Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 18

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Executive Summary: The simple and clear way can get the results you want. –Mu Suo 

Chapter 18 

  In the first lesson, the task given by the professor to Mu Suo was very simple, that is, to recognize the instruments in the laboratory and understand their functions. 

  Mu Suo completed that task very well in this class, now for the second lesson, Mu Suo had to understand the countermeasures for different types of laboratory accidents.    

  Today was that second lesson. 

  Mu Suo looked at the manual the professor gave her. 

  ”You have to understand everything and know where the reagents mentioned are stored.” After the professor finished speaking, he went to guide Yanran and Yanlin’s experiment. 

  Mu Suo turned to the first page and saw only one warning on the first page, “No one is allowed to approach the central laboratory without the highest level of authorization. This is the most basic principle of the laboratory.”1Dude she already broke this rule. LOL 

  Central laboratory? Mu Suo sighed and remembered the term in her heart. 

  The rest of the content are all emergency countermeasures to any possible accidents in the laboratories that I already know from yesterday.  

  Mu Suo soon memorized. 

  Suddenly Mu Suo had that same strange feeling again. 

  Mu Suo stood up. 

  ”Classmate Mu Suo?” Yanran called Mu Suo. 

  Mu Suo remembered that she couldn’t leave, so she sat down again, but slowly opened her right hand, stretched out her five fingers, then pressed it on the side of the glass table.  

  Immediately on the glass table there were blood-red filaments, but when looked at carefully, there was nothing. 

  Mu Suo turned her head and continued to read the so-called laboratory instructions. Mu Suo read very carefully because she knew she could definitely use it. 

  Mu Suo was confident that there was a great correlation between this place and the foreign organisms in her body. Even if it wasn’t a direct relationship, there must be an indirect relationship.  

  ”Professor Shi …”2So, this whole joint is run by the Shi family…and only people who are of the Shi bloodline can be at this facility/work there…so that means all the people will be called Professor Shi / President Shi / Classmate Shi if they all went by their surname. Suddenly someone knocked on the door and called out. 

  The professor went out. 

  ”What’s the matter? I’m in class now.” The old man’s tone wasn’t good. Although the people on the other side were the Vice Dean’s people but calling him out during class affected the classroom education too much.  

  “Lao3It’s a suffix to show an elder respect, like Mrs./Mr./Sir/Miss Professor, pardon me, it’s because there is a physical examination this afternoon and the Vice Dean heard there was a new student who entered but didn’t know which family she’s from, so he asked me to come over and take her to find out which family she’s from.” The staff apologized. The old professor was famous for his bad temper and he was also an elder. So, even if he’s the Vice Dean’s people, he still had to give him some face.  

  As soon as the old man heard he was looking for a newcomer, he knew he was looking for Mu Suo.  

  When he entered the classroom, he said, “Mu Suo, someone is waiting for you outside.” 

  Mu Suo listened and walked out in the sunshine. She thought it was Shi Luo. After all, except for Shi Luo, she doesn’t know anyone else.  

  Mu Suo thought about Shi Luo, didn’t you want to hide the fact that we have a personal relationship? Then why did you take the initiative to look for me?  

  However, she saw a serious looking staff member as soon as she went out. 

  The smile on Mu Suo’s face faded like a sudden thunderbolt. Both staff members felt that they must have read her expression wrong.  

  ”Student Mu Suo?” A staff member asked. 

  Mu Suo nodded. 

  ”Hello, the Vice Dean wants to meet with you.” They both simply and clearly delivered an invitation from the Vice Dean, but did not elaborate on what the he wanted from her.  

  Mu Suo’s heart thumped. 

  Mu Suo suddenly recalled as she clenched her slender fist, her right hand was empty. If the Vice Dean wanted to do something like a blood test, then she will definitely be exposed.  

  Mu Suo frowned. “Can I go back to my room for a moment first?”  

  The two staff members looked at each other. “No, because it will start soon.” 

  ”What’s starting?” Mu Suo asked quietly. 

  “Everyone who entered the school has their detailed bloodline history checked and filed, but when we found you, we didn’t have your blood history. Today, the Vice Dean is going to host an experiment to find your immediate family members, so he asked you to come over.” The staff explained.  

  Mu Suo’s speculation in her heart were true. Last time, she used Shi Luo’s blood for the previous physical examination and blood test…4Bro, so that means she had Shi Luo’s blood sample for several years….yandere vibe!  

  Now the most important thing was that the foreign body hasn’t returned yet. If she goes to get a blood test to get checked again, nine out of ten times she will be thrown out.   

  Mu Suo’s mind was running at a high speed, and at this time, when she summoned the foreign body, it didn’t respond. 

  ”Student Mu Suo?” The staff called out impatiently. “It’s time to go, otherwise, they will be delayed.” 

  Mu Suo had no choice but to follow. 

  Mu Suo trailed behind the two, her mind going on overdrive thinking about the various possible situations that might arise and how to counter them. 

  ”Mu Suo?” Suddenly, a familiar voice appeared behind her. 

  Mu Suo turned back, her original expressionless face immediately became pitiful, “Teacher …” 

  When Shi Luo saw this pitiful appearance, she glanced at the two people ahead again, “What’s wrong? You can tell me, where are you going?” 

  ”Teacher Shi Luo.” The two staff members both greeted Shi Luo. 

  ”Teacher … I …” Mu Suo had deep fear in her eyes. The two people on the side were dumbfounded. The girl who was cold just now became pitiful the next moment?  

  ”What’s wrong with you? Student Mu Suo, do you need help?” Shi Luo approached, their appearance became a pair of caring teacher and student.  

  ”Teacher, I have a stomachache and want to go to the bathroom …” Mu Suo said weakly. 

  When Shi Luo heard this answer, she was speechless. She thought Mu Suo was wronged. Her pitiful little eyes made her distressed.   

  The two people besides them were even more speechless. They felt strange in their hearts. They were surprised she wanted to use the bathroom as they weren’t incompetent, but she asked a teacher for help when she needed to go?  

  ”Can the child go to the bathroom first?” Shi Luo asked. 

  The two looked at each other and nodded. “Yes, go now and return soon.” 

  Before Mu Suo walked away, she glanced at her, then walked to the nearest bathroom.  

  Shi Luo thought of Mu Suo’s gaze before she left, so she said to the remaining two people, “This child didn’t seem alright. I’ll go and check up on her.”  

  The remaining two thought to themselves, no wonder all the students wanted Shi Luo to be their teacher, she’s really caring with her students.  

  When Shi Luo entered the bathroom, she was hugged. Shi Luo shivered from the coldness in Mu Suo’s embrace.  

  ”What’s wrong?” Shi Luo reached out and reciprocated Mu Suo’s hug. What happened? 

  ”Luo Luo, I’m afraid …” Mu Suo said in a low muffled voice. 

  ”Don’t be afraid, teacher is here.” Shi Luo stretched out that originally held Mu Suo and touched Mu Suo’s head.  

  ”Shi Luo, they will definitely drive me out!” Mu Suo continued, “Actually, last time I lied to you about how I didn’t know how managed to get in here, in fact, I knew …” 

  Shi Luo felt strange, it had never occurred to her to get the facts before this time, she didn’t know how Mu Suo entered.  

  ”I used a trick during the blood test …” Mu Suo said. 

  ”A trick?” Shi Luo couldn’t think of any tricks she could have used. 

  ”En.” Mu Suo nodded. “I’ve replaced the blood sample that was sent with yours.” Mu Suo said, holding her tightly. “I miss you so much, so this was the only method I could think of! Shi Luo, I’m sorry!” 

  Shi Luo was surprised while comforting Mu Suo. She didn’t expect Mu Suo to take such great efforts to see her. I have to admit, I’m very moved.  

  ”Then why do you say that they will drive you out?” Shi Luo asked. 

  ”Just now, those two people said they were going to find my immediate family members …” Mu Suo raised her head and her watery eyes looked at Shi Luo. Shi Luo’s heart immediately ached.  

  “Don’t be afraid, you’re already in, so there won’t be an accident. It’s reasonable to say that you’re from outside, it’s very difficult to be very thorough for every type of examination. Although you don’t know how you passed, you won’t have to go once you enter, even if they are looking for your direct relative, even with the blood test this time, it’s enough to have the previous sample.”  

  After Mu Suo listened, her heart was relieved and her big watery didn’t forget to look at Shi Luo, “Then…then…when the results comes out, don’t hit me … …”5Basically since she used Shi Luo’s blood, the test results are going say Shi Luo’s parents are her parents…but haha Shi Luo doesn’t mind but how about her parents?  

  ”No. Don’t worry.” Shi Luo couldn’t help but smile looking at this charming little daughter’s appearance. 

  Shi Luo touched Mu Suo’s head and said seriously, “In my heart, you are already my family member.” Shi Luo didn’t finish her sentence, but added in her heart, just like her own daughter.  

  Mu Suo was completely relieved this time, and she had already felt that the foreign organism was near her. 

  In the process of taking Mu Suo away, Mu Suo no longer was concerned about her initial two worries. First, that she would be thrown out and wouldn’t be able to see Shi Luo. Second, Shi Luo would blame her for deceiving her.  

  When she heard Shi Luo’s voice, Mu Suo calmed down. Just like Shi Luo said, the most simple and clear methods can get the results you want.6So, Shi Luo didn’t really say this, this is what Mu Suo interpret based on Shi Luo’s straightforward answer  

  And now everything was fine. 

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