Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 19

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Messed around by Snacks – short short 

Executive Summary: The first update of the promised double updates. –Mancheng Shiguang (the author) 

Chapter 19 

  Shi Luo had already known that Mu Suo wasn’t originally part of the Shi family, so she wasn’t surprised at all.  

  After Mu Suo’s explanation, Shi Luo confirmed that the plot had changed, but the main story hadn’t changed. Much like Mu Suo’s life experience.  

  Mu Suo’s life history won’t be revealed until more than halfway through the original text, but the plot hasn’t started yet and it was still early.  

  While pondering this, Shi Luo’s body shook. She didn’t outline what happened in the beginning. She just wrote whatever came to mind. Now, the results from her brain hole were all kinds of unreasonable dog blood drama. However, the female lead is now here. According to the rules of the Shi family’s Research Institute, Mu Suo can’t be released for at least three years. So, her first encounter with the male lead two years later wouldn’t happen, right?   

  Shi Luo suddenly realized a more serious issue. Mu Suo and the male lead met for the first time in two years, then…within two years her body from the novel…1Talking about within two years, that means she will die, since the male lead escapes the Shi family’s Research Institute when the lab exploded and she died in the original timeline 

  Mu Suo followed the two to the so-called central laboratory.  

  I thought it would take a long time to get here. I didn’t expect to come in so soon.  

  It wasn’t much different from the learning laboratory. Mu Suo looked around quietly.  

  At this time, there were two people ahead of them.   

  “You’re finally here. We waited for you for a long time.”  

  “There was a delay, is it too late now?” The two men who brought Mu Suo asked with embarrassment.  

  “There’s still time but don’t be late next time. Close the door.”  

  “Okay we will leave this person with you.” The two men finished and left.  

  Mu Suo was a little curious. Why didn’t I have to take another blood test? Then what else do they want? As soon as she entered, Mu Suo understood.  

  ”Stand in this.” The two people who opened the largest glass instrument in the middle said.  

  ”…” Mu Suo knew she had no say at this time, so she walked over. Before she got close to the instrument, Mu Suo felt something slide into her right hand.  

  Mu Suo pretended to casually glance at the pattern on the floor. Mu Suo’s mouth was hooked up and she continued to move forward.  

  ”After you enter, listen to me.” The speaker closed the door then put on a pair of strange glasses from the side.  

  Mu Suo felt that the glass instrument she was in was the same size as her body. Although her breathing was unimpeded, Mu Suo still felt panic suffocating her heart. There was a feeling of madness, but Mu Suo controlled herself.  

  ”Listen to the questions I’ll ask, then answer them.” 

  There was no way that Mu Suo could nod, because the whole person was trapped in a custom fit manner.2I guess the instrument shrink to her body size or something when the door close. Dunno Although there was an exit, Mu Suo knew that sometimes she couldn’t do whatever she wants.  

  ”If one day you are sitting on the balcony with the breeze blowing your hair and inadvertently saw your lover downstairs waving at you,” the voice was soothing and Mu Suo seems to have felt the evening breeze brush her cheeks with a slight coolness and when she opened her eyes she saw Shi Luo standing downstairs with a gentle smile waving at her.  

  The voice suddenly became sharp. “At this time, a masked thug suddenly appeared and stabbed your lover, what would you do?” 

  Mu Suo frowned, opened her eyes and looked at the man viciously. The man seemed to be frightened by the scene he saw. He took off the special glasses and turned off the instrument. At this time, Mu Suo found that the other person was sweating.  

  The man’s eyes were complicated, and Mu Suo felt a strangeness in her heart. This was far from her imagination. Mu Suo’s eyes also shifted to the instrument which was strange. She had good control over her emotions, but just listening to him, she almost lost control.  

  “Student Shi Jing, I regret to tell you that you may not be suitable for undercover work.” The man’s tone recovered.  

  Mu Suo immediately caught two keywords, “Shi Jing?” 

  ”Wasn’t this a search for my immediate family members?” Mu Suo asked. 

  ”Aren’t you Shi Jing?” The staff was even more surprised. 

  Mu Suo shook her head, “I’m Mu Suo, not the Shi Jing that you speak of.” 

  ”Mu Suo?” The person holding the file on the side flipped through the file folder in his hand. “My God, they sent the wrong person. Mu Suo should have gone to District 2 while Shi Jing should have been here. It seems that Shi Jing is in District 2.”  

  ”But the central laboratory will be closed soon…” The person who tested Mu Suo said.  

  “Student Mu Suo, can you do your test tomorrow?” The man with the file asked. Mu Suo nodded in response.  

  “Well can I ask why you had that expression after I finished the test?” Mu Suo was curious about what this test was for.  

  The man who administered the test glanced at his companion beside him and didn’t know whether he should answer or not. In principle, the test result can be discussed with the person who was tested, but the test results of the girl in front of him was too strange. He didn’t know how to explain it.  

  The companion didn’t think about it much, “Tell her if she wants to know.”  

  “Well, let me tell you so you can remember to pay attention later.” He handed Mu Suo the glasses he wore during the test. “Put them on and I’ll explain it to you.” 

  Mu Suo put it on and the whole world immediately turned black and two faint light clusters appeared in front of her.   

  “Now, what you see is the distribution of my relationship with my colleague. Is the light cluster weak and sparse?”  

  Mu Suo nodded, and probably understood something. 

  “Yours isn’t the same as ours. In the beginning, I could hardly see the light clusters. Just when I thought there was something wrong with my instrument, you suddenly lit up! Yes, it was lit! It wasn’t a cluster of light. This situation has never happened before.”  

  ”…” Mu Suo took off the glasses and knew why it lit up so brightly. It was because at that moment her emotions were out of control.  

  ”I see. Thank you.” 

  “You don’t have to thank me. There may be a possibility that there won’t be anyone available to send you over to the lab tomorrow, so I’ll pick you up.” He suddenly felt a little embarrassed. “Oh, by the way, this strange test result, can you not mention it?”  

  Mu Suo nodded and said she would help keep it a secret. 

  When Mu Suo left the laboratory, she glanced at the two words in the center and the sweat on her back began to trickle down.  

  Her face quickly turned pale. 

  After two more steps, Mu Suo saw Shi Luo looking at her nervously. Mu Suo’s heart warmed and tried to make herself look less tense.  

  ”Teacher, why are you here?” Because people frequently pass by here, Mu Suo didn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble for Shi Luo.  

  “Student Mu Suo, teacher just happened to pass by here and was about to go back. What about you? Are you going back to your room now?” Shi Luo saw Mu Suo leave the building without incident and said with her worries gone.  

  Mu Suo nodded, “Then teacher let’s go together. Perfect timing, I have a few theoretical questions to ask you.” 

  Shi Luo smiled, “Of course, student Mu Suo is really a diligent and good student.” 

  The two people carefully reviewed the first lesson on the way back.  

  Mu Suo squeezed her hand tightly. She’s been clenching it for too long just now, and she felt a little weak as well.  

  Mu Suo turned her head to look at the person beside her, always smiling.  

Author’s Notes: 

Enjoy your delicious meal, this is the first of two releases~~  

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