Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 17

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Executive Summary: I’m her elder, it’s important to maintain my image! –Shi Luo

Chapter 17

  The night was quiet.

  The moonlight streamed through the cracks in the curtains.

  Mu Suo, who was lying obediently, suddenly opened her eyes.

  Blue tendons burst from her right hand.

  Mu Suo tried her best to keep her body under control, so she wouldn’t wake up Shi Luo.

  There was a red light in Mu Suo’s eyes, why did she think the same spot will grow the second time!

  Mu Suo’s gaze deepened, and suddenly grasped her right hand upward, which was naturally above Shi Luo’s sleeping position.

  Then Mu Suo smiled scornfully, a flower appeared from the palm of her right hand, it was small and thin.

  Suddenly the seemingly weak flower opened its flower bud and abruptly closed it, then it swayed twice. There was a creaking sound within the silent room, as if someone was chewing on a bone.

  Mu Suo patted the flower twice to hint for its sound to be smaller! So, the noise wouldn’t wake up Shi Luo.

  It stopped suddenly, the swollen flower turned to Mu Suo and looked very aggrieved.

  Mu Suo looked at it and saw it was wronged and went on strike. Her expression was as if nothing could be done and was forced to use her left hand to stroke the flower bud.

  The flower bud immediately moved, and there was no sound. After a while, the swollen flower bud shrunk.

  Mu Suo slowly grasped her right hand and the flower bud slowly retracted.  

  Mu Suo glanced at Shi Luo who was still quietly sleeping on the bed, then stood up and got out of bed and picked up the crystal ball from the nightstand.  

  The originally calm bed with the sleeping Shi Luo suddenly disappeared, then Mu Suo left the bedroom.

  In the original empty living room, Shi Luo was lying on the sofa with the same expression and posture as in the bedroom.

  The living room lights weren’t on and she relied on the moonlight outside to see. Mu Suo saw the person at a glance.  

  Mu Suo suddenly stopped, unwilling to pass.

  The first time she slept with Shi Luo in bed, Mu Suo knew there was another foreign organism in her body besides the one in her palm.

  Even though the foreign organism hasn’t acted in the past few years, Mu Suo knew it still resided in her body.  

  And it was clear it was hostile towards Shi Luo. Otherwise, it wouldn’t try to harm Shi Luo the first time the two slept together in bed. Moreover, because Mu Suo reacted in a timely manner, Shi Luo wasn’t seriously injured. At the time, if she didn’t understand how to use the foreign organism in her hand, she wasn’t certain if Shi Luo would still be alive.

  Mu Suo was reluctant to use Shi Luo as bait to draw out the foreign organism, but if the foreign organism isn’t removed, she didn’t dare sleep beside Shi Luo for the rest of her life, because she was afraid that one day, she would wake up to a cold body.  

  When Mu Suo saw that huge white rat in the lab, she thought of the same method, but changed the instrument from a mirror to a crystal ball.  

  Sure enough, the foreign organism was fooled.

  Mu Suo was only a few steps away, then looked at the sleeping Shi Luo and her eyes darkened.  

  What to do? Getting increasingly greedy, in the days and nights that I couldn’t find her, all I wanted was to see her, but now that I saw her, I want to embrace the person in my heart now and wish for her to become my one.

  Finally, Mu Suo approached and gently picked up Shi Luo.

  “En?” Shi Luo was awakened by Mu Suo’s movements and cried out, “Ah!” when she realized she wasn’t in bed.

  Mu Suo smiled, “Luo Luo, I didn’t shout! Why did you shout?”

  “Why am I here?” Shi Luo opened her eyes and saw Mu Suo’s face and her heart was relieved. Her head wasn’t particularly clear and asked the thing she wanted to know most.

  “Sleepwalking, I got up to use the bathroom and unexpectedly found you were sleeping on the sofa, so I showed I respect the old and cherish the young towards my respectable teacher and wanted to carry you back to the bedroom! What do you think? I’m great, right?” Mu Suo’s eyes were smug.

  Shi Luo then reflected that she was held princess style by Mu Suo. “I’ll go by myself.”

  “We’re almost there. Don’t be shy! I won’t say it! But teacher, you’re so heavy…” Mu Suo said and dropped Shi Luo on the bed.

  “I’m not like your dry figure, so I must be heavy!” Shi Luo heard that Mu Suo called her fat and she was stimulated. In her past life and this life, Shi Luo had an inverse scale, that is, her weight cannot be said. Her body conditional reflex was to touch her head when she said this. Then she realized what she said, and her face turned red.

  Mu Suo glanced at someone who wore loose pajamas and could see a better figure, then her face suddenly turned red.  

  The two tacitly covered themselves with the quilt and stopped talking.

  Shi Luo muttered in her heart, it was strange. Among girls, these kinds of words weren’t unknown and blushed. After a while, Shi Luo realized she wasn’t just Mu Suo’s friend, but also her teacher and mother. Of course, these kinds of words can’t be said. It affected her image!

  The next morning, Shi Luo and Mu Suo both forgot about the little embarrassment from last night. It was precisely because of this little embarrassment that Shi Luo forgot to investigate her sleepwalking problem.

  Because every teacher has a quota in their hand, it was possible for the Shi family’s illegitimate children to obtain full membership at the Research Institute. Therefore, the institute requires the teachers and students to maintain a certain distance.  As for the distance, there was no specific regulation. However, Mu Suo and Shi Luo both understood they must not be within the distance.

  ”After a while, you go first, then in ten minutes I’ll go.” Shi Luo said to Mu Suo while eating.

  Shi Luo’s apartment was relatively remote and there were basically no people, so she wasn’t worried that someone would see.

  Mu Suo exploited the opportunity to come up with, “This is called to feel as guilty as a thief, right?”1idiom – to have something on one’s conscience Mu Suo’s eyes were bright.

  ”So, can you tell me who were your language teachers in junior high school and senior high school?” Shi Luo knocked on Mu Suo’s head. “It’s called being cautious! Otherwise, you can’t be my student in the future nor can you come here. Do you think we should feel as guilty as a thief?” Shi Luo’s face was serious as she looked at Mu Suo who was remarkably alike. Her expression showed that so long as Mu Suo said the wrong words, she would directly drag her out.  

  Mu Suo immediately became a little sheep and rubbed against her body. “Teacher, my junior high school and senior high school language teachers all died early. So, you will be my only language teacher in the future!”

  Shi Luo smiled, “You’re too easy to compromise with, aren’t you?”

  “What will we do if we don’t compromise? Who made you the teacher! I’m just an ordinary student…” The more Mu Suo said, the more pitiful she was.

  “I’m afraid for you. Today, at noon I’ll come back by myself after class.” Shi Luo said.

  ”Luo Luo, you’re so nice, then I’ll return in the afternoon to pick up my things.” There was a smile in Mu Suo’s eyes.  

  “Take something?” Shi Luo raised her eyebrows. “Are you setting up camp here?”

  Of course, nothing happened on the first day to Shi Luo, the preparations weren’t enough, and Mu Suo was worried she might hurt Shi Luo. Now, all taboos were off. Why doesn’t she hurry and drop yesterday’s mood on Shi Luo? If Shi Luo is really in love with someone else, she couldn’t tell what she would do, or it was better to keep her under her own eyes. It would be best for them both.

  Shi Luo originally wanted to say that living together was troublesome and they could be found out later. As a result, when she looked back and saw Mu Suo’s eyes full of joy, she swallowed the sentence and couldn’t say it.  

  According to Shi Luo’s words, the two people went out of the apartment one by one. As expected, they didn’t meet anyone.

  Because Mu Suo left first, Mu Suo arrived at the classroom earlier than usual.

  When Mu Suo arrived in the classroom, she saw Yanran’s angry gaze.

  Mu Suo went straight to her seat.

  She was indignant. When she checked her teacher’s daily education status yesterday morning, she found the full mark she always maintained was broken, and the reason was because her lab teacher said she wasn’t friendly with her classmate?! Yanran was angry. It was the girl who pretended to not obey the rules of the lab. What’s the matter with her lessons, why did she got her points deducted! Originally, she wanted Shi Luo’s quota in her brother’s hands, and she would obtain the quota from the lab teacher’s hands. There was no suspense until Mu Suo arrived, because there were only two people in this class. But as soon as Mu Suo arrived, her perfect score was broken! This woman is definitely her own nemesis.

  After a while, Shi Luo also arrived.

  Mu Suo stared straight at Shi Luo.

  Shi Luo returned a smile to Mu Suo which caused Mu Suo to smile brighter.  

  Shi Luo lamented in her heart, what kind of son-in-law should she find for her sunny little daughter?!

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