Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 21

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Proofread by Nesryn

Executive Summary: My family’s cute female lead disappeared in the middle of the night. –Shi Luo

Chapter 21

  When Shi Luo woke up, she felt that something was wrong.

  Shi Luo pressed her temple which was a little painful. Then she suddenly saw that the cute coquettish person who clung to her every morning had disappeared. Shi Luo rolled over and touched the space, “Mu Suo?” Still nobody.

  Shi Luo lifted the quilt and sat up. Did she get up very early? In the past, didn’t she lay dead in bed and dawdled with her eyes coquettishly shut? Why did she get up so early today? Shi Luo shouted outside, “Mu Suo?” 

  No one responded. It felt like she was alone in the whole house.   

  Mu Suo wasn’t in the bedroom.

  The morning sun shone in. Shi Luo looked at the empty living room and wondered: where did Mu Suo go?  

  Shi Luo got dressed, brushed her teeth, and washed her face. She directly went out to find Mu Suo. She was a little worried, and it wasn’t without reason. Who knows if the plot changed again? Last time, she was injured for no reason and was also sent here for no reason. Those kinds of things can happen, so what else could happen?

  It was impossible to directly ask someone for help, since she couldn’t explain how she knew Mu Suo was missing so early, so she could only return to Mu Suo’s bedroom and pretend she was looking for her. Then, organize a search team to find her.

  Shi Luo walked to the door of Mu Suo’s house. She reached out her hand and the blue light immediately turned green.

  Shi Luo looked up and saw a tired Mu Suo. Shi Luo had thought, how could it open so quickly? It turned out that Mu Suo opened the door from the inside and she wasn’t the one who opened it.  

  Yi?1Basically, means ‘what’ in surprise No, how could Mu Suo open the door? Wasn’t this door fingerprint operated?

  “Mu Suo?” Shi Luo didn’t have time to think too much. She looked at the haggard Mu Suo and Shi Luo felt some pain in her heart since her obedient and sensible daughter suddenly ran away from home in the middle of the night, and also because her face was so haggard.

  But before Shi Luo finished speaking, Mu Suo said, “Teacher, is there anything wrong this morning?” Her tone was distant and respectful, but Mu Suo’s eyes were looking elsewhere.

  Shi Luo frowned. Was this being spurned? What’s with this tone?  

  ”Teacher?” Mu Suo’s voice was both tired and slightly repulsed.

  “It suddenly occurred to Teacher that I left my teaching plan on your desk when we were in class yesterday. Today, I have to prepare for my lesson and have class soon, so I came to see if it was here?” Shi Luo barely moved the corners of her mouth and smiled.

  Looking at this Shi Luo, Mu Suo felt a slight pain in her heart. But when she saw the button in front of her clothes, Mu Suo immediately withdrew the complicated emotion from her eyes.

  ”Okay, I’ll go and try to find it.” Mu Suo went into the house, found her bag, and took out the teaching plan that Shi Luo used to tutor her last night. Then she came out and handed it to Shi Luo. “Sorry Teacher. I didn’t know that I took your lesson plan.”

  Shi Luo adjusted her emotions. Since Mu Suo said so, something must have happened, otherwise, she wouldn’t have run back to her bedroom in the middle of the night. 

  “Excuse me Mu Suo. I’ll go first. I’ll see you in class.” Shi Luo smiled and turned away.

  Mu Suo knew that it wasn’t suitable to watch Shi Luo anymore, but she still didn’t want to close the door and quietly watched Shi Luo’s back get further.

  Mu Suo learned a lot of things last night, such as this so-called Shi family’s Research Institute and Shi Luo.

  When Mu Suo heard that you could only become a Professor once you’ve retired, she felt very strange. Because this wasn’t the case for Shi Luo, she directly became a Professor without becoming a researcher.

  Mu Suo didn’t know why until last night. It was because Shi Luo was special.

  People who didn’t pass the final test would have all their memories erased from the time they were here and return home. However, Shi Luo who failed remained in the Research Institute and became a Professor. There can only be one reason— Shi Luo’s identity.

  Mu Suo hasn’t figured out what secret the other party wants to find out about Shi Luo’s body, but from the other party’s attitude, Shi Luo’s secret was very important.

  From the other person’s attitude while speaking, Mu Suo only had one feeling. That is, they didn’t even think Shi Luo was a person at all. The manic look in his eyes made Mu Suo think of the laboratory professor’s eyes when he saw a mouse whose experiment was successful.

  The reason why Mu Suo rushed to open the door before Shi Luo could open it was because Mu Suo discovered that the other party didn’t understand the relationship between them thoroughly. Maybe because they didn’t publicize it in any way. The other party only knew that they used to attend the same school, so they were able to get along well. The most important reason was that no matter who was sent to Shi Luo’s side, they weren’t able to get close to her, let alone discover her body’s secret, this was what Mu Suo thought of before Shi Luo came over.  

  Mu Suo thought of this and her eyes dimmed. They have sent too many people. Since Shi Luo entered the Research Institute, people deliberately approached Shi Luo, but after a few years, they still found nothing.

  Mu Suo watched Shi Luo’s figure disappear around the corner, then closed the door. Anyway, she has to find out about this so-called secret before the people of the Shi family finds out.

  As for the people of the Shi family, Mu Suo’s eyes darkened. Since they didn’t consider Shi Luo as their own family, then there was no need to be lenient on Shi Luo’s behalf.

  Mu Suo took off her clothes, looked at the cleverly disguised button, and went into the bathroom.

  In class, Shi Luo’s eyes were frequently on Mu Suo, but Mu Suo was different from usual. Usually, Mu Suo’s entire mind was on Shi Luo. This time, Mu Suo sat in her seat and looked at the book in front of her silently.

  Shi Luo absentmindedly finished speaking to Yanran and Yanlin. Finally, it was Mu Suo’s turn.

  “You earnestly review this. If there’s something you don’t understand, discuss it with others first. If you still don’t understand it, wait until I finish the lecture with student Mu Suo first, okay?” Shi Luo said.

  Yanran glanced at Mu Suo, who was sitting quietly in the distance. She was unwilling but still nodded. It seems that her previous tricks were no longer useful.

  Yanran often discussed with Yanlin over the material while Shi Luo gave Mu Suo a lecture. 

  Shi Luo had an occupational problem, that is, as long as a student asks questions, she must give up what she’s doing and help the other student understand. As a result, Mu Suo’s time was wasted. Shi Luo didn’t particularly mind since they live together and if she didn’t get to finish her lecture, they could also go home and continue it.

  But now it was obviously clear that something happened to Mu Suo, so it might not be possible to live together in the future. Shi Luo didn’t want to lose time with Mu Suo since she was afraid that it would affect Mu Suo’s grades.

  In the morning, her brain was a little fuzzy from just getting up. Now, Shi Luo sorted out her thoughts and guessed it was because of Mu Suo’s physiological period. She was too embarrassed to live in her house. Otherwise, why would she run back to her home in the middle of the night and look so haggard?

  Shi Luo thought of other reasons, but none of them could explain Mu Suo’s haggard face or why she would return to her room in the middle of the night and acted as if nothing happened. Also taking into consideration Mu Suo’s character, although there were a lot of deviations, there were also many things that haven’t changed. She should still be shy and embarrassed.

  The atmosphere between the two wasn’t as awkward as Mu Suo had imagined. Shi Luo still lectured her about various principles with a smile.

  Mu Suo looked at the tenderness in Shi Luo’s eyes, which only appeared when she was in front of her. When she was in front of others, no matter how bright her smile was, no matter how soft her tone was, her eyes were only calm. It was only when she was with her that such tenderness could appear.

  ”Student Mu Suo?!” Shi Luo called out when she found that Mu Suo was distracted.

  Mu Suo returned to her senses, “Teacher, I’m sorry. What did you just say?”


  “Teacher, I’m sorry. I didn’t sleep well last night so I was distracted.” Mu Suo’s big eyes were full of shame.

  Shi Luo touched Mu Suo’s shiny jet-black hair. “It’s okay. Teacher will say it again.”

  “No need to trouble teacher. Let me see myself. Were you talking about this? Or this?” Mu Suo pointed at two different sections in the book.

  The smile on Shi Luo’s face froze for a few seconds but soon recovered. Her voice was soft as usual, “En, yes, student Mu Suo please read it first. Then let me talk about it again.”

  Mu Suo knew that Shi Luo already knows what she meant. What she did just now was trace the chemical element symbol and the symbol showing a marked gene that was under a microscope.

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