Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 26

Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 25

Novi’s Notes: So, I was absolutely confused on what happened in Chapter 25. Basically, a group of people who weren’t part of the Shi family infiltrated the lab and tricked Shi Luo to go to the central lab with them. Later, Shi Luo realized they aren’t part of the Shi family but rather the enemies of the Shi family. These group of people came to blow up the central lab to derail the Shi family’s years of research and happened to recover the ML while doing so in the original plot. So, even if Shi Luo escapes the Shi family, this group of people would also be looking for her too along with her family.

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Chapter 26

  When they left, Shi Luo felt a little strange. The group of people disappeared. Logically speaking, they specialized in secrecy. How could they leave without achieving their purpose while Mu Suo and her were left undetected?

  “They’re not here?” Shi Luo said in surprise after the two exited safely.

  “Maybe they left without finding anyone.” The look in Mu Suo’s eyes was elusive.

  It’s true that they couldn’t find someone, but they didn’t leave after not finding that person, instead, they were destroyed. Mu Suo recalled the bomb among that group of people when she arrived. Since they wanted to die so much, she will help them.

  ”Really?” Shi Luo said, without thinking too much about it. It would be nice if no one was here.

  The bone flower obviously knew its master. It drooped its petals and touched its clever brain. It’s really smart. Fortunately, it understood that this person couldn’t make a move. Otherwise, it would be miserable. I’m so smart!

  The bone flower thought while being dragged away in Mu Suo’s pants.

  Shi Luo realized it when she returned to her apartment that the plot ran away. It wasn’t today?

  Compared to Shi Luo’s obsession with the plot, Mu Suo’s mindset was much simpler.

  Within two minutes of returning to the bedroom, someone came.

  Mu Suo opened the door and looked at the big battlefield in front of her. Mu Suo sneered. The Shi family was really declining, their reaction was too slow.  

  Mu Suo was pressed in the middle.

  When bone flower saw those badly battered people who were silent, it felt really incredulous that no one other than its master would go as far as to beat them.

  “Elder Dean, Dean, people have arrived.”

  The old man was helped by the middle-aged Dean and stopped in front of Mu Suo.

  ”How did you find these people?” Elder Dean asked. His eyes were full of doubt.

  “I found them when I went to look for Shi Luo.” Mu Suo replied softly.

  “Then how did you get in?” It’s known that after the central lab is closed, not even a fly can get in. The old man’s eyes stared fixedly at Mu Suo.

  Mu Suo raised her eyes and looked up at the other person, then smiled and said sarcastically, “You should ask yourself this ah! I walked in. I don’t know how the lab system was breached, so how can I know how I got in? Why don’t you ask those guys? Ask them how they got in!” Mu Suo’s tone was extremely sarcastic. As long as she recalled that if she didn’t look for Shi Luo in time, what she would have found was the lab in flames from the bomb with nothing left, including Shi Luo!

  Elder Dean choked. He thought this girl knew something.

  “Forget it, father, let’s ask this group of people. It seems that she really just happened to encounter them when they broke into our lab’s defense system.” The Dean lightly glanced at Mu Suo and said.

  “You go back. Don’t talk about today’s events. You did a good job today with your contributions. We will consider your identity.” The Dean said to Mu Suo.

  Mu Suo didn’t say anything. She just glanced at those people on the ground with her eyes full of killing intent. Now that their purpose had been achieved, what were the next steps? 

  Shi Luo was notified early the next morning that her original permit to leave was withdrawn.

  Shi Luo frowned, no ah! It stands to reason that the Shi family shouldn’t have found those people yet ah! Otherwise, it was impossible with how small the movements were yesterday, how was her permit withdrawn?1Your girl Mu Suo plotted against your permit so she turned those people in to your family! Preventing you from getting a husband and making a family!!

  Mu Suo saw Shi Luo frowned and asked, “Luo Luo, what’s wrong? Why are you unhappy?”

  Shi Luo shook her head. “Not really. In fact, I thought it might turn out like this a long time ago. It’s just that I still feel lost when I got the news…”

  ”Lost?” When Mu Suo said this word, she felt that there were countless ants crawling on her and biting her. She said with difficulty, “You…you want to leave…get married and have kids?” Shi Luo could hear the abnormality of her tone when she said the last five words.

  Shi Luo smiled. How could she forget that although Mu Suo has changed a lot, she still was insecure? When she heard that she was going to get married and have kids, she will definitely be sad. Just like a single mother who wanted to get married, her children would feel insecure.2I honestly don’t know what’s worse…being friendzoned…or mother/childzoned…lol…

  Shi Luo touched Mu Suo’s head, “I don’t want to get married and have children. I want to leave. And in my heart, you will always be special.” And always be irreplaceable. In the novel, you were written by me word by word. Now, you changed before my eyes, you’re irreplaceable.

  When Mu Suo heard this, her heart beat bathumped, thump…recalling these words, all her body temperature rushed to her face.

  Shi Luo looked at Mu Suo’s flushed face and immediately smiled, “Are you actually so shy?!” Shi Luo pinched Mu Suo’s face. Her delicate and smooth skin made her so lovable. She looked at Shi Luo with such big eyes. Shi Luo’s heart was hot, this kind of Mu Suo is really…too cute!

  ”You are too cute!” Shi Luo said, touching Mu Suo’s face. Her eyes were full of indulgence.

  Mu Suo didn’t know why at this moment, her beating heart calmed down, and she had the urge to cry.3Yo, she knows she’s being childzoned!!

  Shi Luo always regarded her as a child. Even though she was as tall as her now, and her measurements were catching up to her. Yet, she was still regarded as a child. 

  Mu Suo’s heart felt suffocated for a while. Why did she feel unhappy? This was obviously fine, right?

  I’m always by Shi Luo’s side as much as I like, right? Then, why do I feel so sad right now when Shi Luo clearly still treats me as a child?

  ”Mu Suo?” Shi Luo wondered why Mu Suo’s face suddenly turned pale. “Are you not feeling well?” Shi Luo asked with concern.

  Mu Suo raised her head and looked at Shi Luo, who looked at her with concern. There were a million words in her heart, but she couldn’t say a word.

  She wanted to ask, in your heart, can I be more important than your family?

  She wanted to say, Shi Luo, we can’t have a family, and we aren’t married, is that okay? Can the both of us live together for a lifetime?


  Finally, Mu Suo fled.

  The plump bone flower wept silently. Master, I shouldn’t have cursed your public display of affection to quickly die, I was wrong…4The power of the single dog is so strong!!

  Shi Luo was confused by Mu Suo’s reaction. What’s wrong? Is she in the rebellious stage? No, it can’t be! I don’t have experience dealing with children in their rebellious stage. I only taught college students and haven’t seen students in their rebellious stage. Now, I have a headache.

  “Teacher Shi Luo, please come with me to see the Dean.” When Shi Luo was about to go find Mu Suo, she was stopped.

  Shi Luo was surprised. Didn’t he already send someone over here this morning? Why is he looking for me again?5He sent someone over to her early morning to tell her about her permit being withdrawn btw.

  The bone flower silently became a flower tie on Shi Luo’s hair.

  When Shi Luo entered, she was shocked. Didn’t you say that the Dean invited me?

  ”…” Shi Luo didn’t know what to say.

  “Did you know? You never met dad since we first met.” The middle-aged man who had been sitting stood up and said.

  Shi Luo’s eyes widened. The first time we met? She had an ominous premonition.

  The middle-aged man came over and said, “I told myself countless times that it was because my family’s little princess was angry with me. I shouldn’t have gone back two years ago…” When the middle-aged man said, ‘my family’s little princess’, he spoke softly, but when he looked at Shi Luo, his eyes suddenly became fierce. “But can you tell me why you don’t know anything about the Shi family? Why do you really believe that we are just a branch of the Shi family?” Father Shi’s eyes became more and more fierce.

  Shi Luo just thought that the plot was pulled. She never thought it would be the person in front of her that had a very weak sense of existence at home to pull it…6She was found out that she isn’t the original Shi Luo but someone who transmigrated into that body. So, the plot can’t proceed since the other extra characters realize she isn’t the true Shi Luo…

  “My daughter has been a little princess since she was a little girl. It is absolutely impossible for my daughter to go to school on a bike! What’s more, it’s absolutely impossible for my daughter to lead such an ordinary life and be content! But the most important thing is that my daughter doesn’t touch spring water with her fingers!7This is a verse from ancient times. It means that someone who is wealthy doesn’t need to do menial chores since the servants can do it. For the reference in this verse, spring water is used to wash the clothes so a wealthy person doesn’t need to touch spring water since they don’t need to wash their clothes. Who the hell are you?!”

  Shi Luo was crying silently. She was exposed like this…can she say that she rides a bike to school because she gets carsick? Poverty is a disease!

  “What’s your relationship with those groups of people from last night?!”

  Shi Luo was silent, now there was nothing to say. Gauge visually.

  She doesn’t know if she’s the first person to transmigrate or not. If not, then she must be the first person to be discovered!

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