Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 24

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Executive Summary: Settle down and get married and have children! Go to hell! –Mu Suo

Chapter 24

  When Mu Suo was brought to the office, the old man was looking at the recording from Mu Suo with a black face.  

  The old man saw the indifferent Mu Suo and wanted to kill the girl.

  He always thought that this illegitimate girl, who has never seen anything in the world, could obtain information on Shi Luo. But in the end, there was nothing.

  ”What do you want to say?” The old man looked at Mu Suo with a fierce look in his eyes.

  ”…” This group is really ridiculous. They couldn’t find anything suspicious about Shi Luo at all. Well, even if they did, it will cost them their lives. I won’t let anyone hurt Shi Luo! Including myself.

  The old man looked at Mu Suo for a while, but Mu Suo remained unmoved and didn’t speak.

  Obviously, the old man didn’t believe Mu Suo. He had great hopes for Mu Suo. Now a critical period was approaching. It would be a shame for the entire Shi family if there were no further breakthroughs in their experiments.

  There was a stalemate between the two when a knock sounded at the door.

  ”Elder Dean…” The person softly called out. 

  How could Mu Suo let this voice go? After searching for a long time, Mu Suo couldn’t find out any information regarding this person. It turns out that he was no longer a member of this Research Institute, but the Dean.

  “You go back first! I’ll go look for you again! You have to carefully think about what you should do!” The old man said with a serious expression.

  Mu Suo glanced at the old man, then pushed open the door and walked out.

  As soon as Mu Suo left the office building, she saw Yanran looking at her with raised eyebrows.

  “I thought our sunny Mu Suo was as bright as she appeared!” Yanran sneered.

  Mu Suo didn’t pay attention to her because it was better to keep a low profile at this time.

  Yanran looked at Mu Suo’s back and pinched the metal in her hand. Sooner or later, she will rip off this hypocritical and pretentious person’s mask.

  ”What are you doing here?” The old man glanced at the girl in front of him with disgust.

  ”Grandpa…” Yanran raised her head and looked at the old man.

  “Don’t call me that. You don’t have the qualification.” The old man closed his eyes and sat back on his chair.

  “Grand…Elder Dean, I thought of something just now that might solve the problem we are facing now,” Yanran said, no longer muddled with this issue.1The issue of being able to call him Grandpa

  The old man raised his head and looked at Yan Ran.

  ”The gene fragments we want may be hidden in corners that haven’t been discovered yet. We can’t find them with our current technology, so we can expose it in another way.”

  ”Another way?” The old man became interested.

  Yan Ran smiled.

  ”Teacher?” Mu Suo called out to Shi Luo, who was absentminded.

  Shi Luo regained her senses and smiled at Mu Suo, “Teacher is distracted. What’s the matter? Is there something you don’t understand?”

  Mu Suo shook her head, her eyes full of concern, “Did teacher not sleep well last night? That’s why you’re distracted?”

  Shi Luo shook her head, “No, teacher was thinking about some personal affairs. It’s nothing. Come, let’s continue the lesson.”

  When Mu Suo saw that Shi Luo refused to say anything, she stopped asking.

  Not far away, Yanran watched Shi Luo and Mu Suo chatting with a touch of mockery in her eyes.

  Mu Suo felt that Shi Luo had something on her mind, so she suggested, “Teacher, would you like to take a break?”

  Shi Luo held her forehead with her hand, “Hey, I’m not that absentminded. We can talk about it later.”

  ”Can I know what happened?” Mu Suo asked.

  When Shi Luo raised her eyes and saw Mu Suo’s concerned eyes, she sighed and said, “I received news today that I might be able to leave. It’s probably because I’m old enough to start a family. I’ll probably come back to work after I get married.”

  ”What did you say!” Mu Suo stood up all of a sudden and was stimulated by a certain word.

  “What’s wrong with you? Why is your reaction bigger than mine?” Shi Luo took Mu Suo’s hand and said with a bitter smile, “Sit and tell me.”

  Mu Suo sat down and said, “What did you say?!” She was very anxious. Although she said this in her usual tone, Shi Luo felt that it sounded angry. What is she so angry about? Maybe it’s my imagination.

  “In the notice I received today. Truthfully, I still haven’t figured out the system here.” Shi Luo frowned and seemed to be purely thinking about the system here.

  Mu Suo took a breath, controlled her eyes, raised her head, and frowned, “Teacher…”

  Mu Suo’s first reaction was that something was wrong. When he called her in today, his attitude was persistent. How could he let Shi Luo go in such a short amount of time? More importantly, the anger in Mu Suo’s heart gathered quickly, how could she get married! Form a family with a complete stranger!!

  ”What’s the matter?” Shi Luo cast her gaze over and saw Mu Suo’s sad expression. She smiled and said, “Okay la, it’s nothing. Even if I leave, I won’t forget you. Also, you’ll be able to leave in a few years.”

  Mu Suo listened with her heart ablaze. She was very upset. A few years later? By the time I leave, maybe Shi Luo will have children!

  Wait! Children! Children! Mu Suo suddenly reacted, it seemed that her previous speculation was correct! Shi Luo’s secret really had something to do with genes!

  Mu Suo looked at Shi Luo beside her. She was about to say something but suddenly remembered about her button, so she swallowed her words.

  After a while, Yanran came over and said, “Teacher, homework.” She smiled and handed in her homework. After that, she gave Mu Suo a provocative look.

  Mu Suo thought it was a little strange, especially Yanran. When she saw her this morning, she still looked gloomy. Now, her eyes were filled with endless joy.

  Lab class in the afternoon

  Mu Suo packed away her things. She watched Shi Luo leave the classroom and was ready to go to the laboratory.

  ”Mu Suo?” Yanran stopped Mu Suo.

  Mu Suo turned her head and looked at the happy Yanran, not knowing what she was happy about.

  Her following words gave Mu Suo the urge to tear her apart.

  “How does it feel? Soon you’ll have no one to use.” Yanran smiled brightly. “Do you know why? Oh, yes, I forgot. You’re just a wretch who doesn’t know anything.”

  Mu Suo clenched her hand, trying her best not to tear her apart. Obviously, the other person knows more about this matter than herself.

  “Do you know why Shi Luo stayed here as an exception and now is asked to return to the outside?” Yanran approached with a smile, enjoying Mu Suo’s increasingly gloomy face.

  “That’s because there’s only one purpose with her stay here. That is, she’s a mutant!” Yanran whispered the last three words.

  Mu Suo’s pupils suddenly enlarged! Impossible! Shi Luo can’t be a mutant! Because…because…because I am.

  I never felt that in Shi Luo!2I guess being a mutant here is having those foreign organism in your body…

  Why do those people think Shi Luo is a mutant?

  “You say, why should I believe it?” Mu Suo glanced at Yanran, then turned and left.

  “Mu Suo, you’re ridiculous. You think I’ll lie to you. I’m telling you the truth. It won’t be long before Shi Luo gets married. Do you know what’s the first thing she will do when she gets married?” Yanran caught up to her due to Mu Suo’s unexpected reaction.

  ”…” Mu Suo continued walking.

  “Give birth to a child. Then her value ends there. And you, you are just an illegitimate child.” Yanran’s eyes were full of satirical.

  “I don’t know if you still remember, maybe you forgot. Then let me remind you that the monitor on your body was removed. It seems that you began to forget your place.” Mu Suo glanced at Yanran’s second button on her chest.

  Yanran suddenly thought of something, and her face instantly turned pale. She just couldn’t stand Mu Suo. 

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