Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 3

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Executive Summary: Why does she feel like she was a stepmother? –Shi Luo

Chapter Three

  She doesn’t know if she should frown. She likes bright and cheerful children, but the girl in front of her was submissive and there was a dark feeling.

  She really doesn’t like girls like this.

  There was only one bed in the whole room, and she didn’t know what the room was originally for. There was no windows and the whole room was kind of sinister. Because there were very few things in the room, you can see everything with a glance.

  Shi Luo walked in. “Why didn’t you go to school?”

  Shi Luo’s mood was different from that time. In Mu Suo’s perspective, Shi Luo was like the sun, unreachable, as if they were from different worlds. Mu Suo always felt that meeting her when school just started was an illusion. Otherwise, why wouldn’t she notice her at all, as if they were incompatible as they weren’t from the same world.

  Therefore, when Shi Luo, who she didn’t feel was part of her world, appeared in her field of vision, Mu Suo didn’t dare to be muddleheaded.  

  Shi Luo frowned, “Why didn’t you go to class?”

  Shi Luo’s feelings towards Mu Suo were a little complicated. For her, Mu Suo was undoubtedly familiar, because everything she has was given by her, even if she didn’t like this girl.

  Mu Suo lowered her head, didn’t speak and blushed. She didn’t know whether it was because it was the smell in the room or because of Shi Luo’s words.

  When Shi Luo didn’t get the answer she wanted, she still looked at Mu Suo who lacked sadness and joy.

  Because she was a character from her own novel, Shi Luo knew Mu Suo’s character very well.

  To phrase it well, she was the Virgin Mary; to phrase it rudely, she was a packaged child.1 Packaged – takes the word from the common steamed bun. Anyways it means the person is mostly sympathetic, mourning their unfortunate role.

  Because at that time, it was necessary to shape Mu Suo with a miserable life experience, she was bullied by all kinds of people since childhood due to family reasons and developed the character to not retaliate or retort back. This was mainly for the sake of pairing the female lead to the male lead. The female lead immediately fell into disarray and had a sense of lacking security. The two people misunderstood each other and made preparations of all kinds of cruel abuse.

  In this age, novels without a bit of tragic history were embarrassing to fall in love with!

  Mu Suo couldn’t stand Shi Luo’s gaze and finally said softly, “I…I…I’m not feeling well these days.”

  Shi Luo’s reaction was unexpected, for Mu Suo thought that the relationship between the two people was one-sided.   

  Suddenly, Shi Luo didn’t know what to say. The whole scene was quiet. There was a ripple in the air. Shi Luo felt that she was too impulsive to come over and find Mu Suo.

  Mu Suo’s face became more and more red, and finally she couldn’t help but look up and asked, “Senior sister, do you have anything else?”

  She looked at Mu Suo’s abnormal blush and couldn’t help but frown. “Have you taken any medicine?”

  Shi Luo didn’t believe Mu Suo’s excuse that she was feeling unwell. After all, she hasn’t been to school for a week. However, Mu Suo’s face looked really bad.

  Mu Suo stared blankly, bowed, then nodded.

  ”…” Shi Luo looked at this kind of Mu Suo and felt a little uncomfortable in her heart. Although she didn’t like Mu Suo, when she looked at her, she thought of all the things she would face in the future. In a sense, those things were given by her, which originally only occurred in the novel. However, when a skinny, yellow submissive girl stood in front of her, she still felt uncomfortable in her heart.

  Then Shi Luo took Mu Suo’s hand and pulled it. “Forget it, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

  Mu Suo was stiff for a moment, and then was about to take back her hand.

  ”What’s wrong?” She looked back at her in confusion.

  ”…” Mu Suo didn’t speak and looked down at her hand.  

  Shi Luo didn’t see Mu Suo’s expression, she thought that she didn’t want to go. “Let’s go to the hospital, tomorrow you must go to school.” Her tone was firm as if she knew Mu Suo really well and Mu Suo was a girl who didn’t know how to refuse.

  Sure enough, Mu Suo didn’t speak, and then her hand pulled Mu Suo out of the door.  

  When Mu Suo went out and saw the big bed and scattered clothes in the living room, her face turned blue and white. She was flustered and went to look at Shi Luo who was still pulling her and discovered that Shi Luo’s face on the outside was the same as usual.

  When they exited the house, the sun shone on the two people.

  Mu Suo’s first reaction was to block the sunlight with her hand.

  “How many days have you not been out?” Shi Luo asked.

  Mu Suo’s eyes gradually adapted to the sunshine outside. She looked at Shi Luo, her eyes were still red, probably her eyes psychological reaction.

  ”Well? You didn’t go out during this time?” Shi Luo’s tone couldn’t help but soften.

  Mu Suo nodded and looked down at the ground.

  She couldn’t help but sigh. She really didn’t know why she had originally created a heroine with such low self-esteem. It’s no wonder when she abused the heroine, it was followed by cheers.  

  She was taking Mu Suo to the nearest hospital to have her seen, but she was blocked in an alleyway.

  She looked fluster at the few men opposite of them, Shi Luo regretted that she had refused the housekeeper when he asked if she wanted to be accompanied.

  ”Chick, where are you going?” The leader had a head mixed with smudged yellow hair, he threw away the cigarette from his mouth, squinted at Shi Luo and asked.

  Shi Luo didn’t speak, she held Mu Suo’s hand and pondered that they couldn’t turn back now.  

  At this time, the yellow haired man saw Mu Suo next to her and smiled even more indecently, “So the chicks are in this kind of business!”

  Shi Luo felt that after the yellow haired man finished, Mu Suo suddenly shook.

  At this time, Shi Luo thought that Mu Suo was afraid, after all, she was only a child, Shi Luo said softly, “Don’t be afraid, it will be okay.” Then, she pressed her earring.

  “Chick, how much is it for one night with elder brother?” When the yellow haired man finish, the men behind him laughed.

  After Shi Luo listened to this, she immediately became angry and directly slapped him.

  The yellow haired man obviously didn’t expect that Shi Luo would suddenly make trouble and was directly hit.

  After Shi Luo’s slap, she took Mu Suo and ran away, as if she played a joke, a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him.

  Mu Suo looked back at the yellow haired man.

  After running for a while, Shi Luo discovered that the group of people led by the yellow haired man didn’t catch up.

  ”Are you okay?” Shi Luo asked Mu Suo who looked worse.

  Mu Suo shook her head, then lowered her head. Shi Luo didn’t see Mu Suo’s eyes which had a fierce light.

  When the housekeeper arrived with a few bodyguards, Shi Luo was tying up Mu Suo’s hair.

  While they were running, Mu Suo’s hair was scattered. In addition, Mu Suo’s hair was dry which caused it to disperse in a chaotic fashion.

  Shi Luo felt that because of her, her appearance became this way, then untied her own hair tie to bind Mu Suo’s hair.

  When the housekeeper arrived, he saw this scene.

  ”Da xiaojie.”2Da xiaojie – eldest daughter of an affluent family The housekeeper cried and bowed his head.

  Shi Luo nodded, “Have you seen a group of gangsters?”  

  The housekeeper shook his head. “No, we saw no one when we first arrived.”

  It was a bit strange, when she hit the other side, just then, she could clearly see the other side’s eyes were fierce. How could they not catch up to them or stay in the same place.

  Then she pulled out an extra hair tie and took off the earing that she had just pinched. “Here’s what they look like, check it out.”

  The housekeeper took it. “Da xiaojie, when you come to such a place in the future, you have to let people follow you. It’s too dangerous.”

  Shi Luo smiled. “I’m okay, aren’t I?” Shi Luo pointed at the earrings in the housekeeper’s hands.

  The earring was an alarm that had a snapshot function. If there was any danger, it can be pressed, the fingerprint and appropriate pressure will activate the alarm and take a photo instantly.

  “Da xiaojie, are you going home now?” The housekeeper handed the earrings to a man behind him and respectfully asked.

  She looked at Mu Suo who was on one side and said, “I have something else to do. You can go back first. If you find someone, you can send them to the police station.”

  “I know, da xiaojie.”

  Shi Luo took Mu Suo to the hospital.

  The doctor looked at Mu Suo’s medical report, then looked at Shi Luo who wore a bright and beautiful dress. He asked in a bad tone, “Is she your sister?”

  ”…” Shi Luo felt if others insisted on naming a relationship between them, it would be more like a mother and daughter, except that Shi Luo would be the mother, and not just any mother, a stepmother.

  The doctor’s next words allowed Shi Luo to understand why he used those kinds of eyes to look at herself that way.

  “She’s been chronically malnourished.” After reading the report, he looked at Mu Suo. “How many days haven’t you eaten?”

  Mu Suo lowered her head and didn’t speak.

  “You say, what happened?” Shi Luo unexpectedly felt a small sting from the bottom of her heart.

  “What have you done!” The doctor’s tone wasn’t very good. It may be the impact of the two people’s clothing and their appearance were too great.  

  ”She’s my senior sister.” At last, Mu Suo’s voice softly said.

  The doctor heard this, his face was red.

  “This is your medicine. Take her to eat something first. Don’t eat too much. Take it slow. She hasn’t eaten in a few days. Her stomach is very fragile. Eat some liquid food first.”

  1. Packaged – takes the word from the common steamed bun. Anyways it means the person is mostly sympathetic, mourning their unfortunate role.
  2. Da xiaojie – eldest daughter of an affluent family

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