Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 23

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Executive Summary: Those who betrays Shi Luo’s gentleness should die! –Mu Suo

Chapter 23

  When Shi Luo woke up, she was greeted with strange purple flowers on white sheets.   

  Shi Luo was stunned for a few seconds, then reacted. She realized that she was currently at Mu Suo’s house.

  “Mu Suo?” Shi Luo called out. Her voice was a bit hoarse from probably just waking up.

  I’m alone in the bed.

  Why is it the same as last time, leaving me alone.

  The bedroom door suddenly opened, and a face with a deep smile appeared in Shi Luo’s line of sight, “You’re awake! How are you? I didn’t dawdle in bed today! Right!” Mu Suo said while walking in with light footsteps. She didn’t show a single glimpse of that depressed mood from last night. 

  When Shi Luo saw Mu Suo like this, she was relieved.

  Mu Suo leaned in front of Shi Luo but didn’t cling onto Shi Luo like before, “Get up la!”

  Shi Luo glanced at Mu Suo strangely. Why did she think there was something wrong with Mu Suo?

  When Shi Luo got up, Mu Suo handed Shi Luo a set of clothes, “Your clothes.”

  Shi Luo reacted. She came here yesterday wearing her usual clothes and was dragged to bed.

  But now! I’m wearing silk pajamas that feel nice!

  Although it fits well, it obviously wasn’t hers! Although she had almost the exact same figure as Mu Suo.

  ”You changed my clothes?” Shi Luo asked in surprise.

  Mu Suo gently pointed to Shi Luo’s original clothes. “I saw that you didn’t sleep well in this outfit. You kept twisting and turning. Originally, I wanted to wake you up and let you change yourself. But I couldn’t wake you up no matter what. There was no choice, I could only wipe my tears and be wronged.” Mu Suo said and smiled like she forgave her, “You’re my teacher, and you’re so kind to me. So, I helped you.”

  Shi Luo suppressed the mouthful of blood in her heart. She was a bit afraid of being touched by others. Mu Suo’s usual physical contact didn’t bother her. But since this child was her own child and did that kind of intimate contact, Shi Luo had an indescribable feeling.

  However, when Mu Suo looked at her innocently, Shi Luo couldn’t help but despise herself. I’ve become timid after a setback! In front of me is the heroine of my own novel! Although it was a sadistic piece, the genre of this sadistic piece was still romance, which is my taboo.

  Mu Suo lowered her head and said, “Luo Luo, are you angry? I just…I just thought you had to go to class today. You came so late last night and didn’t sleep much…” Mu Suo’s voice sounded pitiful.

  Mu Suo didn’t lie. Shi Luo was working hard last night and didn’t sleep well. Mu Suo found that the clothes she was wearing were too thick and hard.

  Mu Suo was originally going to wake Shi Luo up but found that Shi Luo was so tired that she didn’t wake up after being called twice. Mu Suo was just going to help her take off her coat. However, she didn’t expect that as soon as she took off her coat, Shi Luo sat up and stripped herself dazedly.

  Because of the sight before her eyes, Mu Suo was surprised, and her head was completely muddled. After a while, she reacted and pulled the quilt to cover Shi Luo’s body.

  Her heartbeat was still out of control.

  Mu Suo felt that when she got out of bed, her steps were a bit frivolous. Mu Suo took out the pajamas she usually wore and dressed Shi Luo.

  After dressing her, Mu Suo found that there was something wrong with her nose. When Mu Suo touched her nose, she found a plump, succulent flower.

  Mu Suo realized that she was bleeding from a nose.

  The little flower was still stuck in her nose.

  Mu Suo realized that someone had seen the scene just now! Mu Suo decisively pulled out the flower from her nose with one hand and threw it out.1I’m speculating that Mu Suo is being a yandere. She doesn’t want anything/anyone else to see Shi Luo’s naked body. She realized this foreign organism inside her saw and got rid of it ASAP since it saw her beloved woman.

  The next morning, it was obvious that Shi Luo forgot about this feat last night, and Mu Suo wasn’t prepared to talk about it. As a result, Shi Luo’s reaction was unexpectedly like this.

  Mu Suo couldn’t help but be a little sad. She thought she was different in Shi Luo’s mind.

  Shi Luo stroked Mu Suo’s head and said apologetically, “Teacher was just a little embarrassed…”

  Mu Suo raised her head and looked up at Shi Luo, “Luo Luo, I didn’t see anything…” After speaking, her face suddenly turned red.

  Looking at the young and pure Mu Suo, Shi Luo felt that she was too guarded.

  When Shi Luo got dressed and walked out of the bedroom, Mu Suo came out of the kitchen and gifted Shi Luo a warm package.

  When Shi Luo opened it, the fragrance came out. “Did you make it?” Shi Luo asked and looked at the golden pancakes in front of her.

  ”En.” Mu Suo handed Shi Luo’s lesson plan to her. “It’s a bit late now. Just eat the pancake and go to the classroom. And if anyone encounters you, just say that you left the lesson plan with me.”

  “Why would my lesson plan be with you?” Shi Luo thought it was a little strange.

  “Last time, I accidentally took an extra one.” Shi Luo had three lesson plans because there were three students, but she only needed two. Because Yanran and Yanlin’s progress was basically the same, so they only needed one total while Mu Suo had one. Shi Luo didn’t bring the third one because she only brought the required two out of convenience.

  ”Then what about yours?” Shi Luo asked, holding her lesson plan.2The lesson plan she has right now is for Yanlin/Yanran, while the other two is at her home. So, Mu Suo won’t be able to learn anything today.

  “It’s okay. We’ll dawdle and read my book together until class is over.” Mu Suo replied with a smile and couldn’t wait for them to share one book.

  ”There’s no lesson plan, what would I teach you?” Shi Luo’s daily lessons were fixed. “This way, you can easily fall behind.”

  “It’s okay. Luo Luo can come and give me supplementary lessons every day! It doesn’t have to be at home, it can be in the classroom.” Mu Suo could feel Shi Luo’s antipathy of her clothes being changed last night.

  Shi Luo thought for a while and nodded.

  The moment when Shi Luo went out and closed the door, Mu Suo rushed to the bathroom as fast as possible and jumped into the bathtub filled with hot water in advance.

  After a while, in the palm of her right hand, a small red flower raised its trembling head, shivering, and its base gently shook twice.

  When Mu Suo heard, her face turned black, and her slender right hand reached into the water. The little flower wanted to cry but didn’t have tears and entered Mu Suo’s palm.

  Master is a violent freak! And a crazy masochist!  

  When two familiar faces appeared in front of Mu Suo, Mu Suo raised her eyebrows and said, “What’s the matter?”

  Yanran initially wasn’t happy with Mu Suo and even more so now. “What’s with your attitude?”

  ”…” After hearing this, Mu Suo knew that nothing was wrong. It was just a confrontation between ordinary girls, so she was about to leave.

  Yanran was completely infuriated by Mu Suo’s uninhibited attitude! “You bitch!”

  Mu Suo heard this, turned around and smiled, “You’re not?”

  How could Mu Suo fail to see what these two people in front of her wanted? But that had nothing to do with her.

  Originally, Yanran wanted this to be a brief talk. If she was given another chance, she would have never scolded her. But it was mainly because she was so angry today! If it weren’t for this person! I would have Shi Luo’s quota! And! If it wasn’t for this woman! How could the people above remove their own monitors! Now, I’m really just an ordinary student! Me and my brother’s future! Such a bright future! It was all destroyed by her!

  Mu Suo’s eyes were cold. If she didn’t need to avoid having a bad reputation, she would definitely not leave these two people beside Shi Luo. She hated those who betray Shi Luo. Shi Luo was such a gentle person. Anyone who uses Shi Luo’s gentleness should die!

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