Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 15

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Executive Summary: Did the female lead became stupidly meng without knowing it?!1Meng is the Chinese equivalent to moe in JP; so cutesy/adorable –Shi Luo

Chapter 15

   What Mu Suo said to Shi Luo wasn’t a lie, she merely omitted a portion.

  When she heard about the characteristics of the Shi family from that group of people, Mu Suo knew this was the only way to enter.

  She just happened to have a physical for the college entrance exam. Before the blood test, Mu Suo did a little trick and became the lost daughter of the Shi family.

  At the time, the Shi family was very interested in her blood relationship with the family and they had records from various hospitals, so as soon as the blood results came out, Mu Suo came home and saw a group of people. In this regard, Mu Suo didn’t deceive people.2people referring to Shi Luo

  “Here’s your bedroom from now on.” Shi Luo said and smiled, “Give me your ID card, I’ll teach you how to open the door.”

  Mu Suo gave her the ID card that was issued to her when she entered.

  ”What can you open the door with?” Shi Luo saw Mu Suo’s confused eyes and smiled. “It could be a fingerprint, or …”

  Before Shi Luo finished speaking, Mu Suo took Shi Luo’s hand and pressed it. “Is that so?”

  ”Fingerprint entry successful.” A mechanical female voice came out.

  Since time went by, when did Mu Suo became so stupid and meng in a corner she didn’t see?

  ”…” Mu Suo heard the voice and looked innocently at Shi Luo. Her eyes were different from the novel and she didn’t know this would happen.  

  “That was just the first fingerprint entry, which is used to open the door code. Mu Suo when you return home anytime and anywhere, in the future, I will be your key…” Shi Luo explained because this situation has never been encountered before, so she had no measure to deal with it.  

  ”Won’t I bother you? I didn’t mean it …” I am specialized.3Mu Suo’s internal dialogue saying she’s special… Mu Suo apologized, and Shi Luo suddenly became soft-hearted. After all, Mu Suo saw this device for the first time and didn’t know it was normal.

  ”It’s all right, no trouble, I’ll send you back later.” Shi Luo appeased.

  After being sent away, Mu Suo laid alone on the sofa, her eyes fluttered. The waves in her heart weren’t gone.  

  Prior to this, Mu Suo always thought the so-called Shi family’s Research Institute was just an ordinary research institute. After entering, Mu Suo found it wasn’t as simple as she imagined. What’s more, she felt a kind of familiar atmosphere when she entered, and that kind of atmosphere was definitely related to her ability.

  Or, here, she could find the cause of her abnormality.

  The next day in the morning, Shi Luo called Mu Suo to get up.

  Because of the fingerprints, coupled with the fact that Shi Luo subconsciously treated Mu Suo as her daughter, so she went straight in. 

  ”Mu Suo?” Shi Luo opened the door and gently called, “Aren’t you up yet!”

  ”Little lazy pig! It’s time to get up!” Shi Luo pushed open the bedroom door.

  Mu Suo popped her head from the pure white quilt, and drowsily asked, “Luo Luo, did you go to class?”

  Shi Luo saw her little daughter, Mu Suo’s meng appearance and couldn’t help but walk over to knead Mu Suo’s messy hair. “Not yet, but if you don’t get up, you’ll be really late!” Shi Luo supplemented in her heart, as long as I haven’t gone, it won’t count as being late.  

  Mu Suo rubbed her eyes and hugged Shi Luo, “I’m not afraid! Teacher don’t go! I’ll hold onto teacher!”

  This meng Mu Suo completely poked at Shi Luo, “Come on! Get up quickly, or I’ll lift the quilt!”

  Mu Suo wore little pink pajamas, the combination made the whole person look pink and tender.  

  At this moment, Shi Luo realized her own female lead had really taken a completely different path.

  In her own book, the female lead’s appearance later on was beautiful, but now she was a beauty in the fledgling stage.

  When Shi Luo took Mu Suo to the classroom, the other two students were already waiting in the classroom.

  ”Hello teacher.” The two stood up.

  ”Sit down. This is our new classmate Mu Suo, everyone will help each other and get along well in the future.”

  Mu Suo gave a bright smile, then sat in the first row.

  The two immediately surrounded Shi Luo, “Teacher, I didn’t understand what you said yesterday. Why is this point cut from here?”

  Although Shi Luo felt it was a bit strange, don’t these two usually have good comprehensive ability? When they asked the question, why wasn’t it deep.

  Mu Suo looked at Shi Luo who was surrounded and had a smile while answering, the smile on Mu Suo’s face didn’t change, but her eyes were filled with the haze of storm clouds approaching.  

  ”Yanran, Yanlin, today’s time for questions is done, go back to your seat. If you have any more questions, please ask tomorrow.” Shi Luo suddenly realized that Mu Suo was alone, and she didn’t understand anything. There was a loss in her heart.

  Yanran and Yanlin returned to their seats.

  Finally, there was one more person, and Shi Luo felt more comfortable. In real life, she always taught a large class. There were more than a hundred students in one class. At the beginning, she wasn’t comfortable teaching only two people.

  Because everyone’s progress was different, it was always one-to-one.

  Because Mu Suo was new, Shi Luo taught Mu Suo first.

  ”Teacher~~” ​​Mu Suo’s voice was sweet.

  The two looked and smiled at each other. Shi Luo knocked Mu Suo’s head and said, “Student Mu Suo, listen well in class!”

  ”Yes! Teacher, I will listen well in class!” Mu Suo smiled like a flower.

  The theory class was always placed in the first session, and the second session was an experimental class.

  In order to avoid suspicion, Shi Luo didn’t send Mu Suo to the experimental class. She let Yanran and Yanlin take Mu Suo.

  ”Okay, teacher, don’t worry. We will take good care of our new classmate! Right, little brother!” Yanran looked at Mu Suo, with a hint of disgust in her eyes.

  Shi Luo didn’t notice the small detail.

  When Shi Luo left, Yanran didn’t even look at Mu Suo and took her brother Yanlin with her.

  The smile on Mu Suo’s face disappeared when Shi Luo left.

  ”Elder sister, isn’t this bad?” Yanlin’s face was a little uneasy, after all, he agreed to teacher.

  “What’s wrong, little brother? It’s also for your own good. Our teacher has the only available slot for tenure.4So, think of her as a part-time or temp doing this job but is still being evaluated before becoming full-time/hired on. Don’t you wish to be part of the Shi family? Don’t you wish to bear the Shi surname?” Yanran said as if she hate iron for not becoming steel and glanced at her younger brother.5idiom – to feel resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement “Have you forgotten mother’s wishes?”

  ”I … I didn’t forget … But elder sister, aren’t you too cautious? How could she be better than us when she just arrived?”

  ”That woman isn’t easy to deal with.” Yanran continued, “It’s a woman’s intuition.”  

  Yanran and Yanlin arrived at the laboratory, but Mu Suo had already arrived.

  Yanlin looked at Yanran with surprise, then saw Yanran was also surprised.

  Mu Suo merely act as if she didn’t see the two people.

  Mu Suo’s process was different from them.

  Unlike the experimental class on the other side, the professor here was a retired backbone level old man who specializes in experiments.

  Because Mu Suo had just arrived and knew nothing, the professor taught the two other people first while Mu Suo was in the observation laboratory.

  Mu Suo remained calm on the surface and slowly walked in the quiet lab with guidance from the voice in her heart.

  Suddenly, Mu Suo felt pain in her heart and raised her eyes to see the glass box suspended in the air.

  The strange feeling came from there.

  Only a giant white mouse could be seen from Mu Suo’s position.

  Mu Suo looked around.

  This should be the laboratory for teaching. Why was there such a large experimental rat? Mu Suo couldn’t figure it out.

  Suddenly, Mu Suo saw a mirror not far away, which was also suspended in the air and understood.

  ”Mu Suo!” An angry female voice came. “Running all over the place?! Don’t you know that you can’t run around during class?”

  Mu Suo gave a slight glance at Yanran, then turned and walked towards the professor. Just now, she changed her mind. She wanted to learn the lesson well so she could work with Shi Luo as a colleague. But just now, she suddenly wanted to know what happened to the white mouse who gave her this special feeling.

  Yanran gritted her teeth and looked at Mu Suo’s back.

  Sometimes, she didn’t need a reason to hate a person. She just felt this way towards Mu Suo. She was clearly an illegitimate child, the results came from the independent room. The hateful part was that she always had an aloof and remote appearance, but in front of Shi Luo, she pretended to be a little white rabbit! Did she really think she didn’t see her gaze from this morning?  

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