Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

  At about midnight, Mu Suo glanced at Shi Luo who had fallen asleep on the bed, then quietly left the bedroom.

  Because it was a one-bedroom apartment, there is only one bed.

  Shi Luo wasn’t repulsed by Mu Suo and Mu Suo couldn’t wait to take the opportunity for them to sleep together. So up to now, they still share one bed.

  Mu Suo walked into the bathroom.

  She opened her right hand, “Come out.”

  A plump bloody red bone flower appeared, it shook its round head, then turned towards Mu Suo.

  The flower opened its bud.

  ”What did you see today?” Mu Suo asked.

  The petals on the flowers head began to shake, gradually becoming faster and faster, no sounds came out.

  ”I see, what else?” Mu Suo listened blankly and continued to ask.

  Suddenly it became gloomy, it lowered its head and the petals hung low.

  Mu Suo frowned. “What’s the matter?”

  The original red color of the flower became more vivid. Mu Suo knew that the bone flower was angry.

  ”…” Mu Suo didn’t speak, just looked at the palm of her hand.

  After a while, it couldn’t stand it anymore and the flower began to move again.

  This time, the expression on Mu Suo’s face began to darken.

  After the flower bud expressed itself, it shrank, trying to minimize its sense of existence in front of its master who seemed to have been covered in darkness.  

  ”…” Mu Suo suddenly clenched her right hand, then walked out the bathroom expressionlessly.

  In the bedroom, Shi Luo still slept peacefully.

  Mu Suo bent over and looked at Shi Luo’s peaceful sleeping face. Her heart was filled with sadness and her nose soured. She finally found such a person who was willing to treat her well. It wasn’t easy…

  If there is an angel in the world, then she must look like this person in front of her with her always gentle eyes. She seemed easy to approach, but so far, she has only genuinely got closer to her. Even though she obviously was humble…

  Something warm from Mu Suo’s eyes slipped out and landed between Shi Luo’s neck.

  Shi Luo seemed to have felt Mu Suo’s tear and frowned.

  Mu Suo reached out and gently smoothed the sadness that appeared between her brows.

  The flower bud in her palm moved, but Mu Suo fiercely clenched her palm, this idiot! If it wasn’t for the several other usable foreign bodies growing too much… disgusting, not suitable to use, how can she use this stupid thing.

  Mu Suo took a deep look at Shi Luo, then went out.

  It took Mu Suo only a dozen minutes to return to her bedroom.

  Mu Suo stood in front of the door, looked at the blue light used to scan fingerprints, and reached out with her right hand.

  The flower bud came out of her hand, then the blue light turned into a green light and the door opened.

  Mu Suo walked in and an unfamiliar smell came to her face. Mu Suo couldn’t help but frown.

  Mu Suo sat on the sofa. Her nose was full of strange smells coming from the furniture.

  The doorbell outside rang.

  In her right hand, a flower bud with a shrunken head slowly emerged.

  The petals were trembling.

  Mu Suo didn’t give it half a glance.

  The flower bud also knew it made a mistake and drooped down.

  ”Thud thud thud!” There was a knocking sound coming from the door.

  Mu Suo opened the door and glanced blankly at the man in a white coat and mask.

  ”Yes?” Mu Suo’s voice was cold.

  ”Please come with us,” the leader said.

  Mu Suo glanced at the weapon in her opponent’s hand, then looked away and walked in front of the crowd.

  Mu Suo knew at a very young age that she was a monster. This is what that woman would say every time she wanted to kill her.

  Every time she fails, she would cry and repeat this sentence.

  Mu Suo has heard that the fate of a monster is to be dissected. So, she never revealed her strangeness, even if she was bullied by others all the time.

  Mu Suo recalled Shi Luo’s gentle eyes every time she took a step. Only when she looked at her could she have such genuine feelings in her eyes.

  Mu Suo speculated for a moment. At last, she wanted to thank herself that she noticed something was wrong with the flower bud. Otherwise, they would have found her at Shi Luo’s house right now.

  Shi Luo will be fine.

  The flower bud moved in the palm of her hand and Mu Suo gave it a firm squeeze expressionlessly.

  She knows what the flower bud wants to do, but she doesn’t want to do it. This is the Shi family, that is to say, this is Shi Luo’s home. If she did that, she will blatantly be standing against Shi Luo. Mu Suo couldn’t imagine who she would choose if that were to happen. Mu Suo had an answer in her heart, but it wasn’t the one she wanted.

  ”We’re here Miss. Please go in.” The leader had a respectful tone.

  Mu Suo realized something was wrong.

  But Mu Suo still pushed open the door and walked in.

  This was the only way. She couldn’t take Shi Luo because she couldn’t go with her. More importantly, if Shi Luo truly knew what she actually looked like, she would only be afraid! Mu Suo was slightly desperate.

  So, all she can do now is find a cure for herself.

  ”You’re here.” Mu Suo heard a voice coming from deeper inside the room.

  Mu Suo walked in.

  ”You are?” Mu Suo noticed that the plot development was a bit odd. Unexpectedly, the person who was here was actually this kind-hearted looking old man!

  “Good child, you’re not in danger, it’s not bad!” The old man looked at Mu Suo carefully.

  Mu Suo frowned when she heard this. Didn’t the flower bud say that it accidentally touched the experimental device and caused the giant white mouse locked in the lab to run out?

  Because yesterday I was the only person who entered the central lab, so I should be the main suspect. So, how could this happen?

  Mu Suo knew that although there was no actual evidence, the Shi family people won’t be actionless. For the sake of insurance, the Shi family will definitely investigate those inside and outside. Most likely they will discover something and by then there will only be two roads left, one is to escape and the other is to die here.

  But how can this happen?

  ”What are you thinking about?” The old man looked at Mu Suo lovingly and asked.

  ”Can I help you?”

  ”I heard that you were in the central laboratory this afternoon?”

  Mu Suo nodded.

  ”A big event happened there.” The old man thoughtfully looked at Mu Suo, and continued, “The only successful experiment we had was yesterday. The big white rat used for the research died.” The old man’s tone was light; as if he was talking about what to eat at noon today, rather than years of hard work of an entire lab.

  Mu Suo was even more puzzled.

  ”I heard that you are close to Teacher Shi Luo? Are you?” The old man’s expression began to become serious.

  And Mu Suo also began to become vigilant.

  ”Do you want your family? Do you want to be recognized by your ancestors?” When the old man saw that Mu Suo was still silent, he threw out another condition.

  Mu Suo understood. It turned out to be the case.

  “Little family’s doll, why is it so hard to serve you ah?” Although the old man’s tone was joking, his eyes flashed with ruthlessness.

  Although Mu Suo didn’t know what the other party was thinking, Mu Suo could guess the other party suspected that Shi Luo was related to the so-called laboratory incident. Mu Suo thought of the scene in the afternoon when Shi Luo went to the lab to pick her up because she cared about her. Presumably, that scene was also regarded as a reason for suspicion.

  Mu Suo didn’t know the most important thing. The most important thing was that 20 years ago, the top leaders personally witnessed a miracle with their own eyes. So even after Shi Luo was injured, she was checked again and again, all wielding the same results of her blood being normal. But no one believed that there was a mistake made. 

  As soon as this incident happened, it caused a commotion amongst everyone.

  Mu Suo thought about how to get Shi Luo out.

  The old man on the other side was impatient. “It’s fine. It’s fine. Anyway, there are so many people here that it doesn’t matter if you leave. I don’t believe she won’t get exposed as long as I send a man over to be her husband.”

  ”Damn.” When Mu Suo heard those two words, she immediately replied.

Author’s Notes:

The author has a new hairstyle today, and feels so cute!

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