Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 28

Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 27

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Executive Summary: My family’s female lead stole the male lead’s golden finger and more! It’s so thrilling that everyone is rejoicing and spreading the word! –Shi Luo

Chapter 28

  ”Luo Luo.” There was fear in Mu Suo’s voice.

  When Shi Luo came into the room, her agitation was miraculously suppressed by this voice.

  Shi Luo turned around and hugged the restless Mu Suo, “Don’t be afraid. I’m okay.”

  Shi Luo held Mu Suo in her arms, thinking that this child cares about Shi Luo. She also likes the person who likes her. She knew this person as well as she knew herself since she personally created her. Hence, she wasn’t alone.

  ”Luo Luo, why were you taken away?” Mu Suo asked with concern.

  When Little Flower went to her, she only understood one thing. That is, Shi Luo wasn’t Shi Luo, but someone else that was impersonating her. And that the Dean here is Shi Luo’s father. He wanted to trouble Shi Luo after discovering her identity. 

  On the way back, Shi Luo thought of a solution.

  “It’s okay. It’s just that I’m in trouble at this time. Don’t come to me during this period. You’ll have a different teacher in a few days.” Shi Luo knew that it was impossible for her to continue her job now.

  And at dinner today, she knew that Mother Shi was still in poor health. Shi Luo didn’t think Mother Shi had much time left.

  When Mother Shi is gone, Dean Shi will definitely take care of her.

  ”Luo Luo, I want to be with you.” When Mu Suo let go of Shi Luo, her eyes were full of determination concealed in the darkness.

  “Be good, listen to me. I’m in more trouble than what you think.” Although Shi Luo was moved, she wasn’t prepared to involve Mu Suo in her troubles.

  Mu Suo loves and hates Shi Luo’s tone. What she loves is her status in Shi Luo’s heart, and what she hates is that in Shi Luo’s heart, she would always be the little girl who needed protection and had never grown up.

  ”Luo Luo, I came here because of you.” Mu Suo rubbed against Shi Luo, “If you’re not here, then I don’t want to stay here.”

  “Mu Suo…you don’t know how serious this matter is, behave. I’ll see you again when I have the chance. See, when we separated last time, didn’t we meet again?” Shi Luo touched Mu Suo’s head and comforted her.

  When Shi Luo mentioned the issue of separation last time, Mu Suo suddenly became a little gloomy. Last time, if she wasn’t so young and weak, how could she let Shi Luo be taken away? This time, she managed to follow Shi Luo. And now this is a great opportunity, Mu Suo thought.

  ”I know the seriousness of this matter.” Mu Suo hugged Shi Luo, and said word by word, “Luo Luo isn’t a member of the Shi family like me, right?” Mu Suo finished, in the darkness, her eyes were smiling meaningfully.

  ”You… how do you know?” Shi Luo was surprised, how did Mu Suo know?

  ”Luo Luo, don’t be afraid when I say it.” Mu Suo’s voice was mixed with a slight trill, as if she was afraid.

  Shi Luo felt strange, what’s so scary? What does the female lead know that she doesn’t?

  “It’s okay. No matter what happens, you’re still the Mu Suo I know.” Shi Luo comforted Mu Suo’s feelings and joked. She wrote this book word by word. No one knows more about the nature of this book than Shi Luo. Except that the male lead was a little afraid of his slight abnormality and his own ability, all the other things were normal abusive writing plots. Moreover, the plot hasn’t unfolded yet, and it wasn’t known where the male lead was at…?

  Before Shi Luo finished thinking about it, her eyes widened, looking at Mu Suo, who opened her palm beside her.

  A plump bluish flower swayed in Mu Suo’s palm.

  Shi Luo took a step back! This is! This is! This is the male lead’s golden finger! I thought about this for a long time because I came up with this. But even if it’s a little different, I still recognize it. This is the same style as the male lead’s golden finger! What else can it be?

  Mu Suo’s heart sank uncontrollably when she saw Shi Luo step back and her expression.

  The thing that felt the most uncomfortable among the three was the plump flower. It felt too bitter. It was clearly red, but the Master warned it before it came out that the red was too bloody and to turn into a romantic and beautiful blue! I hate being naked ah! Why is red bloody? This really makes me self-conscious!

  In Shi Luo’s head, the golden finger of the male lead became the female lead’s! 

  I can’t tell whether this is good or bad! No, it’s not exactly good.

  Shi Luo remembered that in order to abuse the female lead, she gave this golden finger very…very overpowering attributes. Otherwise, how could she be so abused in this plot numerous times! 

  Wait a minute! Now that the golden finger is the female lead, doesn’t that mean that the male lead will be abused?

  Shi Luo hoped that the heroine, Mu Suo, wouldn’t ever see the male lead. Somehow, this writer transmigrated into her novel and decided to be the heroine’s mother. Then, the golden finger miraculously became the heroine. Thus, the heroine who was abused thousands of times in the original plot could return the favor. The heroine would still treat the male lead as her first love. This kind of development was so exciting to think about!

  Shi Luo was inexplicably excited.

  Mu Suo didn’t get a response from Shi Luo and was on the verge of blackening.

  At this time, Shi Luo smiled.

  Mu Suo was different from Shi Luo. She could see in the dark, so when Shi Luo smiled, she saw it.

  Mu Suo thought, what does this mean?

  Shi Luo retreated and was dazed. Mu Suo thought that Shi Luo wanted to distance herself from her. Like that woman, she thought of her as a monster. But now that Shi Luo was smiling, what does she mean?

  Mu Suo didn’t understand.

  Mu Suo really doesn’t know. How can she know that Shi Luo’s mind was filled with scenes where Mu Suo was domineering and waving a small whip to abuse the so-called scumbag?

  ”This is the best news I’ve heard in so long.” Shi Luo stepped forward, her tone was filled with excitement.

  Mu Suo was completely caught off-guard. This is the best news? To own this thing? Mu Suo glanced at the little flower that already shrunk in her palm. Little Flower trembled, silently reducing its own sense of existence. It really wanted to cry. It’s innocent, isn’t it good news that your dear darling said it was good news? Then why do you look at me with that look in your eyes?

  ”Then Luo Luo can I still follow you?” Mu Suo asked, remembering her most important purpose.

  Suddenly, the smile on Shi Luo’s face disappeared, and she became depressed.

  Mu Suo squeezed her hands tightly.

  ”I’m not Shi Luo from the Shi family, will you still follow me?” Shi Luo asked. To be honest, she wasn’t sure that Mu Suo would choose to still follow her.

  Mu Suo slowly released her hand with a smile on her face, “The person who helped me out when we first met isn’t from the Shi family. She brought me food every day for fear that others will bully me. That person who treated me so well isn’t from the Shi family. That person who slept with me on the same bed wasn’t from the Shi family.” Mu Suo said and looked at Shi Luo, her eyes full of love that even she wasn’t aware of.

  There was a rush of heat in Shi Luo’s heart, she really did misunderstand her own heroine.

  Mu Suo is her only comfort in this world.

  Little Flower jumped out when its Master squeezed her hand, silently watching the two people embracing each other in front of it.

  There was nothing wrong with its Master’s words, but it always felt that something was wrong.

  Was this really just two good friends comforting and warming each other? It really wasn’t a prelude of forcing lovers to elope?

Author’s Notes:

Tomorrow is the start of VIP………..1The chapters henceforth are all VIP paid chapters on the original writing platform btw.

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Novi’s Notes: I forgot to add, for Dean Shi, I feel bad for him. His real daughter just disappeared one day and at first he thought she was mad at him for always being gone to work…

So, this is a new short yuri that I’ve completed: <<Stupid Cup>>. This is the same author as <<Next Door There’s Memeda>> and <<My Discipline Consumes Too Much>>.

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