Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 22

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Executive Summary: Authors generally believe in the female protagonists the most, which is normal –Shi Luo

Chapter 22

  At midnight, Mu Suo suddenly opened her eyes. In the dark, Mu Suo instantly saw Shi Luo, who crept into the house.

  Shi Luo remembered that she could enter Mu Suo’s room freely. When everyone was asleep, she avoided the guard in front of Mu Suo’s apartment and entered Mu Suo’s room.

  As soon as Shi Luo closed the door, she discovered that the whole room was in total darkness.

  Shi Luo didn’t have time to think too deeply about it. She knew something had happened and wanted to know why they were monitoring Mu Suo. She walked into the bedroom based on her memory.

  The reason why Shi Luo dared to enter Mu Suo’s bedroom at this time was because of her knowledge of the Shi family’s Research Institute. Apart from imports and exports, the Research Institute had no electronic surveillance, because that could expose many of the secrets of the Shi family.

  That was why they would rather send someone to monitor Mu Suo instead of installing electronic surveillance in Mu Suo’s residence.  

  Shi Luo fumbled and groped her way into the bedroom.

  ”…” Shi Luo suddenly touched a warm body and jumped in surprise. Then, she was held in someone’s arms the next second.

  ”Mu…” When Shi Luo was about to speak, Mu Suo covered her mouth.

  Shi Luo then felt that her body lost balance in Mu Suo’s embrace and fell.

  Shi Luo reached out to grab something and grabbed Mu Suo’s slender hand.

  Shi Luo closed her eyes, mentally preparing herself for the anticipated pain, but her face made contact with a soft quilt.

  ”Mu…” Before Shi Luo could finish her words, she was pulled under the quilt by Mu Suo.

  ”Luo Luo…” Mu Suo held Shi Luo and softly called out to her.

  Shi Luo patted Mu Suo’s back to comfort her, “I’m here.” Shi Luo was very distressed. These past two days, Mu Suo must have suffered. She wasn’t by her side and faced trouble.

  Shi Luo asked, “Mu Suo, what happened?”

  ”Luo Luo…” Mu Suo hugged her tighter and cried.

  Shi Luo was anxious, what happened?

  Shi Luo touched Mu Suo’s head, “I’m here, don’t be afraid. I’ll always be here.”

  Shi Luo couldn’t see Mu Suo’s face, so she didn’t see the moment when Mu Suo’s face suddenly brightened. Together in her world.

  Mu Suo heard those words and became more confident in her decision.

  ”Luo Luo, I’m sorry…” Mu Suo hugged Shi Luo and whispered.

  ”What’s the matter?” Shi Luo was clueless.

  ”Luo Luo…” Mu Suo said and buried her head in Shi Luo’s neck. “Luo Luo, do you believe me?”

  Shi Luo smiled. She probably only believes in one person in this world. And this person is the one who gets along with her the most, and also the person who she knew best. 

  “There’s no one I ever believed in except you.” Shi Luo said truthfully. Mu Suo was Shi Luo’s most detailed character and the female lead she wrote in her first novel. No matter how abusive she was, she couldn’t change the fact that she spent the most time and effort in creating her. After transmigrating into this world, Shi Luo felt genuine feelings only when she was with Mu Suo.

  Mu Suo didn’t know Shi Luo’s thoughts. Instead, she held Shi Luo tighter, and her complicated eyes deepened.

  “On the second button of all my clothes, there is a miniature surveillance device.” Mu Suo slowly said.

  “That’s odd. The device is on your clothes? Then how do they monitor you?” Shi Luo asked doubtfully.

  “They’re not watching me…” Mu Suo said with some difficulty, “Their target is you.”

  Mu Suo remembered that when the old man threatened her, she had her hand on his desk. Thus, the bone flower was able to directly read all the information on the desk. The thick stacks of reports that were submitted by others who have previously monitored Shi Luo.

  Shi Luo frowned, “I don’t quite understand…you mean them? What does that mean?” Shi Luo didn’t suspect that Mu Suo was lying, but she couldn’t understand why they would monitor her.

  “Luo Luo, if I said I was from the Shi family, would you believe it?” Mu Suo looked at Shi Luo nervously. Under the quilt, Mu Suo could hear Shi Luo’s breathing and heartbeat, which was as calm as usual. 

  ”I believe it.” Shi Luo wrapped her arms around Mu Suo’s slender waist. “Don’t be afraid. I believe you.” Apart from the Shi family, who else can do such things here, is there anyone else?

  Mu Suo breathed a sigh of relief, “I don’t know what their purpose is…”

  Shi Luo had no idea either. She always recalled that Shi Luo was just a cannon fodder in the book. The purpose of her existence was to trigger the story to start. So, she couldn’t think of any other settings.

  Shi Luo fell silent and didn’t speak. Mu Suo rubbed Shi Luo’s neck in distress.

  ”Mu Suo, are you in any danger?” Shi Luo asked.

  Mu Suo froze for a moment, shook her head, and suddenly recalled that Shi Luo couldn’t see her and said, “I shouldn’t be.”

  She was forced to change out all the second buttons on her clothes into miniature monitoring devices. Besides that, there were no other changes.

  ”That doesn’t matter.” Shi Luo said lightly. Suddenly, Shi Luo remembered another matter, “Then, do we have to continue getting along like today?”

  ”En.” Mu Suo’s voice sounded very angry as if she was extremely aggrieved.

  “It’s okay. In the future, we can get along more. It would be better if we were less obvious. Anyway, they should also want us to get closer. As for the places that they can’t monitor, we can get along as much as we like.” Shi Luo touched Mu Suo’s head and comforted her.

  Mu Suo smiled, “Then let’s go to sleep!”

  ”I’ll go back first, or there will be trouble tomorrow.” Shi Luo frowned.

  “It’s okay. Go to bed first. Tomorrow, we will get up early, then you can go back before I get dressed. It will be okay.” Mu Suo was very happy that they didn’t know about their relationship. So, she wasn’t being monitored at night.

  Shi Luo was already very sleepy, so she agreed, “Then I’ll wake you up tomorrow. Don’t laze in bed.” Shi Luo said and yawned.

  “En. I won’t laze around in bed. Let’s go to sleep first.” Mu Suo originally dawdled in bed to spend more time with Shi Luo.

  After feeling Shi Luo’s breathing stabilize, Mu Suo stood up. She didn’t say a word to Shi Luo about those who were close to Shi Luo before, as she didn’t want to make Shi Luo feel uncomfortable. Since Shi Luo didn’t know about these debts, then she could only personally go reclaim those debts.

  Mu Suo slowly stood up.

  If Shi Luo woke up now, she would discover that Mu Suo’s body temperature immediately disappeared after she let go of her.

  As soon as Shi Luo entered the room, Mu Suo lowered her body temperature to a level that couldn’t be sensed by the infrared rays.

  The people of the Shi family weren’t stupid. Mu Suo glanced at the lights in the living rooms. A few days ago, those people checked those lights with the excuse of lowering the electricity bill to install infrared monitors.

  As long as there were more than two people in the room, the night mode would activate and automatically record. Did they really think she wouldn’t be prepared?!

  Mu Suo went out.

Author’s Notes:

I’m so sleepy, I fell asleep after replying to comments. Those who stayed up should also go to bed early oh! Also, cheering you on! Work hard for a better future and your family’s cutie (leaking domineering side) great effort in GL!

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