Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 30

Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again – Chapter 29

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by Nesryn

Executive Summary: The plot is trying to rebound! –Shi Luo

Chapter 30

  When Shi Luo woke up, Mu Suo was no longer there.

  Shi Luo sat up when the doorbell rang.

  Shi Luo thought it was the person from yesterday who was guarding her residence and thought Dean Shi wanted to use him as a messenger.

  She opened the door and saw a smiling Mu Suo.

  ”Teacher! Happy birthday!” Mu Suo shouted and uncovered what she was holding, then looked at Shi Luo.

  Honestly, Shi Luo was surprised again, it was a huge birthday cake!

  When she saw the cake, she remembered that today was her birthday. Because she transmigrated here, she almost forgot.

  The two people who came back with Shi Luo yesterday stood side by side, looking at Shi Luo and Mu Suo.

  Mu Suo didn’t see those two and asked, “Teacher, won’t you let me in?” Mu Suo smiled and raised her eyebrows.

  Shi Luo responded with surprise, “Student Mu Suo, come in.”

  The two were used to acting like this in front of outsiders. One is a good student who respects her teacher, while the other is a teacher who loves her students. This was a good relationship between teacher and student.

  ”I’m sorry, you can’t go in.” The man on the left reached out and stopped Mu Suo.

  ”Why?” Shi Luo said, “Did Dean Shi ever say that I can’t let people in? Didn’t he say that I just can’t leave?”

  The two people’s faces were embarrassed. It was true that he didn’t state that other people couldn’t enter, but they knew they couldn’t let people enter. In addition, this woman was the Dean’s daughter. Even if the relationship between the two wasn’t good for so many years, she was still the Dean’s daughter. That fact will never change. If the relationship between the two people gets better and they were harsh now, they might face retribution in the future.

  ”…” The person on the left stood back silently to his original position.

  Mu Suo went directly into the room.

  Shi Luo closed the door, then hugged Mu Suo, “How did you get out?”

  “Little Flower has the ability to become invisible for a short time.” Mu Suo explained.

  ”Come on, cut the birthday cake, it’s your birthday today!” Mu Suo put the cake on the table and said to Shi Luo.

  Shi Luo looked at the cake’s theme, it was two little girls holding hands and smiled unkindly, “Mu Suo, the artist needs some improvement ah!”

  Mu Suo blushed suddenly.

  She has studied this cake design for a long time but really couldn’t get the design right. But she didn’t want other people to help her, so she went ahead and left it as is.

  When Shi Luo saw Mu Suo blushing, she was in a very good mood. She discovered that Mu Suo was prone to blushing during this period.

  If Little Flower was here, it would definitely say a few words to Mu Suo. That is, spring is here. It’s just a pity that Little Flower was still cultivating in Mu Suo’s palm. It used up a lot of energy to be invisible and needed to replenish itself.

  The two ate the entire cake together, then they nestled on the sofa. They were so full that they didn’t want to move at all.

  ”Should we think about how to escape?” Mu Suo suddenly turned around and asked.

  Then the two fell silent. Because as soon as Mu Suo spoke, Shi Luo turned her head, and by coincidence, Mu Suo also turned her head. So, the two were face-to-face. Then Shi Luo’s eyes were flustered because she clearly felt the soft touch on her lips!

  Unlike Shi Luo’s panic, Mu Suo felt that her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

  There was silence for a few seconds, then the two quickly turned their heads at the same time, but that touch remained on the two people’s minds, lingering.

  Shi Luo’s first reaction was that this kind of accidental intimacy was almost the same as winning a lottery ticket. Didn’t this happen only in movies and novels? How could it happen so easily!

  Mu Suo was completely flushed and stared at Shi Luo blankly.

  Shi Luo was a little reluctant in her heart. Even if it wasn’t intentional, the person in front of her was the only person she trusted in this world, so Shi Luo was still a little uncomfortable in her heart. But when she saw how cute and silly Mu Suo’s appearance was, her sense of reluctance disappeared. Instead, she wanted to tease Mu Suo.

  “Mu Suo? This wasn’t your first kiss, right?” Shi Luo said with a smile in her eyes, as if she wasn’t the least bit upset about it.

  Mu Suo raised her head, blush on her face hadn’t subsided yet, but the shy face that Shi Luo’s eyes saw contrasted her change of tone, brimming with danger, “How about you?”

  Shi Luo touched the tip of her nose. Well, she put herself in this situation. She thought that Mu Suo was so shy that her head wouldn’t able to react!1Silly misunderstanding, Shi Luo thinks she so flustered that she’s unable to answer the question and instead replies back with that yandere question of “That was your first kiss too right?” lol

  Mu Suo smiled when she saw Shi Luo’s slightly embarrassed expression.

  At first, Shi Luo thought that the Dean would find her today, but even until the evening, the two were still in the house, and Shi Luo still wasn’t summoned.

  Shi Luo didn’t think that Dean Shi and Mother Shi would celebrate her birthday since they haven’t celebrated her birthday for so many years. They probably didn’t do such a thing because in Shi Luo’s original memories, she never saw anything related to her birthday.

  Before that, the Dean did go to find Shi Luo, but he was waiting for another person.

  “Miss Shi Luo, Elder Dean is asking for you. Please come with us.” Mu Suo was very familiar with the person in front of her. It was the same person who took her to see Elder Dean before.

  “The Dean requested that I can’t take a single step outside this room.” Shi Luo replied with a smile. She didn’t think it was anything good to be called at this time.

  “Elder Dean said that it doesn’t matter. If Miss Shi Luo has a ban, it’s fine. Anyway, the most important thing that Elder Dean stressed was to have Student Mu Suo in Miss Shi Luo’s room to come over.” The person replied calmly.

  Shi Luo clenched her hands, the way they were now, they simply couldn’t stand a chance against them.

  ”Okay. I’ll go with you.” Shi Luo gritted her teeth and replied. Mu Suo’s identity must not be exposed. Once it was exposed, she won’t end up better than the white mice in their experiments.

  “Elder Dean also invited Student Mu Suo.” The person continued.

  Mu Suo stood beside Shi Luo. Instead of letting her worry here, it was better for them to go together. At least she can keep an eye on Shi Luo and prevent Shi Luo from being in danger.

  Seeing that there was no way to resist, Shi Luo grabbed Mu Suo’s hand.

  Mu Suo felt the bitter words that Shi Luo wrote in her palm and smiled at Shi Luo, neither shaking nor nodding her head.

  When the two arrived, they saw Yanran standing next to Elder Dean at a glance.

  Yanran looked up at Shi Luo and Mu Suo, her eyes full of pride.

  Shi Luo and Mu Suo ignored her.

  “Finally here. Even though this weary old body personally called for you!” Elder Dean said in a bad tone, but the two acted as if they didn’t hear it.

  Elder Dean glanced at the two people who held hands and continued, “It seems that your relationship is better than I expected ah! This makes things much easier to handle.” Elder Dean waved to Yanran. “You can start.”

  Yanran nodded.

  Then she turned her head and looked at the two people who were calm.

  “The matter is very simple. Elder Dean meant to ask Miss Shi Luo to take care of the mouse that is about to succeed in the central laboratory for a few days.”

  Shi Luo scolded in her heart, the plot isn’t rebounding, right?2Original plot, Shi Luo dies in the central lab so that succeeded mice aka ML can escape. Also considered the novel’s prelude.

  Before Shi Luo spoke, Mu Suo answered, “I’ll go.”

  Yanran smiled sarcastically, “Elder Dean said Miss Shi Luo. Who the hell do you think you are?”

  Shi Luo squeezed Mu Suo’s hand to signal for her to endure.

  Yanran stood up and walked over. “In fact, there are choices. You go to the central lab to take care of the mouse, or say, have Mu Suo fed to the mouse? You can choose.”

  ”What if I don’t choose?” Shi Luo raised her eyes and looked at Yanran.

  Yanran smiled even more, “You will choose.”

  Mu Suo squeezed Shi Luo’s hand to tell her not to provoke them.

  There was only one thing that Shi Luo was worried about, and that was Mu Suo’s identity.

  Shi Luo finally understood that it was really fate, no matter how much she tries to escape, she couldn’t! In this case, it was better to face it directly. Fortunately, her female lead was no longer the same as the one in the novel.

  ”Don’t expose yourself, otherwise I will hate you. I’ll be fine.” In the last sentence, Shi Luo said with confidence, but in fact, Shi Luo still felt very uncomfortable in her heart. She felt uncomfortable when embracing these established facts.3Dude this is sad, the established facts aka meaning her death so the novel can start…GGGGG she won’t run from fate anymore, rather she will face it and die!

  Yanran smiled, “It seems that you’ve chosen?”

  “Remember you must avoid a man named Shangguan Ao in this life! Remember!” Shi Luo hugged Mu Suo and said.

  Although Mu Suo didn’t know what it meant, she etched the name into memory. Then she placed her right hand on Shi Luo’s back and saw a small red flower appear on Shi Luo’s clothes, then Mu Suo felt relieved.

  She seems to have forgotten to tell Shi Luo one thing, Little Flower was a foodie, it will eat indiscriminately, even if it was a special white mouse.4See ya ML~

  Through this incident, she also understood one thing, her position was very important in Shi Luo’s heart.

  ”Okay, you go first.” Elder Dean was worried that if time was prolonged, the situation may change adversely.  

  Mu Suo looked at Shi Luo’s faraway back, her hands clenched again.

  ”Does it feel good?” Yanran’s voice rang behind her.

  Mu Suo didn’t speak since she never wastes words on dead people.  

  Mu Suo didn’t worry about Shi Luo because of Little Flower, and even if there was an emergency, she could rush over.

  Shi Luo was successfully taken all the way to the central laboratory.

  ”Go in.” The leader took out his card and placed it in the sensor slot, and the door opened. Shi Luo was pushed in, then the door closed immediately.

  Shi Luo took a deep breath, a true warrior dares to face a bleak life!

  As a result, as soon as she turned her head, she saw a chubby flower tilting itself at her, Little Flower facing her.

  Shi Luo stretched out her hand, “Why are you here?”

  Little Flower held its petals longingly, you think I’m here for you, ah! Don’t die with others ah! Master treats you warmly like the spring breeze, and you are my stepmother! I haven’t eaten since your accident!

  Shi Luo couldn’t understand Little Flower’s meaning, so she held Little Flower in her palm, “Let’s take a look at the situation first. If there’s any danger, you run away!”

  Little Flower shook its plump petals, is it dangerous? It just feels that there is a wave of delicious food heading their way.

  Shi Luo took two steps, then saw a dense red light in front of her.  

  Take care? One? Are you kidding me? This is! Each of these things was about the same size as herself, and depending on their survivability, they were better off taking care of themselves, let alone have a person take care of them!5When she was told to come to the central lab, it was to take care of one white mouse, not a herd of white mice!!

  ”Can you be invisible?” Shi Luo asked with her hands trembling.

  Little Flower nodded.

  “Then when the moment comes, turn invisible then run!” Shi Luo said.

  Little Flower wondered why it had to be invisible while eating? Was it really ugly while it ate? It must be because she has never seen the boss eat before!

  “In the future, take good care of your Master and don’t let others bully her.” Shi Luo used her nagging to ease her tension, or more accurately, leaving her last words behind.

  Little Flower couldn’t wait to draw black lines on its face.6It’s like a WTF emoji, the manga where the black lines are drawn on the character’s forehead/faces. The word ‘bully’ has always been what the Master frequently did, and they have never been on the receiving end.

  The nagging Shi Luo suddenly noticed a strange phenomenon. The red light stopped and no longer approached as if testing something.

  Little Flower whipped towards Shi Luo, you see. This group of food must have noticed me! You’re scared of nothing! I’m here!

  When Shi Luo saw the red light stopped, she felt a bit strange. Before she could be happy, she saw the red light move with its pace quickened.

  Little Flower watched its food pouring over in surprise! Full of happiness!

  Wrong! There’s something wrong with the food!

  Little Flower immediately put away its opened bud!

  Run ah! This isn’t food ah! This definitely isn’t its own delicious food!

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