently.

  “Left jump disaster, right jump wealth?”1Proverb – refers to the use of the left and right eye’s movement to foretell bad luck. Shi Luo read aloud, “Whether or not this kind of thing happened in the past, in any case let both sides jump together.”2Even if one eye jump and the other eye jump, it doesn’t matter let them both jump. She’s just being easygoing and carefree despite the foreshadowing of such a proverb

  “Teacher.” Someone chased after her.

  Shi Luo footsteps stopped, one of her two students caught up.

  “What’s wrong?”

  The two students taught by Shi Luo were illegitimate children of the Shi family, who were recently retrieved. Maybe their living environment changed too much, so they were both shy, but they were hard-working. In real life, Shi Luo was a university professor and faced a group of students who regarded the classroom as insignificant, so when she met these two shy and motivated students, she liked them very much.  

  “Teacher, I heard the next batch of students were arriving. Will we continue to study under you?” The girl panted and stopped, looking at Shi Luo.

  Shi Luo smiled, “Don’t worry, I will continue to teach every subject to you. There shouldn’t be any new students arriving now?”

  “I just heard from my father that a girl who lived outside the family was found. It should be two days until she arrives.” The girl said with her face flushed.  

  “I know, don’t worry. Even with her, I will only have the three of you as my students. It’s unlikely for us to be separated.” Shi Luo patted the girl on the shoulder and said with a gentle smile.

  There weren’t many students who arrived each year and sometimes none, but in the end, only Shi Luo was the one who directly taught the introductory theoretical course. The other teachers were all retired professors from the lab. Their temper wasn’t very good, so these two students were unwilling to leave Shi Luo.  

  When Shi Luo was forced to enter the Shi family’s Research Institute, she felt the plot followed the main plot. Later, she couldn’t leave this place and exhausted all her methods, but Shi Luo was even more determined.

  But at that time, when Shi Luo saw the girl who was led to her, her entire person felt terrible! Who can tell her who was that girl with the bright smile who sweetly called her teacher?!

  “Mu Suo?” It was half a day before Shi Luo uttered these two words. If it wasn’t for her relationship with Mu Suo, she wouldn’t recognize her at a glance. People saw the girl who was like the glowing sun was Mu Suo! The skin has also turned white, her hair was long and curly, there was a kind of cute and small naughty feeling. She has grown a lot.

  “Teacher~” Mu Suo’s eyes were bright as she looked straight at Shi Luo.

  It can be said that Mu Suo has completed her gorgeous reversal from an ugly duckling into a white swan. When Shi Luo carefully looked at Mu Suo, she marveled that she was her own daughter! She really looked like this and she could still recognize her!

  “Teacher~” Mu Suo smiled and her eyes overflowed with contentment. Shi Luo’s expression greatly pleased her, and Shi Luo recognized her which made her extremely happy.

  When Shi Luo returned to her senses, she said, “Mu Suo, how are you here?”

  “Teacher knows this student, ah! Then we will give this person to Teacher Shi and leave early.” Said the person with Mu Suo.

  “En, you go, I’ll take her to get familiar with the environment.” Shi Luo smiled at the two people who brought Mu Suo.

  “Mu Suo, why are you…” Before she finished speaking, she was held in Mu Suo’s arms.

  It was then when Shi Luo was unexpectedly held by Mu Suo that she realized she was as tall as herself.

  “Shi Luo…” Mu Suo’s voice was still delicate and soft as before, but this time there was a little more fragility.

  Shi Luo’s heart suddenly softened.

  At that time, when she left, Mu Suo was still bullied daily with tearful eyes. Now she became a big girl who was bright and sunny.

  Shi Luo could probably understand a little of a mother’s feelings when she sees her daughter grow up.

  Mu Suo obediently followed behind Shi Luo. Shi Luo took Mu Suo to see the dormitory and classroom.

  The two walked, and Mu Suo gently held Shi Luo’s hand.  

  Shi Luo looked back at Mu Suo, and Mu Suo’s eyes flashed tensely.

  Shi Luo didn’t miss the tension, she smiled placidly and clasped her fingers around Mu Suo’s hand.

  The corners of their mouths rose slightly.

  The two people’s hearts were getting closer and closer through their clasped hands.

  “By the way, I forgot to ask, why did you come? Shouldn’t you be in high school now?” Shi Luo suddenly remembered the question she always wanted to ask.

  “I don’t know. When I came home, I saw someone waiting for me at home, they said they were from the Shi family. They let me come here and I remembered you were here, so I came here with a smile.” Mu Suo replied with a smile.

  Shi Luo was puzzled in her heart, what happened to the plot? Mu Suo unexpectedly appeared here, then her predestined meeting with the hero wasn’t gone! But why didn’t she know that Mu Suo was the Shi family’s daughter?

  Shi Luo didn’t doubt whether the Shi family made a mistake, because the Shi family was very cautious in this respect. In order to prevent other families from stealing their secrets, they will never let non-Shi family people enter! That’s why the Research Institute doesn’t mind whether it’s their own family or an illegitimate child.

  Shi Luo’s habit with her thought process only regarded everything as the plot collapsing. It would be better for it to collapse, so she wouldn’t die in the explosion in a few years.

  “Shi Luo, do you think I should call you teacher or Shi Luo in the future?” Mu Suo asked mischievously with a bright smile.

  Shi Luo was also infected by Mu Suo’s smile. “In the future, when someone calls me teacher, then no one calls me Shi Luo. Don’t call me teacher whether it’s Teacher Shi!” Shi Luo said when she remembered Mu Suo sometimes flattened her tongue while speaking, so her enunciation wasn’t clear.  

  “You ignored me! No good, I suffer from this blow! I won’t call you Shi Luo in the future, just Luo Luo, so you won’t dislike it!” Mu Suo said while she looked at Shi Luo.3She’s basically flirting with her. She was teasing her if she should call her teacher or Shi Luo, but she really wanted her to answer with Luo Luo. So she said she ignored her (true thoughts) and she suffered from this blow (from Shi Luo not knowing what she really wanted) and then informs Shi Luo how she will call her in the disguise of dislike.

  “…” There was an illusion of deep affection when Mu Suo called out Luo Luo! It must have been an illusion!

  “How have you been these years?” Shi Luo followed Mu Suo to the automatic lift platform, and Shi Luo planned to take Mu Suo to her bedroom.

  “Very good.” Mu Suo’s eyes had a hint of haze, but it soon disappeared. Mu Suo turned around and clung to Shi Luo. “I miss you very much.”

  At that time, Shi Luo was shocked with Mu Suo’s change. She knew that Mu Suo’s character had changed a lot since their first meeting, but now Mu Suo was more straightforward and more clingy.

  Mu Suo suppressed her impulse to knead the person in front of her and gently moved around her waist.

  When she was a child, Shi Luo was right. In the days and nights of torture, Mu Suo understood a truth. How she should treat Shi Luo, who has always been a warm person who didn’t care about anything. She will go on the initiative, just like Shi Luo said, to express her feelings.

  Shi Luo touched Mu Suo’s hair, “I miss you too. I won’t disappear like that again in the future.”

TL Note: Mu Suo gives me the stalker vibe, haha she somehow managed to follow Shi Luo after 2+ years…Manipulative, stalker, killer yandere here we go!

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