Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 2

TL Note: I had a whim so here it is. Still considered a teasers and haven’t officially picked it up. Just consider this as my last choice whim when I’m too lazy work on any of my ongoing options *cough* Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself *cough*

Translated by Novice Translations

Executive Summary: It seems there is still a sense of guilt – Shi Luo

Chapter Two

  Because they weren’t in the same grade, they weren’t in the same building, so in the next few days, Shi Luo didn’t see Mu Suo.

  When she returned home, the housekeeper just came out in time, “Da xiaojie is back.”

  Shi Luo smiled and nodded, the housekeeper was left behind by this body’s parents and was very loyal.

  It’s been two years, and she was basically used to it. She went upstairs to do her homework and then went to practice the piano alone.

  Shi Luo likes life here, even if she knew that it was in a novel, Shi Luo liked it very much. For her, the life of a person was a psychological course. It didn’t matter where, even if it was a dream, she was satisfied with such a stable life.

  ”Da xiaojie, it’s time to have dinner.” The housekeeper’s voice came from outside the door.

  Shi Luo stopped and looked at the sunshine coming in from the outside and then smiled.

  For Shi Luo, the most painful thing in school every day was to face all kinds of provocations from the so-called Prince Che.

  Shi Luo realized what it was. The protagonist has only 90% of the author’s IQ, while the supporting characters were even less than 60%. Every time she sees this so-called Prince Che, Shi Luo wanted to ask him, what was his name? Apart from Prince Che, Shi Luo didn’t seem to hear any other titles.

  She has been attending this aristocratic school for a year.

  When she saw the honor list for the mid-term results, she was shocked. Mu Suo wasn’t first place for the first year of junior high. Then she looked at the list from top to bottom, there wasn’t Mu Suo within the top 30. This wasn’t scientific.

  “Shi Luo, why are you interested in the honor list of those kids in junior high school? Yu Yang Yang asked curiously.

  Yu Yang Yang was the first person she met in high school. Now that she thought about it, it seemed that there was no such person in the novel, she should just be considered mob A.

  The school wasn’t just an aristocratic school as it was originally described, but the school system was very good.

  The school recruited rich children every year, as long as you have the money, you can enter. This school produces the top 10 students from the local college entrance examination every year. The reason being is that in addition to these rich children, there were also a group of people who were always the top candidates for the junior high school entrance exam. And that’s how the heroine of the novel, Mu Suo, entered.

  Shi Luo frowned, this was the first exam, why wasn’t Mu Suo on the list? Did she forget the details from the beginning?

  “Shi Luo?” Yu Yang Yang called out again.

  Then Shi Luo returned to her senses and replied, “What’s wrong?”

  “What happened to you these past two days? Why are you always so absent-minded? Are you really not confused by the so-called Prince Che?” Yu Yang Yang hates that he would try to brush his sense of existence from time to time. He really thinks he’s cool, doesn’t he? Yu Yang Yang only felt that he was a clown.

  “It’s okay. Let’s go back to the classroom.” She wasn’t ready to think about it. She will have a look at Mu Suo later.

  If Shi Luo didn’t see Mu Suo last time, even if someone were to tell her Mu Suo’s horrible fate later, she wouldn’t be moved. But now that Shi Luo had seen her, she had this weird feeling of looking after her own useless kid. Just like what happened when she created the first chapter in her novel, she wrote exaggeratingly without even considering anything about it and she hated Mu Suo’s personality, Shi Luo frowned.  

  Mu Suo would be in the junior high school department which was in a different building. Then Shi Luo called her housekeeper and checked Mu Suo’s class.

  She stood outside Mu Suo’s class.

  “Hello senior sister Shi Luo, who are you looking for?” A girl who happened to exit asked.

  “Is Mu Suo here?” Shi Luo glanced in the classroom and didn’t see Mu Suo.

  “Mu Suo?” The girl seemed to be a bit confused that she actually came to find this person. “Oh, she hasn’t been to school for several days and didn’t participate in the exam.”

  “I see, thank you.” She finished talking and walked away.

  The other boys in the classroom immediately surrounded the girl who had just answered the question. “Who was she looking for?”

  ”Mu Suo.” The girl’s eyes glowed excitedly. “I actually talked to the school legend for so long!! God! How lucky!”

  At the same time, Shi Luo rode her bike and was ready to find Mu Suo.

  The main reason why Shi Luo likes life here so much is because she was very free.

  ”Miss, do you need me to send someone over?” The housekeeper asked after he said the address.

  ”No need.” She hung up the phone.

  Although the plot has already begun, the high school life wasn’t the main focus, but a transition. In order to let the female lead encounter the male lead, this three-year transition was described in only one or two thousand words. So, Shi Luo didn’t know Mu Suo’s information during that timeframe.

  She soon arrived at the address that the housekeeper provided.

  Shi Luo frowned, here was…

  Then Shi Luo remembered Mu Suo’s life.

  As a sadistic author of the novel, how could Shi Luo give Mu Suo a happy family? Mu Suo was just a child whose father was unknown, and her mother’s work was the most shameful.

  Although Shi Luo rode a bike, but her whole body’s temperament and her eyes which were lecherous looked distracted and didn’t dare to think about the other matter.

  Shi Luo held onto her bike and moved on.

  The rubbish heap not far away emitted a strange smell.

  The old dilapidated house had a big sign that said “demolition” as if it has been abandoned by the whole city.

  Occasionally she saw one or two ragged children scavenging through the garbage pile, probably looking for something useful.

  In Shi Luo’s heart, she didn’t think it would be like this when she was passing through. Mu Suo was probably from this kind of environment.  

  Because there were only a few houses in total, it was very easy to find.

  When Shi Luo knocked on the doorplate, she heard a man cursing.

  Shi Luo probably understood what was going on inside and didn’t knock anymore.

  After about half an hour, the door opened, and a fat man came out and glanced sharply at her, then walked away.

  Shi Luo looked inside.

  For the first time, she felt that her language skills were so scarce that she couldn’t describe what she saw. There was almost no furniture in the messy room, only a few chairs and all kinds of clothes.

  When Shi Luo went in, an unpleasant smell hit her face.

  ”Who are you?” A woman came out from a room.

  The face was covered with a thick layer of powder, she wore a long white dress and the whole body had a kind of indescribable emaciation. Shi Luo frowned and asked, “I came to find Mu Suo.”

  Shi Luo saw a needle tube in the corner and probably understood why this woman was so thin.

  “Mu Suo? Unexpectedly, that waste of money has someone looking for her? Does she owe you money?” The woman was guarded towards Shi Luo.  

  Before Shi Luo could speak, the woman opened her mouth again. “No matter what it is, don’t look for me. I won’t take care of her!”

  After all, Shi Luo was still a spoiled child. She has never seen such a mother and was a little surprised.

  “Where is Mu Suo now?” Shi Luo asked again.

  This time the woman’s face was full of smiles, and she took the money she had left in her hand. “She is sleeping in the inner room, but the door is closed.”

  Shi Luo left and went to the closed door.

  Shi Luo knocked on the door and heard some noise from inside. She cried softly, “Mu Suo?”

  “Mu Suo? Are you there? Can I open the door?” Shi Luo continued.

  “That waste of money has been locked in for days!” The woman said when she saw and immediately walked away. Maybe she was afraid that Shi Luo would have regretted and wanted her money back.

  “Mu Suo, be obedient, open the door. I have something to tell you.”

  The door still didn’t open. After a while, she whispered, “If it’s not a good time, then I’ll go.” Then she continued to stand at the door.

  Mu Suo opened the door and found Shi Luo smiling at her from the doorway.

Also, depending on the readers who are interested, I can probably do 1 chapter every 2 weeks or weekly and just release less of This Princess Punishes Your 9 Generations.

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