Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 16

Translated by Novice Translations

Executive Summary: The female lead is extremely pure and innocent, how to break? –Shi Luo

Chapter 16

  Mu Suo originally intended to eat lunch in the public cafeteria.

  As a result, when Mu Suo came out of the laboratory, she saw Shi Luo not far away.

  As soon as Mu Suo saw her, her eyes brightened, then joyfully and sweetly called out, “Teacher~”

  ”On purpose? Right? There’s no one.” Shi Luo smiled.

  ”Luo Luo~” Mu Suo rubbed against her, held Shi Luo’s hand, “You were waiting for me! Right?” Her eyes were bright and her little daughter’s posture made her heart warm.

  ”…” Why was she becoming more and more coquettish? “I have no class except yours this morning. I’ll cook at home, let’s go and eat together.”

  ”Luo Luo, you’re so good …” Mu Suo hugged Shi Luo.

  Shi Luo’s mouth raised slightly, “Did anyone ever said you’re becoming more and more tired?”1So this tired is specific to a type of thing – do some intimate things between couples and say something intimate. Basically SL is asking isn’t she tired doing such intimate things between couples like this.

  Mu Suo looked up, with a serious face, “No! Absolutely not! People aren’t casual!”2Mu Suo refers to herself as people and saying she doesn’t act this way towards other people/

  When Shi Luo heard this sentence and laughed with a “pu”, then excused her. She thought of a classic answer: “Ennn, since you’re not a casual person, are you casually not a person?”3This is an internet joke on play with words; this line was also in a Chinese movie too, its like a meme phrase for those saying they aren’t casual people aka people who are wonton Shi Luo teased.

  Shi Luo didn’t know, but Mu Suo was only like this in front of her. If it was people from the previous high school or junior high school that discover Mu Suo would act like a peach flower little daughter one day with coquettishness to the girl of her dreams, those people would splash icy water to your face and say, have you woken up yet?

  In front of Shi Luo, these actions have no pretense.

  Previously, in the past few years, Mu Suo extensively researched Shi Luo. She recalled bits and pieces of the time when they were together.

  There was probably no one who knew more about Shi Luo’s preferences than Mu Suo, and during that time, Shi Luo put in great effort to cultivate her to become an optimistic and sunny girl.

  It was such a long time since she seen Shi Luo and she hasn’t changed at all.  

  ”Luo Luo, have you been cooking for yourself?” Mu Suo glanced at the four dishes and one soup on the table and asked.

  ”When I became a teacher, I had more free time, so I cook for myself.” Shi Luo handed a bowl to Mu Suo.

  Most importantly, Shi Luo has always been interested in the science and technology here. Realistically, her livelihood was amusing, and Shi Luo’s food was prepared by herself.

  Because it was always one person eating at home, so the table Shi Luo bought wasn’t big. Two people sat opposite of each other, with the taste of food, there was a feeling of being home that bloomed simultaneously in the two people’s hearts.

  After dinner, Mu Suo turned to the kitchen with light steps and watched Shi Luo washed the dishes with a lace apron.

  ”Go out and play. I’ll finish washing in a moment.” Shi Luo said.

  ”Teacher, do you have eyes on your back?” Mu Suo hugged Shi Luo’s waist.

  Shi Luo smiled, “Your body has a special fragrance, how can it escape my nose! Be obedient, get out quickly, student Mu Suo, teacher is washing the dishes, don’t make trouble.”4I feel like this is a kinky roleplay scene.

  Shi Luo couldn’t see Mu Suo’s expression while she spoke, but Mu Suo pasted her face on Shi Luo’s back and listened to her heartbeat while Shi Luo spoke. Only when Mu Suo heard special fragrance, did she open her eyes, but soon she closed them again.

  ”Student Mu Suo? Are you asleep?” Shi Luo said with a smile when Mu Suo didn’t move.

  ”En, yes, fell asleep. Don’t disturb my sleep.” Mu Suo’s playful voice sounded in Shi Luo’s ears.

  ”En, I won’t bother you for a long time, but student Mu Suo, you fell asleep on my back. How can I not disturb your rest?” Shi Luo said, then intentionally moved twice.

  ”Teacher, you’re too naughty!” Mu Suo tightly clung.

  ”Serious student Mu Suo, naughty teacher finished washing dishes. Shall we go out?”

  Mu Suo reluctantly let go of Shi Luo.

  ”Luo Luo~” Mu Suo stared at Shi Luo with big eyes, “Can I take a nap here at noon today? Now it’s troublesome to go back. Also, trouble teacher to come with me.”

  Shi Luo smiled. “Honestly, did you premeditate this for a long time? “Shi Luo teased.

  Mu Suo’s eyes flashed with surprise, did Shi Luo actually knew? No, Mu Suo saw the smile in Shi Luo’s eyes. Mu Suo immediately joked when she reacted.

  ”Of course, I want from the main room to enter the inner chamber for a long time!5idiom – to go to the next level; to attain a higher level Aren’t I selling meng and an omnipotent beautiful woman who can warm your bed, why don’t you consider receiving this bowl?” Mu Suo said while she held her.

  ”The bowl at home is too small …” Shi Luo said quietly.

  ”You think I’m fat …” Mu Suo looked at Shi Luo with hidden bitterness.

  Shi Luo looked at Mu Suo’s exquisite clavicle and her slim waist that could be gripped with both hands. “Okay, the bed at home is big enough …” That is to say, if you can’t receive it in the bowl, it can nest on the bed.6refers to Mu Suo…

  When Shi Luo said this, she was very pure and had no other thoughts.

  But Mu Suo blushed suddenly. Mu Suo herself couldn’t explain why, inexplicably, when she heard that sentence, she felt all the heat from her body suddenly rushed to her face. Suddenly, she didn’t know where to look.

  Shi Luo lowered her head and saw Mu Suo flushed and red-eared. Her white delicate skin suddenly became pink and tender.

  Only then did Shi Luo realized the meaning of her sentence, “Simple brat!” Shi Luo suddenly remembered there was such a plot. Although the plot was biased and she didn’t know what happened to it, Shi Luo was still relieved. Although she hasn’t been around Mu Suo for so many years, no matter if it was the shy and timid little girl or the cute and tender young girl, Shi Luo cherished her in her heart. If her heart and body was regrettably abused again, Shi Luo wouldn’t accept it.  

  The current Mu Suo knows nothing about love and was simple in this aspect. In this way, if she meets an old veteran in love and isn’t cautious, she will fall prey. Just thinking about it, she felt her education for Mu Suo has to be raised in all aspects.

  ”Aren’t you the same?” Mu Suo countered. The light in her eyes was dim, but Shi Luo didn’t see it.

  Shi Luo has never been in love. The reason was simple. Her previous life was simple as in this life. In addition, her feelings were dull. So, her experiences in the love department were nonexistent, but it didn’t matter. As an online writer, one who focuses on abusive feelings, Shi Luo will depend on this past knowledge. If one thought about it this way, she was already a theoretical teaching professor, granted that she was also a lab killer!

  How can Shi Luo tell the truth, and if she told the truth, how could she educate Mu Suo in the future.

  Shi Luo touched Mu Suo’s head, “You look down on me too! Anyway, I’m your teacher, right?”

  Mu Suo slightly covered the obsession in her eyes. She remembered the lesson she taught that little sister when she talked bad about Shi Luo and the boy she chased.7female yandere alert! Destroys bad-mouthing villains and possible love rivals!

  If Shi Luo knew about Mu Suo’s mental activity, she will definitely cry out injustice. At that time, the owner of this body wasn’t her!8Uhh, this mean the old Shi Luo …so she took care of an OLD love rival.

  Unfortunately, Shi Luo didn’t know and smiled, “Love is like that. An entire life isn’t just love. No matter who you encounter, you should learn how to jump out and see. It’s only a small part of your life experience, okay?”

  Mu Suo hugged Shi Luo, nudged and nodded, “I understand.” Her voice was as sweet as ever.

  But there was a flash of red in her eyes.

  ”Good…” Shi Luo touched Mu Suo’s head.

  Shi Luo’s heart supplemented, “I’m your mother, I will never give you to a slag man, after all, the standard for a son-in-law must be a faithful dog!”

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